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Silent Separation (何以笙箫默) – Gu Man (Chapter 6.1)



My landlord hui3r is back and has stolen my thunder:) What do I do? Of course, post C-novel’s favourite male character He Yi Chen, haha…Kim Soo Hyun and Jun Ji Hyun have been chosen to be Yi Chen and Mo Sheng in the drama adaptation. Obviously, this is an April Fools’ Day joke which failed to fool you but you get to celebrate it with Yi Chen:P However, this picture is appropriate for the chapter I am posting today. This is one emotional and confrontational chapter which took me forever to translate. A big thank you to lidge for finishing the translation for me while I was busy watching tv, lol.

Chapter 6.1: Separation (translated by peanuts and edited by lidge)

Episode 9: Or

Episode 10: Or

0.31: The door was not locked so Mo Sheng pushed it open. This was a double room. There was an empty bed and Yi Chen’s bed was near the window. The sound of the opening of the door did not wake him up. He was hooked to an IV and still sleeping.

Her heart seemed to be entangled by an invisible string. Step by step, she approached him, and that string little by little tightened.

He lay on the bed, his face looked pale and thin. While sleeping, he even had a frown. After meeting him again, she had not actually taken a good look at his appearance, and now she finally could. Her fingers unconsciously touched his wrinkled brows then brushed across his eyelashes. She could imagine if the owner was awake, this pair of eyes would certainly be cold and detached and sometimes slightly mocking.

Finally, the fingers stopped at the slightly pale lips. It was said that most of the people with this kind of lips are fickle in love. Yi Chen Yi Chen, why aren’t you like that? Don’t you understand that we could not return to the past. Seven years, everything has changed ……

Before she realized what she was doing, her lips replaced her fingers. Her lips still cold from the outside air, but his lips were unexpectedly warm. The warmness unexpectedly made her sad. Then, her tears without reason dropped one by one, and she could not control them.


Until her wrist was harshly grabbed by someone.

Yi Chen!

Has he waken up?

Mo Sheng’s mind immediately became blank. Her eyes were blurred by the tears so she couldn’t see his face properly, but she could still hear his angry voice.

“What are you doing?” Yi Chen asked with his gritted teeth, “Zhao Mo Sheng, what do you actually want!”


“I ……” She gaped and was tongue-tied, all her thoughts flew away from the brain. For some time, she did not know what to do and could only look at his fuzzy appearance. She felt the strength that was grasping her wrist was getting stronger, as if anxious to crush her wrist, only then would he be satisfied. She tried to control her tears, but they were beyond her control. Instead, more tears dropped more rapidly.

2.27: How could it be like this? She could clearly hear the things that she once held dear in her heart were in the process of being shattered. This kind of shattering sound made her feel afraid and panicked. Yi Chen’s aggressive voice made her scared. She did not know what she was doing. Didn’t she want to completely cut off the past including her connection with him? Then, what was she doing just a moment ago? She was totally confused.

Escape la! When this idea came out, it immediately dictated her action. She did not know where she produced so much strength to unexpectedly break free of his grasp and ran toward the door.

Yi Chen said in a stern voice: “Zhao Mo Sheng, you dare to go!”

Damn it!

Yi Chen looked at her pulling open the door so he abruptly pulled out the intravenous infusion drip in his left hand and got out of bed to stop her. However, he was still sick, had been resting on the bed for too long and his footsteps were far too anxious. Hence, he stumbled and felt down awkwardly at the bedside.

All these, Mo Sheng naturally did not know.

She blankly followed a group of people into the elevator. The people in the elevator glanced at her, but they were accustomed to seeing this so they lowered their heads absorbed in their own thoughts. This hospital is used to witnessing life and death incidents on a daily basis so one or two people with cheeks streaming with tears on their face are really very common.

After getting out of the elevator, the noisy sounds in the lounge all of a sudden filled her ears. In the midst of people coming and going, Mo Sheng suddenly did not know where to go.

Where could she go?

Didn’t she already know, although the world is big, there was not a place that didn’t have Yi Chen.

3.54: “Lawyer He?” Mei Ting was surprised to see the man appear at the door, “Lawyer He, aren’t you in the hospital ah?”

“I was discharged this morning. Mei Ting, take the information on the ANAS company case to my office later.” Yi Chen said that while walking, “Were there any important messages in these few days?”

