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Come & Eat, Shan Shan (杉杉来吃) – Gu Man (Chapter 41)



Sob, sob, I am crying tears of happiness as Shan Shan and Feng Teng are getting married and live happily ever after:) At the same time, they are tears of sadness because the novel is coming to an end. The next translation will be my last one for this novel so I will include something special. Wait, lidge will finish this novel off with interesting tidbits on life after marriage so there will be more to come:)

Chapter 41 (translated by peanuts and edited by lidge)

On the weekend, Feng Teng drives Shan Shan to the family residence to inspect the progress of the renovation. At the same time, Shan Shan also wants to inspect her new assets —— they are the few things she finally managed to wrest from the tiger’s claws.

Xue Shan Shan fully exhibits a woman’s innate tendency to appear beautiful as the things she has chosen are all glittering jewelries = = Actually, she had been completely dazzled by some of the supplementary photos in the gift agreement.

After touching those few pieces of jewelry, Shan Shan is satisfied and gives them back to Feng Teng, “It is best you help me to safe keep them.”

Feng Teng gives a sweeping glance at those jewelries, picks up a bracelet and puts it on her hand. Then, he concludes: “Your way of looking at things needs improvement.”

Thus, he casually teaches her a bit. He is from an educated family, naturally knowledgeable about these things. Pitifully, Shan Shan listens in a cloud of confusion but have to pretend to be very interested. She can’t help but feel pained.

Luckily, Wang Bo comes to report that Miss Feng and Yan Qing have come. Shan Shan quickly runs down first.

‘Bang’, a thick stack of information is dumped in front of her. Miss Feng proudly says: “This is the preliminary wedding plan!”

Shan Shan cannot help but feel shocked. This thickness is simply not much better than the thickness of Boss’s prenuptial agreement ah. The two of them are indeed brother and sister……

Shan Shan picks up a colorful booklet, which looks like a fashion catalog, to have a look, but Miss Feng stops her, “Ah, you don’t need to look at this because these are dresses I am going to wear at the wedding.”

“You also don‘t need to look at this as they are my shoes.”

Shan Shan: “……”

Feng Teng walks down from upstairs and snappily says: “Are you getting married?”

Yan Qing, who is standing there, worriedly asks, “Wifey, your remarriage partner is still me, right?”

Feng Yue glares at Yan Qing and sullenly says: “I can’t do anything about it ah. The cleverest housewife cannot cook without rice. You have not set the date yet so how do I book the hotel? Since the hotel is not booked, how to know what is the setting? If the setting is not known, how to decide how to decorate the place……”

“Okay.” Feng Teng, with a headache, interrupts her, “You don’t need to do anything first. Wait until I have discussed with Shan Shan’s parents before we talk further. Wang Bo has almost packed everything. Next week, I will go to G City.”

The last sentence is directed at Shan Shan.

Shan Shan opens her mouth widely, “That, I suddenly remember something …… I think I have not told my parents about us getting married.”

Everyone is silent ……

“Bring your mobile phone here.”

Feng Teng, with a black face, takes hold of Shan Shan’s mobile phone, searches the phonebook, then presses the dial button. The phone is quickly connected. Feng Teng calmly and politely says: “How are you, auntie? I am Feng Teng.”

Later, of course, Shan Shan is scolded by Mrs. Xue. Any mother will also freak out when knowing her daughter is getting married only a month before the wedding. However, Shan Shan feels she is innocent. Who would have imagined the unexpected pregnancy mistake will result in this sudden marriage ah? She also learns about it recently, okay!

Since the daughter is getting married, ultimately Mrs. Xue is happy. The next day, she happily calls, “Hey Shan Shan, mother has a piece of good cloth. Tell me how tall is your boyfriend so I can get your father to make him a suit.”

“Ah?” Shan Shan stares blankly and immediately declines, “No need la, he has more than enough clothes to wear. Moreover, they are custom-made so what dad makes will not really be suitable ah.”

