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Come & Eat, Shan Shan (杉杉来吃) – Gu Man (Chapter 40)



The picture above should be in chapter 38, but since I’ve just found it I will put it here instead. According to decembi’s translation, it is basically about Shan Shan taking a self portrait with her phone and her camera phone goes ‘Ka Cha!” Then Feng Teng asking Shan Shan to go and eat pork liver! In summary, this chapter is mainly about prenuptial agreement so it is a bit boring.

Chapter 40 (translated by peanuts and edited by lidge)

The next afternoon, Shan Shan timely pushes open Feng Teng’s office door.

“Shan Shan, come over here.” Feng Teng waves his hand and introduces the old man sitting on the couch to her, “This is Uncle Zhang, the city’s most famous lawyer. Uncle Zhang, this is Shan Shan.”

Shan Shan obediently greets him: “Uncle Zhang, how are you?”

“Hello, young lady. Quite good, quite good.” The old man smiles and sizes her up for a moment. His face ‘reveals’ a bit of sorrow, “In the blink of an eye, I have been a lawyer for your family for several decades. Finally, you are getting married, but such a pity that your grandfather will not be able to see it .”

Feng Teng says: “Grandpa’s death anniversary will be in a few days so I will bring her to visit him.”

Uncle Zhang nods his head and smiles again, “After all, it is a happy occasion. I, this old man, has dampened the spirit. Come on, young lady, let’s get down to business.”

Then, he pushes the documents in front of him on the table before Shan Shan.

Shan Shan notices the documents piled up like a little hill. Uh, this can’t all be the prenuptial agreement, right? Shan Shan had thought there will only be a few sheets of paper, but how come there are so many?

When Uncle Zhang starts to explain, Shan Shan only realises this, in large part, is actually a gift agreement. There are real estates, shop lots, jewelries, as well as shares, stock rights, funds, etc. After a long time, Uncle Zhang finishes talking.

“Young lady ah, these are all you will get after you marry our Mr. Feng.”

Feng Teng is somewhat dissatisfied with what Uncle Zhang said and coughs gently once.

Mr. Lawyer, who watched him grow up since young, looks at him and smilingly continues: “Oh, these are all the fixed assets you can get. Of course, there is also our movable asset, Mr. Feng.”

“Uh, that, Uncle Zhang, I seem to remember shares and funds are regarded as chattels, right?” Shan Shan queries in a weak voice. It is because this Mr. Lawyer looks too authoritative and professional, Shan Shan starts to doubt her own knowledge in this field.

The old man very calmly explains: “Shares and funds in the traditional sense are indeed considered chattels, but this is a special case. These chattels compared with Mr. Feng look like fixed properties.”

Shan Shan is confused, “Why?”

“Because in a certain sense, our Mr. Feng owns all of the shares, funds and stock rights. Being born into money, it is only natural that he is more liquid.” Uncle Zhang starts to joke and with a hidden intention says, “Young lady ah, run him well.”

Uncle Zhang’s double entendre humor makes Shan Shan unable to restrain a smile. Feng Teng’s mouth also slightly curves up.

Uncle Zhang goes on to say: “I have only said about these briefly so you still need to look at them yourself slowly. If there are any questions, you can ask me.”

Such a thick pile, she really needs to take some time to read slowly. Shan Shan picks up the main agreement on top and starts reading. In fact, Feng Teng has already more or less told her about the contents of the main agreement yesterday. Mainly, it is to separate the conglomerate operations and her interests. However, he did not mention about the gift agreement at all yesterday……

When the lawyer talked about it just now, she was a bit bewildered. She does not quite understand what Feng Teng actually have given her. Until now, she sees them in black and white print, she only starts to understand.

Thus, she becomes a bit scared.

Shan Shan briefly flips through the agreement once, takes out a few paper from the gift agreement below and looks at Feng Teng, “I have no objection with the agreement except for the gift agreement, can I only sign these few papers?”

Uncle Zhang is somewhat surprised. Feng Teng looks at Xue Shan Shan, keeps quiet and turns to look at Mr. Lawyer, “Uncle Zhang, I want to have a few words with Shan Shan alone.”

The old lawyer stands up and smiles, “Young couple, go and talk it over nicely. This old man has an urge to smoke so I will go out to smoke.”

Feng Teng sits on the couch and flips through the several papers she pulled out, “Come closer a bit.”

Shan Shan moves a little closer at once.

“Are you angry that I ask you to sign these agreements?”

