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Come & Eat, Shan Shan (杉杉来吃) – Gu Man (Chapter 38)



Happy New Year! The gist of this chapter story relates to the picture above, which is self-explanatory. The picture is chosen by lidge so any future complain should be directed to her, lol.  The story is slowly winding down as I have only three more chapters to go, sob sob….

On the other hand, the drama has just started filming in Shanghai. It is confirmed Zhao Li Ying is Xue Shan Shan and Zhang Han is Feng Teng. Mel got her wish because I think Feng Teng will have a rival in the drama, which will be acted by Huang Ming, without the Xiao:P

Chapter 38 (translated by peanuts and edited by lidge)

The weather slowly turns cold. Later, Shan Shan goes to buy more clothes twice, but in the wardrobe, she is still in an absolute weak situation. In fact, after buying so many, she cannot wear them all, ah. She is not the type who dresses to impress.

Well, general speaking, Shan Shan recently can be considered doing well in both romance and career. Nothing more need to be said on romance as it is simply too good to even causing indigestion =  = As for career ah ~ ~ ~ Although the attendance award has already turned into a floating cloud in the sky, she has officially joined Feng Teng group for a year la. This means, finally she can get a pay rise ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

She wonders how much salary increment she will get this time ah, Shan Shan excitedly looks forward to it.

Unlike her high spirit, the group high level management, who is in charge of this matter, is worried about it. Currently in Feng Teng, who does not know the relationship between a small staff in the Finance Department with the surname Xue and the President so how much pay rise is appropriate ah?

The Chief of the Finance Department has always been very upright. According to Shan Shan’s performance, he impartially gives her an average level salary increment. However, when this is sent to a higher level management for assessment, this person has more issues to consider.

Just an average level pay increase, will this make Miss Xue and President unhappy ah? But, if all of a sudden the increase is the highest level, will the flattery be too obvious?

The poor senior management curses silently and endlessly in his heart: Really, the husband giving the wife a pay rise, such a personal family matter to cause trouble for me. I also want to have a pay rise!

Finally, the senior management decides thinking since it is their family’s money, the left pocket into the right pocket, a little more will not be a problem so with the stroke of a pen, marks the highest level.

But a few days later, when the pay increment letters are sent to every staff, Shan Shan’s pay rise level reverts back to the level given by the Chief of the Finance Department. Well, the one who dares to make that decision, besides President Feng, who else can it be?

The complicated issues revolving around her pay raise, Xue Shan Shan surprisingly is not aware of anything. Getting such a good increment, Shan Shan is already very satisfied la.

At least it manages to mend the gap in her perfect attendance award T T

Feng Teng Group’s benefits have been good in recent years so generally everyone is satisfied with the salary increase. Suddenly, the atmosphere in the office becomes lively. When Shan Shan is listening to her colleagues discussing where to celebrate tonight, she receives a very anxious phone call from Feng Yue: “Shan Shan, are you in the office? I am downstairs, you come down quickly.”

Shan Shan is scared by her urgency so she does not have time to think. After taking leave with the manager, she rushes downstairs. Miss Feng’s car is already waiting downstairs. After Shan Shan gets into the car, Miss Feng immediately drives off. They do not have time to say anything.

While on the road, Feng Yue starts to explain.

“After my last surgery, I joined a rare blood type mutual support group in this city. The head of the group is a nurse in that hospital where I had my surgery. She just called and said a car pileup accident happened on the highway. A pair of mother and child have AB negative blood type. The hospital does not have enough blood, and the situation is very critical so she is calling everyone to donate blood.”

“Oh.” Shan Shan urges her, “Then, you drive faster.”

But the road condition in S City, no matter how good is the car, makes it difficult to go quickly. Both of them hurriedly arrive at the hospital. That little nurse who is the head of the group is anxiously waiting at the front door.

After seeing them, the little nurse urgently brings them to the testing section, “Quickly quickly, we are going for a blood test first.”

While walking, she says: “Feng Yue, I know about your condition. You had a major operation less than a year ago so you cannot donate blood. This lady also has AB negative blood type, right?”

Shan Shan nods her head, “Yes, I’m in good health, and the last time I donated blood was over six months ago.”

The little nurse with the round face says: “Okay, come with me.”

Nowadays, people are all very helpful. In addition to Shan Shan and Feng Yue, two more people from the support group also come so the three of them do the test together.

