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Wipe Clean After Eating (吃干抹净): Chapter 5



Last week, we got to see Lu Jun as the cover man, this week it is Xia Ye’s turn to be the cover girl. According to most characters’ descriptions in the book, she is not pretty. Nonetheless, I still think she should be cute and adorable or else how to steal the boss’s heart? It is kind of an unwritten rule for all the funny boss and staff relationship novels to have the staff eat a meal with the boss. Needless to say, the meal will not be a smooth sailing one. Hence, we also have this happening in this chapter. Enjoy your meal with Xia Ye and the boss:)

Chapter 5: Lecherous

That night, nursing a broken heart thoroughly hurt by my mum, I am physically and mentally exhausted so I go to my room to sleep. Reality is often too cruel, in comparison the land of dreams is happier.  Hence, it is best I go to sleep! After my head touches the soft pillow, I keep on hypnotizing myself to fall asleep quickly. But, when I am about to enter a dream, the sudden ringing of my mobile phone brings me back to reality.

Who is so inconsiderate to call me at this hour of the night ah? Obviously, this is disturbing people’s sleep! I feel very irritable and want to protest. I use the quilt to cover my head and is reluctant to answer the phone, but that loud ringtones keep on ringing persistently.  I have no choice but to sit up and take a look at my mobile phone.  I see Ai Li’s name flashing on the screen. This is baffling, as this bad girl who always neglects her friends when she is in a new relationship is supposed to be madly in love with her boyfriend and busy dating? How come she has time to call me now?

The moment I pick up the phone, I immediately hear Ai Li’s piercing wail like ghosts and howl like wolves voice: “Yezi! (Xia Ye’s nickname) sob sob sob …… sob sob …… I don’t want to live anymore!”

I am very shocked and put the phone a fair distant away from my ear before asking: “Ah? How are you? What happened?”

When the sound of weeping has quietened down slightly, she sobs spasmodically and says with grief and indignation: “A few days ago I ran into an old classmate who was quite close to me. She is not only beautiful but she is also highly educated and has a good job ……”

When I hear that, I can’t help interrupting: “Well, so what if that girl has better qualification? It is not worthwhile to feel inferior and desperate, right?”

Ai Li ignores my words and continues to weep while talking: “When I talked more with her, she appeared very depressed and distressed. She said she has a crush on a man, but he already has a girlfriend. Moreover the girlfriend is someone she knows.”

I nod my head and ask: “Oh, then? ”

Ai Li sniffs her nose and continues to whimper: “Then, I kept comforting and encouraging her, by saying that her qualification is so good. If she really likes him very much then she should have the courage to pursue him. I also said love is a level playing field. As long as he is not married, she still have a chance, so she should not give up easily. Indeed, after she heard my advise, she pulled herself together and said she has decided to be brave to pursue her own happiness.”

I am totally clueless: “This is good ah! Why are you crying?”

Ai Li starts to wail: “But the crucial point is that somehow my boyfriend ended up being her boyfriend now!”

I: ” ……”

As it turns out that beautiful girl is in love with Ai Li’s boyfriend ah! This is what is called shooting yourself in the foot, you are a victim of your own doing so you should dig a hole and bury yourself. These words are appropriately used to describe a silly girl like you, right?

As a result of Ai Li’s complain over her distressed break up, I start my job to console and pacify her which lasted for a few hours  ……

Early in the next morning, I float to work like a zombie with a pair of eyes with dark circles looking like a panda. After I’ve tidied up and sorted out some of the files on the general manager’s messy desk, I feebly clean up the papers on the floor. Finally, I bend my waist to wipe the desk.  In order to save energy, I sit on a chair while wiping. Then in order to save more energy, I lie on the table while wiping. Later, in order to save even more energy I close my eyes while wiping. As a result,  I fall asleep. =  =

The leather chair is soft and comfortable and the desk is cool and smooth. Hence, I manage to sleep very soundly, not knowing how much time has passed. Then, I gradually wake up but still feel drowsy.

I yawn lazily and open my eyes.  Immediately, I see an enlarged handsome face, which appears smiling at me yet not really a smile. Before, whenever I see this almost perfect and impeccable man, I cannot help but lament to God of the unfair treatment in the making of man. Except this time, my first thought is the consequence of being caught sleeping during working hours by the boss.