Why will I be angry! The misunderstanding is cleared now. Shan Shan quickly shakes her head to give him assurance: “Absolutely not.”

“Then, why don’t you sign?”

Shan Shan mumbles: “I feel this is a little too much. You only mentioned about the main agreement yesterday but did not say anything about others.”

Feng Teng puts the documents in his hands on the table, “The main agreement was drawn together when Feng Yue got married by grandpa. The purpose is to protect the conglomerate so it will not be affected in any circumstances. The gift agreement is my personal assets.”

Shan Shan states her stand: “I have no objection with the main agreement.”

“Shan Shan, when the agreement is needed to solve anything, then it is almost already reached the worst situation. That is the use of the prenuptial agreement under such circumstances. Since the main agreement will protect the interests of the conglomerate, I will need to protect your interests. These gifts are to let you at least obtain these things under the worst scenario.”

He also includes himself in the calculation so is he guarding against himself? Shan Shan feels a little uncomfortable when she fully understands what was said, “When you prepared these agreements, did you put yourself as the opposition? Are you afraid you will mistreat me in the future ah?”

“No.” Feng Teng sighs, “I can guarantee these documents basically are waste papers, but Shan Shan, the years are too long so I hope you have, at the very least, these things in whatever circumstances to give you assurance.”

Shan Shan’s face flushes red a bit, but after thinking for a moment, she still insists: “It is not that I don‘t want everything, I just want a little less.”

Feng Teng is quiet. Xue Shan Shan feels a little uneasy by his gaze, is she too stubborn? However, the value of these things is really beyond her expectations.

After Big Boss mentioned this last night, she is already mentally prepared, perhaps she will sign a harsh prenuptial agreement.

She did not find it difficult to accept.

She has never felt Feng Teng is a harsh and stingy man so she does not think Feng Teng will treat her harshly or miserly. Rather, from the Feng Teng she understands a little, he will probably use his rational judgment to make the best arrangements.

Even if people love each other, it does not mean the other person’s things belong to you. Why should the things his family has worked hard and acquired for several generations for no reason be given to her to enjoy ah? She knows such thinking is very silly and maybe ridiculed as naive by a lot of people, but by doing this, she is able to breathe easier.

As a person who is going to be married soon, she actually has been seriously contemplating about life at this moment = =

Thus, she feels, being husband and wife is probably the same as being friends. The most important thing is equality. This kind of equality is not about positions ah, earnings ah, etc., but rather mutual sharing.

Whatever she gives him and he gives her, it must be equal as only like this can the relationship last. If a person is giving far more than the other, after a long time, it will cause an imbalance psychologically.

After that, if a person gives the other person a lot of money, will he think he has given enough so he can give a little less love?

If like this, it might be better to reverse the order.

Of course, she is not being noble and virtuous la. If there is any conflict with Boss after their marriage, she is also not lacking in money so what is the point of having so much money?

Well, all these thoughts are from her imagination running wild  = =

Feng Teng is still waiting for her explanation. Shan Shan leans over and rests her head on his shoulder, “Actually, I want to ask you one thing.”


“If it is not mistaken that I am pregnant, will you still ask me to marry you?”

“…… Xue Shan Shan.”


“Why did we not go back to the family residence to stay recently?”

“Because the third floor is being renovated, ah.”

“Why is it being renovated?”

“Uh ……”

In a split second, Shan Shan’s heart has never felt so fulfilled like this moment, not even the last time when he said, “Let’s get married.” At that time, everything had happened in confusion, it was more like an emergency measure. Instead, now when he is not in the least romantic with rhetorical questions, it feels more like a marriage proposal.

While still leaning against his body, Shan Shan says: “You see, you help me to think of everything, ah. Thus, if there is you, then I will have everything ah. But without you, those things are of no use to me.”

The room is extremely quiet.

“Forget it.”

Feng Teng abruptly puts out his hand and throws the pile of drafted documents on the table all into the wastepaper basket.

What is going on?

Shan Shan feels baffled and hears Feng Teng says. “Suddenly, I feel if I need a prenuptial agreement before marrying someone like you, it is …… an insult to my intelligence.”


Shan Shan is speechless, President, are you currently insulting my intelligence?

“Shan Shan, if you do not sign these documents, you may not get anything at all in the future.”

“……” Shan Shan: “= = I seem to feel a little regret.”

Feng Teng laughs, “It is too late. You only have me now.”

Shan Shan turns her head and boldly kisses his lip once. Feng Teng smiles, turns a hand over, hugs her tightly and returns her kiss deeply.