“Yes.” Mei Ting immediately flipped through her notes to report a few important messages, then hesitated for a moment and said: “Lawyer He, a female reporter from “Xiu Se” called several times and said she wants to do an interview with you. She also personally came to the office once. She said that she is your alumna so do you want to return her call?”

When Yi Chen heard “Xiu Se” being mentioned, his eyes flashed slightly, then stayed calm again. “No, if she calls again, just reject her directly.”

“Okay.” Mei Ting nodded her head. Finally, she felt the lawyer He who deals with matters efficiently and never sloppy has returned.

After Xiang Heng came back from the prosecutor’s office, he directly went into Yi Chen’s office and saw him engrossed in his work. He simply did not know what to say.

“I did not believe what Mei Ting told me so can you explain what is going on?”

“What’s going on?” Yi Chen looked up at him from the file he was reviewing. His face was still a little pale, but his eyes were clear and lively.

“Don’t act dumb with me. I remember you are only allowed to be discharged from the hospital the day after tomorrow. May I ask why are you here now?”

“I left the hospital early.”

Xiang Heng stroke his head. Although he was a lawyer, he had to admit it is difficult to speak with a lawyer, as replying like this was the same as not replying: “Don’t you want to live anymore? The law firm will not collapse without you.”

“That may not necessary be true.” Yi Chen flipped through the documents in his hands, “I remember Lao Yuan and you are not good in this aspect.”

Xiang Heng snorted: “No matter how bad we may be, we will also not fail at the negotiating table.”

“Xiang Heng.” Yi Chen leaned back in his chair and looked at his good friend somewhat helplessly, “I will not treat my health as a joke.”

“Under normal circumstances, you will not ……” Xiang Heng looked at him and directly asked, “She visited?”

The emotion in Yi Chen’s eyes darkened, and he did not answer but asked: “Did you look for her?”

Xiang Heng nodded his head, looked at Yi Chen’s facial expression and sighed: “It seems that my action has backfired.”

“No, I want to thank you.” Yi Chen said dismissively, “If not for her giving me a heavy blow, how could I be completely clear-headed?”

“You ……” Xiang Heng gaped and did not know what to say again.

“Don’t worry.” Yi Chen looked at him with a calm face, “Our relationship has completely ended. No, it should be said, my own wishful thinking is completely over.”

6.15: At eleven o’clock at night, after Yi Chen parked the car, he walked into the elevator with his mind still thinking about the details of the negotiations on the day after tomorrow. Nowadays, he did not seem to be able to come back before ten o’clock because he had to prepare for several cases on hand at the same time so he was busy everyday until his eyes blurred from the amount of work. Xiang Heng had given up on persuading him whereas Lao Yuan always cheerfully counted how much the revenue for the quarter would increase by. He laughed happily and said he wanted to prepare the best coffin for Yi Chen.

In fact, he was extremely tired, but he desperately needed to keep himself busy.

The elevator arrived on the twelve floor. Yi Chen walked out of the elevator and took out his keys, ready to open the door. When he saw the person in front of his door, his action froze instantly.

She wore a thin sweater, hugging her knees and sitting on his doorstep. Her chin was resting on her knees, and her eyes stared fixedly at the floor.

She looked up when she heard the sound of footsteps. She appeared even more haggard than the patient, a bit thinner and with a sharper chin. The instant she saw him, her already big eyes seemed flustered, like a person in some kind of difficulty and desperate.

Nobody spoke. Yi Chen stood still for three seconds, then moved forward to walk past her.

He steadily opened the door, went in and turned his hand over to close the door.

But there was no sound of the door being closed. Instead, his sleeve was being tightly gripped by her.

“Yi Chen.” He heard her low and muffled voice, like the whimpering of a little animal, both also pitiful , “Do you still want me?”

Did she know what she was saying?! Yi Chen could only turn around and glared at her fiercely, his expression seemed like he had seen a ghost. Although her voice was soft, in such a quiet night so how was it possible that he could not understand? He tried hard to regain his sanity and wanted to pull back his sleeve, but she stubbornly hanged onto it.

A very familiar shameless gesture ah. Yi Chen realised he actually shamefully missed it.

8.19: “Let go.”

Perhaps his voice was too harsh, even her hands trembled a little. Then, slowly one finger by one finger, she slowly loosened her grip on his sleeve.

