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Come & Eat, Shan Shan (杉杉来吃) – Interesting Tidbits on Life After Marriage (Part 2)



After the surprise and excitement in Part 1, this part is pale in comparison so you can read it with ease, lol. Yet, it is still very cute and sweet. What does Shan Shan love to do? How did Shan Shan and Feng Teng’s relationship develop? Of course, eat. Hence, the first tidbit is on Shan Shan’s chocolate house and the second one is on Chinese bayberries. I’ve never eaten Chinese bayberry before but according to my friend from China, it is sweet and delicious.

Interesting Tidbits on Life After Marriage – Part 2 (translated by lidge and edited by peanuts)

Shan Shan’s Chocolate House

When it comes to housing, Shan Shan wants a house made out of chocolate ever since she had been a little girl.

Chocolate chimney, chocolate walls, chocolate windows, chocolate bed, it would be best if even the blanket is also made out of chocolate. If she is awaken at night because of hunger, she can eat it. Then, the chocolate eaten would automatically be restored the next day.

A bit older, in intermediate school, Shan Shan watched idol dramas. Then she adjusted her dream accordingly. The house must be big, very big, very big. The house must be far away, at least 1,800 miles from the school. It would be best if before the front door there is a driveway overshadowed with trees that extends endlessly. It would take 30 minutes to travel and still not reach the end of the driveway. Because of this, she would have an excuse to be late to school.

In college, Shan Shan lived in a dormitory. Every time there was an inspection, Shan Shan had to clean until near dying. Her waist hurt her back hurt, and it was a room no bigger than a pigeon’s cage! If bigger ……

Thus, Shan Shan stopped dreaming about a big house without regrets.

= =

Forgive her!

For a proletariat like Shan Shan, the term “housemaid” certainly never appears in her head.

After graduation and moving to S City to work, each inch of land is like gold. Shan Shan rented a shabby apartment but still felt it was too expensive, so regularly she lamented silently: Why can’t I just rent a bed?


Sometimes, when she borrowed magazines from colleagues, Shan Shan grew dizzy at seeing apartment complexes built in the style of luxurious hotels. Large windows from floor stretching all the way to ceiling, warm carpets, lovely beds and pillows …… The most important thing is that hot water would always be available 24/7, so there is no need to do anything. After work she can go home and plops on the bed like a zombie.

For more expensive areas, all that is needed would be to ring a bell and delicious food will be delivered for free ……

Shan Shan daydreamed for a while, then she looked at the price – each square inch cost 5 digits ……


Who could have guessed, all the dreams would come true.

The only disadvantage, is that in each house there is a demonic Big Boss.

Of course, all the big and little houses are “wedding gifts” from Boss, but the chocolate house is possible because of Miss Feng.

One time, Miss Feng unexpectedly discovered her sister-in-law wanted a chocolate house since she was a little girl and continually commended that it is romantic.  Hence, on Shan Shan’s birthday, she waves her hand once and calls a chef who is a chocolate expert from a top hotel to make a chocolate house taller than 1 meter to put in the Feng’s living room.

The chocolate house, that Miss Feng called on people to help her make is the best of the best. It is definitely different from the typical ones that are sold in the supermarkets. This chocolate house not only has a chimney, it also has fences, beds, blankets and there are also a white chocolate Shan Shan and a dark chocolate Boss.

Although the house is small so it cannot be lived in, but her wish has come true. Shan Shan is very touched, but because of this Miss Feng has quietly angered her brother – as if knowing something and not telling him is not bad enough, she dares to steal his thunder in doing something so special for Shan Shan.

The consequence of Boss being unhappy is, Feng Yue and her husband barely finish eating before being told to go home. After that, Shan Shan does not have time to touch her chocolate house.

After her birthday, Shan Shan begins to eat the chocolate house.

Firstly, is eating the superfluous Big Boss.

After that is eating the blankets.

Then break apart the fences.

On day N ……

Because too much force is used when breaking the chimney, the house collapses …… In the end, the Feng’s cook melts the entire house, creating all types of desserts.