A minute later, Shan Shan suddenly wakes up from the deep kiss and pushes him away, “Wait a minute, what do you mean when you just said I will not be getting anything?! I still want the few things on the papers I took out ah!!! You cannot take back everything!!!”

12 thoughts on “Come & Eat, Shan Shan (杉杉来吃) – Gu Man (Chapter 40)

  1. Haha, I see the picture is drawn base on Li Ying and ZH ar It’s cute though, and even though FT wear a kinda mix-of-pink-and-red-coat here, he still not annoy me much =)) maybe thanks to the drawings ^^
    I heard that the drama will finish filming in the end of December. Wonder when it’ll be on TV. I’m looking forward to it now ❤

    • Anyway ZH always wears red coat:P Dec? End of Feb? Bcos I think LY gonna start filming Hua Qian Gu in March or April. As for on tv, u’ve to wait at least a yr, maybe 2015 lunar new yr lol.

      • Yeah, sorry, end of Feb, not December =))
        I mean, it’s so fasttttt. They’ve just started filming not long ago, and now. They’re almost finish @.@
        Well, I know it’ll take a while for the drama to be on TV, but maybe ‘cuz it’s GM’s novel, and ZH and Li Ying, it can be on TV sooner? @.@ I don’t know, but I think it’s a looking-forwarding project ~^^~
        And maybe, we’ll watch the drama online first 😀

  2. So sweet of SS to say that she only needs FT in her life but not those things stated in the prenup yet FT still win by teasing her in the end, how cute was that? 2 more chapters and an epilogue, I’ll still be happy because I’m looking forward to a happy ending for them although it means there’ll be no more SS. This seems to be a silly question but nevertheless I’m going to ask why does the house is being renovated?

    • You can still watch the drama next year:P The house is being renovated in preparation for their marriage. SS is happy bcos FT has intention to marry her all along, not bcos she is pregnant. I am sure you can guess what will be in the next two chapters, lol.

  3. OMG! This chapter is super awesome. I love it. Oh no, can Shan Shan not end? :(. Also, this reminds me to translate the rest of the comics! Haha. Will give you some translations next week, in hopes of more Shan Shan! Haha.

    • No worries, take your time as the comic is not really on Shan Shan but Gu Man, lol. Phong and I also wish SS can go on forever but we’ll have the real comic and the drama to look fwd to in the future:) Also, there is Shuang Yi’s story which SS may make an appearance.

  4. It’s so nice to know that there are still men out there like Feng Teng (at least out there in storybook land), who ask for a prenuptial contract that would protect his future bride rather than himself. When Feng Teng had asked Shan Shan to sign a prenuptial contract, my romantic vision of Feng Teng shattered, but he redeemed himself a million times in my eyes when I found out that it was addended so that Shan Shan would be protected financially should the marriage fall apart in the future. So many times, I have only heard of the wealthier man selfishly protecting his assets from his future bride that I sometimes wonder why he would even consider marrying a woman he cannot even trust. Finally, there is a man who is worried about the interests of his future bride. Shan Shan, stick to this man like krazy glue and never let him go!

    I still have one question. When is Shan Shan going to introduce Feng Teng to her family?! They are planning a wedding and yet he has not even met the future in-laws yet! I really want to see the family’s reaction to the big boss!

    • Hey Mel, I tut you cheated and listened/read ahead till the end already:P Meet the family is next chapter which I’ve not started on my translation yet.

      Yes, Feng Teng is so nice and sweet. I love him more than He Yi Chen, lol.

      • Actually, I only skimmed around with the ebook. Ultimately, nothing beats reading your fantastic English translation, so I am still patiently hanging around, waiting endlessly.

        Would Feng Teng wait around for Shan Shan for 7 years AND not touch another woman if Shan Shan were to suddenly disappear on him for whatever reason? That is the billion dollar question when comparing both men.

        • Haha, thank you very much for your support:) But SS will be ending soon:(

          In reality, no no but in novel, yes yes, lol. Tell you something funny when I was browsing baidu. Someone left a msg to complain that FT has girlfriends b4 knowing SS. Come on, he is rich, handsome and abt 30 yrs old. If he didn’t have gfs b4, I’ll seriously think there is something wrong with him. Actually it is hard to compare as one is a comedy & the other is a drama. I doubt someone like HYC exists in real life. Maybe one in a billion, lol. Anyway, waiting is not an impt criterial for me so I’ll take the funny FT anytime:P

  5. That last sentence confirms that she’s really a fighter HAHAHAHA

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