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Wipe Clean After Eating (吃干抹净): Chapter 1



After completing Shan Shan, I am supposed to continue translating Silent Separation. However, I feel really stressed about that novel because it is such a classic so I’ve to translate as perfect as I can. I’ll try to get the second part of chapter 4 out by the weekend. Instead for relaxation, I did a pilot chapter of this novel which I find short and simple enough to translate. Lidge has already abandoned me and gone to the dark side (watching k-drama) so she won’t be helping me to edit this book. Hence, I am on my own so do overlook any spelling, grammar or whatever errors I’ve made. Since this book is not a classic, actually it is not even published so I am exercising my poetic license in translating it. I won’t disclose the name of this novel yet as I like to be secretive, lol. But, I am sure some of you who’ve read it, will recognise it so please don’t write anything and spoil my party:P I’ve not decided if this will be my next translation project as it all depends on the response. Thus, do leave a comment so that I can assess its popularity. It is so difficult to find cute and nice pictures so that will do:(

Chapter 1: The Interview

Today’s interview is very important.

The company is a well-known large enterprise in the city. The offer is very generous and the salary is very impressive.  As a graduate from a C university, I am not even qualified to go to the interview. However,  thanks to my mother giving presents and treating dinners to her friends and relatives and also giving a big red packet to a staff in this company, I finally has a chance to attend an interview .

Not only that, there are also the branded suit I am wearing and the pair of shiny high heel shoes which also cost a substantial amount of money. Obviously, in order for her daughter to get a golden rice bowl, my stingy mother has used up a lot of her savings.

Due to the high expectations of my mother and the huge amount of capital she has invested, I am feeling very stressed. Before leaving the house, I cannot help frowning pathetically and trying to gain some reassurance from her: “Mum …… if I screw up the interview,  you won’t blame me, right?”

Mum looks kind as she carefully helps me to fix my collar and gives me a caring smile: “Silly girl, why you asked this?  Do you think your mum is such a narrow-minded person?”

When I hear her questioning tone and see the sudden change in the expression in her eyes to a fierce one, I quickly shake my head.

Like magic, the expression in my mum’s eyes instantly turns friendly and laughs affectionately: “If you mess it up, then you mess it up la. No big deal as I will find other opportunity for you.”

Immediately, I feel relieved and less stressful.  While putting on my shoes, I casually ask: “By the way, what is the other opportunity?”

“If you cannot get the golden rice bowl, there is still the golden turtle (rich husband)?” My mother lovingly touches my head and with a very gentle tone: “My good daughter ah, don’t say your mother did not give you an opportunity.  If you fail in your interview,  your marriage with Aunt Liu’s elder son, Jin Song will go right ahead la!”

” …… ”

Xu Jin Song,  who just like his name is a strong and powerful man, with dark tanned skin and one point nine meters tall. He is a sports fitness coach with steely hard muscles and has represented the city in winning two weightlifting championships before.  It is said he is also a member of a Sanda (Chinese self-defense system and combat sport) club. This is in sharp contrast to the petite and delicate me,  who is not sporting at all.  He can easily carry me with one hand, as effortlessly as an eagle snatches a chicken ……

Now my stress level is even greater.

While I am leaving home with a heavy heart, my mum with a serious expression on her face, tells me: “Xia Ye, you must remember to be polite at all times and try to forge a good relationship with the staff in the company.  If there is any sudden unexpected turn of events, call and report to me promptly, do you understand?”

I nod my head repeatedly to show that I understand.  I take up my bag and thus begin my job search journey. However, I do not know, at the same time, I am also embarking on a road of no return which will change the course of my whole life ……

The interview process begins at nine o’clock. On the safe side, I arrive at half past eight at the interview location. Just by standing in front of the high-rise building where this company is located, I can already feel a wave of sophisticated and magnificent momentum, I can’t help but longing and yearning to work here. If I get hired by the company, I can feel proud and elated for once ah!

While thinking about this, I adjust my bag and walk upright, trying to appear more like a white-collar worker and walk inside. But because I am not used to wearing high heels, before I step into the company,  I’ve already slipped on the steps and fell down.

A bad beginning ah! I look nervously around and luckily nobody pays attention to my side. Hence, I quickly stand upright again and walk inside.

Remembering, that mum said to be polite at all times, I smile and walk into the reception hall on the third floor. There is already a lot of candidates waiting to be interviewed.  Everyone are sitting upright and still,  all ready for the battle. They look meticulous, very dignified and serious, so I quickly tone down my smile and also put on a prim and proper appearance.

According to different departments and positions, several different candidate waiting areas are set up. Holding my professional secretarial resume, I try to look calm and walk to the front desk to enquire politely: “Hello, may I ask where is the candidate for the secretary position is supposed to wait?”

The receptionist seems very busy, lifts her head, looks at me with an expressionless face and points to a direction: “Over there!”

