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Silent Separation (何以笙箫默) – Gu Man (Chapter 5)



I huff and puff to rush this out for you lucky fans:) Unfortunately, Yi Chen is still sick in the hospital so he has no energy to appear in this chapter, but next chapter will be good with plenty of interactions between Yi Chen and Mo Sheng. Although there is no sign of the current Yi Chen, the young Yi Chen will appear to give Mo Sheng a surprise first kiss, lol. Also, we learn even more of the depth of Yi Chen’s love for Mo Sheng. I like the ways Yi Mei described them, especially these lines – “He can continue to wait year after year in an almost hopeless situation, whereas I cannot. I didn’t lose to you, but I lost to him.” For your information, the cover picture is chosen by lidge out of three choices:)

Chapter 5: Reminiscence (translated by peanuts and edited by lidge)

Episode 8: or

0.31: For the next few days, Mo Sheng continuously traveled to take pictures so she did not hear anything more about the interview with Tao Yi Jing. She already spoke to Lao Bai to change jobs so she would not have anything to do with it anymore.

The shooting completed relatively smoothly that day. Thus, Mo Sheng returned to the office rather early. When she was washing her hands in the toilet, she was pulled aside by Ah Mei and several female colleagues to gossip.

“Ah Sheng, your elite men’s interviews might not go ahead.”


“Tao Yi Jing did not even get to meet her famous subject and was rejected immediately. She is made a laughing stock now. Initially, she talked with so much arrogance but is now humiliated.” Ah Mei’s tone sounded a little like she was rejoicing in other people’s misfortune.

“Yes ah, I heard she called the law firm, but it was answered by his assistant, who gave the excuse that lawyer He is sick.”

“Sick?” Initially, Mo Sheng was about to walk out, but when she heard this, she stopped walking, “Is it true?”

“It is certainly false. I saw him on a TV program yesterday.”

Such program was usually recorded in advance. So was Yi Chen really sick?

She still felt uneasy while sitting in the office. Then, she laughed at herself. Zhao Mo Sheng, in what capacity can you show concern for him now? Mo Sheng ridiculed herself over and over.

“Ah Sheng, your call!” Lao Bai transferred the call to her, “This person seems to have called twice in the morning.”

“Okay, I’ll answer it.” Mo Sheng picked up the phone: “Hello, how are you?”

“Are you Zhao Mo Sheng?” The gentle voice of a man echoed from the other end of the phone, “I am Xiang Heng.”

1.37: She met with Xiang Heng in a cafe called ‘Silent World’ which is situated in the eastern side of the city.

After briefly greeting each other, Xiang Heng said: “It is not easy to look for you, but luckily Yi Chen mentioned you work as a photographer in a magazine publisher.”

Seeing Mo Sheng looking at him with a stunned face, Xiang Heng smiled: “What kind of expression is that? Is it very strange for Yi Chen to mention you? Actually, Yi Chen did not say anything, but it was Lao Yuan, a middle-aged gossipy man. Hence, a bit of information was dug up……” For some reason, Xiang Heng became uncomfortable.

The waiter came and handed them the menu.

After ordering drinks, Xiang Heng started to talk about the main topic: “You probably feel very strange that I asked you to come out.”

Indeed, very strange. Although Mo Sheng knew this elegant and polite man in front of her, he was not a close friend. For a very long time, her impression of him was just as “Yi Chen’s roommate.” She did not even remember his name clearly. Until one day, she followed people from his dormitory to eat hot pot. It was a must to bring a partner to the gathering. In the end, only Xiang Heng came alone. There was a person who teased him by saying: “Xiang Heng, even He Yi Chen is taken, how long do you want to remain single?”

Xiang Heng sighed and said: “It is easy for you to say, but where do I find a courageous and indomitable Zhao Mo Sheng to take me?” Xiang Heng glanced at Mo Sheng and said it in jest.

Unfortunately, Yi Chen made the situation worse by saying: “If you want, then I will give her to you so my life can be more quiet.”

