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Happy Lunar New Year of the Horse from Come on Eat (杉杉来吃) Drama Cast


Happy Lunar New Year of the Horse 2014 to all Shan Shan’s fans! From the Come on Eat drama cast and crew as well as the English translators of the novel, peanuts and lidge:) Wishing all of you a happy, healthy and prosperous new year. I hope I can finish translating and posting the novel before the lunar new year is over because the novel will also end with the lunar new year. In the meantime, go and re-read chapters 25 and 26 which are also on lunar new year. No wonder the filming started in Dec so that they can film the Christmas as well as the Lunar New Year festive atmosphere. Enjoy watching Lee Min Ho’s singing in the Spring Festival Gala on CCTV with Shan Shan and Feng Teng on Lunar New Year’s Eve, lol.

This post will be updated once a week on Friday until the end of the lunar new year.


This is Feng Yue. Phong thinks she is not very pretty but Gu Man didn’t say she is very pretty in the novel. Does she look like Zhang Han’s Feng Teng?


This is Yan Qing’s who is Feng Yue’s husband. Good-looking?


This is Yuan Li Shu who mywanderlustsoul dislikes:P Will she turn into a strong competitor against Shan Shan in the drama?


He is the newly added character in the drama called Zheng Xi. Will he be Feng Teng’s rival? If yes, will he be able to give Feng Teng a run for his money?


In case you have forgotten, this is our little rabbit Xue Shan Shan:)


Here comes our big tiger, Feng Teng:)


A combined picture of the Come on Eat’s team members.


Could this be the scene where Shan Shan stayed a night at Feng Teng’s house  on Lunar New Year’s Eve since she is only holding a small travelling bag? She looks so pure and cute in the white coat, just like a little bunny, lol.


Why is Feng Teng wearing spectacles as it is not stated in the novel? Or is it Zhang Han is the one who wears specs?

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I think they are filming in Feng Teng’s apartment which is located near his company. Oh, so cute, Shan Shan lying on Feng Teng’s body:)


These are the scenic location filming pictures posted by Huang Ming but I don’t know they relate to which part of the novel.


Can you spot the radishes on the ground? Arrgh, this is one of my favourite part where Feng Teng makes Shan Shan picks radishes, lol.  Those radishes can be used to make some delicious carrot cake. She also loses her first kiss there, heehee…..


Are they filming the Lunar New Year’s Eve dinner?


This is another meal, another chance to eat as they are wearing different clothes compard to the picture above. Maybe this is the Lunar New Year’s Eve dinner?


I will end this Friday Lunar New Year update with a sweet picture of Shan Shan with Feng Teng.


Such a happy and harmonious cast members.


The cast members sent their lunar new year greetings and ate their reunion hotpot dinner together. Coincidentally, I also had reunion hotpot dinner with my friends:P


Screenshots of Feng Teng, handsome or not, lol?

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Oh, it is Lunar New Year but Shan Shan and colleagues are still working hard, so is peanuts:(

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Actually, the cast and crew are also hard at work during the lunar new year in order to finish filming by the end of Feb. My 6th sense tells me this may be broadcast on television during 2015 Lunar New Year. Also, there is less cars and people in the street of Shanghai during this holidays so easier for filming.


When did Feng Teng change his car from the white sports car? I don’t think Shan Shan likes this new car and neither do I.




9 thoughts on “Happy Lunar New Year of the Horse from Come on Eat (杉杉来吃) Drama Cast

  1. I love this post ❤ really ❤
    Why I remember that Feng Yue is pretty ar? ~___~ I think I read it in the novel 😦 But… she's Feng Teng's sister, right? And Feng Teng is super handsome right? Therefore, she at least have to be okay-looking, right?
    But you're right, ZH is not really good-looking, so the actress who acts as FY doesn't need to be perfect either 😛

    I love the pic which SS lays on FT's body, so heart-warming. ❤ I think I'm getting more and more looking forward to this show =.=" even though, ZH… (OK, I'll stop criticize ZH not suited being FT from now on ="= Plz remind me whenever I'm starting to blabber abt that)

    SS in her white coat is so cute and fuzzy. I just wanna hug her, kyaaa ❤

    And last but not least, HAPPY LUNAR NEW YEAR, DEAR PEANUTS!!!! *(^O^)*

    (To be honest, I just intended to drop by your wordpress to wish you a Happy Lunar New Year, not ever thinking about you publish a new post abt SS at "this" time ^^)

    • Gong Xi Fatt Chai! Understand, lol? I know you love all my SS’s posts:P I am full of surprises so drop by more often, haha….Did GM say FT is super handsome? I think He Yi Chen is the one who is super handsome? Did GM rank them in term of good-looking in her interview? I think the Feng Yue in the drama is ok looking.

      Yah, you better stop bashing Zhang Han or else you may end up being chased by many hamburgers, lol. Why? Bcos his fans are called hamburgers. In Chinese, hamburger is pronounced ‘han bao’ and his name is Han.

  2. I think in the middle of the novel, Yan Qing laments about how many men are interested in his wife, so it is sort of inferred that she is pretty. That is just an assumption on my part, though, as it could be Feng Yue’s personality and liveliness that attract men.

    By the way, all the guys have bad hair in this drama.

    Happy New Year!

    • Gong Xi Fatt Chai, Mel! Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, lol. Yah, I think I commented on Feng Teng’s bad hairstyle in my 1st impression of the drama. All of them should get a korean hair style, lol.

  3. Thank you for keeping me updated about this 😉 Yan Qing is quite handsome, in my imagination he wears a spec but then he’s not and Feng Yue looks fine to me although still acting abilities would be preferred over appearance to me. Anyway, Happy Chinese New Year, peanuts!!

  4. Oooh this is so cute! Makes me excited for the drama. Happy chinese new year peanuts 🙂

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  6. Honest opinion on the cast looks. i think everyone looks suit their character..

    ZhangHan looks handsome to me.. though i wish his eyes to be a bit more bigger, but its not that bad. he is handsome 🙂 i like his mole at his right jaw, hard to see but when its seen.. ASDFGHJKL i lost my mind, that’s sexy!!

    our shanshan is very cute.. she got soo much aegyo, i truly fall in love with her, i would say any man is crazy if they dont like shanshan, she’s super duper cute, i want to keep her in my pocket!!

    qishuai.. i don’t really like his v-line, but… he is handsome. suit his name.

    yanqing has sweet looks, very suit his wife fengyue.. she’s moderately pretty and sweet. happy to know that they are married couple, i wish to see them again in other drama as married couple again.

    i don’t really like lishu looks, for me she’s plain.. but.. maybe i was just being bias bcoz i hate her character to the max.

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