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Come & Eat, Shan Shan (杉杉来吃) – Gu Man (Chapter 39)



Feng Teng vs Shan Shan
Simple like a child

Haha, you’ve been tricked by lidge’s picture in the last chapter, go and throw rotten eggs at her:P This chapter is rather short so I’ve included a bonus. I found the captions in baidu utilising a picture from the drama filming of a chess game between Shan Shan & Feng Teng. Feng Teng tries to teach Shan Shan how to play chess on Lunar New Year’s Eve when she stays in his house. They are pretty funny so I got decembi to translate them and share with all of you so a big thank you to her.

Chapter 39 (translated by peanuts and edited by lidge)

The biggest advantage of a private hospital which charges high fees is that there are fewer people so there is no need to queue up. Miss medical guide serves her alone so the check-up process and the release of the results are very fast.

Thus, very soon, the doctor announces to them in a certain tone: “Miss Xue is not pregnant.”

Shan Shan is stupefied, “But yesterday when I went to donate blood, the nurse who did the blood test said I’m pregnant. She said my HCG is very high.”

“Did you bring your laboratory test result?”

“Ya, I have.” When Shan Shan had been on the way out, in passing she put it in her bag so she now takes it out for the doctor to see.

The doctor takes a look at it and says: “HCG high is not necessarily due to pregnancy. The HCG level in your laboratory test result for today is normal. Perhaps the hormone in your body is too high. Miss Xue, are you taking any hormone pill?”

Shan Shan shakes her head.

The doctor thinks for a moment then says: “Currently, the food rmarkets are not well regulated. Miss Xue, please think properly what you ate on that day before you took the test?”

Shan Shan is trying hard to remember, a little at a loss, says: “I didn’t eat anything special ah. I only ate a few egg yolk pies given by a colleague, ah, the packaging seemed shabby.”

The doctor nods his head, “It can be assumed this is the cause of it, the current food ah!”

Shan Shan still does not dare to believe it, “Am I really not pregnant? But I feel very tired recently.”

The doctor looks at the two of them, pushes his spectacles, coughs and says: “Sometimes a little moderation and restraint are needed.”

When Shan Shan is leaving the hospital, she feels like she is retreating in haste and is fleeing. Feng Teng’s footsteps seem to be slightly faster than usual, for someone who has always been calm and compose in whatever major situations.

After getting into the car, President Feng’s concludes: “In future, when you are pregnant, we will not come to this hospital.”

Shan Shan nods her head repeatedly, “Definitely will not come here!”

Ate the wrong thing and thought she had been pregnant…… can you make a greater mistake than this ah?! Shan Shan cannot help but gladly pats her chest, “Luckily, I did not tell anyone.”

Otherwise, we will not only be humiliated in front of the doctor. We will also need to explain to each and every person why there is no pregnancy. Those who have a vivid imagination may even think she has a miscarriage.

Feng Teng also agrees, “Ah, otherwise I will have to work hard.”

“…… Why do you have to work hard?” Don’t tell me you want to go and silence them one by one ah? Shan Shan’s ridicules in her heart.

“Of course, work hard to turn it into reality. Isn’t trying to make you pregnant hard work?”

Shan Shan: “……”

Well, according to the President’s personality, if the rumor has been widely circulated but in the end found out she is not pregnant, he will really be capable of getting her pregnant in a hurry……

With such thought, Shan Shan feels even more fortunate.

However, when the good mood subsides, she starts to feel a sense of loss very quickly. Although the baby actually did not even exist before, she seems to have some feelings for this unreal little life in a short period of time.

When lying in bed, in the stillness of the night, that little sense of loss all the more is magnified. Shan Shan feels a little tangled, how come Boss does not feel a little loss ah? He is so relaxed not to have children ah?

“Don’t you like children?”

“Why do you ask?”

“You seem like you do not care ……”

“Don’t think nonsense.” Holding her in his arms, Feng Teng says, “I am very happy if there is a child. I am also very happy if there is no child.”

“I do not want to get married because there is a child, also ……” Feng Teng pauses, his face a little embarrassed, “You’re still so young so I do not have the heart to let you become a mother so early.”

She understands the first sentence, but the next sentence …… Shan Shan argues, “When I graduated from university, I was twenty-two years old. I am already twenty-three years old now, okay!”

“Too young ah.” Feng Teng touches her head, “I want to let you play a few more years.”

“= = Actually, you are the one who wants to play la!”