She was sitting beside him and felt sorry for herself. She did not even say anything, yet a disaster descended from heaven (unexpected adversity). This group of people was from the Faculty of Law, all of them infamous for their poisonous tongues.

Thereafter, she remembered Xiang Heng.

3.06: Seeing Mo Sheng a little dazed, Xiang Heng suddenly spoke: “Actually, I have always been puzzled, why you could become Yi Chen’s girlfriend during university. You should know back then, there were many girls who were prettier, smarter and more outstanding than you that also liked Yi Chen.”

Mo Sheng did not know why he suddenly mentioned about the past so she remained quiet and listened to what else he had to say.

He started to reminiscence: “At that time, one of the entertainment in our dormitory was gambling on which girl will eventually be able to get Yi Chen. One night after the lights were off,  we started to gamble noisily again. Someone bet on one of the prettiest girls in our faculty. Someone else bet on a talented girl who took part in the debate competition with He Yi Chen, and I think I bet on a girl from the Faculty of Foreign Languages.”

He smiled and recalled the frivolous days of being young: “Yi Chen always implemented a ‘three don’ts’ policy on this kind of activity, which were ‘don’t approve, don’t pay attention and don’t participate.’ He would read his books, sleep and let us make jokes and noise. However, one time, after we have put our bets, he suddenly said – ‘ I bet on Zhao Mo Sheng,'” Xiang Heng looked at her, “That was the first time I heard your name.”

That was the reason why afterwards, someone started to spread around that she was his girlfriend. Yi Chen never mentioned this.

“You can imagine how curious we were about you. Later, we were even more surprised when we met you. Yi Chen always had a steadiness and calmness beyond his age. In our impression, his girlfriend should also be mature and sensible, but you…..” Xiang Heng said implicitly, “were not what we expected.”

“Honestly speaking, in the beginning I was not optimistic about your relationship, but gradually Yi Chen was just like any normal twenty years old big boy. He often was mad because of you. He also could be so happy and would do what we asked and washed everyone’s clothes in the dormitory. Hmmm, that happened on his birthday ……”

This kind of thing happened on Yi Chen? So unbelievable.

4.34: On the day of his birthday, she searched throughout the city yet she could not find a satisfactory birthday gift to buy. As a result, she could only appear at ten something that night, looking dead tired at the downstairs of his dormitory to wish him happy birthday empty-handed.

Yi Chen asked her with a straight face: “Where did you go today? Where is my present?”

Naturally, she could not produce a present. Yi Chen fiercely glared at her for a long time and finally said in defeat: “Forget about it. Close your eyes!”

She closed her eyes. Then, he bent his head down and kissed her. It was their first kiss.

She could still remember after she opened her eyes, she foolishly asked him: “Yi Chen, today is not to celebrate my birthday.”

Mo Sheng’s hand holding the coffee cup shook a bit, and she put it back on the table.

Why did this man want to mention so many things of the past? Could he stop talking ah?

“The matter you said I need to know is this?” She interrupted him.

Xiang Heng paused, his face pale. He looked at her for a long while, slowly shook his head and said: “Zhao Mo Sheng, you are really cruel.”

Yes, ah, she can be cruel to everyone.

Xiang Heng didn‘t say anything anymore. He took out a pen and paper to write two lines then handed it to her. Mo Sheng took the paper with the name of a hospital and ward number written on it.

What’s this?

“With his working style, premature death is not surprising, not to mention the ‘unimportant’ stomach bleeding.” Xiang Heng’s voice was always mild and gentle but now turned cold, “I’ve given you the address of the hospital. Whether to go or not is your business. I do not know what happened between both of you, but Zhao Mo Sheng!” His voice was full of condemnation, “A person cannot be too selfish!”