While staring at his charming black eyes, I touch my head awkwardly and grin ridiculously: “Well, now …… What is the time now?”

Lu Jun casually sits on the desk, raises his hand to look at his watch and says: “It is half past twelve now,  right on time for lunch!”

Oh my God! I have slept through the whole morning! I ask with tears in my eyes: “General manager, when did you come?”

He tilts his head while trying to recall his memory: “Ah …… probably around ten o’clock.”

I cannot help but to wonder: ” Since you arrived quite a while ago, why didn’t you wake me up when you saw me sleeping?”

He shrugs his shoulder and smiles: “Because the back of your head is smooth, round and delicate, a lot better looking  than your face. Hence, I want to look at it a while longer.”

” …… > _ < “Is there anyone who flatter people like you?

At this moment, Lu Jun’s face suddenly turns serious. He gazes at me and speaks in a businesslike tone: “How is the schedule for this afternoon meeting?”

I break out in a cold sweat and lower my head: “Well …… ”

Then, he goes on to ask: “The latest documents for the business project have been issued, right?”

I immediately lower my head even more: “That ah ……”

He continues to ask: Is the data I asked you to prepare yesterday ready?”

“Uh ……” My face has dropped low enough to nearly stick to my chest.

Finally, he acts all self righteousness and reprimands me: “Xia Ye, tell me how I should settle the serious mistakes you made at work today? ”

I shiver and quickly pretend to look weak and without strength like a sick person to gain sympathy: “General manager, actually today I …… have a cold, so I’ve no energy to talk ……”

“Forget about it.  I will not penalise you for now.” His expression becomes a lot more pleasant and amiable.  Then, he raises his eyebrows, looks at me and speaks softly: “Seeing that you are so pathetic, I’ll make an exception and take you out to lunch.  Order whatever food you want, so no need to act polite.”

Who is going to act polite with you ah! My eyes immediately shine: “Sweet and sour pork ribs, braised fish, stir-fried beef, spicy chicken cubes and it will be perfect if I can also order a meat slice boiled soup!”

He: “You’ve energy to speak now?”

I: “……”

This is my first visit to such a high-end restaurant for a meal. I see the faint glows from the crystal lights on the ceiling. The music from the violin gradually echoes throughout the restaurant making it looks elegant and romantic. General manager is especially generous this time round. He gives me the menu straight away and asks me to order myself, so I order all the dishes that I have mentioned just now. Incidentally, I sneak a glance at the prices, so scary! It turns out that few dishes will cost more than three hundred yuan!

This time, I really make a big profit!

Food is served very quickly. Looking at the tasty appearance and delicious smelling four dishes and one soup on the dining table, my saliva starts to secrete dramatically.  However,  when I see the person sitting opposite deliberately hasn’t moved his chopstick, I feel embarrassed to begin eating first.

In order to be able to enjoy the culinary delicacy as soon as possible,  I curry favour with him by praising him: “General manager, your complexion looks good today, making you appear more fresh, handsome, suave and attractive! ”

He smiles and looks like he is enjoying himself: “Oh, like this ah …… then you look and admire a little longer la.”

I: ” ……”

As a result,  I am speechless and look at him for a while. I can smell the aroma from the dishes, and finally my stomach cannot resist and starts to growl.

Lu Jun laughs out loud and puts the chopsticks into my hand: “Eat la, you fool!”

I remain silent and twitch my mouth. I am a fool, so what? So long as there is free food, even if you call me an idiot, I will also admit it!

I am the only person eating the meal because big boss Lu does not even eat a mouthful. Could it be that these dishes which I ordered are not to his taste? Although I feel a little strange, I do not bother to ask because after all, it is his choice not to eat. It is so much better that I get to enjoy the culinary delicacy all by myself.

After eating my fill, I straighten up my bulging belly which is at bursting point. I look across the table at that calm and graceful man and politely say: “General manager, I am sorry to make you spend a lot of money.”

Lu Jun’s smile is very humble: “You flatter me, it is you who have to spend a lot of money.”

Suddenly I am confused, what do you mean?

I come out from the restaurant five minutes later. Although I have eaten my fill, I look even more haggard and weak than when I am hungry. In contrast,  someone beside me is high-spirited and glowing with health and vigor.

Finally, I understand why he did not eat, because I have to pay for this meal ah!

