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Wipe Clean After Eating (吃干抹净): Chapter 6



Haha, of course Lu Jun is not interested in Xia Ye’s body yet.  The way to a man’s heart is always through his stomach so Xia Ye’s cooking skill is put to the test. We also have Lu Jun’s little neighbour to confirm on Xia Ye’s IQ:P

Chapter 6: Feed Till Full

Seeing my reaction is so dramatic, Lu Jun glances at me with even more disdain in his eyes: “You need not be so surprised. What I actually said is not what you actually looking forward to.”

Big Brother! Big God! Big Boss! Are your pair of eyes okay? How can you use surprise to describe my reaction? Also, who is looking forward to it!!

On the way back to the company, after some negotiations with big boss Lu, I finally and slowly feel relieved.

It turned out that he called me to go to his house, is not that he wants my body to repay my debt, but because he is sick of eating takeaway food daily, so he wants a change of taste and asks me to cook a few homemade dishes for him.

I want to resist him, so I ask grudgingly: “There are so many people in the company, why do you want me to go and cook for you? Why can’t you find someone else?”

His light as a feather reply stops me in my track: “They do not owe me money.”

Okay, you are my creditor, so you are the most powerful. Hence, that night, my task is to go to my superior’s home to feed him till full……

I look at the sky while lamenting my sad fate ……

Before finishing work for that day,  in order to prevent my dear mother from being worried (probably happy?) if she knows the truth, I call home and bluff her that I need to work overtime in the office tonight.

After work, I straight away ride in Lu Jun’s flashy small car and arrive in the district where he lives. When I am walking slowly into the very high and spectacular apartment building, I feel green with envy. God, the gap between the rich and poor is too huge ah, right? It is estimated even if I would to live frugally and work for more than ten years, I still cannot afford to buy the smallest apartment here.

Lu Jun is a bachelor who is living alone but he actually lives in the biggest and best apartment here. Indeed, if you constantly compare yourself to others, you will only make yourself angry ah!

I follow Lu Jun into the house and see the decoration and furnishings which once again make me feel grief and indignation. The tiles are shining like mirrors and the crystal chandeliers are simply splendor. The beautiful and exquisite furnishings appear refreshing and unconventional. After looking around the house, my heart starts to feel one kind of emotion known as envy and jealous……

Big boss Lu sees my complexion is not looking good, so while taking off his coat, he asks me a strange question: “How? Dissatisfied with my house?”

“No, very big, very nice.” I shake my head bitterly, feel some grief and sigh: “Unfortunately, I can never afford to live in such a nice house in my lifetime.”

“It’s not necessarily so.” His bright eyes sparkle, he turns his face and calmly says: “Isn’t it very popular nowadays to marry a rich man? If you want to live in such a nice house, you might as well give it a try as well?”

I disagree and shake my head: “It is not sufficient merely to have money, but he must also have good character ah. This kind of man with both money and character, where to find!”

Suddenly he straightens his tie and looks at me with a faint smile: “There should be this kind of person in your activity circle.”

“Is there?” I carefully think about it, then shake my head with certainty: “No ah ……”

The smile on his face turns slightly stiff, and suddenly he moves his face closer: “No? You better think carefully and thoroughly again.”

I seriously think again and finally sigh: ” There is really no one.”

He frowns: “If you think clearly, how can there be no one?”

I am confused: “Really no ah!”

He: “……”

Big Boss Lu squints and looks at the confused me. His complexion gradually becomes somewhat gloomy and all of a sudden he snappily commands: “Why are you still standing here in a daze?  Go and cook!”

I am frightened and started to shiver. When I turn around, I can’t help but grumble inwardly, such a moody and mentally unstable man. Why he suddenly loses his temper without a reason ah! (You failed to appreciate someone’s good character! = =)

After wandering around the house twice, I finally succeed in finding the kitchen. The small kitchen with marble floor tiles is equipped with pot, pan, ladle, oil, salt, soya sauce, vinegar and everything you can find in a kitchen, lacking nothing. The food in the fridge is outrageously full to the brim. Many of them are vegetable and meat trays bought from the supermarket, which have been washed and cut and can be cooked immediately. This saves me a lot of time and effort. I first wash the rice and cook it with the rice cooker. Then, I pick a few food trays that I like to eat from the fridge. Since, the meat and vegetables have already been prepared, they can be stir-fried immediately. Hence, I can make four dishes and one soup very easily and effortlessly.

