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Come & Eat, Shan Shan (杉杉来吃) – Gu Man (Epilogue)



Surprise!!! I’ve rushed to finish off my part of the translation before the drama is finished filming. Initially, I intended to post this translation before the end of the Lunar New Year, but unfortunately I was too busy. Cry, cry, I have officially finished translating this novel, which is ending on a happy note. I hope I can find another novel equally as good as this to translate in the future. Thank you for your support and I hope you have enjoyed my translation. Do come back later as lidge will translate their cute life after marriage for you.

To celebrate the successful completion of this novel translation and also because this epilogue is very short, I’ve also included the comic posted on Gu Man’s weibo. Thank you decembi for helping me with the translation. Actually, book 1 of the comic has been released, but the quality of the copy posted on baidu is quite blur and bad. I am trying hard to buy a physical copy. I will translate and post it when I can get good quality pictures so be patient and wait.

Epilogue (translated by peanuts and edited by lidge)

Feng Teng gives Feng Yue full authority to organize Shan Shan and his wedding, and it turns out to be extremely successful …… Resulting in Shan Shan becoming very tired.  Then, before Shan Shan has enough time to rest, she is taken on a honeymoon. Consequently, Shan Shan once again becomes ’tired’ for a month.

When they return from their honeymoon, the Lunar New Year is around the corner. Being a new bride in the first year, there are all kinds of busy activities.

Shan Shan is puzzled. Clearly, last year when she had been in Boss’s house to celebrate the Lunar New Year, it had been very quiet ah. How come this year all of a sudden so many relatives turn up? Furthermore, there are various big banquets, small feasts, giving gifts and returning favors. Shan Shan can’t help but deeply feels, as Mr. President’s wife, it is only right for her to be paid a salary.

Finally, when it is a little less busy, it is already the fifth day of the Lunar New Year, the God of Wealth’s birthday ah. Shan Shan cannot help but recalls a major event. Hence, she runs to Feng Teng and holds out her hand, “Where is my red packet?!”

“Oh, Happy Lunar New Year.” Feng Teng casually answers.

Shan Shan quietly waits for some reaction. As a result, she waits and waits but to find out there is no reaction.

“That’s it?” Shan Shan is angry, “You are so unfair!”

They have not been married for long ah ……

“At the very least, give me a red packet as a gesture of goodwill ah T_T”

Clearly, everyone in the family from top to bottom also have been given red packets, why is she the only one who does not get one? Shan Shan feel very aggrieved.

Feng Teng puts down the magazine in his hands, “Xue Shan Shan, did I give you a red packet last year?”

“No!” Therefore, your wicked conduct does not happen once but twice.

“How about Lunar New Year’s gift?”

“Also, no!” The only mobile phone he had given her had been on loan only. Moreover, he had used it before, an old one ah.

Feng Teng smiles, “Hence, during last Lunar New Year, I did not give you anything, but do you remember I wished you Happy Lunar New Year at the airport?”

Perhaps, so what?

Feng Teng looks at her, “That is what I want to give you. Shan Shan, that sentence is not a blessing but a promise.”

Shan Shan blinks her eyes, then blinks her eyes again …… Feng Teng coughs once, stands up and intends to walk away.

This can‘t be because he feels embarrassed. Shan Shan eventually realises and chases after him sneakily, “This year is also a promise ah?”


“Next year is also a promise ah?”

“…… I’ll let you know next year.”

What to do, she feels a bit moved. Shan Shan hugs his waist from behind and puts her head on his back, “Happy Lunar New Year to you too.”

