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Come & Eat, Shan Shan (杉杉来吃) – Interesting Tidbits on Life After Marriage (Part 1)


Anyone miss Shan Shan and Feng Teng? This is part one of their married life translated by lidge. Of course, she cannot measure up to my translation since she is translating from the Viet book but it is still good so do support her, lol. The second tidbit is quite suggestive so use your vivid imagination, heehee…To facilitate that, I’ve included the link to the radio drama. Although it doesn’t follow the text closely and mostly only read out the dialogue, it is still very funny and cute so do give it a try. The song at the end is also very nice and sweet like sugar……..I found a MV for the song with pinyin and English sub which I’ve enclosed. Arrrgh, so adorable!!!! Here is the Viet translation for Shan Shan’s number one fan, Phong:)

Interesting Tidbits on Life After Marriage – Part 1 (translated by lidge and edited by peanuts)

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0.07: Mobile Phone’s Ringtone

0.20: A certain day after marriage, Feng Teng unexpectedly discovers in Shan Shan’s mobile phone, his ringtone is the same as other men!

He becomes angry immediately and commands Shan Shan to change his ringtone to be different from everyone else.

Before his anger, Shan Shan who is trembling with fear, says: “My mobile phone only has 2 types of ringtone, one for men and one for women. Boss, do you want to be the third gender?”


0.56: N Episodes ….. All Caused By Online Nicknames

1.05: It is said that a long time ago, Shan Shan’s online nickname had been something along the line of “No Exams”. After entering Feng Teng, her nickname in QQ, online games and discussion forums etc. …… everything was changed to heroic sounding nickname, “Beat Boss Can Sleep Well”.

The nickname itself is not a problem. Even after some time, it contributes to Shan Shan feeling better both physically and mentally. However,  after marriage, Shan Shan still does not sense the coming danger and forgets to change it.

As a result ……

The first night after returning from the honeymoon, Shan Shan holds a laptop on the bed and chats with Shuang Yi in QQ after she finished bathing.

1.34: Yi Family Yi House One Tease (Yi Act): Send me more photos la. I want only landscape with no people in the pictures. That way I can use my full imagination better. I want to use them as source material——-

Beat Boss Can Sleep Well: Oh, most of the photos haven’t been sorted, but I’ll send some to you first.

Yi Family Yi House One Tease: Good. By the way, I don’t want any photos you took because your photography skill sucks big time.

Beat Boss Can Sleep Well: ~ ~ ~ But don’t you only want the landscape photos?

Yi Family Yi House One Tease: Yes, only the landscape photos.

Beat Boss Can Sleep Well: But all of the photos he took also has me in them = =



2.10: Beat Boss Can Sleep Well: Hmmm? Gone already?

Yi Family Yi House One Tease: Still here …… just now, my body suddenly went numb and my fingers cramped so I could not type.

Beat Boss Can Sleep Well: ……You’ve never been in love so your resistance against romance is poor.

Yi Family Yi House One Tease: You, you, you! After becoming close to your Big Boss, you have become bad like him.

Shan Shan is frozen by the word “close” thrown out by Shuang Yi and her mind could not help but float out some complicated pictures. At that moment, the bathroom door opens. In the dense water vapors, Big Boss only has a towel wrapped around his waist. His hands holds another white towel to dry his hair as he walks towards her. There are water droplets on his sculpted torso. A droplet falls down from his hair, mysteriously and slowly glides down his Adam’s apple, chest, abdomen and in the end disappears into you know where.

Shan Shan only has to glance at that to feel her heartbeat and blood pressure soaring. Her face is red like the sunset. Although she has seen Big Boss without clothes a few times before, but but ……

Shan Shan quickly looks away and pays more attention to chatting with Shuang Yi.

While she is typing out some unintelligible words, the other side of the bed sinks down. She is quickly hugged from behind. In his powerful embrace, her cheeks is pressed to his hard chest. Shan Shan begins to feel hot, as if a fire has been lit inside her body. Suddenly her mind becomes dizzy.

2.33: “Help me blow dry my hair?”

That low voice, with the power to hypnotize. But upon hearing it, Shan Shan’s dark thoughts vanish. She struggles out of his embrace and solemnly warns: “I don’t want to help you blow dry your hair!!!”

Feng Teng raises his eyebrows.

2.39: Shan Shan blushes and repeats herself: “Anyway, I won’t do it!”

Shan Shan opposes this matter so vehemently is purely because she has gained some wisdom from the honeymoon.

2.48: During the honeymoon, Shan Shan had volunteered to help Boss blow dry his hair on a whim –— that always happens on TV, where the lead actor or actress would stand behind the other person and gently blow dry the hair lovingly. There is blue sky and glittering ocean outside the hotel windows. What a romantic scene, so much love.

