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First Impression of Come on Eat (杉杉来吃) Drama Filming



The drama has started fiming sometime in December 2013. Zhao Li Ying and Zhang Han have been confirmed as the leads. Some pictures of the filming process have been released so I will share them with readers who are following the novel translations. The quality of those pictures are not very good but they are the better one I can find. I have included my personal opinion/comments and you are allowed to disagree with me:) Judging from the pictures released, I am not very happy with the direction of the drama so you have been warned. Who know, when the drama is released, I’ve to eat back all my words, lol?


I think the official English title for the drama is Come on Eat. I guess it is okay, quite close to my translation, heehee…The design of that poster is quite cute with the Chinese character of the word ‘Eat’ looking like a pacman.


I think this may be Shan Shan’s rented apartment. Well, it is befitting her poor status so no comment on it. Just that, I am looking forward to see Feng Teng’s mansion.


Is my Shan Shan going to look like this? I prefer the hair a bit shorter and more curls so she’ll look even more adorable. In the novel, Shan Shan does not even know how to use make-up so this is too much with the fake eye lashes. Okay, this could be after she started dating Feng Teng but minimum make-up please to retain her pure and simple appearance. Also, the cheeks are not chubby enough for Feng Teng to pinch, lol.


This picture is slightly better because I cannot really see the make-up:P Zhao Li Ying indeed looks very sweet and cute, just like Shan Shan. I don’t know who are the two girls. Maybe, her colleagues such as Ah May?


Here is our Big Boss Feng Teng looking cool and arrogant. Unfortunately he is wearing a red/pink coat:( How do you look handsome and imposing when you are wearing such a girly color coat, sob sob…..?


Okay, I can assume Feng Teng is wearing a red coat because it is Christmas so he needs to wrap himself up like a present for Shan Shan, lol. Also, he needs to look brighter and better than the X-mas tree which is next to him. However, please don’t let me catch my Feng Teng wearing Shan Shan’s color clothes again.  I think they are filming the part where Feng Teng is taking Shan Shan home after the company’s annual banquet.


This is male lead number 2 Huang Ming. Nobody knows which character he will portray in the novel or additional to the novel. Could he be Yan Qing or Senior Assistant Fang or Feng Teng’s new rival in love?


I suspect Feng Teng will be driving a white sports car. Anyone know what type of car? I don’t think Gu Man mentioned what type of car he drives in the novel. All I know is lawyer He Yi Chen drives a silver BMW as per the novel. I’ve to say lawyer He has better taste in car than Feng Teng:P


The crew has filmed Feng Yue and Yan Qing’s son one month old banquet (in Chinese it is called ‘full moon’). The screenwriter exercised his poetic license and called the baby Yan Xue.


This is little Yan Xue !!!! Isn’t he cute? I wonder how Yan Qing looks like. Lidge said she looks cute just like that when she was a month old, but the truth is Lidge dreams of having such a cute son, haha…..


I think this is a picture of the ‘full moon’ baby banquet where Shan Shan wanted to hide away and eat more but ended up sitting in the same table as Feng Teng. I honestly hope the drama will turn out better because I’ve a lot of bashing to do based on this picture alone. Firstly, although the color is right, why Feng Teng is dressed fully in black like he is attending a funeral??? Can’t he match his black coat with a white/blue/grey or any other color shirt/sweater? Also, why his hairstyle looks like he has just got out of bed? Use some gel and a comb please since he is attending such a formal occasion.

Shan Shan isn’t doing any better. Her coat is just too casual. I can’t really see what she is wearing but the coat is definitely too bland. Didn’t she use all her money to buy new clothes just for the banquet? Her hair is also awful making her look much older like an auntie. Beside the people, the setting also doesn’t look grand or lavish. Have the producer forgotten the banquet is held in an exclusive club? But this looks more like any ordinary Chinese restaurant. I hope all the budget have not gone to hire the two leads and there is still plenty of money left to give the drama better clothings and settings.


This is Shan Shan’s employee ID pass. The script writer decided to call her Cindy in English. Why Cindy? She works in Wind Group (Feng Teng Group) which has been translated correctly, lol.


This is a better looking picture of Shan Shan. The face has more meat for pinching, lol. The white turtleneck sweater looks quite nice, simple & angelic.


Unfortunately, I cannot say the same for Feng Teng:( What is that vest for? It makes him look kind of sissy? Is he very cold? Plan to enrol in the military?


For me, this is the best picture of Feng Teng, haha…..From the back, he looks just like the Feng Teng I imagine, tall & slender:P


According to baidu, they are filming a snowball fight which is also not in the novel. But where is the snow? Feng Teng’s coat looks quite nice but you will change your mind when you look at the back:( Did you notice Feng Teng towering over Shan Shan, lol?


Yeah, the snow has finally arrived. Lets the snowball fight begins!!!!


Could this be Feng Teng’s family home?


I think they are filming the part where Shan Shan’s grandpa fell sick and he has to be hospitalised. Oh, look at Shan Shan’s downcast appearance:(


At last, a better picture of Feng Teng but why he is still wearing that red coat???? Oops, I forgot it will be Lunar New Year next week so he needs to compete with the red packets, lol.