A cozy and serene atmosphere surrounds them, after a while ——

Shan Shan: “Oh, yes, quickly give me a red packet ^ _ ^”

Feng Teng: “……”

Shan Shan: “You said you want to make me happy throughout the new year ah. Now, I will only be happy if I have a red packet ^ _ ^”

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65 thoughts on “Come & Eat, Shan Shan (杉杉来吃) – Gu Man (Epilogue)

  1. Happy finishing translating the story ^^ *cheering*

    SS’s is so childish ar, FT gives her a lot of money, yet she still wants the red packet @.@ and blames him for “trick her into marriage” that quickly (so that she can’t not receive red packets from her family any more) =))

    Hey, I’m still the first comment. Gotta go now ^^ I’ll get back later 😀

    • Haha, you will always be Shan Shan’s no. 1 fan. You misunderstood. She wants the red packet not because of the money but for good luck and since everyone have it so she also wants it. Which part said she blames him for tricking her into marriage?

      You like the comic cover? I have asked my uncle to buy the comic in china for me so hopefully he will buy the correct one.

      • No, of course I don’t misunderstood. The red packets are for lucky ^^, it’s our tradition, right? I just mean that she’s so childish like that, haha. Our SS is a very provident girl therefore she never needs much money, lol.

        Ah, the part that FT tricking her into marriage is not from SS herself, but from GM. I read it in some SS epilogues. Actually, in this epilogue which you translated, our Viet version also contains the explanation of GM about why SS insists on getting red packets from FT. GM told that even though SS already has a job, she still can get red packets from the elders in her family for luckiness. However, since she already been tricked into marriage soooo early, she lost that amount of money, that is why she tells FT to make up for her ^^ Cute, right?

        Yes, I like the comic cover ^^ Looking forward to it ❤

  2. wuwuwu finished already! it’s a happy ending yet i want to cry :’) thanks you two for your hard work! (and of course, i’ll look forward for your new translation heheh)

    • You are welcome. I will miss Shan Shan & Feng Teng. There are still 4 parts of life after marriage translated by lidge. We have already started translating Silent Separation, our new project.

  3. Ha ha, salary to be wife. Thank you and congratulations on finishing the translation of Come & Eat, Shan Shan. I remember when I started to follow, I did a marathon night and contained myself not to laugh out loud. >_< ^_^

    • You are welcome. Yes, this is one of the most funny and happy novels I have ever read. It is hard to find another one like this. There are 4 more parts to be translated by lidge to complete the book.

  4. The comic is super cute, I can’t stand hahaha feels like I want to pinch SS on the cheek 😀

    • Wait till you see book 1 of the newly released comic book, it is so adorable. I am trying to get my hands on it so I can touch and pinch Shan Shan’ cheeks lol.

  5. Wow! The translation project is finished. What a great job 🙂 I love Shan Shan and Feng Teng, and will forever be grateful to you and lidge for introducing me to Gu Man. <3333 Will your translate the computer game one too? Haha.

    And, so cute the comics once the english words are inserted! Haha.

    • You are welcome, sharing is caring:) My parts are finished but still have lidge’s parts to finish off. Yes, more than a year of blood & sweat. What a relief that I’ve finished yet sad as I gonna miss my FT & SS:( I need to concentrate on Silent Separation b4 I even think abt Xiao Nai & Wei Wei bcos I think I need another year to finish Silent, lol.

      Are you praising your own English translations, lol? Took me a while to put those English words into paint & it wasn’t done well:( I need to learn and use more sophisticated software.

  6. Finally the last chapter out. Thank you peanuts. I’ll be waiting for the after married parts.
    Aniway, the comic is cute! Shan Shan looks like a high school student and feng teng looks handsome and cool!
    Is the comic published in English?

    • Aiyaya, nothing in China is published in English. You’ve to wait for me to get hold of a physical copy, scan them and translate.

      • Horaaaay, thank you for your hardwork Peanuts ❤
        Shan-shan feels like a sweet dessert after reading a bitter Lost You Forever.
        by the way, do you continue Silent Separation or start a new novel Peanuts?

        • Haha, I know. I soaked my pillow when I was reading Yun Zhong Ge. Which is why I am staying faraway from Lost You Forever. I am not touching Tong Hua’s books forever, lol.