Just like that, the chocolate house and chocolate Boss are eaten by Shan Shan into her tummy, becoming a part of her forever, never disappearing.

The Chinese Bayberries Diary

Shan Shan’s favorite fruits are available in spring and summer. In March and April there are strawberries, then followed by bayberries. She likes to eat strawberries, deliciously red, fragrant and full of juice. However, eating bayberries is because of paranoia.

At that time, Shan Shan was in high school. That year the bayberry season arrived early. Shan Shan was biking home from school and saw bayberry stalls along the road, saliva drooling. At home when she asked her mom to buy them, her mom said: “It’s early in the season so too expensive, let’s wait a few more days to buy.”

Shan Shan is a good child who understands her family’s finance. Over ten yuans for a pound of bayberries is a luxury so she did not insist on eating them and obediently waited for the price to drop.

Doing well in high school was the important thing, so Shan Shan did not take this matter to heart. After some time has passed, she suddenly remembered and asked her mom: “Where are the bayberries? When are we buying them?”

Her mom answered: “There are no more bayberries. The season is over.”

From then on, Shan Shan is stubborn about bayberries.

Although not her favourite, she always buys some when she sees them. Even in college when there was not much money to spend, but if there were bayberries, she would buy even if it cost more than ten yuans a pound. After marrying Boss, it had been a surprise to know that there is a bayberry tree in the family’s backyard.

The tree is probably a few years old. The housekeeper says each year the tree yields a few hundred pounds of fruit, all the bayberries are big and juicy. The Feng family cannot eat everything so some are made into wine while others are boxed up and given out as gifts.

From the time the bayberries can be picked, Shan Shan continues to eat until the end of June, not skipping a single day, eating emotionlessly. On the other hand, Feng Teng feels his teeth ache as he watches. At night when kissing her, the mouth is filled with the sweet taste of bayberries.

“Don’t you feel soreness in your teeth?”

“No.” Lying on his body, Shan Shan explains about her stubbornness and concludes, “It’s true that the best thing is something we can’t have. Was I too easy when I agreed to marry you?”

Feng Teng’s closed eyes snap open and he scowls at her: “From the time I was little to now, I always have the best of everything.”

26 thoughts on “Come & Eat, Shan Shan (杉杉来吃) – Interesting Tidbits on Life After Marriage (Part 2)

  1. Thank you, looking forward to your translation of Silent Separation next….hee

  2. Hahaha omg I love the chocolate house. A white chocolate Shan Shan, a dark chocolate Feng Teng.

    Thanks for the great translations as always 🙂

  3. And she eat the dark choc first, If he had seeing…Wouldn’t it be just like her nickname in forums? Haha.

    Thanks for the translations. ^-^

  4. I don’t really like chocolate so when i imagine chocolate house i’m feeling full ><
    aww, their life after marriage is so sweeeet.
    by the way how many chapter left Peanuts?

  5. Hahaha, Feng Teng was offended because his sister stole his thunder, so she and her husband had barely finished eating before they were told to go home. I also like that part about Shan Shan’s obsession with bayberries (google says this is “yang mei” but I still don’t really know what fruit this is from the pictures) which makes Feng Teng feel his teeth ache as he watches her eat. And she has the cheek to ask him whether she was too easy when she agreed to marry him. This chapter is still cute although not as “exciting” as the previous one. Thanks, Peanuts!

    • This chapter is only not as “exciting” as the previous one because I have not penned down my interpretation of it. 😀

      I also googled bayberries and stared at its image. I’m not familiar with the fruit, but it looks very pretty. Has anyone tasted it before?

      I am curious if Shan Shan has continued to work at Feng Teng’s company after marriage and if she still goes upstairs to the executive offices during lunchtime to pick vegetables for him.

      • How you gonna interpret it in a way that can ‘blow’ us away, lol?

        Aiyaya, I’ve already provided the wikipedia link, why you still need to google:(? I doubt anyone has tasted bayberry unless you live in China or Japan or were in those countries during the flowering season.