A casual & relaxed Shan Shan.

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What is Feng Teng doing in a pub? Who is that girl? It better be Shan Shan or else he gonna be in big trouble!!!!


Whose engagement party? I bet Shan Shan is eager to get her hands on those yummy cakes:)


Whose birthday? This drama is aptly titled ‘Come on Eat’:P

33 thoughts on “First Impression of Come on Eat (杉杉来吃) Drama Filming

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  2. MMMMM I’m looking forward to seeing Zhang Han in this drama! 😉

    • Happy New Year! I didn’t know you like Zhang Han, lol. I’ve never watched any of his drama before so hopefully he’ll give me a nice surprise:P It is a long wait bcos I predict this drama will only be broadcast in 2015:(

  3. Since you asked me to comment on this post so here I am. No, kidding hehe I’m here by my own initiative. Can’t agree more with you, I thought all things you have commented are right. I dislike FT wearing that pink or red coat, he supposed to look masculine and cool lol. As for the female lead, I don’t think I like her as much as I like SS in the novel but let’s just see the drama later 😦 and the hair please, I never imagine FT to have such kind of hair styling but yeah let’s just see, I also hope they put more budget to the clothing since our FT is not ordinary kind of president :p

    • Ya, you are here on your own initiative but you only commented bcos I asked you, lol. I think it is impossible for those who truly like the novel to like the Shan Shan in the drama because reality bites so better separate both of them:P I think the Shan Shan in the comic should be more like the Shan Shan in the novel.

  4. Hey, I won’t complain again =”= you speak my soul 😦 I wish they could hire us to be advisor for the drama, we definitely choose the most suitable and most novel-like for all SS fans to enjoy 😀

    • Not necessary hire us but should hire at least a person who loves the book to advise the production crew. Keep our fingers cross that the next batch of pictures look better.

  5. They better hire another stylist. I don’t want Shan Shan to look like Tong Xue in SWAK with simple/ugly coats. >.<

    • Shan Shan is poor so no need to wear expensive clothes but must wear nice & cute one, lol.

      When I was watching SWAK, I was thinking why Hawick has nicer clothes. Then I found out he brought his own wardrobe. So, the leads in SS should bring their own clothes if the production coy is too poor.

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  7. Oh I agree about the horrid fashion choices! Will still catch the drama when it’s out though heehee

    • A long wait, maybe 2015:( I’ll also watch and cry:P

      • Oh no! 2015? That is so long. I was hoping late 2014 :(.

        I think the actress for Shan Shan is not bad, but I wish she won’t wear those fake iris contacts? At least I think it’s fake, because it looks slightly unnatural haha.

        • There are so many dramas which have been filmed b4 2014 waiting to be broadcasted in 2014 so I doubt it.

          That actress Zhao Li Ying is the IT girl at the moment. She has been selected to play Hua Qian Gu. Yah, I hope all those fake stuff are for the photos only as SS is supposed to be a plain Jane:)

  8. Hahahahaha! When I saw that picture of Feng Teng in the white vest, I choked on my water. He looks ridiculous! Is that vest suppose to make him look cool? Because it doesn’t. Hahahaha! He looks like someone on S.W.A.T., or like someone in the military, like peanuts mentioned. I can’t stop laughing. OMG! I just balked at Feng Teng’s pink coat, but this S.W.A.T. vest takes the cake. I can’t believe my image of Feng Teng is being systematically ruined this way. Is Yu Zheng going to make Feng Teng wear pink frilly ribbons in his hair next? Or maybe dye his hair purple? How about a tattoo on his shoulder?

    • Welcome back Mel:P I saw you lurcking around in decembi’s blog talking abt your fav guys, Night Deity and Phoenix:P

      Btw, the one in the white vest with sunnies is not FT, just a picture of a model for comparative purpose. It is nice that FT can provide some laughs too, not only depending on SS:P Btw Yu Zheng is hateful but this time you’ve falsely accused him bcos this is not his production so he has nothing to do with it.

  9. Oh, oops. Yu Zheng cannot be blamed for the bad wardrobe choices? 😛 When I saw that pink coat on Feng Teng, who is suppose to be a very masculine, cool character, I thought, “Yu Zheng!”

    Anyway, I scanned through all the photos and thought Zhao Li Ying looked pretty appropriate for Shan Shan. Isn’t SS suppose to be poor? She’s always penny pinching, which is somewhat poked fun at by Gu Man in the first 18 chapters of the novel, so I think it would be ok for her to be dressed in less expensive-looking outfits. However, there should be no excuse for Feng Teng to have bad fashion sense. Really, it’s not that hard to dress an executive-type character like Feng Teng – tasteful designer suits! The guy who is playing Feng Teng’s love rival would have looked more appealing if he had a better hairstyle. Regardless, I am glad Feng Teng has some competition. I would like to see how he would react. I bet the second male lead is going to be Senior Assistant Fang.

    I’ve been re-listening to Silent Separation. I guess I am developing some sympathy for He Yi Chen, but we’ll leave that discussion for that thread.