Yi Chen could not see her expression because her head was bowed down, but her grievance and sad appearance actually emerged in his mind at this very moment.

Every expressions were vivid in his mind, so clear that the next moment he would become soft-hearted.

Yi Chen ignored her and walked straight to the balcony. The cold night air sobered him up a lot. She always had the ability to disrupt his life, before in this way and even more so now. Therefore, he had to be even more calm, otherwise he was bound to be utterly defeated.

He walked back into the living room, but she was still curled up outside the door. “Come in.” His voice had recovered its calmness, “What do you want to drink? I only have beer and pure water here.” He remembered her favorite drinks were colorful ones.

Mo Sheng shook her head.

Yi Chen did not insist and sat down on the sofa, like an owner who was entertaining a guest: “Why did you come to look for me?”

Mo Sheng did not expect him to act in such a polite and unfamiliar manner so she somehow did not know what to do: “I, I went to the hospital today. The doctor said you have already left the hospital ……”

“If you’ve come to visit a patient, then you can go back.” Yi Chen interrupted her.

Mo Sheng was speechless.

Yi Chen looked at her and said with slight sarcasm: “If I didn’t hear wrongly just now, you seem to want an affair. I am very honored to be chosen by you ……” Then, he paused and did not continue to speak, but Mo Sheng was fully aware of what he was trying to say. Suddenly, her complexion turned pale. Finally, she experienced to what extent his words can hurt people. Under such an embarrassing situation, she could only manage to utter: “I did not.”

10.13: “Did not what?” Yi Chen stared at her with a pressing expression, “Could it be that you did not get married? It was just an excuse for you to resist me?”

Although he asked with a doubtful tone, he was about ninety percent certain. His suspicions were justified because he knew she had been living alone all this while, and she even went on blind dates……

Yi Chen’s heart felt a little pain, if it was indeed an excuse to resist him ah. At the same time, he also could not help feeling a little joy in the bottom of his heart.

However, Mo Sheng did not give him the desired answer. Her ill at ease look revealed a faint …… uneasiness.

As such, Yi Chen could completely understand without her saying it out loud. What reason? What calm? All also were thrown to the winds. Instead, anger and embarrassment filled his entire body.

He Yi Chen, when are you going to stop acting like a clown with such wishful thinking!?

“Okay, tell me what you want me to do? Be your secret lover in China or your shameful extramarital affair partner? Zhao Mo Sheng, I tell you this, don’t even bother to think about it!” He had to try hard to control himself to keep his hands from strangling her neck.

11.13: “No …… I …… I and him ……” Mo Sheng was frightened by his anger so she stammered and became inarticulate. The matter between Ying Hui and her cannot be explained clearly in a few words. In a moment of desperation, the only thing she could think of was to say: “I’ve divorced.” After saying it, she felt calmer and unconsciously repeated it again, “I’ve divorced.”

0.31: Have divorced? Yi Chen’s complexion became even more gloomy and chilly, he angrily laughed. “What makes you think I, He Yi Chen, would want a divorced woman?”


Mo Sheng froze, the expression in her eyes gradually darkened and her shoulders slightly drooped down. Was this not expected? Why did she come on this trip to let her dead heart died again? Just because of those lines in a poem, just because of that photo, she staked all on one throw. How foolish can she be!

But she still wanted him to know ah, “Between me and him is not so ……” Mo Sheng wanted to explain in vain.

“Enough!” Yi Chen could not take it anymore and interrupted, “You do not need to describe to me the relationship between you and your ex-husband. If you want to get sympathy and comfort, then you got the wrong guy.”

Her lips moved, but in the end she did not continue speaking. Say or do not say, in fact, it does not make a difference, isn’t that so? The facts already could not be changed.

“I’m going.” Mo Sheng stood up, not looking at him and said in a slight trembling voice, “I’m sorry for disturbing you.”

He did not stop her, as if caught in a confusing maze and not being able to make sense of anything.

She opened the door, then heard him said from behind: “Wait.”

She turned around. Yi Chen stood up from the sofa and picked up the car keys on the table: “I’ll send you back.”

Mo Sheng opened her eyes wide in surprise and shook her head: “No need, I can go home by myself.”

“Indeed, you can.” Yi Chen said mockingly, “Then, if you are not careful and an accident happens, I would be the prime suspect. At that time, we really would be unable to stay clear from each other.”