          Of course I gonna continue with my Silent Separation since I don’t like to abandon things:P I know update has been slow as I need to finish off Shan Shan. Now I can devote myself to Yi Chen. It is hard to date Feng Teng & Yi Chen at the same time, lol.

          • Hi Peanut

            Thank you so much for completing SS story. It’s really cute. The colloquial la, ah, le were your own addition, right as it’s more Singaporean Malaysian way of conversation than Mandarin Chinese. Do i just assumed that it’s not in GM’s book, right? I love it. I think that makes the story more cute and feels like home.

            I’m very late in reading this story (in 2020 while your comments are all in 2014). Just want to say thank you and I love your posts. I like Who Gets The World too from reading your summary and the translated chapters. Wish they were completed. I can’t read or understand Mandarin so only can rely on translation from kind fairies like you, Huier, Koala, and Decembi.

            On Lost You Forever translated by Koala, I highly recommend it. So so good! It’s sad and I cried a lot even though I’m a Jing shipper. I think Yun Zhong Ge is more tragic.

  7. kyaaaaaaaa *.* *hugs peanuts* thx for getting me into the cnovel world~ ive finished reading da mo yao and 3 lives 3 worlds 10 miles of peach blossom, finished watching bu bu jing xin, and am now somewhere around the half of come&eat shan shan~ ive started of just reading a bit like daily, but as i progressed i kept reading more and more, now my sleep is all messed up (again XD ) and i think ive just caught a cold, the amount of tissues im using is crazy already hahaha~ which is y i am desperate for more recs on what to read and watch next *Q* i trust u completely that u will choose sth awesome, ah just remember to give me a drama with lots of handsome and romance to.cure my cold *achoo* ~~~ (i just realized that if i hug u too tightly u might catch a cold too, so ill just wave instead) ~\(≧▽≦)/~

    • So sorry to hear you are sick. Hope you get well soon. There are limited translated novels and drama so take your time and don’t gobble them too fast, lol.

      My Shan Shan nice, right? Fun & sweet all the way, no angst or tears, the perfect dessert after reading Tong Hua’s novels, lol. You didn’t have a craving for food but instead is scared to eat after reading Shan Shan’s horrendous experience with pig liver, lol? You can follow my new translation, another boss vs staff novel, lol.

      You’ve read all the good ones so I don’t know what else to recommend you, lol. If you can stomach it, you can try another Tong Hua’s epic book eg Yun Zhong Ge but it is incomplete or you can read Lost You Forever which is in progress. I highly recommend you to read Heavy Sweetness Ash like Frost but the translation is still in progress. Do you like 10 Miles of Peach Blossoms? If yes, you can read its sequel The Pillow Book which is a better book but it is still in progress.

      Which prince did you ship in Bu Bu Jing Xin? Did you cry towards the end? There’ll be a not yet released sequel but set in modern time. There is also a copycat drama kind of like Bu Bu Jing Xin but with more humour which you can try. But not as many hot guys, lol.

      Alternatively you can watch this quiet recent drama called Female Prime Minister but it is a bit draggy. That guy is the current favourite of many girls worldwide.

  8. ah its 6am already, and im only a few chapters away from the end -_- my cold is almost completely gone, but now i need to choose whether to finish it all or fight the urge and leave it for tomorrow (aka later today lol)…ahh this book is just so sweet and cute and fun and and and *Q* ahh i cant even…i was laughing so hard during the first half, and was giggling and blushing during the second~ i dont und ppl being disappointed at the second half, i feel that it rounds the story nicely, and also i live for those romance parts kekeke…right now, i just found out shes preggers, ah i have to read more, have to read more~ i love that theres no unnececary angst, just two characters and how they got together, its like eating a cake, so good, and i just want to eat more and more and more (especially if its a chocolate one lol)…tho luckily i didnt really have any cravings while reading it, since everything contains meat lol, but i really love how he ‘tortures’ her, i wonder if the drama will be as good…oke, back to reading~

    • Yes, Shan Shan is a cute & funny book if you like this kind. Some ppl feel it is too flat & fairy-tale, no angst, no climax, no suspense. Nonetheless this is one of my fav novels. You should take your own sweet time to read it so you won’t miss anything, lol. Listen to the radio drama, very cute. As for the drama, you’ve to wait probably earliest next yr, you’ll only get to watch it.

