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Silent Separation (何以笙箫默) – Gu Man (Chapter 6.2)



It is no secret what this chapter entails from the picture above. Unfortunately, they didn’t take any wedding photos. How can Yi Chen be so unromantic with his wedding proposal and ceremony but is voted one of C-novel’s favourite leading males? As Redhazel puts it, his proposal is so efficient and effective, just like a good lawyer:( When I first listened to the novel, this part came as a total surprise to me. I thought I may have missed something somewhere. Anyway, enjoy this chapter, which can be considered the climax to the story.

Chapter 6.2: Reunion (translated by peanuts and edited by lidge)

Episode 10: Or

2.25: Mo Sheng had never been in a car driven in such a fast speed. The driver’s face appeared calm but the car speed was so crazy and scary. When the car finally stopped, her face had paled and her hands and legs felt weak. However, Yi Chen looked calm like someone who has just taken a casual stroll.

“Give me a reason.” He looked straight ahead when saying this.

She stared at his indifferent profile. Her stomach felt unwell so she was unable to reflect on the meaning of his words.

“Tell me, you love me.”

Mo Sheng was startled and suddenly choked with emotion: “Yi Chen, I ……”

“Never mind!” He abruptly and rudely interrupted her: “Don’t say anything!”

She looked in confusion at the gloomy expression on his face.

After a while, he said: “Just go, I’ll give you an answer tomorrow.”

3.10: Perhaps because of being carsick, she slept badly the whole night. Early in the morning, while she was still drowsy, the mobile phone rang, and she answered immediately.


“I’m downstairs of your home. Bring your identity card and come down.”

He hung up before Mo Sheng had a chance to ask anything. After getting everything ready, she hurriedly ran down the stairs. Yi Chen’s car was parked opposite the road. Mo Sheng hesitated for a moment before opening the car door and getting in.

“Have you brought your identity card?”

“Yes.” Mo Sheng was somewhat doubtful, “Why do I need my identity card?”

“Let’s go to the Civil Affairs Bureau.” Yi Chen said simply.

“Civil Affairs Bureau?” Mo Sheng had a vague idea, but she did not quite understand.

“Yes.” Yi Chen appeared indifferent, as if speaking about a matter unrelated to him, “We are going to register for marriage.”

Marriage?! Mo Sheng looked at him in shock and amazement, wondering if she heard wrongly: “Yi Chen ……”

“Get out of the car if you don‘t want to get married.” Yi Chen did not even look at her when he said those words.

She saw his determined expression and suddenly understood. While he was forcing her, he was also forcing himself. Regardless of the outcome, he wanted to settle it so he did not give her any choices. If she got out of the car now, then it would really be impossible for them to be together ever again in the future.

Mo Sheng took a deep breath. “I will go.”

“Are you sure?”

Mo Sheng nodded her head. After everything had been decided, she felt calm: “Do you still remember what you said to me? If you are destined to be my husband in the future, I might as well exercise my rights earlier.”

He turned his head and said coldly: “Facts have proven that kind of thinking would only bring about mistakes so do you still want to repeat a mistake?”

Mo Sheng’s eyes darkened: “Just drive.”

4.39: There were already a few couples waiting at the Civil Affairs Bureau. Every pair appeared to be very much in love and stuck together as if by glue except Yi Chen and her, who resembled two independent statues standing rigidly in a corner and attracting the frequent attention of others.

The round-faced woman who sat beside Mo Sheng curiously looked at them for a long time. This made Mo Sheng a little embarrassed so she politely smiled at her. The woman smiled back and took the opportunity to strike up a conversation: “You are also here to register for marriage?”

Ha! What an appropriate question. Mo Sheng nodded her head.

The woman glanced at Yi Chen and said enviously: “Oh, your husband is very handsome.”

“Hey, hey.” The small stature young man next to her immediately protested and pulled her over, “Your more handsome husband is over here!”

“Really?” The round-faced woman’s expression was full of doubts, and she suddenly pointed at the sky outside, “Ah! Quickly look, quickly look, why are there so many cows flying in the sky?”