Are all the lawyers’ line of thought also careful like this? Mo Sheng said with difficulty: “I’m sorry to trouble you.”

2.21: “This is the last time in this lifetime.” Yi Chen said coldly.

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  1. Arghhhhh more kiss please lol. Peanuts kiitos 🙂 peanuts pleaseeeeee more chapter…….. Haha

    • Kiss kiss from peanuts, lol. I did one page out of 8 pages today so you need to wait at least a week. In the meantime, you can use bing, lol.

      • haha mo sheng your rival peanuts want kiss kiss yi chen 😛 . Wow thanks peanuts i will be waiting i was thinking you want translate shan shan and wipe clean first after that yi chen:) . I saw many good novel in shusheng bar but when i translate use google or bing the words too hard to understand i give up lol.

        • Oh, the kisses are for you, lol. I’ve found a new C-novel guy so Mo Sheng can have her Yi Chen since I don’t want him, lol. Ha, you never read my intros( I’ve finished Shan Shan, only lidge has 2 more parts to go. Ya, Wipe Clean is next. After sometime it gets tedious to read from google if you can’t understand Mandarin.

        • Haha kiss for me lol :p .Oh haha who is that new man that stolen your heart from Yi chen ? Let me know .. 😀 .Do you plan to translate that new novel too? Oh i see your review Gm novel blazing sunlight do you plan translate this in the future ?

          • Regarding my new C-novel man, read my replies to jtyy:P

            Blazing Sunlight has a long way to go. This is because only book 1 has been published and you probably has to wait for a few years to get book 2 as Gu Man is a super slow writer. I don’t want to translate an incomplete book as I won’t know which guy to ship. If I board the wrong ship, I gonna tear my hair out, lol. For fans of Yi Chen & Feng Teng, you’ve a tough choice bcos the 2 leads in that book are like them. I don’t really have such a dilemma bcos you should know who I like best, lol.

  2. what’s thissss I’m so frustrated why don’t you both say that you love each other so much, it’s very complicated lol at me being so fussy hahaha. Thank you for this chapter ^^

    • Haha, easy for an observer like you to say but when you are in their situation it is not easy to say it. After all, they have been apart for 7 yrs. No matter how deep is the love, it will still feel strange. Plus, Yi Chen is so fierce and Mo Sheng is insecured.

  3. Sigh …. why can’t Mo Sheng be more articulate about her past marriage and divorce so that Yi Chen can understand her position? ….. and also express her unchanged feelings for Yi Chen …… but I suppose this is what causes the angsty emotions that make us readers so uptight. Thanks for translation update, Peanuts!

    • If a tiger is starring at a rabbit, do you think the rabbit will dare to say anything, lol? Communication has always been a problem for most people. A lot of things are easier said than done.

      • Haha, tiger and the rabbit, you’re right. Yi Chen is so fierce. Like Serendipity, I feel SOOO frustrated with both of them, but I love them for being the focal points of this heart-tugging story. Reading this story puts me in a totally different mood from Shan Shan and Wipe. Love the contrast.

        • Yah, I also don’t know why this book is so fustrating yet it has a certain charm to make you like it, lol. Many people read & listen to it many times but still don’t feel fed up. Hey, you didn’t support my landlord’s Hua Xu Yin? That one also another mood, between tears & laughters in the same book:P

        • I never understood how Silent Separation could be the top romance novel. I would hit my boyfriend if he were forever so domineering and shouty. 😛

          • Stop stepping on my novel & Yi Chen ah, give some face la, lol.

            Since you are a lawyer, you’ll take on Yi Chen’s persona. So luckily for Mo Sheng, Yi Chen is not as aggressive as you to want to hit anyone:P

  4. Thank you for making all this scene clear for me peanuts. Lol you know what I mean :p
    Yi chen too cold and confusing! I thought he will give up mo zheng but suddenly he said that he will give her his answer (?)!

    • Let me guess, you used google translate bcos you are too impatient to wait for me so you kind of understand the story and now you understand it fully with my proper English, lol.

      Yi Chen is hurt which is why he is cold. He is confused bcos when it comes to love even a calm & rational guy like Yi Chen can add hot & irrational. Mo Sheng asked Yi Chen if he still wants her so Yi Chen will give his answer via peanuts next week:P I am sure you know what is his answer, haha…..