      Haha, she is not pregnant. That picture was chosen by lidge to trick you, lol. I am glad you like this novel enough to marathon it. I am also glad you also like the 2nd half of the book which is not as funny as the first half. Yet, they are still sweet & cute. Four more updates & it is the end. I’ve started translating another book something like Shan Shan, lol.

  9. ah i now know shes not pregnant, uh i wish it was longer…hm it is only now that i realize how serious ur words were, there is only a few cnovels translated into english…i am very scared…ah but this makes me appriciate even more what u and the other ppl r doing for us, thank u~

    hmm, in bbjx, i actually liked 13th and 14th the best kekeke 😀

    uh i am lost…i think ill just start reading everything as long as it is not on hiatus…when i started, i had no idea this would be so addictive…i need to find a way to improve up my chinese learning spead…a lot lol…ah, do u have any suggestions? u mentioned the google translate technique, how does that work?

    ah those ppl r crazy…shan shan is a very nice story, there is a plot, there is a climax, and it is deffinitely very realistic! its cuz they want to keep all the feng tengs to themselves lol, so they do go around saying stuff like fairytale and not real pfffttt…so just dont listen to them, oke? ah i have already read the new stuff u posted, im glad its also a happy book, i love happy stuff hihihi…ah r u going to make more post where its not just translation, but like those cnovel challenge ones, i really like those~

    • There will be update today to satisfy your craving, lol.

      Ahahaha, 13th & 14th are good, young & tender enough to eat, lol.

      You copy & paste the novel text into google translate to be translated into English or German the language you know best then you try to learn the Chinese words one by one. At the same time, there is pinyin (phonetic system for transcribing the Mandarin pronunciations of Chinese characters into the Latin alphabet) as well as audio sound in google translate to help you to read and listen.

      I also like happy stuff. Everything posted here are happy happy except a radio drama translation which is very sad bcos that was a special request. As for the cnovel challenges, I’ve submitted your request to my landlord hui3r & she said she’ll consider abt it.

  10. What a cute story!! I enjoyed reading it so much.. Thanks for the hard work.

  11. thank you for all your hard work on the complete translation of 杉杉来吃! You made me such a happy girl!

  12. Thank you, thank you so much!! I stumbled upon your page by accident and read your translation of this novel in one go. I absolutely love it and can´t thank you enough for translating and sharing it with us!! It is such a funny and heart warming story!

  13. Thank you thank you thank you so much for translating the story, I am not Chinese and have recently just started watching the show on buts its not fully subtitled, so i am glad that I was able to find the translation of such a cute and very funny story

  14. hi peanuts! ty for ur hard work translating this book. if possible, is there a way you can post a pdf of this entire book? i just wanted a copy my kindle so i can reread (and reread some more) when im traveling!! all credit to u and ur team of course! if not, no worries too!! ty for ur hard work again =D

  15. When can have “Come & Eat, Shan Shan (杉杉来吃) – Interesting Tidbits on Life After Marriage (Part 4)”? I am very anxious to know the after marriage life of this cute couple.