Her husband immediately continued lovingly: “Because your husband is blowing hard here.” (blow cow – 吹牛 in Chinese means boast or brag)

Mo Sheng could not help but laughed at their happiness, it was so natural, so easy, if …… she looked at Yi Chen, who was beside her. He turned his head and looked out the window with an expressionless face.

“Hey, how did you know each other ah?” The round-faced woman asked her, seemingly very curious about them.

How we knew each other? “It happened a long time ago.” Mo Sheng did not have the heart to refuse her enthusiasm so she started to recall, “At that time, I just started university and because of my interest in photography, I always ran around with my camera. Once, I saw him standing under a tree, lost in thought. Unconsciously, I pressed the shutter button and was found out by him……”

“I’m going out for a short while.”

Suddenly, Yi Chen stood up and interrupted her reminiscence. He did not wait for her to say something but just walked straight out.

The way the round-faced woman looked at her changed from envy to sympathy: “Uh …… your husband is very cool.”

“Yes ah.” Mo Sheng agreed, feeling awkward.

Later, when a staff member appeared, Yi Chen was nowhere in sight so Mo Sheng went out to look for him. He stood outside the door smoking with his back to her.

“You still can back out now.” He said without turning his head because he heard her footsteps.

Although she knew he could not see her, she still shook her head: “Come inside.”

“Mo Sheng, this is your own choice.” He said seriously, “From now on, even if we will torment each other for a lifetime, I will also not let you go.”

The early autumn weather obviously should not be too cold. However, Mo Sheng suddenly felt chills in the blowing wind, the cold was felt all the way from the bottom of the feet to the heart.


6.46: What followed was the paperwork. Mo Sheng cannot help but felt unbelievable that these several sheets of paper and a few stamps actually can tie up two unrelated people together for a lifetime, regardless of each person’s past.

More than an hour ago, she did not think that they would actually become husband and wife. Such a dramatic change made her wonder if everything at this moment was real ……

“Sign it!” Suddenly, she heard Yi Chen’s gloomy voice, “You don’t have a chance to back out now. ”

Then, she only recovered herself and found out that she was dazed for far too long before signing. She quickly signed her name and handed it over to the suspicious staff member.

“Miss.” The staff member took the form and hesitantly asked again, “Are you really willing?”

Yi Chen’s complexion darkened.

“Of course.” Mo Sheng said with a smile, “Just now, I was thinking what color to choose for the curtains at home.”

After coming out of the Civil Affairs Bureau, Yi Chen gave the house keys to her: “Move all your things to my place. As for the color of the curtains, you can change it if you want.” He said that in a faintly sarcastic tone.

Mo Sheng did not notice his sarcasm. She held on to the house keys, feeling uneasy again. Everything had happened so fast, but these were inevitable, right?

Yi Chen also took out a bank card from the wallet: “All the household expenses are to be paid from this card. The password is XXXXXX, have you remembered it?”

Mo Sheng nodded her head, then hastily shook her head: “No need to give it to me since I’ve money.”

Yi Chen stared into her eyes: “I do not want us to have a falling out on the first day of marriage because of this.”

Mo Sheng knew his stubbornness so she reluctantly took it, but she vaguely felt there was something wrong.

“What about you?” She did not understand why he excluded himself.

“Me? I’m going to Guangzhou on a business trip for a week.” He lifted his wrist and looked at his watch, “The plane will depart in one hour.”

8.20: She was probably the world’s most independent newlywed wife.

On the night of the third day of marriage, Mo Sheng was in the living room of Yi Chen’s home, staring blankly at the many things she had moved from her house.

Put these things in the kitchen and put these in the study room. There was also the photographic equipment so a darkroom was needed …… Where should she put her clothes? The master bedroom?

Should she make a phone call to ask him? She stared at the phone.

The melodious doorbell started ringing. If not for the vast difference in the ringtones, she nearly reflexively picked up the phone.

Mo Sheng was stunned for a moment when she opened the door. She knew this woman, who dressed in casual clothes. She turned out to be Xiao Hong‘s Miss “Vixen.” She was also quite surprised at seeing her, sized her up and asked: “Yi…… Is lawyer He at home?”