5.55: After he finished talking, he paid the bill and left. Mo Sheng sat there, shocked by this piece of news. She tightly squashed the piece of paper in her hand into a ball. Although her fingernails were not long, it was still quite painful when they pierced into the flesh, but she was not aware. Stomach bleeding, hospital, Yi Chen …… because of her ah? Indeed, because of her?

The coffee was already cold. Mo Sheng pushed open the door of the cafe, and she did not know when it started to rain outside. How could it rain at this time lah? In particular, it was a heavy downpour.

Surprisingly, she managed to flag down a taxi easily. The driver was someone too enthusiastic. After hearing where she wanted to go, he began to constantly ask questions.

“Miss, is your friend sick?”

“Miss, are you still studying or working?”

“Miss ……”

“Miss ……”

Mo Sheng replied “ah” and “oh” and looked out the taxi’s window. What the driver said fell on deaf ears since she did not pay attention. The outside scenery one by one flashed before her eyes, but she did not see anything. Surprisingly, there was no red traffic light along the way so she arrived at the hospital very quickly.  She also found Yi Chen‘s ward very easily. When she was standing in front of the door, her hands felt very heavy, she could not lift her hands to knock.

But should she leave? Her legs also felt very heavy, she could not lift her legs to move.

There was one moment, she actually thought she would stand there forever, dare not get close but also could not bear to leave. Even when the universe is flooded, the seas run dry and the stones go soft (until the end of time), she would forever stand outside his door.

But how could there be a forever? If it was meant to come, it would eventually come, no matter what a person would do to avoid it. The door was pulled open from inside, but she was not able to dodge on time so she stood facing that person.

Yi Mei.

7.37: There are people we are destined to meet, moreover the reasons are always the same, such as Yi Mei and her.

Later, Mo Sheng always wondered, how did this gentle as water and exquisite as poetry girl feel when the man she loved introduced her to others, “This is my little sister”? At that time, she was thick-skinned and introduced herself, “I am your brother’s girlfriend”. Yi Chen did not refute it so how painful it must have been for her.

She saw her and actually smiled gently at her. How much unknown sorrow and grief behind that smile?

Hey! Yi Mei, Yi Mei, long time no see.

“Mo Sheng, finally meeting you again.”

Yes ah, finally.

“Are you here to visit Yi Chen ah?” Yi Mei asked, “He just fell asleep. If you have time, can you accompany me to his house? I want to help him get some daily necessities.”

Mo Sheng hesitated for a moment, then nodded her head: “Okay.”

“He …… is alright?”

“Yes. The doctor said all will be well, as long as there is plenty of rest and to pay attention to his diet.”

“That’s good.” Mo Sheng said in a low voice.

They talked about their current situations while on the way to Yi Chen’s house. Yi Mei said: “Actually, I wanted to look for you earlier, but suddenly my company sent me traveling so I have been very busy. It is not easy for me to make a trip back, but Yi Chen suddenly fell ill. Aiya, I finally experience the suffering of a career woman.”

Mo Sheng said: “I did not expect you to become a successful career woman.”

“Aren‘t you also the same? At that time, you would use your camera to simply take pictures of anything. I did not expect you to become a photographer.”

Mo Sheng started to laugh: “I still simply take pictures of anything now.”

9.05: Yi Mei also laughed: “If your boss heard what you said, she will be angry …… We have arrived, it is right here.” She stopped walking and took out the keys to open the door. Mo Sheng also stopped for a moment and followed her inside.

Yi Chen’s home was located on the 12th floor of a premium residential area in the western side of the city. The house was very big but looked very empty. There were no unnecessary things but only a few open magazines on the coffee table, which made it look like someone was staying here.

“In recent years, everyone is busy so we only occasionally get together.” Yi Mei talked while packing his things. When she opened the refrigerator, she helplessly shook her head, “There is really nothing inside. He is probably the most incapable person to take care of himself in the world. The last time I came, I actually saw him eating instant noodles. That was the last straw so I dragged him to the supermarket, but I did not expect to meet you there.”