Shan Shan already tries to be very tactful, but Mrs. Xue gets angry after hearing her husband’s workmanship is not being appreciated by their daughter, “What do you know? Your father’s workmanship is very good. Those expensive to death suits in shopping malls do not last as long as the ones made by your dad. Your mother decided to follow your father because your father made a skirt for me ……”

Mrs. Xue enthusiastically talks until wearing a suit made by Mr. Xue has simply become a necessary requirement to be the Xue family’s son-in-law. Since her mother is already so firm about this, Shan Shan cannot do anything but agree to it. Anyway, she thinks to herself, even after her dad makes it, the suit will be stored in her house. When dad sees the suits Big Boss wears, he will understand la …… They would not “force” him to change clothes. Whatever happens later can be dealt with later.

But if mother requests Big Boss to also wear the suit made by father at the wedding ……


Even though they are her biological mother and father, she will still resist to the end!

“Tell me the measurement of your boyfriend tomorrow. Your father wants to make an early start.”


As a result, when Feng Teng comes out of the bathroom at night, he sees the measuring tape.

“Come here, come here, let me measure your size.”

Feng Teng frowns, “What for?”

Shan Shan says seriously: “Of course, in order to know you better!”

Feng Teng squints, “Oh? What else do you want to know? You do not know my measurement?”

…… Those words, why do they sound a little wrong? Is it because she is no longer innocent anymore? Shan Shan is still in doubt. Then, she is pulled from behind and very soon, the measuring tape is thrown under the bed. After a while, there is a faint resistance sound in the room: “Hey …… don’t measure there …… ”

The next morning, Shan Shan sits on the bed, holding the quilt. With tears flowing all over her face, she looks at the measuring tape under the bed. She has the measurement but measured by the hands so what is the use ah!!!

Don’t tell me I have to measure again today?

Shan Shan’s heart gives a groan, she collapses back onto the bed, pulls the quilt and buries herself inside.

For the time being, it need not be mentioned how difficult it is for Shan Shan to get the measurement. Finally, she successfully completes the task her mother asked her to do and reports Boss’s measurement to her.

Thereafter, Shan Shan does not take this to heart. Who knows, before long, she receives a parcel sent from home as well as Mrs. Xue’s phone call ——

“Shan Shan, did you receive the clothes? Initially, we wanted to give this to you when both of you come home. Then later, I think it will be very good if the son-in-law wears the suit made by your father when coming for a visit. Haha, aiya, the courier fee is really expensive ah. It actually costs us thirty yuans to send a piece of clothing, how frightening……”

Shan Shan, with tears in her eyes, holds the suit in her hands. Dear mother, you are the one frightening. Initially, she had not wanted to tell Boss, ah!

Shan Shan has no choice but to find an opportunity with a good atmosphere to have a heart to heart chat with Boss, “Have I told you before, that my dad used to be a tailor ah?”

Feng Teng looks at her suspiciously, “I don‘t think so.”

“Now you know la.” Shan Shan gives an embarrassed smile and sheepishly offers a stack of clothing, “My dad made you a suit ……”

Feng Teng looks at the thing in her hands silently. Shan Shan takes up courage to finish her sentence: “So please wear the suit my dad made when you visit my house ……”

This time, Feng Yue will also go along with them to Shan Shan‘s home. She will also bring her husband and child with a very good reason, “Shan Shan’s parents will not only look at you, but your family as well.  As her sister-in-law, of course I also have to attend la! Look at Yan Qing and my harmonious family, my very cute baby, such good role model, ah. Maybe once they feel happy, they will give Shan Shan to you immediately.”

In response, Feng Teng very arrogantly snorts, “Do I need them to give her to me?”

Nevertheless, he also clearly feels what Feng Yue said makes sense. Feng Yue makes an appearance in Feng Teng’s home early in the morning on the day that they are supposed to go to Shan Shan’s home. When she sees Feng Teng’s suit, she mercilessly criticizes it.

“Brother, do you know how to choose your clothes, such bad fashion taste ah! This suit and the workmanship look ordinary. Which shop made it?”

Shan Shan can only cover her face and remain silent on the side.

Feng Teng expressionlessly says: “Tai Shan (means either the sacred Mount Tai in China or Tarzan) custom-made.”

Tai Shan custom-made?

Miss Feng, who is familiar with all kinds of fashion, looks a little dazed, “I have not heard before ah. Newly opened shop? Definitely will close down soon!”

It has already been closed down for many years la! Shan Shan continues to cover her face.