Due to the good quality of the ingredients used and also the completeness of the seasonings in the kitchen, these dishes taste a lot better than those I usually made ​at home.

After I come out from the kitchen, I want to tell big boss Lu that dinner is ready. However, the living room is empty, whereas I can hear the faint sound of water dripping in the direction of the bathroom.

I cannot help but frown, because usually a person who values cleanliness will wash his hands before a meal but he is taking a bath before a meal so is he a mysophobe (neat freak)?

I go back into the kitchen to cover up the dishes and turn on the TV to watch while waiting for him to come out from the bathroom. At this moment, the doorbell suddenly rings.

Hence, I walk to the door in my slippers and try to look outside from the peephole but I cannot see anything. However, the doorbell keeps on ringing, so I suspiciously open the security door and see a little boy about one meter tall standing outside. He is holding a small notebook and a pen.  He looks smart and well-behaved, with some baby fat on his face. He also has a pair of round eyes which make him looks very cute.

Looking at this cute little boy, I cannot help but feel love, so I lovingly pat his head and ask: “Little kid, what is the matter?”

He dodges to escape my hand: “I am looking for big brother Lu. Auntie, you must be big brother Lu’s domestic helper!”

= = Why is it not an interrogative sentence but an affirmative sentence? Do I really look like a domestic helper? I take a deep breath and feel very depressed before correcting him: “My name is Xia Ye, your big brother Lu’s secretary!”

When he hears that, his round eyes widen and seemingly have difficulty accepting this fact. He looks at me in complete shocked and unexpectedly put on a wise adult expression, by looking disappointed, shaking his head and sighing: “The quality of secretary is really getting worse with each successive generation.”

The disappointed one should be me! Why are today’s kids so infuriating?

After entering the house, the kid looks around and says: “My name is Xiao Yi, who lives next door.  I come to look for big brother Lu to teach me arithmetic.”

Although this mischievous kid is not very lovely when he speaks, he is still considered a child who loves to learn, so I as a magnanimous adult smilingly say: “He is still taking a shower in the bathroom, so why not big sister here teaches you.”

He supports his chin with one hand, considers my offer thoughtfully and looks at me doubtfully: “You seem pretty stupid, so will you be able to teach me?”

Being called stupid by a lower grade brat, this is what kind of feelings ……

In order to prove my intelligence quotient, I drag that mischievous kid to sit properly at the table and clear my throat to appear deadly earnest. Then I begin to teach him arithmetic: “Xiao Yi, if you want to buy a 20 yuan ball and you have your own 4 yuan pocket money, then you also borrowed 10 yuan from your big brother Lu, how much more money do you need to be able to buy that ball?”

Unexpectedly, Xiao Yi answers immediately: “Not bad, as there will be a lot of money left.”

I shake my head and patiently explain: “Incorrect, you calculated wrongly. The answer should be 6 yuan!”

He is unconvinced and stared dagger at me: “I did not calculate wrongly. Big brother Lu will not be so stingy, as he will at least give me 50 yuan every time he sees me!”

I: “……”

Boss Lu, you are really very generous, but why are you so stingy with me!?

“We will not count the one just now, we will change a question.” I wipe the sweat on my forehead. I have learned a valuable lesson just now, so I change the character in my new question and ask: “You have your own pocket money of 10 yuan, then you ask your dad for 5 yuan, so in the end how much money do you have altogether?”

Xiao Yi replies immediately without even thinking about it: “No money at all!”

I look at him with a headache: “Xiao Yi, you simply do not know arithmetic?= =”

“It is you who simply do not know my father.” That brat glances at me with total disdain: “My mum takes care of all of my dad’s money, so he is even poorer than me. Hence, he always takes away my pocket money.”

Uh …… Okay, your mother is very powerful ……

I don’t have anymore energy to teach him arithmetic, so I reckon it will be easier to teach him language. Thus, I change the subject and say: “Xiao Yi, do you know how to read?”

That mischievous kid proudly nods his head: “Of course! I can read a lot of words ah.”

“Is it? ” I look at him doubtfully. Then, I write a sentence in his notebook and ask: “How do you read these few words?”

The mischievous kid takes a glance, then reads them out loudly: “We are the flowers of the motherland.”

Really good! I write a verse from a poem and ask: “What about this?”

The mischievous kid reads them out loudly again: “Two yellow orioles sing in the green willows, a flock of white egrets surge up the blue sky.”

Really awesome ah! This time, I use a little thought and write in his notebook: Big sister, Xia Ye looks very pretty.