Yi Chen had always been like this. How would Mo Sheng not know lah? He always had something even more important to do than eating. The only way to deal with this type of people would be: “You don’t eat, I also won’t eat.”

“Oh, yes.” Yi Mei suddenly said, “I’m getting married soon, do you know? The groom is my supervisor, the story is like Cinderella.”

Mo Sheng was stunned and stared at her: “You are getting married?”

“Yes, I am getting married.” She smiled, nodded her head and lamented, “In the past, I was ignorant to say those words to you. Afterwards, I only found out there are some things we cannot fight for. Regarding Yi Chen, I‘ve long given up hope.”


10.23: “Probably because I cannot wait as long as him. He can continue to wait year after year in an almost hopeless situation, whereas I cannot.” Yi Mei was silent for a moment then said, “About three or four years ago, when Yi Chen won a big case, I went to celebrate with a few of his colleagues. He was drunk so I sent him back. When I helped him to clean after he vomited, he suddenly hugged me and kept asking, ‘Why won’t you come back? I am prepared to abandon everything, why do you still refuse to come back?'”

Yi Mei paused with a bitter smile: “If those words were not enough to let me give up hope…… you come with me.”

She took Mo Sheng into the study room, simply picked out a book, turned to a certain page and handed it to her: “This is something I’ve stumbled upon, not only in this book ……”

Mo Sheng stared at the poem written messily on the page of a book. From the illegible handwriting, it was possible to imagine that the mood of the person at the time of writing must be very irritable and dejected.

After the book was closed, she no longer paid attention to what Yi Mei was still saying.

In her mind, the melodious and laughing voice of a young girl seemed to travel from a distant time and space. “He Yi Chen, you still do not know my name! I am called Zhao Mo Sheng. Mo means silent and Sheng is a type of musical instrument (free reed mouth organ, with wooden pipes stuck into a gourd). My name even has an origin. It comes from Xu Zhimo’s poem …… ”

Quietness is my farewell music, for Cambridge tonight is silent!

11.46: “When we were young, Yi Chen’s mother often carried me and said it would be good if she had a daughter while my mum beside her would say do you want to exchange the two kids. From young, Yi Chen had always been smart and sensible. My mother probably likes him more than me.” On the way back to the hospital, Yi Mei talked about past events, “Until now, I can still remember how auntie looked like, unfortunately ……”

“…… How did his parents die?”

Yi Mei shook her head and said: “I don’t really know since I was only nine years old at that time. I think it was an accident, uncle slipped and fell from the fourth floor. Auntie’s health was always poor so due to excessive grieving, she also passed away not long later.” Yi Mei seemed to have thought of something, paused for a while then said, “I heard my mum unintentionally mentioning it once that after auntie’s death, it was found she did not take the medicine in the drawer that she needed to take. Hence, it can also be considered suicide.”

“Suicide?!” Mo Sheng was astonished. At that time, Yi Chen was only ten years old so how could she have had the heart to do it!?

12.30: Yi Mei nodded her head:. “Auntie probably loved uncle very much.” She seemed to be thinking and continued to talk, “Actually, Yi Chen is very similar to auntie ……”

While talking, they reached the hospital. They met the nurse, who knew Yi Mei, at the hallway and she kindly said to her: “Your boyfriend just changed his IV and is sleeping again.”

Yi Mei thanked her and explained smilingly: “He is my brother.”

When they were at the door, Yi Mei suddenly gave everything in her hands to Mo Sheng: “You take them in so I won’t go in la.”

There were not many things, yet Mo Sheng felt these things in her hands were too heavy for her to hold.

“Mo Sheng.” Yi Mei said, “I did not lose to you, but I lost to him.”

Mo Sheng saw her gradually walking away, but she was unable to say anything to make her stay.

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      • Peanuts, I absolutely agree with you. Mo Sheng was not cruel, she was just young and feeling insecured. Everybody said she was not exceptional in looks or talents, and they could not understand why Yi Chen accepted and liked her instead of other girls. Although Yi Chen loved her, he did not give her the assurance she badly needed. That’s why she chose to leave.