  16. Hi, peanuts. Thanks for your translation. It is really entertaining. I also love happy story without angst. I found your website because of my sister. She nagged me to watch the drama ” Boss and Me”. And I get addicted then started to read your Shan Shan novel translation. I love it, I haven’t finished reading it because I just start reading it yesterday. I can’t wait to finish it. I’m in love with FT character and also love SS. SS is lovable like a little Sister and FT is not a cold jerk like other male lead. once again, thank you for your wonderful works. I’m gonna continue reading it

  17. What is the comic tite? Is it cme and eat shan shan too? wah… i’m hooked to this already

  18. Thanks for the epilogue! I’m feeling content now. I was not happy after completing the series, I wanted to see her in a wedding gown even though she tried one with Feng Yue and Li Shu. But I want to see him and her… It’s okay, I’m happy now too.

  19. dont want to say good bye.. nice novel.. thx for translating… great great great job.

  20. Hello, I would like to thank you for the great job you have done. Thanks to you we can enjoy this beautiful story :)) But I have a request – I can`t find all the chapters and could you please help me with it? Thank you so much in advance 🙂

  21. Thank you for doing this. I just finished watching the drama and wanted to read it too and I found you. Thanks so much

  22. Thank you so much! Love you blog. This is my first C-Novel.

  23. Hi.. Peanut…i’ve already finished read shan shan comes to eat and really love it. May i know where i can find the comic book and the novel? Thank you so much.

  24. Ah!
    Thank you both for working on the translation. I’ve really enjoyed reading it so far.

  25. I relly enjoy ur translate.thanks peanuts and lidge. I read twice !!! Can’t move on. Very like SS character. And FT he is really a suck true cruel man who love SS very much. I love the drama too. But disappointed for the end.

    • Glad you like out translations. U may want to read Wipe Clean After Eating which is a bit like Shan Shan.

      What is so disappointing abt the drama ending? Too short? No wedding & babies lol?

      • Yess,u right. I want see there married and enjoy a silly and funny married life. Hahaha… Thanks your information, i will read WCAE. Great job peanuts.

  26. Where can i read the novel translation ar?? Xie xie..

  27. I just finished the drama.. and now i finished the books too and i enjoy read it every night with the drama OST as a background.. hahaha
    Thanks both of you translate it so i can understand things where i can’t in the drama.. Thanks for you hard work..

  28. Thanks for the translation! I think I liked this more than the drama. While I really liked the drama at the beginning, it kind of started getting dragged down at the end. I didn’t feel the same way about the book. Thanks for giving us the chance to read a cute, romance novel. 🙂

  29. Just finished reading it within 12hours of discovering this novel’s translation. I am glad that I found it and I would like to give you a Big ‘THANK YOU’ for translating it and for all the people who are involved with making this story and sharing it to us in the world and still have it available two years after finishing the translations 🙂 Take care all and will take a look on what other titles that are available to read…..

    • U r lucky to be able to finish it in record time. Some readers waited for 12 mths for me to finish my translations 😛 Don’t forget to read ‘Life After Marriage’.

  30. I discovered fanatical because of this novel…would say i got over my tv drama addiction because now i am more fond of reading the good novels here. Cant get over shan shan’s and wei wei’s stories though weiwei’s not in fanatical.

    Anyways great job peanuts, hoju and the other translators… all your novels, thus, ill forever be an avid fan and reader…..thank u 😄

  31. thx for the translate….
    i like this story so much 🙂

  32. Thank you for the translation! I enjoyed Shan Shan very much, and the extra comments section often answered questions that I had, too. I loved the relationships that were developed between you and your readers at the time you were translating this novel. I often wait until a novel/drama is completely translated before starting it, but I see the appeal of waiting for a chapter each week, and enjoying the story together with a group that is hungry for the story to reveal itself, and to love a character together. I loved that this story was written (by Gu Man) with positive characters and no makjang or angst, and was still very exciting to read because it was so funny and charming. Thanks again for the tremendous work you did!

  33. A gazillion thank you to Peanuts and Lidge for the translation. This is the first modern drama I fell in love with, especially Shan2. I know I’m very2 late. After watching the series recently I was happy when I found the translation.
    THANK YOU AGAIN 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼❤️

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