After I finished writing, I happily wait for him to flatter me in a loud voice, but is surprised to find that mischievous kid does not say a word and widens his pair of round eyes to look at me.

I am puzzled and asked: “What is the matter? Is there a word you can’t read?”

That mischievous kid says in a righteous tone: “No, the teacher told us not to tell lies!”

“…… = =”

This is whose’s child ah, really not cute at all! Fortunately, he is not living next to my house, or I would rather sleep in the street than go home!

I hear the sound of laughter from behind, so I turn my head and see Lu Jun who must have stood there to observe for quite a while. Immediately, I feel very ashamed and resentful!

Why he always caught me in my most humiliating moments!?

33 thoughts on “Wipe Clean After Eating (吃干抹净): Chapter 6

  1. 😀 so funny, the kid…but best part is…where to find such a man!!! 😀 poor Lu Jun, but he deserve it. And thanks for your hard work!!!

  2. Why our lead girl does not catch things quickly, why can’t she notice that what Lu Jun meant is actually himself lol. Xia Yi must be a very cute little boy 😀

    • If she can catch things quickly, we won’t be able to enjoy the book as much. Actually it is understandable as how would she dare to think the big boss is interested in a small staff like her.

  3. horeee peanuts put new chapter 😀

  4. thank you ^^
    It’s so funny. If i were Lu Jun, i would definitely love to have Xia Ye around xD

  5. Trying to lure her with the house XD The neighbor is just like the little bro in ISWAK. Thanks for the new chapter.

  6. Lu jun has to mention his name so xia ye can understand his meaning. She’s just too innocent and silly!
    Oh so xiao yi is actually a boy! Haha

  7. owned by a little boy!

    sorry for Xia Ye – hehe

  8. Oh dear, even the little boy doesn’t think much of Xia Ye’s looks and intelligence. Is she really that bad? I feel that she should be really be passable in both aspects, otherwise Lu Jun will not be attracted to her. Must be an exaggeration whenever they comment on her lack of good looks.

    • Haha, I don’t think Xia Ye is that bad but she may not be stunningly beautiful. I’ve seen handsome guys in the street with girls who look ordinary but rather cute & pleasant looking.

  9. Xiao Yi is a 腹黑 character in the making!! LOL, if he’s already like this at his age, I can just see him in an office setting in the future with his own prey. 😀

    I totally adored this fluffy book, pretty much full of happy crack in every chapter, and think Lu Jun is the coolest and most cunning 腹黑 boss. I actually like him more than Feng Teng because I felt Lu Jun had a a little more personality and a more cheek-in-tongue scheming attitude =X

    This was the first modern c-novel I finished without audiobook/radiodrama so I’m sure it’ll have a special spot on my list always. Definitely will read all your translations because they’re great and almost as funny as the original language. 😛

    Thank you for the latest chapter translations, Peanuts!

    • You are welcome, Joanna. Glad that you like this little known gem which didn’t even get published. I feel it is bcos Lu Jun has more book time so his character is more developed compared with FT. I also like Lu Jun or else I won’t bother to translate this book but FT is my first love who will always have a special place in my heart, lol.

      • Haha, Peanuts, FT is your first love ……… but he has been replaced by another C-novel guy, ya? I think Lu Jun will turn out to be as loving as FT but Yi Chen behaves in a cold and distant manner towards Mo Sheng although he has the most steadfast heart. I like all three of them!

  10. hehehe

    Thanks to Mrs Koala’s, I stumble on SSB and world of translation that brings me joy 😉

    Just one question… I don’t get it that Lu Jun falls for Xue Yi less than a week..

    • When you read fluffy novel like this, you’ve to leave your brain at home & enter a make believe world of romance where there is something called love at first sight or in the case for this book it is love at first meeting, lol.

  11. 吃干抹净 reminds me of 杉杉来吃 both boss and worker romance

    • Haha, yes as this book is replacing Shan Shan as many like this genre. Although they are of the same genre, they are still different in many aspects. For one, fhe male character is better developed than FT. Also, the female lead is not as docile as Shan Shan lol.

      • will patiently wait for more of the English translation of 吃干抹净, since there’s no audio book.. I’m have a better understanding listening to Chinese than reading.. such a dilemma. =/

  12. TToTT so malu… go put your face into refrigerator.

  13. Hahaha Xiao Yi is such a brat.
    Thanks again, peanuts~


    Thank you peanuts!

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