        Yes, Yi Mei is too typical of most people in life, where the trend is to fall in and out of love, and where girls kisses several frogs before discovering Prince Charming. Although it is a healthy outlook to love and let go and move on, it also means that this love is not deep enough or the realization that the person is not actually her ideal match.

        Too love so deeply is not emotional stagnation. It may seem unrealistic for a steadfast character like Yi Chen to exist, but I do believe there are some people who are solely a one-man woman or a one-woman man like him. It’s “either her or him” people, no compromise. No one else will do for me – that sort of principle. Rare but not impossible in real life. That’s why we love to read novels! Because we can more often find the idealistic person of our dreams inside there, the type that many of us will probably never get to meet in our entire lifetime. For those who managed to do so, congratulations! “If in this world that person once appeared, everyone else will be a compromise! But I do not want to compromise.”……..I shall remember this lovely phrase. Thanks for highlighting it!

        • When I first listened to this book, I didn’t think it deserves to be so highly rated. Yi Chen lacks humour and is one boring & angry man. But that evil lidge made me translate this book & slowly like this book better day after day:(

          Most ppl want to find in books what they sadly lack in real life. Yet, there are also ppl who want some realism in their books. I won’t say Yi Chen doesn’t exist in reality bcos I’ve read some touching articles on real life devoted men but finding him is like finding a needle in a haystack. Hence, we’ve to resort to novels to satisfy ourselves. Same with watching movies.

          Ideally, nobody wants to compromise but reality is a different story as how many ppl can be as lucky as Mo Sheng? Hence the book does offer you another option like Yi Mei. Actually, sometime compromise is the way to go & you still can find happiness. There is no right or wrong answer/way. It all depends on the situation and your personality.

      • The more I read your comments, the greater the feeling that we think alike regarding idealism and reality ……… erm, except for that bit where you think I’m weird, lol. We find escapism in novels and movies to make up for what we lack in real life. Whether we choose to compromise or not depends on the situation and our individual personality.

        I checked out your comments in the Journey from Tonight is White and don’t think I want to read it. I have a strong dislike for characters who are frivolous and wishy-washy, who move back and forth or onto some other person when things get tough. No depth, no devotion. That is NOT love. Very common, very realistic in real life, happens to many people, this type of story is definitely not for me.

        And Lidge is not evil! She’s an angel! If she didn’t make you translate this book, we would have missed the joy of reading this book!

        • Haha, tell you one more thing we’ve in common, both of us are from Msia, lol.

          I’ve feeling those who love Silent will not like Journey bcos Journey is a more realistic version. Actually the guy is not wishy-washy as he likes the female lead all along but bcos she left, life goes on so find himself a gf. The female lead is indeed wishy-washy as although you left for a valid reason but the way that she comes back then leave again bcos of disapproval fr the guy’s grandpa is infuriating. After you read this book you’ll appreciate Silent even more, lol.

          Let me once again secretly reveal this:P Lidge is supposed to translate the next half of the book but with her obsession with Kdrama, you won’t get any update probably until next year. Hence, I probably have to translate the whole book. lidge may like Yi Chen more than me but when it comes to devotion and dedication, my one matches Yi Chen better:P

        • I think being wishy washy is not a matter of whether you love someone or not, but more about the fact that your heart is being pulled in multiple directions or when your love conflicts with your desire. It is possible to love more than one person romantically. The reason why I have a hard time with Yi Chen is that I have a hard time imagining someone like this in modern time and age. When I say emotionally stagnant, I just think it is odd that Yi Chen doesn’t even try to move on or consider it a possibility for him to move on. This also stems from his stubborn personality. He insists that besides Mo Cheng no other woman is worth it. It is very romantic and all, but what if he is your friend? If Yi Chen was my friend, I would have told him to move on.