2.58: But when she actually did it herself, she discovered that nowadays, the dramas on TV are too innocent and not trustworthy = =

While the lead actress helps the lead actor blow dry his hair, he would not use this opportunity to unbutton her shirt and bite her shoulder.  Ultimately, it would not lead to a change in position –—- she being carried face to face by him and ended up on his lap.

“It’s hard for me to blow your hair like this, as my arms are tired from holding them up.”

Shan Shan protested, which unfortunately sounded like she was teasing him. Feng Teng laughed: “Then I’ll bend down.”

He lowered his head. The playful hands that have been rubbing her bottom, took this chance to push her higher. He sucked in as if fine food is delivered to his mouth. Lastly, he did not forget to ask considerably: “Is this more comfortable?”




Oh, my God!

Shan Shan is afraid that for the rest of her life, she will think of that whenever she sees Boss’s wet hair. At this point, Shan Shan suddenly remembers the word “close” she and Shuang Yi had been talking about. Umm, what if Boss sees that ……

2.40: Shan Shan quickly says good-bye (88) to Shuang Yi, guiltily puts away the laptop and says “I’m going to sleep” then quickly jumps into bed ~ ~ ~

Anyway, she can go to sleep because her hair is dry. She does not care if a certain someone cannot sleep now because his hair is wet.

Hopefully, Big Boss had not seen that or else he would not act so nonchalantly. Shan Shan hypnotizes herself and gradually falls asleep. Drowsily, she seems to hear paper flipping. Ah, Boss is probably reviewing reports, since he should start to get busy now that they are home ……

Suddenly, she pays attention to the sound of paper flipping, first page, second page……

3.08: “Are you asleep?”

Huh? Shan Shan closes her eyes tightly and keeps her breathing steady to pretend she is sleeping.

Another page is turned.

3.10: “I just saw.”

Ah ah ah, he has really seen the word “close”? Shan Shan is found out, so she turns around to look at him: “I didn’t say that.”

She had not been thinking of those things so he should not misunderstand that she wants to do them.

“Really?” Feng Teng asks casually, then reads it in a soft tone, “Beat Boss Can Sleep Well, is that not you?”

Oh no, she has forgotten all about this. Shan Shan quickly confesses in the hope of leniency and stutters: “It’s my nickname. It’s just a joke, so you don’t mind, right?”

“Of course not.” Feng Teng’s eyes look up from the reports. His gaze innocently fall on her body, then he gracefully puts away the reports and asks seriously: “But you have not beaten me today, so how can you sleep well?”

3.38: Huh? Shan Shan does not have time to understand his meaning when he suddenly turns to pick her up. The next second she is sitting on him, staring at him foolishly as he licks and bites on her fingers and darkly returns her gaze: “What does Shan Shan plan to beat me with? This?”

—— I am the dividing line for a worker on night shift —–

——I am the dividing line for a worker who is oppressed the whole night by a capitalist to work the night shift —-

3.49: A night filled with many fights, not to mention being forced to be the main hitter. The next day, Shan Shan who is filled with embarrassment and outrage changes her online nickname – Big Boss Is A Bully! Unfortunately, a few days later, Big Boss sees the nickname again.

Big Boss indeed lives up to his talented but perverted nature as he immediately understands the “hidden meaning” of the nickname. Then, he smiles and says: “Shan Shan actually likes me to take the initiative.”

Like him to take the initiative?

How can he, he, he come up with that conclusion ah!

Bully …… Initiative ……

Bully …… Initiative ……

After that, Shan Shan keeps on trying to find the relationship between those two words. At the same time, she is repeatedly initiated upon!!!

4.02: Thereafter, Shan Shan continues to change her online nickname. To express her anger, the nickname is changed to – “Big Boss Is Not Human!”

Because of the previous “Big Boss Is A Bully” nickname, when this new one appears, Shuang Yi’s imagination immediately goes wild: “Wow, is he the inhuman type that can last up to seven times a night that’s seen in romantic novels?”

Shan Shan cries, as Shuang Yi has such perverted thought. This means Big Boss will be even more perverted, so maybe he will take up the challenge and test the limit of how “inhuman” he can be. Hence, it is better to change the nickname again, as she does not want to endure another  “all day and all night” exercise.

4.18: Must change, must change, definitely must change it, but change it to what?

Shan Shan thinks it over again and again. She feels safety is the most important thing so she wipes all traces of Big Boss in her nickname. The new nickname is “33 is 6,” which is not only simple and easy to remember but also special. Shan Shan silently thinks, this time Big Boss cannot find any more hidden meanings la.