On the contrary, Yan Qing, who is on the side, can see something else. He thinks for a moment and looks at Shan Shan, who is standing beside him and covering her face trying to look invisible. He smiles thoughtfully: “Actually, Tai Shan means father-in-law, right?”

Shan Shan weakly raises her hand, “Yes, that is my father T T”

Until they board the plan, Feng Yue still continues to make fun of it incessantly: “Aiyo, why don’t I have a mother-in-law who knows how to make clothes, such a shame ah.”

Shan Shan buries her face in Feng Teng‘s chest. Feng Teng pats her. Although he is also uncomfortable wearing these clothes, this does not mean his sister can tease them.

“Yan Qing, did you hear? Ah Yue is complaining.”

Yan Qing says: “I heard. Ai, if Ah Yue is willing to wear the clothes made by my mother, in that case she is a lot easier to provide for.”

“No need to be so troublesome la.” Shan Shan raises her head from Feng Teng‘s chest and with great spirit says loyally and sacrificially, “Ah Yue, I will ask my dad to tailor for you.”

“You people!” Feng Yue starts to get angry.

After the plane arrives at G City, like before, someone from the branch office comes to pick them up. This time, the one who comes is not from administration but the branch manager, who has already been waiting at the airport. However, Feng Teng does not let him drive them. Instead, he personally drives them over. When they arrive at Shan Shan’s home, it is already noon time. Mr. and Mrs. Xue are already waiting for them downstairs.

Watching the car slowly approaching, Mr. and Mrs. Xue can’t help stretching their necks. The car slowly stops. A tall and bright young man calmly steps out from the car. He is wearing a familiar looking suit but emitting a grandeur air, which the suit does not give.

Mr. and Mrs. Xue are star struck.

While Mr. Xue is entertaining Feng Teng and others to drink tea in the living room, Mrs. Xue pulls Shan Shan into the kitchen to wash fruits.

“Shan Shan, you see your father’s workmanship is still as good as before. After Xiao Feng wears the suit, he looks so tall and upright, ah.”

Even though she is her mother, Shan Shan still has to defend Boss, “Mum, it is because he is good-looking and tall, he makes the suit look better.”

Mrs. Xue uncharacteristically does not get angry with her daughter for not praising her father‘s skill. She seems preoccupied and while washing fruits says: “Ai, he is just too good-looking.”

Will her daughter be able to hold on to such an outstanding young man?

Mrs. Xue worriedly glances at Shan Shan. Suddenly, she discovers her daughter is different from the one in her memory. Mrs. Xue remembers when Shan Shan just got down from the car and was walking beside that imposing young man, she did not seem to feel they do not match.

Looking at what she is wearing and the jewelry on her hands, Mrs. Xue suddenly feels her daughter is no longer someone they can afford to support……

Then, this kind of feeling raises to a higher level when she returns to the living room and sees the dowry. It turns out that not only they cannot afford to support this daughter, they also cannot afford to marry her off.

It is not that Mrs. Xue does not know her future son-in-law is wealthy. She has even thought that the dowry may be very high, but she has never imagined it will turn out to be such a surprise.

Mrs. Xue also knows in the future, her daughter’s social circle will be completely different from theirs. The dowry may be related to her future status in life. Even so, Mrs. Xue still feels uneasy in her heart.

Mr. and Mrs. Xue glance at each other and Mrs. Xue says: “This is not ……”

Shan Shan can see her mother’s embarrassment so she energetically comforts her: “Mum, it is all right since you are going to give them to me la.”

Feng Teng lowers his voice, “Xue Shan Shan.”

She has been warned , ah …… Shan Shan winks at him. Please ah, give me some face in front of mum and dad, okay.

“The dowry …… ” Mrs. Xue is about to faint. She has prepared thirty thousands as Shan Shan‘s dowry. Last time, when she occasionally talked about it with friends and neighbors, they already said the dowry is high ah. But now, when compared with this dowry, the ratio is totally disproportionate ah. How can this be acceptable?

“Don’t worry about the dowry, he’ll take care of it.” Shan Shan is not worried at all.

“Xue Shan Shan!” – This time it is Mrs. Xue who shouts at her.


In the end, Xue Shan Shan is evicted from the wedding discussion.