Hmph, just pushing the excuse onto her. Shan Shan feels that she has seen through him.

Feng Teng laughs, “Yes ah, I also want to play but ……” His tone becomes drawn-out, filled with ambiguity, “What do I play le?”


Shan Shan reacts fast enough now but still cannot defend and guard against a thief at home whose impulse suddenly rises ah. Hence, with tears in her eyes, she is captured, bite ah bite……

Later, Feng Teng remembers to ask Shan Shan: “Last time, who was the colleague who asked you to get a refund for the train tickets?”

“Uh, A Jia.”

“This time, the one who lets you eat the egg yolk pies?”

“Also, A Jia.”

Feng Teng nods his head, and Shan Shan becomes anxious, “You are not going to do anything, right? A Jia is a good person and is also very serious with her work.”

Feng Teng says with an expressionless face: “Nothing, she should be promoted.”


Indeed, a few days later, following the command from upper management, Huang Shi Jia performs well in her job and works diligently so is promoted up a level with salary increment and will be transferred to a subsidiary company as a small leader of the Finance Department. Coincidentally, that subsidiary company is nearer to A Jia’s house compared to the head office.

Promotion, pay rise and closer to home, A Jia is delighted ah. After being congratulated by everyone, A Jia sneaks off to find Shan Shan and says with certainty: “Shan Shan, you must have said some good words for me in front of the President, right?!”

With great difficulty, Shan Shan says: “…… May …… be?”

A Jia is touched and hugs her, “A kind person will be well rewarded. Shan Shan, the President and you will definitely get married!”

Thank you for the kind words ……

Actually after receiving the well wishes from A Jia, on the contrary Shan Shan is rather worried = _ = | | |

After A Jia wished them to get married, it reminds Shan Shan to think of an issue —— before this they wanted to get married because there would be a child, but later found that the child does not exist so are they still going to get married ah?

Feng Teng seems to have forgotten about this and does not mention anything at all. Miss Feng has also been missing. Shan Shan is confused for two days and decides not to think about this issue anymore, let nature take its course la.

Surprisingly, another two days later, Feng Teng suddenly mentions about it during dinner time: “Shan Shan, come to my office tomorrow afternoon.”


Feng Teng looks at her while saying: “To sign a prenuptial agreement.”


Shan Shan: President, my computer has a bug, what should I use to kill it?
Feng Teng: Nothing. You just don’t switch on the computer for a month and starve it to death!


Shan Shan: President, why is your chess so good?
Feng Teng: Because your chess is not good.

Shan Shan: President, is there a person who when you think of will make your heart sour?
President: Yes, the person who buys “tang hu lu” (a traditional kind of sweet that is sour and sweet)


Shan Shan: Why does Ultraman wear his underwear on the outside?
President: If he wears it on the inside, no one will know he is Ultraman.

Shan Shan: President, what’s the only difference between you and Ultraman?
President: I wear my underwear on the inside.

9 thoughts on “Come & Eat, Shan Shan (杉杉来吃) – Gu Man (Chapter 39)

  1. Hahaha welcome!

    thanks to you and lidge for the awesome translation! I actually enjoy shan shan in english more than chinese haha.

    • Oh, thank you. We are floating on cloud 9 now lol. I am always scared of losing something in translation and spoiling the original novel. Btw your Heavy Sweetness summary also very well-done, a lot easier to understand than the book, lol.

  2. LOL at the comic, so creative and funny especially the ultra man part lol lol. 2 chapters left, my SS 😥 anyway thank you peanuts for the translation ^^

    • Btw, the comic is not written by Gu Man but most of her fans also have similar sense of humour like her, ahem……like peanuts:P No need to cry yet, still have epilogue which should be finished in Feb as I’ve given lidge a deadline since I can’t drag any longer:P

  3. I’ve meant to comment something about SS, but when I reached the pictures, I’d bursted out of laughing, so hard that I forgot what I intended to write 😦

    Haha, the jokes are so funny. Though those jokes are kinda old and I’ve read some of them, but just imagine those are the conversations between FT and SS, I find it is too cute for words 😀

    Really suit their personality ar. FT, how can you reply her innocent and curious and honest questions like this? LOL

  4. my my they are so cute.. im so happy…. 🙂

  5. Just finishing watching this drama so coming up with curiosity bout the novel, coz I cant read chinnese so ur translating is awesome helping for my curiosity^^ thanks for the hard this the last part of the novel? #SoCurios

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