          Of course, this is fiction and this is part fantasy. It comes down to preference on how much realism you want in your books. For me, I don’t want realistic tragedies. I prefer my romance with a couple hints of something bad. LOL. I also think part of it is that Yi Chen just sound so freaking perfect. it kinds of reminds me of Liu Fu Ling in Yun Zhong Ge, except I bought Liu Fu Ling’s devotion and character, I am on the fence about Yi Chen.

          Thanks for translating Peanuts. I am still super excited to continue reading this. I actually really like how the story unfolds with flashbacks as you go. It makes the journey fill with a kind of sad poignancy. I think this story will be a great translation into a drama. Crosses fingers for good casting.

          • I believe wishy washy is one’s character trait. In modern times, some ppl do love only once but this is rare as we’ve many more choices now. The book said Yi Chen didn’t move on believe of his devotion & dedication to Mo Sheng but I interpret that to bcos of his character. He is so outstanding so he probably has never experienced failure b4. After his first love r/s failed, he just froze his heart and poured all his energy into his work. It is pretty normal for guys of his age to concentrate on their career and marry later as they don’t have a biological clock ticking. He is only abt 25 or 26 years old, still quite young so he can afford to wait for Mo Sheng. Who knows by 30 yrs old, he may have moved on as it should be pretty easy for him to find a partner? Also, he may not have the chance to meet someone who can attract him even though he is outstanding and is surrounded by many outstanding girls.

            In contrast, I find it easier to buy Yi Chen’s devotion compared to Liu Fu Ling. Liu Fu Ling is a king who can get any woman in the kingdom and he needs to have a heir. If he didn’t meet Yue Ge soon, he may have moved on. Although he didn’t love his queen, he still married her. I am not sure if you’ve finished reading Silent Separation, hence your assessment of Yi Chen may be incomplete. At the end of the day, diff ppl has diff interpretation/taste so to each its own.

            Thank you for your support. The plot for the drama should be okay since Gu Man will write it. But, I am not too sure abt the casting as this is also a matter of choice/taste. They may not have the budget to get the actor most fans want or that actor may not accept that role. I read somewhere Vic Zhou may be Yi Chen but to me, he is weak like a tofu, lol.

  9. Hey thank you very much for this wonderful chapter…I actually have a request that’s is there any way to translate these c- novels to English. I have already tried google translator. Does not work that much efficiently. Thanks.
    P.s. Desperately looking forward to chapter 6.

    • You are welcome. So far, no software can translate accurately from Chinese to English and I guess this applies to all the languages. At best, they can only provide you with the skeleton and you need to flesh it out yourself. For those who can understand Mandarin but can’t read Chinese, you can get google or some other software to read to you.

      • K…that means there’s absolutely no option other than to learn mandarin which I m afraid to say is a task I can ever accomplish. Btw thanx fr d reply..:)

  10. At first I didn’t like Yi Mei. I thought she was really mean towards the naive Mo Sheng who used to treat her as a good friend. But then I came to understand that she is not the reason why the relationship between Mo Sheng and Yi Chen failed. Mo Sheng didn’t have faith in their love. Despite all her sunny behavior around Yi Chen she is very insecure. And though Yi Chen did love her but he didn’t show his affection for her clearly enough. At least not enough to clear out her insecurity.

    • Yup yup, this is the realistic part of the book. Normally girls are insecured & need plenty of assurance whereas guys are rather vague & wishy-washy. A guy waiting for a girl for 7 yrs is a bit hard to shallow in reality but Yi Chen is written like a superman so abnormal so I believe the story, lol.

      • Well I can understand Mo Sheng’s insecurity. Yi Chen too perfect to be true and he is superior to her in every way. He has plenty of choices. She is the one chasing after him and it looks like he simply gives in to her doggedness. Everyone thought so, even Mo Sheng herself.

  11. thank you so much i am so happy to know ur site thru hamster ….. thru koala i became so crazy bout chinese novel tht i keep on searchin sites tht were translating them in english ….. u guys r so amazing …. can’t wait for another chapter ….. thank you so much.