    • Yes, SS is poor but she spent all her money to buy a new dress for the full moon banquet so I expect a nice dress. Hey, I am not sure that 2nd guy is a rival but it is highly lightly or else no tension in the drama, lol. The way the 2nd guy is dressed doesn’t look like a senior assistant. No, I doubt it is him as Senior Assistant Fang is too powerless to compete withe the Big Boss.

      Hey, listen to the radio drama for Silent Separation as it has an epilogue which the audio book doesn’t have. Also, Yi Chen sounds better there, shouted less.

  10. Hi Peanuts! 😀

    Happy Chinese/Lunar New Year to you too! 😀

    I’ve been out of the loop with the HQG drama adaptation, so thanks for the heads up! Zhao Li Ying looks cute enough for Hua Qiangu so I’m cool with that casting. I checked for Bai Zihua but apparently it’s not Luo Jin (that was just a rumor). According to baidu, Bai Zihua hasn’t been cast yet, although they have cast Sha Qianmo and it’s the pretty guy that everyone was hoping for (which is good). He’s a Taiwanese actor named Chan Wei Han(?) and he’s certainly pretty enough 🙂

    I wonder who they will cast for BZH and Dongfang and the others? People are speculating Wallace Huo for BZH and I’d be OK with that, but I thought he’s too busy filming other projects?

    • PS. I didn’t know that HQG audiobook was finished, so thanks for letting me know! 😀 Gives me something to catch up on once I get some free time 🙂

    • Oh and btw I like your new avatar – it’s cute! 😀

      • W Huo just shaved his head for a Qing drama but he can always wear a hair piece as BZH, lol. Oh no, I told hui3r that her Luo Jin gonna be BZH since most of the ppl in baidu wrote that. Anyway I don’t really care as long as Dong Fang is someone I like:)

        I don’t think I gonna listen to the audio book bcos nowadays I only listen to radio drama due to lack of patient & time.

        Haha, thanks, that is how I look like with my specs & earphone trying decipher what I’ve heard in Mandarin into English, lol.

  11. lol at your “the snow has finally arrived” hoho give me some please !

    It was the birthday of the first guy on the left (百克力) and Li Cheng Yuan (the girl in the middle). Their conversations on weibo are funny. haha

  12. Haha, you’re right. The best pic of FT is the one looking from his back with just a simple black suit 🙂
    The more I’m pleased with SS, the more I get disappointed with FT =_= I remember he’s not that bad =_= or maybe I just love FT so much that he could never good enough to play him (/_\)
    Anw, SS is cute, right? Especially the pic she selfie which is so white and chubby and make me wanna pinch her (`o´) The pic which she lays on the pillow is also equally good ❤ So cute, Li Ying ar. I heard that Li Ying eats her best to gain more weight as SS, haha.

    • Haha, I always speak your mind lol. Actually ZH can look good but somehow the clothes and hair style chosen for him are kind of a bit off. Not the worst, but could have been better. Maybe he should bring his own clothes or get a famous stylist to cut or style his hair. Poor Li Ying, as she probably has to starve to lose all those weight to play Hua Qian Gu. Did you read that novel? She has been chosen as the lead. She is getting more popular.

      • I know I know, ZH is not that bad -__- just not good enough as FT, and, he sure has a weird style here. 😦
        I won’t read Hua Qian Gu, not my type, haha. But maybe I’ll watch the film, since Li Ying is cute, haha. I heard a rumor that maybe Wallace Huo will be the male lead. Good, right? (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

  13. Oh wow they are making Hua Qian Gu? Then, I better go read it faster. Haha. But, Zhao Li Ying wasn’t really what I expected the female lead in that novel to look like (despite having not read it yet).

    • Don’t worry, they can’t film faster than your reading:P I can’t say ZLY is suitable to be Hua Qian Gu but I think she is ok as I can’t think of anyone more suitable as HQG who is cute, little & young. Read it then only judge:P

  14. Ha ha his clothes are quite funny =))))))) I hope that’s not his own taste. There is something in Asian dramas I’ve noticed before concerning the clothes. If the man is said to be rich he will often wear very… uhm… fashionable clothes 😀 Like clothes from some famous collections. Those clothes may look good on the runway but it would be ridiculous to wear them in everyday life -__-

    I think the main actor looks handsome 😉 Though I’ve imagined the boss more cold and haughty.

    • I totally agree with you. Also, those clothes are made for Caucasians so they may look funny on Asians. Zhang Han is not how I picture FT but he is acceptable. I think he is one of the more arrogant looking Chinese actors around FT’s age. Bongsd wants her Chen Xiao to be FT but he looks too kiddy & cute, lol. As you said b4, impossible to have perfect adapation but Hua Xu Yin is really disappointing.

  15. i lol-ing while reading this.. you are funny peanuts..

  16. zhang han is actually SUCH A GOOD LOOKING did the stylist have some grudge against him??? he looks so terrible in this show that i can’t stand his scenes! i’m so sad!! he has beautiful facial structure and skin that’s masked by 2 mm of matte foundation and all his clothes make him look as skinny as an ancestral altar! *flips tables* i feel cheated

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