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Wipe Clean After Eating (吃干抹净): Chapter 4



Okay, the cat is out of the bag. The title of the book I’ve been translating is called Wipe Clean After Eating (chi gan mo jing). This phrase also means after taking advantage of someone or a situation, you wipe your hands clean of them and do not bear your responsibility. Hence, don’t simply use this phase in Chinese:) Later, I’ll show you in the story how the phrase can be used, lol. Since you know the name of the novel now, for those who can understand Chinese, I strongly encourage you to read or listen to it in Mandarin. In addition, I’ve included a picture of Lu Jun. It is not from the novel but how I imagine him to look like. What do you think?

Chapter 4: Bullying

Because I spent the whole morning memorizing and reciting French, this resulted in the piling up of my daily work for today. I spent the whole afternoon looking grim and resentful, typing away in front of my computer until my two paws are sore and tired. Finally, I manage to get my work done before I am finished for the day.

After I tidy up the documents on my desk, with a heavy heart, I carry the three heavy bags of apples, ready to go home. My first day at work is already such a failure. A truly bad beginning ah!

At this time, the office door is opened and a man wearing a tailor-made shirt and an expensive tie walks out. This man who appears to have extraordinary temperament and high-end good taste is my scoundrel boss, Lu Jun! He has a gilded exterior but shabby and ruined on the inside!

Seeing the painful expression on my face, on the contrary his expression and tone are very lively: “Xiao Ye, have you finished all your work for today?”

“General manager, can’t you see?” Thinking about my heavy losses this morning, my tone of voice becomes impolite.

Surprisingly, Lu Jun does not mind my attitude and glances at the bags in my hand. Suddenly, he casually blurts out: “They seem to look very heavy ah?”

Seeing that his clear and bright eyes seem to be showing some concerned for me, my tone becomes a little bit better: “If I say they are very heavy, will you help me to carry them?”

As expected, he firmly shakes his head: “No!”

My resentment immediately deepens and  I snappily say: “Then please stand aside. I definitely don’t want to see you. I am sure you should be able to understand how I am feeling now.”

He nods his head in understanding, then very gentlemanly stands aside.

Humph! …… at least you are tactful! I glare at him and angrily carry the apples and walk away.

“Aiya ……” The sound of sighing comes from behind. Then, he slowly says: “I am very free now with nothing to do.”

So, you are very proud of your idleness? While walking, I continue to feel indignant.

“Today’s weather is very good, so I plan to drive around.”

Having a car also needs to show off!? I harbor a deep contempt and continue to stride forward.

“Seeing that you are carrying so many things, initially I wanted to give you a lift ……”

Humph! Who wants a ride in your car! I inwardly curse him, but at this moment I suddenly think of a very serious problem. This morning when I was in the bus, the condition was so miserable that it almost flattened a fatty. Hence, when I get off the bus and arrive home, will the three bags of apples turn into three bags of apple juice, ah! (You think too much = =)

When I am carrying so many things, it is very inconvenient to take the bus but taking a taxi will cost a small fortune. If I can get a free ride, it would be great ……

After I realized this, I put on a smiling face and brimming with enthusiasm,  I turn back with my starry eyes: “General manager, you are really a very good boss who cares for his employees.  Not only kind-hearted, but you are also very considerate. It must be because of the good deeds I’ve accumulated in my previous life that I get to work for you now, ah! I should not have scolded that you are a scoundrel in my heart just now!”

” …… ” His relaxed expression is suddenly frozen. He squints at me dangerously and asks in a deep and low tone: “Scoundrel?”

Oops, I have a big mouth! Seeing that his face gradually grows darker, I quickly bow my head in shame: “General manager, I am in the wrong …… Taking into consideration, that I ran errands for you today, please forgive me this one time la.”

After listening to me, his face’s color improves: “You are right, you really did me a big favour today.” While talking, he holds out his hand to pat my head in a condescending way. His manner of speaking is filled with smiling expressions: “Okay, let’s go. ”

I fling back my head in displeasure and anger! You treat me as your house pet ah!

Sleek and smooth curves, beautiful and stylish appearance, sparkling and dazzling panels. Aiyaya, what a beautiful car ah! Under this kind of backdrop, that tall and slender man who is wearing a well-ironed clothes and opening the door of his car,  seems even more handsome with unsurpassed charm. Immediately, I feel kind of dazzled.

The car moves forward in the street at an unhurried pace. All the side windows are opened, so when the wind blows, my face feels cool and comfortable. Light emotional music is being played in the car. Perhaps, because of such cozy environment, it reduces a lot of the resentment in my heart.

At this point, I suddenly remember a question that have puzzled me for a long time, so I cannot help but call him in a low voice: “General manager.”

Although Lu Jun is concentrating on driving, he glances sideway at me: “Yes? What is the matter?”

I shake my head: “Nothing important …… just that there is something  I don’t quite understand. Why did you hire me as your secretary ah?”

He turns the steering wheel and casually replies: “Because the previous secretary has resigned.”

” …… = =” I am speechless for a moment: “I did not mean that. What I was asking is among so many candidates, why did you hire me?”