        I can tell you Shan Shan is still working in Feng Teng but as for whether she is still picking vege for him then you’ve to use your vivid imagaination:P

    • You are welcome. Next part will be slightly more exciting:P I need to mix & match a bit or else later you can’t ‘tahan’ lol.

  6. Why? Why is Shan Shan so cute even though with her silliest thought? O(≧∇≦)O A house which is far from school to have an excuse to be late is cute enough, she even wants to rent a bed only?

    “Just like that, the chocolate house and chocolate Boss are eaten by Shan Shan into her tummy, becoming a part of her forever, never disappearing.” ~~~> Do you think that this sentence has any deep meaning behind? (¬‿¬)

    I just love how GM naturally mentions about FT and SS’s love in any scene she writes ^^ Just like SS received the chocolate house from FY and then GM adds that FT’s mad at FY about it. I just giggle like a fangirl while reading this O(≧∇≦)O

    “From the time the bayberries can be picked, Shan Shan continues to eat until the end of June, not skipping a single day, eating emotionlessly.” ~> Just wonder, are you sure that this all right using “eating emotionlessly” here? Actually, I found it a bit weird when reading this, then I checked the Viet version which is publish officially and realize why. Maybe it’s ‘cuz of the use of words. Shan Shan eats bayberries every single day, but she has no problems with it (not emotionlessly, it means that her teeth doesn’t get numb or something from eating too much sour fruit), but FT just watches her eating them and then feelings his teeth aches. I think you should combine these two sentence to make the meaning more clearer. (@^▽^@)

    P.s: I want to eat bayberries 😦 They looks so delicious. But my country doesnt have them 😦

    • Yah, that sentence means FT and his house will stay with SS forever becoming a part of SS, lol.

      Ok, Big Boss, I’ve edited the sentence. Are you satisfied now? I think lidge is not very happy with you, lol.

      Not many ppl have eaten bayberries b4. I’ll try to eat them one day, haha…I think the fruits grow on where GM is living.

      • At first when I read that sentence I immediately had a thought of their children, lol. SS eat “chocolate Boss” into her tummy and becoming a part of her, forever. Very suggestive, right?

        Hey, you are making me feel guilty. *sniffing* I just thought that it’s a bit weird, maybe it’s only me ‘cuz I’ve read a clearer version, that is why… If no one misunderstands it, you don’t have to change though @.@

        • Huh? Not really, unless you’ve a corrupted mind, lol. It must be Mel that big bad wolf who has been corrupting innocent you:P

          Anyway, I’ve changed already. I was just kidding with you. We welcome feedback of any error in translations as we are not professional. Lidge dares not be angry with you bcos I am her Big Boss, lol.

        • Hey, I’m back from my driving license test ^O^ Miss me or not?

          I know that it’s kinda weird thinking like that, ‘cuz I know clearly that their children are twin and it takes a lot of SS’s effort to make FT agree to have children 😛 But I can’t just help the thought -_- And lots of Viet fans thinking like though, I don’t know why.

          • Did you pass? Yah miss you like crazy lol.

            Hey, you are writing spoiler, don’t always jump the gun, lol.

          • Yeah, I passed ^^

            Really? Maybe I’ll put my comment in the spoiler tag from now on :”>

            However, I think that this is your last translation of SS? @.@ Don’t misunderstand it, I never want it to end, but because you said that you feel sad that there are just a few more side chapters that I always have a feeling that every new post of SS is the last one *sob sob*

  7. Peanuts, this is off topic, but I have been very curious about one of the banners used on this site. There is a banner showing a girl dressed in ancient period clothing lying in a pool of blood on the ground. Rain is pouring down and someone holding an umbrella is reaching his hand (I am assuming the hand belongs to a man) out toward her face. Which novel is this?

    • Oh, Mel, you’ ve such sharp eyes. Nothing in my blog can be kept a secret from you, lol. The answer to your question will be revealed soon !!! So be patient and check back often, lol.

  8. Peanut can u tell me when the next chapter will be translate ?

  9. Lol. But then Boss met the Grand Master Xiao Nai and lost haha.😂😂😂

  10. Thank you for the chapter~

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