  12. u’ll continue to translate this silent separation rite? how many chapters r there? thanks for the site i’ll check tht rite away 🙂

  13. Lidge, I’m glad you think that I have great taste in men too! Don’t worry, I won’t fight with you over Yi Chen. I shall just admire and drool over him from a distance!

    Peanuts, now you think Lidge is normal while I’m weird? You wound my heart! Ahah, you are being possessive over Feng Teng. Too bad, he belongs to Shan Shan 😛

    Yes, I have listened to Shan Shan and Silent Separation’s radio dramas. Will start on Tang 7’s audio book soon. It’s not a sad story, right?

    • Tell you a big secret, the most abnormal one is me, lol. This is because I’ve listened to Shan Shan radio dramas 8 times and counting, lol. Don’t you think they are funny & nice? Whenever I hear them, I feel happy & can sleep well, haha….

      You should be used to Tang 7’s style by now. She loves to torture us with some angst b4 giving us a happy ending. Everyone has different taste so you may or may not like that audio book. The story is at best average which Tang 7 also agreed as she has revised the book. But it is still Tang 7’s work. Also, the readers are pretty good so they should keep you entertained.

      • Hahahah, it’s not only a big secret, it’s a big, OPEN secret now that you’ve confessed to be the most abnormal one 😀 My count for Shan Shan is only 3, yours is 8. You win!

        Actually, I haven’t paid attention to the authors of the translated books or stories that I have read, so I don’t know which are Tang 7’s novels. Anyway, I shall be jumping into Twice Blooming Flower soon.

  14. What I’m most curious is what lead them to separate and what misunderstanding was cause between them? I like devoted men so this novel is in my wagon.

    • Huh? You need to re-read earlier chapters as it has been revealed why Mo Sheng left Yi Chen to go to US. She is young, insecured and thought Yi Chen liked Yi Mei. Yi Chen didn’t explain himself & was harsh to her bcos he had just met Mo Sheng’s dad.

  15. Huh, we are fellow citizens, Peanuts? The country that is now in the international limelight ……sigh, where on earth is that missing airplane? ……is there another Bermuda triangle?

    Yes, those who favour devotion will probably not like the characters in Journey. To me, it’s even more awful for a person who loves A so strongly to use B as a substitute when A is absent for whatever reason. It’s so unfair to B if he drops her when A returns. A 3rd party gets drawn into their emotional mess and gets hurt.

    Didn’t know that Lidge was supposed to translate the second half of Silent. So kind of you to continue on her behalf. Otherwise, if the book is not completed, I shall also join the other readers to cry my heart. The audio book has 24 chapters, so it’s not complete, right? Or I must missed something …. my understanding of aural Mandarin can reach only 70% to 80% at maximum but listening beats reading the translated text which is even more confusing.

    • Technically we are but I don’t live in Msia:)

      In reality, there are many Bs in the world which is why I don’t like to read novels with B or C. I prefer a one to one novel so I don’t need to feel bad or pity B or C but sometimes it can be pretty boring, haha….

      If I force her, she’ll do her part but she’ll take forever so the kind me let her indulge in her fantasy lol. The audio book is considered complete, just without the epilogues. I think I may have a guest translator for the epilogues. Haha, my understanding of oral Mandarin is also poor. You may find it difficult to understand ancient novels especially hard to remember their Chinese names/sects:( Actually listening to google translation is easier as you’ve google translated English at the side to help you out and the robot will speak slower but it is so monotone.

      • I must go back and listen to the audio book again. Don’t remember how the story ended, so I thought it was incomplete. Aha, I finally managed to listen to google reading in Mandarin and read the text in translated English by the side. As you have said, the single reader is a bit monotonous so the story telling is a bit bland – no excitement. But it’s way better than just reading the text that has been translated into crappy English.

        • Indeed the ending is rather abrupt bcos the audio book didn’t include the epilogues. Huh, what book have you been reading? For those novels with good audio books, don’t use google.