After coming out from taking the blood test, she sees Feng Yue looking gloomy while talking on the mobile phone. Seeing Shan Shan has come out, Feng Yue quickly gives the phone to her and gestures warningly: “My brother.”

Shan Shan takes the phone, and Feng Teng is really angry as his voice is very harsh: “Such an important matter, why both of you did not bother to tell me?”

“Blood donation is not a big deal ah.” Shan Shan disagrees.

“Xue Shan Shan.”

After being called in a low voice with her surname name as well, Shan Shan immediately corrects her attitude, “I was wrong, in the future, I will report all important matters immediately.”

Hearing what seems like a voice reminding him to go to a meeting at the other end of the phone, Shan Shan quickly says: “Okay, okay, you go to your meeting, don‘t need to worry about us. By the way, I may have dinner together with Feng Yue tonight.”

“You are not allowed to go out.” Feng Teng grunts. Before hanging up the phone, he gives a powerful threat, “Come back at night to eat pork liver.”

Pork liver ……

Shan Shan, thinking about the taste of this long forgotten thing, puts down the phone with a painful face.

In order to escape from eating pork liver at night, Shan Shan has made up her mind to eat outside with Feng Yue before going home, but before the result of the blood test even comes out, Feng Yue has to leave immediately due to something urgent.

“You being here alone is not a problem, right?”

“No problem la, you go home.”

Not long after Feng Yue left, the little nurse comes out with the test result. Firstly, she arranges for the other two people to donate blood. Then, she turns around, with a slight rebuke says to Shan Shan: “Miss Xue, why would you still come to donate blood when you are pregnant, which gives us more work to do?”

Shan Shan is stunned for awhile, then only comprehends what she is saying, but obviously her speech is not able to keep up so she foolishly asks: “Pregnant? …… Me?”

The round face nurse puts the laboratory test result in her hands to her, “Look at your HCG, so high, if this is not pregnancy, then what?” While saying this, she starts to laugh, “Haha, anyway, this is a good thing after all ah, so congratulations to you la!”

After the round face little nurse leaves, Shan Shan stands foolishly at the original spot for exactly an hour, only then her thought returns to earth. She mechanically takes out the mobile phone and makes a call.

No answer.

Oh, he probably did not bring the phone to the meeting room. Shan Shan also mechanically types a few words and sends him a sms.

“Something important happened ……”

Half an hour later, Feng Teng calls, mingled with the voices of a few executives around him.

“Shan Shan, what happened?”

Shan Shan is sitting on the bench in the hospital hall, softly says: “Nothing…… That, it seems like I am pregnant.”

Feng Teng immediately leaves those executives behind. Twenty minutes later, he walks in an urgent pace and appears at the front door of the hospital.

Shan Shan foolishly sits on the bench, thinking about what no one knows. Feng Teng looks at her from afar, and his heart is suddenly filled with an indescribable emotion.

Shan Shan, child ……

His pace never slows down, he approaches her and holds her little cold hands. Feng Teng says what he had thought repeatedly many times while on his way here.

“Shan Shan, let’s get married.”

Shan Shan raises her head and looks at the tall figure in front of her, “Ah? All right.”

Feng Teng frowns, “I asked you to marry me, but you give me this kind of reaction?”

Shan Shan quietly glances at him, “There is already a child so what is the big deal about marriage……”

Feng Teng: “……”

With difficulty, Shan Shan pulls her spirit together, “Can I not eat pork liver tonight ah?”

Tang Feng cannot help but laughs and pulls her into his arms, “Don’t worry, I am here.”

She has been seen through, ah. She truly is very panicky and does not know what to do because this came so suddenly. Clearly, clearly they have been taking precautions all along ah.

“We will first do a detailed examination.” Feng Teng, while holding her in his arms, raises his hand to look at the watch, “Today is too hurried. I will bring you tomorrow. Everything will wait for the result to come out before we talk further. Now, we will go and have dinner first.”

Listening to his deep voice methodically making arrangement, Shan Shan gradually composes herself in his arms and says: “Then, I’ll leave everything to you, ah.”

Feng Teng caresses her head and laughs, “Otherwise, who else can you leave it to?”

While driving home, Feng Teng calls Feng Yue and mercilessly gives her a long lecture for taking Shan Shan to donate blood without informing him at all. Feng Teng feels a bit fearful thinking about it. What if that nurse had not been so careful, then Shan Shan would donate blood while pregnant leading to unimaginable consequences?