On the night that she changes her nickname, Shan Shan deliberately chats with Shuang Yi in front of Boss. Big Boss sees it and as expected there is no reaction. Shan Shan is still unsure, so she asks: “My new nickname is good, right?”

4.32: Big Boss replies casually: “You’re not alluding to me anymore ah?”

Shan Shan nods: “This time, you are not being mentioned at all!”

Feng Teng grunts “ah” then turns back to his work. Shan Shan breaths out in relief. She has passed. She has passed, ha ha ha.

However, as it turns out, in the struggle against capitalists, Shan Shan still lacks experience.

The night is not over yet, so how can she pass?

Again before going to sleep, Big Boss says “We need to analyze our existence”, and he uses the whole night and exhausts Shan Shan’s body to finally understand the meaning of—–


4.58: Shan Shan ponders about her painful experiences, admits defeat and surrenders. Is it not obvious from the beginning, fighting against Big Boss is very foolish, buttering him up is the correct tactic.

Therefore, her ultimate nickname which is freshly baked is, “Big Boss Is Great”, which not only acknowledges him but also his greatness, so this time it should be all right. That night, Big Boss is indeed very satisfied. Shan Shan is also very satisfied because Boss is satisfied, but it is hard for her to accept what happens afterward……

5.09: Big Boss unexpectedly asks: “So Shan Shan, what part of me do you feel is great?”

All right, that question is normal, as long as he does not grab her hand and force it somewhere ah ah ah!!!

As a result……

Another night of joyous loving could not be avoided.

5.22: Shan Shan gasps for air and says: “I won’t change my nickname anymore.”

Feng Teng raises his eyebrows: “You really won’t change it anymore?”

His tone is quite regretful.

“I won’t change it!” Shan Shan lays on his body, weak but says so resolutely and decisively. She is now deeply aware, with Boss, changing nickname means changing a certain position ah……

5.29: “Good.” Feng Teng casually strokes her and leisurely says: “Every time you change it, I reflectively have to respond. When you changed one after another, I was also very exhausted.”

Shan Shan wants to cry, “……You didn’t need to be exhausted.”

5.41: A certain someone who is full from eating is laughing. He lightly kisses the tears in her eyes. “I’m delighted to do it.”

Huh? Shan Shan stares blankly at him. Since marriage, Big Boss’s every kisses are full of passion, but this time it is different. It is light but touches her deeper than any previous kisses…… it seems to be filled with an emotion that he never fully reveals to her…….

5.44: Seeing her silly face looking at him, Feng Teng laughs again: “Shan Shan, in the future, don’t refuse to blow dry my hair.”

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    Thanks Peanuts 😀

    • That is bcos I know you’ve been crying over your Lost You Forever so this shall cheer you up & make you blush & giggle like mad, lol.

      • just finished read it. @_@
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        Blame Peanuts for posting this dangerous chapter in office hour.

  2. Arghhhhh, cute, right? So romantic, right? ❤ I love the adorable and the sweet feelings wrapping up in this.
    The ending is so nice ^^ FT rarely shows his feelings, but whenever he does, it indeed makes my heart go thump-thump (SS's heart too :D)
    P.s: Thanks to your special Vietsub link for me ^^ This song is so cute ❤

    • Did you listen to the radio drama? Can you hear the kissing sound, lol?

      • Haha, of course. I’m quite startled for a moment ^^ Not expected that, you know *blushing*

        • Haha, I like to surprise my readers, lol. How you like the voice of this Feng Teng? Among the 3 Feng Teng, which voice you like best?

          Ya, very cute. As for romantic, I don’t really think so except when he kisses her tears away. But come on, he bullies her:( I like GM for being subtle yet can still make you blush:P Some authors write pages on this kind of thing but no love.

          • Haha, I find every moments between SS and FT very romantic. Maybe ‘cuz I know that they love each other 😀 And I know, I know, I actually like this type of subtle writing more than clear writing ar ^^ like GM and Tang Qi 😀

            I kinda like the voice of FT in the 2nd audio, but for SS’s voice. I don’t really like it 😦

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    • Wah, so fast you’ve already nearly finished raiding my blog, lol.

      Shan Shan’s links are all on tudou. I provided alternate cxt8 link for Silent Separation bcos I understand some ppl cannot access tuduo. But I notice they are now working with youtube to force us to watch ads:(

      • Hahaha, I just finished listening to the radio drama for Silent Separation. Only 24 episodes so far, right? My very first radio drama, thanks to you!

        • The one you’ve listened to is the audio book as it read most of the book. A radio drama is a summarised version. The one you listened to is average only. If you like this book, you can give the short radio drama a try. Yi Chen sounds a lot better:)

          How do you like your first audio book? If you like it, I can recommend you a few of my favs:)

  5. Ahahaha so cute! This book is cuter in english. Yay thanks lidge and peanuts!

    • Thank you for your support and Shuang Yi’s nickname translation. I think lidge misinterpreted a few parts but I just left them that way since they sound more funny except I changed her translation from FT chewing SS’s fingers to sucking, lol.

