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Hua Xu Yin Summary Part 1 – Song Ning’s Story (华胥引- 浮生尽)



Since the drama adaptation will be rather different from the novel, I have decided to do five summaries, one main story and four sub-stories. I have also included pictures from the official pictorial album which I have bought. In addition, I have included translation of a fan-made MV so you can enjoy the story better with visual aid. Because I cannot read the Chinese subtitles and with my limited language skill, there will be errors and omissions in the translation.

The first sub-story is on Song Ning & Shen An. Before you start watching the fan-made MV, you should read the summary in Koala’s Playground  and comment in Mookie’s blog to gain an understanding of this sub-story.



Song Ning is the sister of General Song Yan Zhi of Li country.


Song Ning followed her brother to the battlefields since young.

Shen An

Shen An is the general of Jiang country.


He sat on a dark horse and held a long sword in his hand.


A lot of things are fated in life. Normally she did not have the habit to go for evening walk but on that day, she went for a walk around the garden and found a broken jade. After a closer inspection for a long time, she was convinced that was her jade which she had split into two. Suddenly a woman came to her and pointed at the jade and herself. When the woman saw her, the face became pale instantly.


Shen An with Liu Qi Qi, the mute girl.


Shen An said, “I recognise you, Song Ning.”

Fan-made MV Translation

This fan-made MV has Yuan Hong as Shen An and Liu Shi Shi as Song Ning.

0.02: Jun Fu, I want to have a dream. Do you know what kind of a dream I want to get?

I don’t know so you’ve to tell me.

0.25: She starts to reminiscene. Whereas thru the hua xu tune, I get to see her past, scene by scene.

0.45: I know, I should come.

1.00: After I’ve recovered from my injury, I will come back and ask for your hand in marriage.

This is the general from your Jiang country. If you can heal him, you will be well rewarded by your king.

1.20: Actually you look like this.

No wonder all along I have never heard you speak. It is because you cannot speak.

1.30: You should know who should be the one who sit on the bed here tonight?

But, you said you will marry me.

The marriage was decreed by the king. He used the life of my fiance to force me to marry you, so, how can I refuse?

1.45: I don’t intend to get anything from you so please don’t request anything from me.

I am actually the one who saved you.

The girl who saved me is skilful at healing and is a mute. That is Qi Qi.

2.06: You cannot accept Qi Qi so I also cannot accept you.

Shen An, there is no way for you not to accept me.

It is just that there are things that Liu Qi Qi is not fit to get.

2.20: Two months later, Shen An leads the army for a battle.

If I die in the batttle, you can remarry.

Then, it is best for you to die in the battlefield and don’t come back.

2.40: In the middle of Sept, Shen An wins the battle and returns home.

Do you really want to kill me?

You caused Qi Qi’s miscarriage. The blood on your hands are from my son’s life.

2.56: After nine months of marriage, Song Ni’s right hand is disabled on this night.

Shen An, you treat me this way, you are heartless.

Is this what you want to get? You want me to die?

3.13: She thinks her love is dying soon. In the past when she looked at Shen An, she hoped he will get his heart’s content. Now, when she looks at him, she hopes to find his heart’s discontent. But when his heart is discontent, she also doesn’t appear to be content.

I know you hate me so I thought you are not willing to give birth to him.

Why won’t I give birth to him? My son is the heir to the family. In future, after you died, he will inherit the family’s estate.

Song Ning, no woman will want her husband to die in the battlefield.


3.56: But the son died prematurely.

Ah Ning.

Why did my son die? Whereas your one is still alive? The one who you’ve with Liu Qi Qi is still alive.

4.13: In this life, I have never encountered something this sad.

Thereafter Song Ning becomes very ill.

Jun Fu, can you help me to create an illusaion of what is in my heart? Like a dream.

4.33: I will give you two days time to settle your stuff in the mortal world.

Two days later, I will help you to create a sweet dream.

5.22: Why don’t you ever say something? Why don’t you tell me you are the daughter of General Song?

I don’t want to do this kind of thing anymore. If she is willing, we can give it a try. To die this way is definitely not worth it.

I want to go and look for Shen An. There is something I must do.

Ah Ning, I have been thinking about you.

I also have been thinking about you.

6.05: Song Ning, I’ve come to bring you out of this dream.

Song Ning, all these are just illusions created by me.

I want …….to stay here. Since the real world Shen An doesn’t even want me to be alive, so what is the point of me living?

Please torch and burn my corpse.

6.40: I want to save her but ultimately I can’t save her.

Where is she?

Where is she?

Since you hate me so much, I have not died yet so how can you die before me?

Ah Ning, say something.

What do you want her to say?

7.14: You said Song Ning hates you but actually she has never hated you.

In this world, there is not many women who will love you like the way she loves you.

Ha, she loves me? How can you say like that?

Shen An, I will let you see how she was like in the past.

7.30: Quickly, go quickly.

I will rescue you. Even if I die, I will also save you.

Have you seen a Song Ning who behaves like this?

I don’t believe what you have just let me see.

7.59: Shen An, whether this is real or not, your heart shall know best.

Ah Ning. Before she died, did she want to say anything to me?

No, not even one word.

She expects nothing more from you.

8.25: Not long after this incident, Li and Jiang countries go to war again.

In this war, he should be able to win big but don’t know why he loses the war and is killed.

8.45: Hubby, I give Ah Ning to you. Please take good care of her and yourself.