“He is away on business. Uh, do you want to come in?” Mo Sheng asked politely.

“Okay, thank you.” She came in and introduced herself, “My surname is Wen, I used to be a client of lawyer He. I live downstairs.”

She looked puzzled at Mo Sheng: “Have we met before?”

It turned out that she did not recognize her. Mo Sheng nodded her head and mentioned a person they both also knew. “Gu Xing Hong,” that was Xiao Hong’s real name.

“Oh ya, you are that person who went on blind dates with her!” Miss Wen suddenly realised and seemed to be thinking then said, “So lawyer He and you actually know each other, no wonder.”

Mo Sheng looked at her quizzically.

Miss Wen shrugged her shoulders and said: “I wanted to say no wonder a big lawyer like He Yi Chen would personally pick me up after work to talk about the case. As it turns out, he had an ulterior motive so my good fortune was all because of you.”

She gave the bag in her hands to Mo Sheng: “These are the extra wontons (ravioli) I made, there are too many so I want to give some to you. How embarrassing, I nearly proffer my affection in vain.”

This young lady looked soft and delicate, but in fact she is frank and quick-witted, just based on listening to her quarrel with Xiao Hong. Mo Sheng could not admit or deny her relationship with Yi Chen so she felt rather embarrassed.

Miss Wen waved her hand: “All right, I am going.” Mo Sheng saw her to the door, and she suddenly asked about Xiao Hong, “She still keeps going continuously on blind dates?”

Mo Sheng saw a touch of concern in her eyes, shook her head and replied: “No, she is going to settle down soon.”

Miss Wen’s eyes flashed: “Not someone working in gaming software, right?”

“No, he is a surgeon.”

“That’s good.” Miss Wen looked relief, “She has finally moved on. Tell her not to hate me because the person that man loves is not me.” She changed her mind and said, “No, better not tell her now.”

10.35: After she left, Mo Sheng looked at the wontons in her hands. She hesitated a little, picked up the phone and dialed Yi Chen‘s mobile number.

The phone was picked up after ringing three times.

“Hello.” He replied in a deep and low voice.

“Hello.” After Mo Sheng responded, only to discover that her own voice was different from usual so she quickly calmed down, “It is me.”

“What is the matter?”

“Uh, it is like this …… Miss Wen from downstairs just brought us a bag of wontons, and she also said thank you for helping her last time.” The moment Mo Sheng finished talking, she knew she had chosen the worst opening, but it was already too late to feel upset.

Indeed, there were a few seconds of silence on the other end before his mocking voice was heard: “What are you suspecting? Rest assured, even if I had any thoughts of her before, I never pursued her.”

His implication was: she had been the one who pursued him, so she was not qualified to question him. Mo Sheng sensibly changed the topic: “I want to ask you whether that storage room can be converted into a darkroom?”

“Whatever. Is there anymore important matter?”

“Yes …… ah, where should I put my things?”

There was a pause on the other end followed by a mocking laugh: “Mrs. He, your husband is physically and mentally healthy so for the time being, he has no intention to live apart.” He said that sarcastically.

This phone call was truly a bad move. Mo Sheng held the phone tightly and finally asked: “When will you come back?”

“…… Friday night.”

“Okay, I’ll wait for you.” Mo Sheng blurted out without taking the time to think. After she said it, she only realized that what she had spoken had too many meanings so she could not help but held her breath.

The other end was silent again, then she heard the busy signal from the phone. Mo Sheng was stunned, he actually hung up the phone just like that!

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  1. Lol at the last scene. That fool must have been too ecstatic to know how to react. I love how you keep mentioning how Yi Chen is known to be the best male lead. I totally agree. At the same time, i feel like he’s just too good to be true. Kinda like christian grey minus all the depravity.

    • Don’t get your hope too high bcos I don’t think anything will happen in the next chapter lol. I feel he is just too bad to be true, with such an awful wedding proposal. No wonder Yi Chen is not my fav male lead, lol.