  16. Thank you so much for the translation, please continue with the great work! really looking forward to chap 6! 😀

    • Thank you for your support. I am translating chapter 6 now:)

      • Hi peanuts,

        Lastnite i actually read the remaining 7 chapters in Vietnamese lolz (or should i say i “tried to read” hah- am Vietnamese but my reading is quite limited). I more or less get a general pic of what’s going on but not in detail so i definitely wait for your update! 🙂

        • Wah, cheating ah, lol….Haha, actually the plot is nothing special & not much surprise or twist & turn. It is the way Gu Man wrote the novel which make it such a classic, the words & sentences she used to make the book so much more poignant and alive. This is part of the reason, why I need such along time to translate this book as I want to try my best to capture each word, sentence & emotion in my translation & minimise losing anything in translation.

  17. So far, I have only listened to Silent and Shan Shan. Discovered how to use the google reading only yesterday. Will take your advice not to google for those novels with good audiobooks. It’s tedious anyway so I shall use it only for those without audio books. Right now, I’m still trying to figure out how to use ximalaya to retrieve the audiobooks. Somehow, they are all a bit different for I-phone, I-pad and Samsung, so I have to push buttons by trial and error unless I have someone else to read the Chinese instructions to me.

  18. Gorsh, what a pleasant surprise this book has been so far. Great translations! Only great translations can get your heart to squeeze at certain painful scenes; like the picture in Yi Chen’s wallet? Gah!

    I tend to stay away from modern c-books as I had a false impression that people in the modern world move on way too quickly and therefore the stories lack emotional impact. Love how YC & MS stayed loyal to their memories. In real life this would seem unhealthy but in novels it’s utterly romantic.

    Thanks for choosing this project. Love your site – came here for Hua Xu Yin &3L3W and discovered other great novels on the way. Awesome!!

    • Thank you for your vote of confidence. I am glad you are able to feel for the emotional scenes as I am pretty stressed out abt stuff being lost in my translation. This is such a classic book in the Chinese novel world so it is very difficult for my translation to live up to. Moreover, I can’t even read Chinese & has to rely on google translate & pinyin. There are also words & sentences which I don’t even understand after consulting the dictionary, so I’ve to ask my editor who only can read Viet to check the Viet translation which may not be similar to the original Chinese novel. Hence, the process is really long and laborious but bcos of our love for this novel, we persevere. Thank you for the continued support of everyone to keep us going.

  19. Peanuts, when are u resuming the translation for Silent Separation? I have read the book twice but still want to read your English version. Please continue the work and make our day. I just finished FWSC “海上繁花“, quite a good book but not satisfied with the ending though the 翻外 has a happier ending.

    • Aiya, original Chinese version is the best. Since you have read it twice, you can wait. You should know next chapter is very emotional so I need to dig my dictionary to find the right words to capture the atmosphere. Patient dear:p

      Wah, you dare to read step-mother FWSC’s books, peanuts running away lol.

  20. Hee, some of FWSC’s books are quite good though sad ending..I find Tang 7 books difficult to read, luckily for me, you are taking the project. 谢谢!

  21. “In the past, I was ignorant to say those words to you. Afterwards, I only found out there are some things we cannot fight for. Regarding Yi Chen, I‘ve long given up hope.”

    at first i don’t understand YiMei reaction when they first met (in chap1)
    why she was like that when she said some harsh things to MoSheng before.. now i get it.. this was it. surprising, she did not say ‘sorry’.

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  24. I don’t understand why they think that she owes him anything? Yeah she left him and went but obviously what she experienced was too much for her to handle. I do think she overreacted but if you think about it she probably wanted to stay but was convinced that going abroad was the best thing to do by her father since he arranged everything beforehand. Also the fact that this guy seemingly barely said anything nice to her must have killed her confidence. I mean how can you still think that you matter to someone when they don’t indicate it at all?

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