After lecturing her for a while,  Feng Teng says: “I intend to get married soon. You and Yan Qing come to have dinner together at Hai Tang Court at seven o’clock tonight.”

After finish talking, he hangs up the phone. Shan Shan can’t help feeling a little sympathy for Feng Yue, for she is certainly stunned now……

After passing a traffic light, Feng Teng says: “Let Feng Yue organizes the wedding or you have other ideas?”

“Ah? No ah.” Shan Shan knows her own ability. She definitely cannot organize their family’s type of wedding.

Feng Teng nods his head and suddenly says: “Don’t tell anyone about the child yet.”

Shan Shan thinks a bit, asks sadly: “Why?”

“Do you want others to think that we are getting married after having the baby?”

Shan Shan subconsciously shakes her head.

“Then don’t say anything at all.”

Shan Shan’s heart can’t help feeling warm. In this world, the treatment of men and women is naturally unfair. A shotgun marriage, on the man’s side is often treated as nothing, but on the woman’s side, it is possible to attract gossip, especially when the gap between them is so big.

Big Boss is trying to protect her. Things that she momentarily forgets to think about, he helps her to think about all of them. Shan Shan pulls his sleeve and shakes it a bit, to express her gratitude ^ _ ^

During dinner at night, Feng Teng is indeed tight-lipped and does not divulge anything. Regarding Feng Yue’s excitement in asking questions, he changes the subject easily. When they start to talk about how to organize the wedding, where to buy the wedding dress, Feng Yue is so zealous that three days and three nights she cannot finish talking so she forgets to wonder why they suddenly want to get married.

Early in the next morning, Feng Teng brings Shan Shan to the hospital where he has made an appointment.

23 thoughts on “Come & Eat, Shan Shan (杉杉来吃) – Gu Man (Chapter 38)

  1. Haha, the senior management really doesn’t understand his boss. What’s the use of giving boss’s wife more money 😀 Boss wants to give SS the money directly without having to worry about the taxes, giving her the supplementary card and cheating her into *blushing*-thing =))
    This chapter shows a very protective side of Big Boss when it comes to SS. *Hey, who gives you the right to give your blood to anyone else?* ~ Big Boss’s inner thought. lol
    And this is the most special chapter. Why? Because you see this all high and mighty boss speechless =)) (for the first time in history ^O^) Yay to SS’s victory 😀

    P.s: hey, why dont you use “Les’t get married?” instead of “We get married lah.”?

    • No, no, you also misunderstood Big Boss:P He is upright & unbias so wanna reward SS impartially, no nepotism:P

      Huh? Hollow victory bcos SS also speechless most of the time, lol.

      Bcos google translated that way and my editor didn’t change, haha….Ok, change for you:P

      • Haha, yeah, that part also 😛 But I don’t think I misunderstand him neh 😛
        At least SS won once 😀 and in the most sensitive time, lol

        • I just saw a new year picture of FT in a pink/red coat!!!! Huh, I never imagine he’ll have such sissy & feminine taste to wear pink coat????? Arrrgh, what happened to my masculine and handsome boss:(? Pls give better clothes to SS & FT. A lot of C-drama has ugly clothes.

        • I’ve seen that picture already, and was very furious about it, honestly 😦 I never imagine FT in a red/orange/pink suit at all =”= I know i’ll be disappointed at the drama, but… this is too much for me to handle 😦
          P.s: Hey, you change your avatar ^^ it’s so cute ❤

          • EEEEEE, I just saw a pic of SS with heavy make up looking so doll up. GM wrote in the book that SS is plain & don’t even know how to wear make-up. I don’t want to see a SS with fake eye lashes, lol. I better stop looking at the drama pics or else my complains will never cease:(

            Yaya, my new avatar. I wear ear phones, specs & look confused bcos I cannot read Chinese lol.

          • Haha, SS is plain, but the actress who acts SS can’t be plain, ‘cuz who will appear in a drama without make-up ar? But =”=… just don’t overdo it. That;s all I wish 😀
            Yeah, better stop looking at the drama pics now =”=

            P.s: Actually, I imagine SS as a straight-haired which is shoulder-lenght (with bang) girl. Her face should be round-shaped and her skin should be fair and smooth. A little chubby by the way 😀
            But… *sighing*

          • Ya, put make-up but lightly loh. Some actresses look good without make-up. Too much make-up looks very unatural & FT doesn’t like fake stuff lol.

            Hey, your imagination is just what the novel cartoon look like, those brownish pictures I’ve been posting with my translations. Yah, FT likes her chubby chin so he can pinch them whenever he feels like it lol.