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      *runs away from Peanuts*

      • * runs after Hui3r with a broom.*

        Hey, stop tarnishing Yi Chen’s image as the idol of millions of ignorant girls in China, lol. Mind you, he is rated higher than everyone in your Hua Xu Yin, lol.

      • lol can you really say that Yi chen ha baggage? His only flaw his is unwillingness to listen and his arrogance. Christian Grey only counterpart can only be Gideon Cross they both are perfect, damaged and depraved. Although Yi Chen his also totally perfect.

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    • I guess Yi Chen heard that “faint heart never won fair lady”, lol. Hey, the drama will start filming in May & the fans in baidu are waiting expectantly for the leads to be announced.

      • WOW, there’s a lot of novels made into a drama. So exciting, will wait for you to give me the information about the lead 😀

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        • Since you are such a loyal supporter, tell you in advance that Yi Chen, Xia Ye & peanuts are taking a break in June. But, you may have a surprise:)

        • oh no so June there is no novel available lol. Peanuts and hui3r go travel yah lol:) haha surprise with new novel or surprise hanny here i come to Fin lol 😛

        • Only peanuts gets to take a break, whereas hui3r will stay back to look after the blog since she went missing for such a long time:P As for the surprise, you’ll find out later as it is too early to tell, lol.

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        • Yes, I am from Msia a friendlier neighbour to Indonesia than Singapore:P I am already translating 2 books a week, cannot do any faster. Actually, I am thinking of winding down to 1 translation a week so you get Yi Chen every fortnightly:P

        • hah you really from Malaysia ? my neighbour lol 😛 .i keep wonder cause you sometime use lah lol , that typical indo and Sing:) too bad im not meet you yet in this blog , i went penang, legoland, kl,langkawi with my husband 🙂 . Haha don’t worry peanuts translate when you have time , i also think lately you seem in good mood haha , translate quite fast 😀 .

          • Actually Chinese doesn’t really have la but got ba & ma but they don’t sound as good as la in English so I use la, lol. Haha, even though you know me you also may not able to meet me bcos like you I no longer live in MSia anymore. You moved to the north pole whereas I moved to south pole but I do go back very often lol. Msia better than Indonesia, right lol? I am active in summer but the weather is getting cold now so I need to hibernate so don’t expect timely translation:P

  4. Ahahahaha, bam, bang, boom, “we are going to register our marriage” ~ 😀

    Their marriage must have been one of the least romantic and most anti-climatic marriages written in a romance novel (excluding those marriages of convenience and shotgun with baby on the way marriages). But hey, now he has Mo Sheng tied to him, lol~

    I can so see Yi Chen reading Sun Tzu’s The Art of War and strategically planning his next move. I, for one, would not like to get on his bad side. =X

    and ouch! I still can’t help but feel sorry for Mo Sheng whenever he treats or speaks to her acerbically.

    • From now on, even if we will torment each other for a lifetime, I will also not let you go.”

      That is so dramatic & scary. I guess it is too costly for a lawyer to get a divorce lol.

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    • Hihi, long time no hear, how are you? Btw, I think it has been confirmed Zhao Li Ying & Wallace Huo will lead HQG. Although the story will be changed, if you are a WH fan, this is good news for you:) Btw, someone is translating my fav ancient novel Who Gets the World in English, heehee.

      Thank you, I like to attach cute pics to my translations bcos a picture can say a thousand words:) Those banners also mostly from me but my landlord who has returned if you are not aware, is still not satisfied with the blog layout:(

      • Hello! Yes it’s been a while, but school’s started again so that’s why I haven’t been able to blog all that much.

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        Yeah I know Wallace isn’t the best actor around but I find him pretty likeable and I don’t mind watching him onscreen. Also he looks really cool (especially in period costume) so I don’t mind him being BZH – and his White Tofu character in Chinese Paladin 3 is a little bit similar to BZH so maybe that’s why they got him… Though TBH, BZH is such a complex and Zen-like character it’ll be hard for anyone to play him.

        Great to hear someone is translating WGTW! That book is pretty long so I’m thinking it’ll take a while…

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        • Huh? I think I prefer BZH more than Luo Yin Fan. Well, I guess WH is really a ‘xian’ so he can film non-stop lol. HQG audio book has been completed quite a while ago.