      • yes yess, it’s like wiping a foggy windows. Now i can see brightly 😀
        i will wait for the next translation Peanuts. It’s a great a chapter. there’s sweet and bitter.
        i’m gonna wait for their fast wedding. Maybe it’s not romantic but it’s just so Yi Chen. Effective and Efficient! LOL
        *cough* –why do i think it’s quite sexy– *cough*
        Peanuts, i hope you won’t think that i’m a weirdo :p

        • Walah, you posted a spoiler:( I purposely stopped there to create suspense. Haha, never mind, spoilers are everywhere. Sexy? I found it shocking when I first listened to it to the extent that I nearly fell off my bed, lol. Then I rewinded to make sure nothing has been skipped & I was listening to the correct chapter and book, lol. That was so unexpected & so unromantic. Poor Mo Sheng has no choice unless she wanna say gooodbye forever, sob sob….

          Don’t worry redhazel, you are not the only weirdo here as you’ve plenty of company, lol.

  5. LOL at the Do Min Joon and Cheon Song Yi screencap above!! It so fits the scene where Mo Sheng steals a kiss on Yi Chen’s lips.

    Thanks for translating the latest chapter, Peanuts! ❤

    I hope I won't offend anyone if I said I don't like Zhang Mo Sheng much. I find her to be too flighty and wishy-washy; and I truly believe it was her cowardice and lack of confidence that were the true cause of their 7 years of separation. Even now she continues to let Yi Chen misunderstand her, things would have been so different if she had been more direct and clarifying about the past. Heck, she should done that 7 years ago!

    On the other hand, if she hadn't run away to the States, she would probably have never met Ying Hui which would have been equally unfortunate because he's quite a likable character, even if the OTP is still Mo Sheng and Yi Chen.

    • Haha, ya ya when I saw that pic, I was thinking so perfect as the cover for my next chapter but the kiss in that picture is on the cheek & not the lip:(

      Don’t worry, I think a lot of ppl here and most of the ppl in baidu don’t really like Mo Sheng. I am also not fond of her but I don’t think she should shoulder all the blame as it takes 2 to tango in a r/s. Maybe, she should bear most of the blame but not all the blame bcos Yi Chen is not a good bf in that he failed to instil confidence in her with his actions. He also failed to realise below the shameless and courageous exterior she is very vurnerable & insecured inside. Probably, the 7 yrs separation is a good test for their love as well as give them time to grow & mature.

      Wah, another Ying Hui’s supporter. Don’t know why, I may be the only one who find him boring & brotherly, not suitable for Mo Sheng. Although Yi Chen also seems boring, at least he has more of a character, more real compared to Ying Hui who seems too good to be true, lol.

  6. Thank you, finally (;… ;

  7. Thank you for the post…..what I can make out from this chapter is that both of them lack faith in their relationship right from the beginning and this specially holds true for mo sheng.
    Going on vacation from next week hope to see a couple of updates from you next time. 🙂

  8. No, no, no, please don’t misunderstand. I support All translators. I haven’t read Hua Xu Yin, Once Promised or Lost To You yet because I somehow got the impression that they are PAINFULLY sad, right? Shudder , shudder …… I shall gather the courage the read them AFTER I have completed my assignment which is giving me enough depression. Soon, very soon. Right now, I’m only stealing time off to read your updates on Shan Shan’s epilogues,Wipe Clean and Silent. Heheheh!

    Hey, who is the new C-novel guy who has made you abandon Yi Chen?

    • Ok, ok, I understand you perfectly:) I listened to HXY audiobook bcos the landlord of SSB misled me into thinking it is like 3L3W10PM:( I am not going to touch Once Promised or Lost You Forever. No more angsty story for my poor and weak heart for the rest of my life, lol.

      Huh, you are such a busybody but I am not telling you, lol. However, I may introduce him to you one day but I doubt it bcos his humour is really too cold to be translated. I only manage to understand maybe 70% of it:(

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    • Hi jtyy 🙂 nice to know you hehe. Seem you and me the same lol. Peanuts scare we stolen her new man lol and get 2 more rivals 🙂

      • Ahahahaha, nobody can steal him from me bcos I am the only one who can give life to him in English, lol.

        • Haha , honestly so happy find this blog we all can chat and make joke hehe. peanuts can u explain to me all that novel audio i was wonder why they do the audio? Is it some part of radio programme ? Or just some peoples interest with the novel and they do themselves and put in internet?