When he is buried, the army troops notice that he has a small flowery ornament with ashes inside.

If Song Ning is still alive in this world, Shen An will not die.

In this world, there is only a person who will love and rescue him with her life.

Unfortunately, she died too early.

Probably because Song Ning has died, so he also dies.

I don’t believe. Do you believe?

Below is another fan-made MV with Hu Ge as Shen An.

In conclusion, you can read Hui3r’s scene translation, Hui3r’s review and Mookie’s review on this sub-story. If you can understand Mandarin, you can listen to the radio drama.

15 thoughts on “Hua Xu Yin Summary Part 1 – Song Ning’s Story (华胥引- 浮生尽)

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  2. This is one of my favourite story in Hua Xu Yin!!! I have watched many versions of this video but the last one with Hu Ge is my favourite! I remember how I used to feel moody and depressed after watching the video because it is just too touching D: But the drama adaption really failed my expectation except for Yuan Hong… but then again, their costumes are plain ugly. I think that Crystal Liu fits the role for Jun Fu, or maybe only the part where she plays the gu zheng LOL.

    • Huh, never know you are a HXY’s fan, lol. I tut you only like modern books. I like the 2nd story better but the drama adapation is a nightmare:( Hey, since you like the 2nd MV, do you want to translate it into English:P?

  3. Thank you ! You really did it !! ^^
    This sub-story seems soooo epic and heartbreaking and soo sad. I love this.
    And the Mvs really help me visualize the leads and their story. (It helps a lot that it’s Liu Shi Shi and Yuang Hong / Liu Shi Shi and Hu Ge ’cause I love them)
    Song Ning did really go through a lot of hardships….:'( and she’s so prideful.
    I think I’ll only watch this drama for the sub stories and particularly this one.
    The leads are…
    Also, fantastic pictures !!! *–*

    • All the sub-stories are sad. None has a happy ending. I don’t know how decembi gonna stomach them, lol.
      There are heaps of MVs out there but I only choose the ones I like:P
      From the trailers & pictures, this is the only watchable story in the drama in term of casting, costume & storyline.
      Glad you like the pictures as they are from the official art book which I bought.

      • Yeah I did read that 😡 at least the main leads have a kinda happy ending.
        Wich one is your favorite sub-stories and why?
        I totally agree. I don’t think I remember who’s the actress who plays ther heroine.

        • The next story is my favourite story bcos it is extra sad as they are powerless to do anything to change their fate. All the other stories, I feel can have a different ending if not of their characters/personality. If Song Ning is not so prideful or Shen An is not so stubborn, they could be living happily now. But the next story is you cannot defeat fate:(

          The heroine is one of the lead in Legend of Zhen Huan, the other popular palace theme drama. Did you watch that drama as there is English sub? She is the real life girl friend of 10th Prince in Bu Bu Jing Xin.

  4. YAY! I love this entry. Thanks for doing it. You always put such good pictures. Yeah, I think I have no stomach for all the tragedy hence I have not read it despite all the rave reviews. Haha. I can’t stand the evil mute girl – EVIL.

    • I like beautiful stuff if you don’t already know by now, lol. Ya, all the sub-stories are tragic so just read my summaries & look at those pictures & MVs which should be enough:P Actually the truth is you should read the book bcos Tang Qi is rather good at writing it. I find this book better written than the 3 Lives 3 Worlds series. In one line, she can make you cry then laugh at the same time.

      I also hate the mute girl but I wouldn’t say she is evil. She is just an opportunist. Come on, if Yuan Hong suddenly thinks you saved his life and lavishes his attention on you, will you be able to say anything? I’ll be so stupefied rendering me speechless, lol. I suspect if I am the mute girl, I will also not say anything:P

      • Haha yeah, I suppose the only reason why I may read it one day is because it’s written by Tang Qi and I do love her writing. But ugh, tragedy — very unwilling to start. Haha. Shall wait for your summaries 🙂

        • Hey, you should read it bcos got many funny & sweet parts as well. In the midst of all my tears, I chuckled a lot also, lol. Did you read Tang 7’s one & only modern novel?

  5. Ok with your comment, you just made me even more curious about the next story.
    Can’t fight Fate? I love this kind of thing. Can’t wait to read your next post on Hua Xu Yin. ^^

    Hoo I didn’t watch this drama. I don’t really like girls’ fight for an empereur’s favors. But it has good reviews so I’ll put it on my long to-watch list for now =p
    Hoo that’s cute for them ^^

  6. Though I feel sorry for Song Ning but I think this tragedy could have been avoided if she had handled the misunderstanding differently. She could make more effort in clarifying Shen An’s doubt. For instance she could tell him what happened in details. Even if he didn’t believe her immediately but at least he would wonder why she knew so much… Well, I don’t know but I’m sure there is a way 😛

    And also, Shen An is somewhat an idiot. Why has he not wonder once how can a wimpy little girl like Liu Qi Qi carry a big man all the way to the town????? And in such weather at that???? O__o Even the strong battle seasoned Song Ning nearly failed.

    • I remembered she did explain to Shen An but he is too stubborn to believe her. Haha, there are even idiots in real life who choose to believe what they want and don’t use their brains. I think this is a case of irreconcilable differences in modern term where both love each other yet cannot live/communicate with each other.

  7. Where would you read Hua Xu Yin story and watch it? I’m sorry I stumble upon your site and I’m amaze on what I read so far.

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