          Ya, I am still reading modern novels & listening to ancient novels. Nothing really outstanding & I forgot most of them but you can check them out in SSB. You can also check out decembi’s blog as she recommends/translates mostly ancient novels which may be your cup of tea.

          • I didn’t know HQG’s audiobook was finished! Better go check it out once I get some free time…

            I totally prefer BZH way more than LYF. LYF was such a jerk I kinda hoped Chong Zi didn’t get with him at the end (LOL). I think I said this before but the other couple (Xue Immortal & Shui Xian) were so much better written.

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            Btw I think Koala’s translating Lost You Forever by Tong Hua at her blog

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            Perfect Couple is a great show BTW 😀
            Great plot and so hilarious!

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    Peanuts, I’m happy you and hui3r give us a lot of new translation. Thank you so much guys ❤
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    • Hahaha, I know you’ll relish in your moment of glory, lol. Ya ya, I know as long as he is handsome & oustanding, you’ll grab him romantic or not, lol.

  8. nice!! dont know why did i read it just now? great story and as allways nice traslation 🙂 thanks

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    • Ahahaha, nothing but the best for the handsome Yi Chen, who is the idol of millions of readers like you:) Since, they didn’t take a wedding photo so I did that for them, lol.

      • Trust you to be so thoughtful, to take a wedding foto for them! Peanuts, Peanuts, so sweet of you! Your return comments are really fun to read too.

  10. i am so shocked when he wanted to register their marriage. that’s totally unexpected.
    but leaving newlywed wife right after their ‘marriage’ is cruel. is he trying to take revenge over what happen 7years ago when she leave him without explanation?

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  15. This book is confusing. I don’t get what the hype is about the leads in the comments. Is it due to the fact that I haven’t watched the drama or heard the radio drama (in that case, you guys spoil too much)? This story is completely new to me but, as far as I can see (reread up to 6.2 twice to try to understand what is going on. But it might get better later?) the story line is very ambiguous. It constantly alludes to a past that isn’t clarified and leaves you guessing for the most part. Which is fine except the story runs exclusively on the said “past” which is confusing since the story gives you nothing to work on except there’s miscommunication…somewhere. The male lead is aggressive and angsty, and the female timid and acts dumbfounded for every present scene she apeared in so far. What actually happened in the past? Did he dump her or the other way around? I don’t know because it never clarified. What about her father? Why is he significant? The story alludes but leaves you with 15 questions on top of existing ones. And now they are apparently getting married. Wonderful, amazingly the story managed to cram a few different cliched tropes into one. I find it hard to see how this is good so far unless you’re into aggressive males leads and annoyingly weak females (weak as in “have you lost your ability to speak”? I don’t want her to burst out a confession or be aggressive back, but she really needs to articulate something other then confused puzzlement more). Maybe I’m just not suited for romance novels or this book isn’t for me. But man, I’m getting a headache.

    • Ok, just finished reading the whole thing. I take back what I said, but I still don’t see the hype about the leads. Surprisingly, the story gets warmer right after 6.2 (my last comment), go figure, and questions are answered in very untimely and unconventional fashion. Don’t see how her father’s action contribute to the story only indirectly to their break up (plus it was revealed at the very last chapter). Maybe it was to further support Yi Chen’s position of disregard for past but honestly it seemed like it was an afterthought the author added in or that the author was going to take the story further and then decided not to. As for the specifics of the breakup, it was never clearly given and I find that revealing further info other then those given prior 6.2 very unseemly. The ‘past’ that this story is built on is only given a few rays of light in an Epilogue of all possible ways!? Seriously, sounds like the author did it as an afterthought either to shed light onto Yi Mei’s words or to just tie lose ends (I still support my comment about commenters being serious spoilers). But, yeah, unconventional. Not exactly my cup of tea, overall but it’s okay.

  16. Dang, I wished that when Ms. Neighbor left, Mo Sheng could’ve said, “I’ll tell my husband you dropped by.”

  17. Im not liking both now. But i will still push ahead and read.

    These two have issues..but oh well nobodys perfect

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