          • Audio books are reading out the novels which follow the novels very closely. Some do it out of personal interest and some do it for monetary gain or both. The ones where you need to pay are usually of better quality with minimum 2 voices or more. They also include sound effects, music and songs to make it very entertaining like watching a drama minus the picture only. Too bad you can’t understand Chinese well or else I can recommend you a few good one. I like to listen to good audio books bcos I am lazy to read, lol.

            There is also radio drama which is a summary of the novel. They are free and are done by ppl with a keen interest in them. The production is usually very good and involved many ppl like many readers, script-writers, music director, publicist, etc. They are very very slow and will only release an episode a yr or even longer. Hence, many of them are just work in progress with no ending in sight. Some of them even got abandoned mid-way. But, I like to listen to them bcos they are very well-done.

        • thanks for your explanation peanuts:) yeah talk about chinese language, now i feel regret that im not learned dilligently when i was young 😦 otherwise now i will be able to read and listen chinese . Well regret always come late hihi

          • You can still learn now, better late than never:P I also can’t read but I can understand Chinese so I am only slightly better than you. I notice most Indonesian Chinese can’t understand Chinese but it is changing now.

      • Hello Hanny! It’s also my pleasure to know you! I’m delighted that you have asked the same question about Peanuts’ new ‘heart throb’. Shows that I’m not the only curious person, haha!
        Oh oh, she’s warning us that curiosity kills the cat, lol.

        • Hihi i didn’t know you already asked peanuts 🙂 because you asked first you became the curious number 1 and im number 2 and last night make me think i must change my name too han2cur ( hanny to curious ) or curious2u( curious to you) lol . Good thing we not live in same country and same city with peanuts lol otherwise there are 2 curious person visit her every weeks ask too look translation lol

    • Wah, big brother or should I say big sister is watching me, lol. Haven’t you heard curiosity kills the cat:!!!:P?

  11. Lol the picture is a fabulous choice 😉

    I feel so sorry for Mo Sheng. You can clearly see that Yi Chen’s words hurt her very much. I can understand his anger though.
    When I was reading the novel for the first time I was very surprised that Mo Sheng married another man. Still I felt sorry for her everytime Yi Chen said harsh words. Normally I should have been disappointed in her. But for some reason I always believed that there is no way she could love another than Yi Chen.

    • Haha, thank you, by now you should notice my choice of pictures is always done with upmost care:P

      Surprise, surprise you are a Mo Sheng’s supporter bcos in baidu everyone care only abt Yi Chen, lol. Actually I also don’t really fancy Mo Sheng bcos she comes across as a door-map, rather weak. I suspect this is one of the reason Yi Chen likes her as he is used to meeting strong women.

      • Well I know nowadays everyone prefer strong women but in reality I haven’t met any strong woman like the ones that are portraited in novels. As insecure and weak as Mo Sheng is, I think she is quite realistic. And she is very cute 😀

  12. why this story is so depressing.. im crying here .. huaaaaaaaaaaaa… ToT

    YiChen is so harsh.. i understand their separation hurt him.. but can’t he see how frail she is. how sorry she is, how confused she is?

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  15. Hi, Peanuts, will like to say you did a tremendous job in doing the translation that I really feel for MoSheng when YiChen was being harsh to her, even though I know where YiCheng is coming from, as he is hurting as well. You really bring out their characters.

    I not sure if I am missing something.. I thought MoSheng has a strong will as she shamelessly pursue YiChen when they were in Uni. What happened to the gutsy girl who followed YiChen every where till he gave in to her? Did she only become weak and insecure after she gone to US?

    • Go & watch My Sunshine. WC looks better than in Best Time bcos all this clothes very nice & expensive lol. Somemore he gets the girl 😛

      Thank you for your kind words. I tried my best to translate it well since WC is the lead 😛 However I need to tell you I can understand Chinese but I can’t read Chinese so I used pinyin & dictionary to translate.

      If you watch the drama, you’ll see clearly the change in MS after she went to US. She suffered some hardships in US, coupled with her family situation & r/s with YC, she became weaker and insecured.

  16. I still don’t understand why he thinks he has a right to be angry she even left. Did he or did he not say “I’ll take it as I have never met you. Don’t ever appear in front of me again” So she left. Unbeknownst to him she was held away from china against her own will and eventually thrown away by certain persons but He is the last person that has any right to be angry she left.

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