            Hey, I finished Black & White the book. It is quite funny & interesting eventhough the female lead is boring. But the brother & his kitten are funny lol.

        • The novel cartoon? really? Where? @.@
          Actually, isn’t FT the one who “feeded” SS so that she gained more weigh and be chubbier? lol

          I can’t believe you finished B&W =”= To me, the female lead is not boring, just so damn annoying and selfish. The brother and his kitten had their old story though, did you read them?

          • Yaya, I forgot abt that evil FT, lol.

            She is not really selfish, just doesn’t know how to express herself. Hey, you shouldn’t discriminate her bcos she has different temperament. Not everyone is so funny like both of us, lol. Anyway she matches well with someone so crazy like the male lead, haha….I like the brother & kitten & know they’ve a story but I am having a break from the triad now & will revisit them later:P

    • Haha, I don’t impatient enough to wait for the author write more about her feelings so that I can understand her better. It’s true that she’s not to my taste, but I don’t discriminate her 😀 I honestly find her very annoying =”=

      And I also realize that this author doesn’t suit may taste, I won’t read her novels 😛

  2. Things get really exciting, I’m super happy for them but on another hand I do feel sad knowing that we only have 3 chapters left 😥 I really love my SS and FT 😥 btw LOL at your comment about Huang Ming without the Xiao because it will be super awesome if they could cast him :p

    • To make you feel better, lidge will be doing the encore/epilogue later but you’ve to wait for a while since she is not as organised or dedicated as me, lol. Haha, HXM is too ‘big’ to lend his name to this kind of little drama. He’ll overshadow our poor FT. But you can see him in a more matured role in Cruel Romance.

      • Yes, I just know about Cruel Romance a few days ago and it was adapted from a novel right? Do you know what is it about? because I can’t seem to find the synopsis anywhere 😦

        • You are Xiao Ming’s fan? Sorry ah, I am allergic to him as well as Republican era novels:( You can find some info from cfensi and I translated the book synopsis especially for you:P

        • LOL I was just curious, I actually like him but liking Joe Chen more hehe I was also not fond of past setting story but would like to see the first few episodes maybe. Thank you so much for your effort translating the synopsis for me, it is greatly appreciated peanuts! 😉

          • Are you sure you are not a closet HXM’s fan lol? You like Joe Chen because of The Prince Who Turns into a Frog or Fated to Love You? Btw, did you read Silent Separation? How do you like it? Since not much response, I may put it on hiatus after chapter 2 since I am quite busy lately.

        • LOL I guess I caught red handed by you hahaha. I’ve watched few eisodes of Prince Who Turned into a Frog but totally loving her performance in Fated to Love You hehe. Did you watch them too?
          As for Silent Separation, I’ve read both chapters and I guess you should continue to translate it although the story is more serious compared to Come & Eat, Shan Shan but it doesn’t mean it’s not good, both has it’s own way of entertaining. I want to find out what happen 7 years ago between the two characters so I’l be waiting for both translation of SS (Shan Shan & Silent Separation) :p Anyway, it’s all up to you if you want to put it on hiatus, I’ll be patiently waiting 😀

          • I only watched an episode of Prince Who Turned into a Frog but I did watch Waking Love Up which is kind of similar. I watched the beginning of Fated to Love You but abandoned it bcos I forgot what, lol.

            If you want me to continue translating Silent Separation, you’ve to write more comments so I know there are people following the story. Also, I want to know how many people like He Yi Chen and how many people are not so fond of He Yi Chen:P The truth is I want to confirm Lidge has bad taste in men, lol. Bcos there is no Feng Teng, my motivation to translate is at an all time low & lidge is too slack to continue.

            Hey, check out my first impression on Shan Shan drama post & tell me what you think.

  3. Awesome translation! Oh no, I’m really sad this is ending. Gu Man’s novels are really too too too few 😦

    • You better read the Chinese version bcos a lot of the Chinese words/sentences have no English equivalents:( I feel Chinese is so much more expressive & richer than English.

  4. i knew it, i knew pregnancy is coming when fengyue bring her to hospital.. hahahahahaha….
    im so happy… little fengteng, just think about it makes me so happy.

  5. I came about this novel because of the drama and after last night, I was hooked! It was funny to imagine Shan Shan’s face going sour when she has to eat pork liver again. Ahahahaha

    Thank you for this wonderful translation!

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