  6. Thanks peanuts , first i think that its already ending seem still continue 🙂 good then i still can read funny novel 😀 , the mv also so adorable i like it . Peanuts do you know website where we can buy all this chinese novels ?

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        • You wanna buy Shan Shan? No need lah, read my translation is enough lol. As for the comic it is not easy to buy them especially the back issues. I will translate and post them one day when I manage to get my hands on them.

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    • You mean the voice of Feng Teng is better than Yi Chen? Which Feng Teng since there are 3 different voices? The audiobook Yi Chen is not good but I like the radio drama Yi Chen:P

      This is a popular modern novel by the famous Tang Qi who is the author of 3 Lives 3 Worlds. A bit angst, a bit funny, a bit dramatic, just like a kdrama:P If you can’t listen fr cxt8, try this

      • That’s right, the voice of Yi Chen in the audio book is not very nice. That’s the only version I have heard so cannot make any comparison with other Yi Chen voices. I have read Three Lives Three Worlds and I super like it! Yes! I want to read and listen to as many novels as possible. Will have to depend on you for recommendations and links.

  8. so nice!! boss i realy bully 😀 but even so he is cute 😉

  9. Thank youu!!! I never expect the story to make me feel embarassed like this hahaha OMG even after marriage he is still a bully!! How many part are there for the epilogue after marriage?

    • A leopard will not change its spots!!! FT has always been a cute bully:P 3 more updates then really bye bye:( Haha, I like to surprise my readers:) Did you listen to the radio drama & the song? Need to begin married life with a bang, lol.

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    And the part when Feng Teng is indignant about Shan Shan’s cell phone ringtone is hilarious! He thinks he at least merits a different ringtone from Shan Shan’s male friends, but I guess not! I love it when Feng Teng is jealous.

  12. Hahaha, I didn’t get what the last line really meant until I got enlightened by Melanie’s reference to the innuendos! How could I have missed reading between the lines? The motors in my brain must have malfunctioned from “exhaustion” too after reading this highly suggestive epilogue!!!

    • Don’t be corrupted by Mel:p Read my pure interpretation, lol.

      Have you started to listen to the radio drama and twice blooming flower audio book? That book is not really good but the readers are good and it is written by tang qi so must support:)

      • I haven’t started on Twice blooming flower. I’m still stuck at repeats of Shan Shan and Silent Separation…Help! I can’t let go of them yet! Feng Teng, Yi Chen, Feng Teng, Yi Chen ……………..

      • Peanuts, your pure interpretation is boring and unimaginative. My interpretation is much better. 😀

  13. Melanie, your interpretation is rather provocative. Like Peanuts, I only thought about blowing the hair on the head, and nowhere else. Haha, we are by no means boring, we just haven’t reached your level of imagination and interpretation! I assure you that I’m not as clueless as Jin Mi about mutual cultivation!!

    • jtyy, then your cultivation level must not be as profound as mine. Just hang out with me more often; I will get you up to speed and teach you how to expand your imagination. 😛

      Speaking of Jin Mi, I just read decembi’s latest Heavy Sweetness posting. It was so hilarious and yet very romantic. I will comment on her blog as soon as I get a chance!

      • Hey Mel, stop corrupting my readers’ minds. They are only babies or at most bunnies compared to a big bad wolf like you, lol. We are not boring or unimaginative, just that we are innocent so we can only imagine pure thoughts, haha…..

        • Hehehe, wouldn’t mind being a bit more corrupted if it adds more colour to my life and imagination! After all, Melanie has offered to be the coach…..

  14. thank you for sharing this. I only discovered the show today and I stumbled upon your blog.
    I am suprised to see than Shan Shan is still even after the 33eps saying’ boss is happy and then I

    • You are welcome. I personally feel SS does stand up for herself in certain matters. But it is inevitable that Boss is the dominant one in their relationship bcos he is richer, smarter & better looking. It can never be an equal partnership but as long as they are happy and he is nice & good to her, there is nothing wrong with such a relationship. Placing her happiness on Boss’s happiness doesn’t necessary mean she has no respect for herself. Just that she loves & trusts him enough to rely on him. Well, at the end of the day this is just a fairy tale:)

  15. ..”boss is happy then I am happy”she seems to live for him and doesn’t have self reliance nor respect for herself..I mean she doesn’t stand up for herself , she is clearly living in his shadow

  16. Oh my freaking gosh Feng Teng is so perverted, i love it!! 😂😂 so sad they toned down his pervertedness in the drama hahahah

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