“Thank you.” I nod my head and walk over to the area directed by her.

Perhaps, because there is only one job opening, there is not a lot of candidates for the secretary position. There is probably about seven or eight people sitting in the hallway and they look like fresh graduates from universities. Like me, they are also holding their resume and look more or less nervous and ill at ease.

I feel a little relieved and secretly comfort myself. Although there is little hope, at least there shall be a ten percent chance.

While I am thinking positively, I spot a young man who is sitting at the corner, near to the window.

When I see him, my mind instantly flashes a word: Rival!

He also looks like he is in his early twenties. He appears distinctly handsome, refined and extremely elegant. He has a pair of black and bright eyes, soft and fair skin and a slender figure. Beside his outstanding appearance, he exudes a very elite and talented personality traits from head to toe. More importantly, he looks so relax and comfortable, without the slightest hint of nervousness. The other job applicants including me will definitely lose out to him.

Suddenly I feel I don’t have a chance anymore.

It is not that I do not have confident in myself, but this person’s aura is just too strong. Merely from his temperament and outward appearance, you are able to see  that he is a very able and efficient person. Moreover, his very easy self-confidence will make you feel inferior and has no hope of catching up.  There is only one secretary position, but with such a strong and outstanding competitor, don’t mention ten percent, I’m afraid I don’t even have a one percent chance of winning at all.

Although I realise I have little hope with the interview, when thinking about mother who is forcing me to get married and thinking about that muscular Xu Jin Song, after much hesitation, I decide to fight for it. Hence, I adjust my expression, leisurely walk over and casually sit next to him.

After a moment, I try to look natural and politely smile at him: “Hello, my name is Xia Ye.”

He turns his face and glances at me: “Ah.”

“Are you also here for the interview? Which university did you graduate from ah?” I display my shameless personal strength, ignore his indifferent attitude and continue to strike up a conversation with him in a natural tone.

He replies without even looking up: “A university.”

A …… A university? That high-ranking important university which I can only look up at? Sure enough, this is an even bigger blow.

I silently recover from my injured feelings, stare at his extremely handsome and gorgeous side face and suddenly I think of an evil plan. Thus, I move closer to where he is sitting, look around craftily and whisper in his ear: “You heard right, that the general manager of this company is a homosexual.”

“Oh?” He finally looks up, his clear black eyes looking very calm.

I nod my head: “It is true. It is said he is a pervert as he is not interested in woman at all and is fond of handsome men.” While talking,  I suddenly looks at him, “Oh, that’s right, for instance someone like you!”

He squints his eyes: “Really? ”

When he finally responses, I quickly whisper my exaggeration: “Yes ah, the news is reliable. That scum is not only a pervert but also likes to fool around in the office. Previously my handsome cousin (I ‘m sorry, cousin) was his secretary. He worked for him for more than half a year but in the end was infected with all kind of diseases, aiya …… a promising youth was ruined like that.”

This time he does not speak again, but his face has become somewhat unsightly. It is probably because he is concerned about his own health after hearing what I said.

I cannot help but is secretly delighted, that this trick really works!

After a while, he still sits as steady as Mount Tai and does not seem to have any intention to leave.

I cannot help but feel a bit anxious: “Are you still going to stay now?”

His face does not look pleasant, but his tone is very firm: “Of course.”

What I said before was all in vain? I am a little angry so I stare daggers at him: “Let it be. Since you want to jump into the pit of fire, I am unable to stop you.”

At this time, after seeing the candidates have waited for a long time, a smiling young lady holds a tray and comes over to give each person a cup of chrysanthemum tea, which can clear internal heat and detoxify.

I drink the tea in one mouthful.  The elite who is sitting next to me also appears thirsty when he drinks his tea. Every moves he makes also appear so elegant and attractive until as a woman, I also cannot help but feel very envious and jealous.

Hence, I unexpectedly move closer to him: “Ah, you should drink more of the chrysanthemum tea to heal your body.”

“Poof — ” a rapture of water mist is spurted out and sprinkled on his clean and neat shirt, followed by some suppressed coughs. The choking turns his fair cheeks into pinkish color, resulting in his whole face appearing even more handsome and making me even more mesmerized.

I have not seen enough but he has already calmed down and squinted at me: “Is it Xia Ye?”

I don’t understand so: “Huh? Yes ah!”

He nods his head and smiles: “Very good, I will remember you.”

Before I realise what is happening,  he has already stood up, walked up to the receptionist counter and instructed the expressionless receptionist: “Send a shirt to my office.”

The receptionist who initially has no expression, immediately smiles and nods her head very respectfully and sweetly: “Okay, general manager!”

General ……. general manager ………

My jaw almost drops down to the floor.  How can a young man who looks like he has just finished university be the general manager? Why did the general manager of a large company sit in the waiting area of the job applicants? Most importantly, why he did not identify himself earlier ah?