Shan Shan sits on the stairs outside and listens to the voices coming from the house. Two of her hands are holding her chin and she can’t help wanting to smile.

“Sister, why are you laughing alone?” Suddenly, she hears a milky voice and sees her upstairs neighbor’s son Xiao Wei Ba holding a ball, standing on the stairs and staring at her curiously.

Shan Shan feels embarrassed and touches her face. She is about to speak but hears a male laughing voice from behind saying: “Because this sister is getting married.”

Shan Shan doesn’t know when the door is opened, but when she turns around, she sees Feng Teng leaning against the door and looking at her. Although he is not wearing an exquisite suit, it does not cover up his handsome figure.

Shan Shan cannot help but starts to smile again.

Yes ah, because she is getting married.

Because she will be happier and blissful soon.

Xiao Wei Ba looks strangely at the adults who are not talking. With a pair of sparkling eyes, he runs away with the ball in his hand. Shan Shan waves at Feng Teng to come forward. Feng Teng raises his eyebrows, glances at the ground critically and walks to her side to sit down.

“Feng Teng,” Shan Shan calls his name, “Have I told you that when you put on this suit, you look most handsome?”

“Really?” Feng Teng pretends to think about it, “Then I will also wear this at the wedding?”

“No way!” Shan Shan immediately jumps up, “You can be even more handsome!”

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  1. FINALLY!!!
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        • I meant Shan Shan as in the novel. We all love Shan Shan & Feng Teng, lol.

          Yup, one final short chapter from me but as I’ve written lidge will translate a few tidbits on their life after marriage so no need to be sad yet:P

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  2. Oooh thanks for the translation! This chapter was really heart-warming. I felt bad when they teased Feng Teng’s suit, it’s such a sweet gesture from Shan Shan’s father!

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      • I didn’t read the main novel in Chinese only some of her epilogues, I don’t think she passed actually – though not that I was paying attention to that detail! The epilogues are cute. Can’t wait to read them translated too 🙂

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  4. This needs to be read with a nice glass of pinot gris, because I’m going to savor it… Just lovely!

  5. *sobbing* this is the last chapter already 😦
    When I read these final chapters of SS, I always find it so heart-warming. But you know, there is kinda uncomfortable feelings wrapping around my heart 😀 knowing that it’s coming to an end 😀 And maybe because the happiness is always coming with some sad feelings eh?
    You know what, for me, it’s a little bit sadder when your translation is coming to an end. Maybe I’m get used to discussing the story with you ar ^^ It’s so fun 😀

    And, The Tai San here clearly means the Mount Tai in China. Us Eastern usually use the Mount Tai to describe the fathers, because of its greatness, you know? ^^

    • Oh, how time flies as 1 year has come & gone:( I am also sad as I shall miss SS & FT but we still have the comic & drama to look fwd & discuss abt. I am happy bcos I am finishing a book & can start something new, lol. Wah, I can’t believe lidge & I’ve translated a complete book, lol. Don’t worry, we still have a few more weeks to go with lidge’s translation which should be worse than me so more errors for you to pick on, lol. Ya, I enjoy your support & discussion too. I can translate another book you like so we can continue our discussion, lol. Come & support Silent Separation eventhough like me you don’t really like Yi Chen & Mo Sheng. Btw, before I froget, I wanna ask you did Shan Shan pass her CPA exam? GM forgot abt it?

      I suspect something like that but at the same time I tut maybe GM thru FT is being sacastic so he said the tailor is Tarzan, lol. You know who is Tarzan right?

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  6. Squealing for few times while reading this chapter, I’m really happy for both my SS and FT although I need to say goodbye. So happy that the ending is a happy one. Going to miss my favorite novel character SS for sure 🙂 and thanks to you guys, peanut and lidge for translating this from the start until the end, you guys really did a great job and keep it up!! 😉

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  11. Thanks so much for this story!

    I’m curious … I understand that Asian cultures are very conservative so is premarital sex actually becoming more accepted? Or is it a case of it happens but keep it hushed? But if living together ( and is that also more accepted?) it’s assumed that it’s happening or maybe not (like in the recent show “I Hear You”)…? I really see these stories, movies, and tv shows as a window into those cultures : )

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