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How Your Favourite Novelists Look Like? – Part 2



Have you ever wondered how your favourite Chinese novelists look like? I have decided to become a private detective like Sherlock Holmes for a few days to research and dig out their photos for you. I have tried my best but I cannot guarantee all those pictures are real. Some authors have many pictures available online and I have chosen those which look the most natural and clear. Curiosity kills the cat so you’ve been warned:P

I have written part 1 last month and this is the second and final part of the feature. This part may not have as many famous authors as part 1, it still has many up-and-coming authors as well as famous authors such as Feng Nong and Fresh Guo Guo.


Name: 倾泠月 (Qing Ling Yue)
Novels: Phoenix Coming from the Sky, Who Gets the World, Lan Yin Bi Yue (Orchid Jade Moon), 天霜河白
Comment: She is my favourite author for wuxia novels, comparable to Jin Yong. Highly recommend you to read Who Gets the World and Orchid Jade Moon.


Name: Fresh 果果 (Guo Guo)
Novels: Xian Xia Qi Yuan Zhi Hua Qian Gu, 脱骨香, Liu Li’s Wisdom Flower
Comment: I am surprised Fresh Guo Guo looks so young like a uni student. So talented to be able to write such an angsty love story like Hua Qian Gu.


Name: 天衣有风 (Tiān Yī Yǒu Fēng)
Novels: Feng Qiu Huang, 龙龙龙, 淑女飘飘拳
Comment: This author also has a very popular novel but it is way too long. I think the right for the book has been bought so you may watch a modified version (minus the time travel) on tv one day.

Feng Nongwind

Name: 风弄 (Feng Nong)
Novels: A Lonesome Fragrance Waiting to be Appreciated, The Ravishing of the Crown Prince and many other BL novels.
Comment: I am shocked !!!! Sorry lah, but I never thought Feng Nong who is well-known for writing BL novels will look like an auntie, lol. I am still not convinced she is Feng Nong so I found another website which has a different picture of Feng Nong. Who is the real Feng Nong or she had plastic surgery?


Name: 梦三生 (Meng San Sheng)
Novels: Grand Dreams of Spring and Autumn, Smile to Overturn Three Kingdoms, Dream of the Silver Crucifix, Magical Candy House, etc.
Comment: Seem that most of her books are based on historical events or figures. I have never read any of her book so no comment.


Name: Vivibear
Novels: Searching for Past Lives,  Dazzling Lan Ling, etc.
Comment: This is one controversial author as she is known as the Goddess of Plagiarism in China. You can read all about her notoriety in English in Wikipedia.


Name: 墨舞碧歌 (Mo Wu Bi Ge)
Novels: The Journey from Tonight is White, 非我倾城: 王爷要休妃, 再生缘: 我的温柔暴君, etc.
Comment: This is a rather famous author who writes rather popular ancient as well as modern novels. I have just finished listening to the audiobook for The Road from Tonight is White and find it quite interesting.


Name: 月出云 (Yuè Chū Yún)
Novels: World of Hidden Phoenixes, etc.
Comment: I don’t think she is a popular author but since lidge posted one of her books in SSB, I’ve found the picture of the author to let her have a look, haha.

Cang Yue

Name: 沧月 (Cang Yue)
Novels: Wild Flowers, Seven Nights of Snow, Mirror: Twin Cities, etc.
Comment: She is one pretty author who writes stories with a mix of wuxia, fantasy, romance, and horror. Her works are very popular but she has also been accused of plagiarism. I find her stories too weird and sad so I never bother to read any.

Shu Ke

Name: 蜀客 (Shu Ke)
Novels:When Spring Ends, I’ll See You Again, Chong Zi, Little Phoenix is Not an Immortal, etc.
Comment: This is a popular author but I don’t really like her books because of the way she structured her stories. No doubt some of her stories are good but she spent too much time setting up her stories so I gave up the stories before the actions begin. Fans of Huo Qian Gu may like her Chong Zi which is rather similar.


Name: 天籁纸鸢 (Tiān Lài Zhǐ Yuān)
Novels: Reignited Fire Over The Moon, Odin’s Blessing, etc.
Comment: This author’s books seems to be quite popular but I find the plots rather convoluted and confusing so I am not going to touch any of them.


Name: 小佚 (Xiao Yi)
Novels: Xiao Ran’s Dream, etc.
Comment: Xiao Ran’s Dream is a rather popular book but it is also very long. I plan to read it when I can find the time.

blue sky

Name: 晴空蓝兮 (Qíng Kōng Lán Xi)
Novels: Smile Within, Waiting for Liang Chen, Reunion at the End of the Road, Between Twilight and Dawn,  We Fell In Love After The Rain, From the Beginning to the Present, etc.
Comment: This is cloudandsea  favourite author and I think she posted nearly all her novels in shu sheng bar. I tried reading one of her novel but didn’t manage to finish it. Thus, she is not my cup of tea but to each its own.