Remembering what mum said before I went out, I mournfully takes out my mobile phone to make a call.

“Mum, I’ve let you down!”

“Xia Ye, what’s up? So quickly already something happened? It can’t be right ah. The interview has not yet begun at this time, right? ” Mum asks in surprise.

” Ah …… The interview has not begun yet.” I say in a downcast mood: “But I’ve accidentally offended the general manager of this company.”

” …… ” There is a few seconds of silent, then my mum only starts to say sincerely and earnestly: “The interview has not yet begun yet you’ve already offended the boss. Daughter ah, how did you accomplish such a difficult mission?”

I cry without any tears: “I did not purposely do it …… what should I do now?”

“Don’t worry first. The most important people in today’s interview is the interviewers. Lift your spirit and perform well during the interview. As long as you can impress the interviewers, you still have hope to get the job.” Apparently, mum notices my despair, so she quickly gives me more encouragements.

What mum said makes perfect sense, so I firmly nod my head: “Yes, I know!”

After hanging up the phone, I sort out my mood and continue to wait. After a while, the clock finally strikes nine.

Just then, a tall and slender figure walks over again. He has already changed into a clean shirt. I am surprised to see him walking past me. His thin lip is tightly pursed up and his eyes look cold and cheerless, making me suddenly tense up. I fail to understand his action, so I continue to stare at him. Then, I see a middle-aged woman coming out of the office that is to be used for the interviews. She invites him to go in and greets him in a respectful tone, saying: “General manager, the interview can begin.”

A bolt from the blue mercilessly bangs down, he he he …… he is one of today’s interviewer ah?

I feel lifeless when I see that outstanding and elegant figure disappears behind the door. I feel the sky is becoming dark and I am completely disheartened. Feeling depressed, I take out my mobile phone again and make a call.

“Mum, I’ve let you down!”

“What is it now?” My mum asks in surprise, then pauses for a little while and gives an unbelievable cry: “Xia Ye,  don’t tell me you’ve also offended the interviewer?”

“Sob, it is something like that.” I am very depressed and feel guilty: “Mum, I fail to live up to your expectations of me.”

” …… ” There is silent for a moment at the other end, following which she blames herself and laments: “This is not entirely your fault. I should never have any expectation of you  ah.”

” …… = =” Since it is already like this, if I still go to the interview, isn’t this bringing humiliation to myself? I’ve completely given up and pleaded: “Mum,  it is better that I don’t go in for the interview as it is most likely that I don’t have a chance. I might as well go home now, okay?”

“Okay, no need to go for the interview, you come back la.”

“Really?” I do not expect mum to be so understanding today. I cannot help but is overjoyed at the turn of events: “Mum, you’re so good. You are the world’s best mum!”

There is no response from the other end but mum is sort of talking to herself and stressing each syllable slowly: “Two plastic basin, a rice cooker, a cutting board, three racks …… ”

“Mum, what are you doing?”

“Writing a list of your dowry. Later, I will ask Jin Song to come over and move them.”

” …… = = ” I: “I will continue with the interview la.”

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    • So, did my translation capture the spirit and essence of the novel? Is this book worth translating? Are you gonna support me:P? Surprisingly, it took me a few hrs only to translate this chapter, a lot faster than translating Yi Chen:P Maybe the book is really easy or I am getting good, lol?

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      • So unfair that you are picking on me! I am one of those people who like to skip all the way to the end of a novel or drama to find out what happens before going back and starting from the beginning. 😦

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        Oops, I haven’t been checking that email account lately, but I just did. Yay! Two Ex-Husbands is getting an audiobook made with female and male voices! Ah Shou and which guy will be reading? There are two male readers in Floating Dreams, so which one will be reading Two Ex-Husbands? Maybe they should have different male readers for the two male leads in Two Ex-Husbands, like they had two male readers for Floating Dreams. I know I am getting greedy…

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          See, see you know the whole story already so you don’t need to read spoilers:P I am not targeting you, just playing with my readers only, lol. If my translation is good, a novel by any other name will also be good, haha…..Oh, maybe I’ve translated wrongly or the author likes fair looking guys, just like me, lol. Hey, fair and delicate looking doesn’t mean he is sissy. Ok, I’ll modify the description to suit you better, lol. The interactions b/w them are really hilarious.

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          Hey, peanuts, you can’t just change the author’s description of the male lead simply because I complained. If the author wants to male lead to be effeminate, there’s nothing you can do.

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    • So sorry for the late reply as your comment was buried in a sea of comments. Thank you for your comment.

      I don’t own the copyright to this novel so I am not in a position to give any kind of permission. Because I’ve translated this novel from the original Chinese novel, I would prefer any further translation to be based on the original Chinese novel and not my translation. More will be lost in translation to a different language. But if you really need to use my translation as the basis, I hope you take the time and put in the effort to translate them properly and accurately.

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