According to the old fox’s interpretation, he only said he’ll make an exception by bringing me to have a nice meal. But he did not say he will treat me. Moreover, I was the one who ordered those dishes and ate them all so there is no reason to ask him to pay ……

No wonder he told me to help myself in ordering, no need to be polite.  This scoundrel who has a glided exterior but shabby and ruined on the inside, scoundrel ah. Once again, in the midst of laughter, I let him get the better of me!

I only have ten yuan with me, so I have to borrow three hundred yuan from Lu Jun.

I have only been working for two days, but adding the cost of yesterday’s coffee money and today’s meal together, I’ve lost over four hundred yuan. What kind of world is this ah!

This time, it is really a big loss!

Thus, Lu Jun is officially promoted to become my boss plus creditor.

My stingy mother is definitely not going to give me money to repay this debt. Moreover, after yesterday and today spending, my pocket money for the month is running low. After reflecting on my situation while on the way back to the office, I raise my pale cheeks to show my lovely and pitiful expression. Then, I start to talk weakly: “General manager, I am short of money now. Can you wait until next month, after I get my wages before I repay you?”

He gives me a very gentle smile and says: “Cannot.”

I immediately sit up: “But general manager, I really cannot pay you now, so how?  If you demand payment, I really do not have, but if you want my life, take it!”

He turns his head to look at me calmly: “Like this ah, then you come to my house tonight.”


I am so stunned until I quickly take two steps back. In a flash, my expression becomes wary and I look at him with contempt. Sure enough ah, as expected, all the bosses in the world are lecherous! He he he goes so far as to want me to repay my debt with my body!

29 thoughts on “Wipe Clean After Eating (吃干抹净): Chapter 5

  1. haha.

    I better clarify next time someone says they will take me out to lunch!!

  2. haha fooled again. And she still has hopes that the boss will change… 🙂 Pay with her body (like making a dish for him or cleaning, huh).

  3. Hahhaa, silly xia ye. Sleeping whole day in her boss seat.
    Lu jun is a truly smart wolf :p

  4. Hahahhaahaha. I love this novel. I miss black belly bosses, peanuts!

    • Me too, me too. Heehee, I still have a few stock up for rainy days but I won’t touch them unless I am really desperate lol. I’ve switched to childhood sweetheart books now but it is not the same:(

  5. 😀 so funny, she still dont get him?? bet he gonna make her clean whole house or something 😀 cant wait

  6. wuhuu chapter 5 🙂 kiitos paljon peanuts:) after this yi chen turn right hehe:)

  7. HAHAHA she’s been fooled lot of times but the donkey always falls in the same hole, this silly girl Xia Ye lol

  8. Haha, this chap is still as funny as the others… Actually, it must be hard for you to translate this book, ‘cuz you know… it’s a whole difference between Chinese and English ar. But in my opinion (as a reader who read both versions) you did quite a good job ❤

    I really don't know why Lu Jun loves Xia Ye, because it's a awkward situation when they've first met and the developing after that is quite fast but we can see that he is clearly interested in her but who cares lol because they both are too funny. Lu Jun is not embarrassed his nickname as Lu the fox :)) And Xia Ye, all I see about her is she has a weird way of thinking =)) which entertains us a lot =))

    • Actually this is the easiest book to translate bcos the Chinese is simple & short. Most importantly it is not popular so I don’t need to follow the Chinese text closely. I use my creative flair to change some words but the humour & plot is still intact, lol. Actually this novel is one of the rare novel that is funny from beginning to end which is why I am translating it. Thank you for your flattery but I won’t treat you to a meal, lol.

      I think he likes Xia Ye bcos she is silly and can cook, lol. Plus, she is not pretty so he doesn’t need to worry that she’ll distract his staff lol.

  9. Haha, I’d better make sure to bring $300 yuan with me for my next lunch break – just in case…

    This is very funny!

  10. Hahahaha!! I want Xia Ye one advice, get a filter for your mouth when talking to Lu Jun or don’t bother at all. You really can’t blame Lu Jun,.she’s the one always shooting herself in the leg lol!!

  11. Hahaha they are so funny.
    Thank you, peanuts~

  12. I feel for you Xia Ye my cousin also did this to me several times before i learned my lesson.

  13. LMAO he is so black bellied.

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