On one hand, he is skillfully manoeuvring the steering wheel and on the other hand, he glances sideway at me and says seriously: “Because, my past few secretaries are very pretty.”

Because his previous secretaries are quite pretty, so he hired me? Immediately, my self-esteem has been greatly boasted and bursting with joy, I ask: “In that case, you hired me because you think that I am also very pretty.”

He looks deeply at me again, his tone is even more serious than before: “No! I hired you because those previous secretaries often distracted the male staff at work, but you will definitely not.”

I: “……”

At this time, I become completely silent. In order to avoid either I become extremely angry or I will go out of control and strangle him, if I can don’t talk to him, it is best I don’t talk to him! I am very depressed over here. When I raise my head, from the small mirror, I can see his handsome face is full of smiles. Hence, I am even more depressed.

At that moment, the car stops in front of a traffic light, While waiting for the light to turn green. I’m bored so I look around and see some students with the volunteer tags on them at the side of the street.  A little girl who looks like she is in junior high, seizes this opportunity to come over with her donation box.  She has a pair of rosy cheeks, looks at Lu Jun through the window and politely says: “Sir, in order to help the students in the poor mountainous areas, please donate some money.”

Lu Jun looks like he is in a good mood, so he takes out his wallet without saying anything.  He takes out a few pieces of red-coloured notes and put them into the donation box. I can’t help but swallow some saliva. Indeed, it is true that a man looks handsome when he is handling out money!

“Ah …… Thank You!” The little girl widens her eyes in surprise, quickly bows and happily returns to the other side of the street .

Then, the light changes, Lu Jun elegantly waves his hand and drives on.

I stare blankly at the perfect side face of the man who is sitting next to me. I’ve never thought he is such a caring person! More importantly, he is very generous ah!

Remembering my loss this morning, I am hopeful when I ask: “That …… general manager, please also give me a piece.”

He raises his eyebrows and looks at me strangely: “Why?”

Hence, I explain to him what happened today, how I was forced to pay for that French beauty’s cup of coffee. After I finished talking, I blink my eyes and act obsequiously toward him: “General manager, I respect that you are a caring and good boss. The loss of 99 yuan is negligible to you, but I have been suffering from midday until afternoon. To end my pain, you might as well reimburse me the expense la! ”

I sound sincere and desperate, so I do not expect him to deny me directly and say: “No way!”

I am deeply puzzled: “Why ah?”

He laughs innocently: “I find your painful look very amusing, so I do not want it to end.”

I: ” …… = =”

Big boss Lu, are you too free, too idle? To the extent that not only you torment me physically, but also want to destroy me spiritually!  Fortunately, you are merely my boss and not my husband. Otherwise, there will be no more joy in my life! (Don’t say this too early.)

As a result of my body and mind, both also have suffered a huge blow, I have become very dispirited. When I arrive home, I feel weak and without strength. Then, I see my mum is squatting by the wooden table in the living room fiddling with what looks like a broken leg.  That table has been there for some years but my mum is reluctant to change it so I am forced to continue using it.

I go into the house and change into my slippers. Desperately, wanting to to seek comfort from my loved ones, I walk over and complain with teary eyes: “Sob …… Mum, I was bullied by the boss today.”

“Really!?” After hearing this, mum quickly stands up.  Her face looks rather gloomy and surprisingly filled with excitement!

Before I can react, my mother has already grabbed my arm: “Quickly tell me, to what extent did you get bullied?”

Thus,  I tell her everything that has happened today. After my mum finished listening, she immediately loses interest  and turns back to fiddling with the table again and ignores me completely.

Why do I have such a unique mother! I am angry at being ignored, so my hand makes a fist and my eyes are all red. I shout out my grievance at the top of my voice: “Mum, am I your biological daughter, ah?”

After hearing my scream, finally my mum reacts. She stands up again, walks to my side and holds my hands tightly.

I immediately start to feel warm. Although she does not show it,  I know my dear mother cares for me very deeply!

I am full of expectations, waiting for mum to offer me a few words of comfort. Unexpectedly, mum pulls me to the side of the table, points at one of the table legs and say: “You hold the table top first. I will go next door to borrow a hammer from Lao Li.”

I: ” …… > _ < ”

My mistake. From the very beginning,  I should not expect anything from my mother. The higher the expectations, the greater the disappointments! (You should realise this earlier.)

Mum returns home empty-handed very quickly.  After she has entered the house, she says with disdain: “This Lao Li is really stingy, borrow a hammer also scare I will damage it!”

I look at my mother with hidden bitterness, still squatting on the floor to hold up the table and ask: “How now?”

At this moment, my mum turns around, goes into the bedroom, comes out holding a hammer and says: “We have no option but to use our own hammer.”

I: “……”

In the end, who is more stingy ah! !

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    • Ya, I ‘wuliao’ and wanna make Mel hopping mad but in the end she also found out so I might as well reveal it for all to know. In future, I’ll hoard & translate a book which I’ve not posted in SSB so she can never find out, lol.

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  11. Jin Song is not described as masculine but like a gorilla!!

    More masculine is not necessarily packed with muscles like a bodybuilder – I wasn’t referring to the body but generally more to the face (which is basically what your pic shows).

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