Name: Celine 顾西爵 (Gù Xi Jué)
Novels: Warm in Winter Cool in Summer, The Most Beautiful Thing Is To Have Met You, etc.
Comment: She has the same surname as Gu Man and I feel her style is also a bit like her, warm and funny stories. However, I think she is not as good as Gu Man because lidge does not like her novels whereas I quite like her novels.


Name: 蛋蛋1113 (Dan Dan – Egg)
Novels: Say Goodbye at Dawn, Heart Patch, etc.
Comment: This is a very productive author and I think she can compete with Fei Wo Si Cun for the title ‘author who wrote the most novels.’ Lidge is also her fan. Although her novels have happy endings, the storylines are a bit controversial.

Warm Chord

Name: 安宁 (Ān Níng)
Novels: Warm Chord, etc.
Comment: Warm Chord is a very popular book featured in most of the online polls and is one of bongsd’s favourite novel. I listened to the radio drama and find the storyline is just like a typical love story.

Hoshino Sakura

Name: 星野樱 (Xīng Ye Yīng)
Novels: Yes, My Lord, 清空万里, 大龙门客栈, etc.
Comment: I have just finished reading Yes, My Lord which is not her most famous work but I like it. I’ve to warn you that her work may not be for everyone because her style is rather wacky and silly like anime and cartoon.

north sea

Name: 千寻千寻 (Qiān Xún Qiān Xún)
Novels: North Sea Lover, etc.
Comment: I don’t really know this author but since Eugene posted one of her novels, she might want to know how the author looks like.


Name: Big Grey Wolf with Wings
Novels: Bloom, Who Waits, Coincides with Flowers, Go with the Flow of Love, Fated Marriage, 应该, Darling, Who to Share my Love?, Dream and Wishes, White Calculating, etc.
Comment: This is a very popular author because of the funny and angsty ways she writes her novels. Unfortunately, some novels such as Bloom have too many H scenes which can cause indigestion and not much of a storyline. My favourite books are Go with the Flow of Love and Fated Marriage which are also well-liked by many at the bar. All of us are fans of Xiao Bai, the leading male in Go with the Flow of Love:)

yellow plum rain

Name: 梅子黄时雨 (Méi Zi Huáng Shí Yǔ)
Novels: Only If The First Sign of Life, etc.
Comment: Life is Like Our First Meeting is a very popular novel in China but I don’t like it. I listened to the audio book and find both of the leads not that likeable.

Jiu Se

Name: 飞烟 (Fei Yan)
Novels: Jue Se Qing Cheng, etc.
Comment: I don’t know about this author but all her published books seem to have pretty good reviews. But, Eugene said she is something like Fei Wo Si Cun who writes books with sad endings.


Name: 南派三叔 (Kennedy Xu Lei)
Novels: Grave Robbers’ Chronicles
Comment: This is a very famous and rich author as his Grave Robbers’ Chronicles series are very well-received in China and aboard. There is an official English translation of his novels and Hollywood has bought the right to make movies.

Yu Zheng

Name: Yu Zheng
Comment: This is the infamous Yumama who destroyed Louis Cha’s Swordsman and Return of the Condor Heroes on screen. Although he has never written any novel, I’ve included him here because he is well-known for plagiarising other novels for his drama such as The Palace (Gong).


Name: Giddens Ko
Novels: You Are the Apple of My Eye
Comment: He is the Taiwanese author who wrote the semi-autobiographical novel which was filmed into a popular movie with Kai Ko and Michelle Chen. Don’t you think the 3 guys above look kind of similar, lol?


11 thoughts on “How Your Favourite Novelists Look Like? – Part 2

  1. Thanks for the 2nd part.

    Scrolling…scrolling down…and I see… Yu Zheng *die*

    • Hahaha, isn’t he handsome, lol? I included him for comic relief and also because of the shortage of male authors who we will know:(

      Now you know how big grey wolf with wings and the author of warm chord look like:)

  2. wow… there are some authors who look so cute and innocent yet writes such dark and heart-breaking novels ar, Fresh 果果 and 蛋蛋1113 for example.
    月出云 surely is not really popular since she doesn’t write many books, but I heard that all of her books are well-liked very much. I’ve read one, and honestly it’s quite good.

    • Judge not a book by its cover:P So, don’t look for handsome guy, lol.

      月出云 only writes ancient book? My Chinese too poor to read ancient books:( Also, ancient books very draggy. I cannot stand long books.

  3. Oh some of the authors are really pretty! I love Shu Ke <3. I will definitely read Chong Zi and gush madly about it hahaha.

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  5. I can’t believe how normal these writers look on the outside, just like me. Then it must be something internal which enable them to make me laugh, cry, drool…and drool….

    I mean, look at Wolf with Wings, she looks like a typical girl next door. Just can’t imagine someone like her coming out with books like hers, if you know what I mean.

    • Wah so free to come and snoop around lol. Haven’t you heard don’t judge a book by its cover:p? Some look ordinary, some average and some pretty just like real life.

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