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Come & Eat, Shan Shan (杉杉来吃) – Interesting Tidbits on Life After Marriage (Part 3)



Since hui3r will post on Easter, I’ll wish my readers an early Happy Easter! What is a better way to celebrate it than with Shan Shan and Feng Teng:P? This part is not as suggestive as part 1 but it may still make some people blush so you better don’t read it in your office or in public, lol. In this part, there is mentioned of happenings in the beginning of the novel so if you have forgotten, it is time to read again. I have also included the funny radio drama. The song at the end of the radio drama is called The Magic of Love. It sounds really sweet so I’ve included the youtube MV.

Interesting Tidbits on Life After Marriage – Part 3 (translated by lidge and edited by peanuts)

The Truth about Pork Liver

0.20: One day after marriage, Shan Shan is chatting with Feng Yue and recalling the past. She deeply feels her current “deep water and scorching fire” life started entirely because of the misfortune caused by the pork liver from Miss High and Mighty. She says sadly: “The pork liver that you gave me for an entire month, truly inflicted much suffering on me.”

Feng Yue is surprised: “When did I give you pork liver for an entire month? It was only for a few days.”

Shan Shan: “……”

After a while, Shan Shan realises what happened and angrily says: “What nerves, I’ll definitely make him sleep in the study room tonight.”

Miss Feng looks at Shan Shan with doubt. She knows her big brother well.  This big brother has been sinister and cunning since young, so she has never been able to get the better of him from childhood up to now. Can Shan Shan do it?

The already fuming Shan Shan firmly nods her head in resentment before Miss Feng’s doubtful eyes.

0.44: Early next morning, Miss Feng calls Shan Shan: “How was it? How was it? Did my brother sleep in the study room last night?” Please forgive her gossiping nature, but being a housewife is the most boring job in the world.

“Uh……” Shan Shan stutters for a while then grudgingly replies with a vague answer: “……Yes ah.”

“Why do you sound so tired?”

“Um……I have a meeting, so I’m hanging up.”

Immediately, the phone has a busy signal and Miss Feng is stunned for a while. She could not contain her curiosity so she bravely calls her big brother: “Big brother, yesterday you…… Shan Shan seemed very angry, did you two fight?”

“No.” Mr Feng replies pleasantly.

“Haha.” Miss Feng laughs dryly. “I thought so. Some more Shan Shan said she would make you sleep in the study room. How can that happen, haha?”

1.24: “Last night, I did sleep in the study room.”

“Huh?” Miss Feng is flabbergasted.

On the other end of the phone, Mr Feng appears to laugh quietly, “Sometimes, it is quite enjoyable to change the sleeping place.”

Miss Feng is perplexed. How can sleeping in the study room be quite enjoyable? Moreover, his laughter sounds strange. She is about to ask more, but he says: “You called early in the morning just because of this? Do you have too much time on your hands? I have a meeting, so I’m hanging up.”

The phone has a busy signal again.

Another meeting? Miss Feng throws down the phone, feeling upset. But it is rare for her big brother to speak that much to her when he is usually busy working. After taking care of the baby for a while, she still feels dissatisfied so she questions Shan Shan once more. Shan Shan still stutters and quickly hangs up the phone.

2.03: On the other end of the phone, Shan Shan lies her head on her desk and quietly wails in anguish, haizz ~ ~ why did she not think of it yesterday. She was so daring to go and pick a fight against Boss. The outcome, the outcome……

The outcome is that Big Boss really slept in the study room, but…… she also slept there too……

When Shan Shan remembers what happened last night, her face blushes crimson. Suddenly her phone beeps signaling an incoming message, so she picks up the phone and takes a look. The text message is from Big Boss who claims he has a lot of meetings today—–

“Shan Shan, do you want to banish me to the kitchen tonight?”


2.49: How Shan Shan Begins To Spend Extravagantly

Although it is said that it is easy to go from saving money to wasting money but it is difficult to go from wasting money to saving money. With a university student’s budget of only 500 yuans and when she started working, the budget had increased to one or two thousands (not counting rent), it is hard for people like Shan Shan to begin to spend extravagantly all of a sudden. Even though she has become Mrs. Feng for a few weeks. Even though her wallet is filled with this card and that card …… N cards. Even though she has seen Boss signing bills many times without even blinking an eye. Yet Shan Shan still cannot simply spend money. When shopping with Feng Yue and seeing her throw away money like it is nothing, Shan Shan still feels terrified.

That Sunday, Feng Teng leaves the house early in the morning to play ball. Shan Shan had just been tortured by him repeatedly. Hence, she does not want to go with him to pick up balls so she lies in bed and refuses to get up. Usually, after Feng Teng is full after “eating,” he is easy to be cajoled and never force her to do anything. After telling the maids not to disturb her, he happily goes out alone.

2.54: Shan Shan plans to catch up on sleep until noon, but Feng Yue calls to ask her to go shopping.  When Shan Shan hears the word “shopping”, she wants to bury her head into her pillow and plays dead. Miss Feng is a terrifying shopper…… But she cannot find an excuse not to go because she cannot say she is too tired so early in the morning. This will let Feng Yue laughs at her endlessly. Grudgingly, she gets up and tells the driver to take her to XX shopping mall with many fashionable boutiques to meet up with Feng Yue.

Shan Shan has shopped with Feng Yue several times. Every time she also suffered both mentally and physically. Her body aching, her legs hurting and her spirit crushed. Even though the money that flowed out had not been hers, but but ……

Is it worth it?

Why does a purse that looks silly is worth N thousand yuans?

Why does a pair of shoes that fits badly is also worth N thousand yuans?

Why why …… does the cost of everything begin in the thousandth digits?


Shan Shan who hails from a lowly office worker in the finance department, always cannot help but thinks of the “cost” whenever she sees these sky-high prices. Because she loves her country and does not want to let Western capitalists earn her money, she always puts everything back.

3.33: Today is no exception. Miss Feng continues to swipe her cards and Shan Shan continues to look on. After a while they go to a cafe on the top floor to take a rest. Feng Yue looks at everything that she has bought and looks at Shan Shan empty-handed. Suddenly she sighs with sorrow: “Shan Shan, am I a bit wasteful?”

Miss Feng remembers the big pile of clothes at home that still have their tags “uncut,” and feels a little guilty for the first time.

While sipping her tea, Shan Shan shakes her head sincerely: “Of course not, of course not.” Miss High and Mighty, you are not a bit wasteful, but extremely wasteful ah. Calling yourself “a bit wasteful” is being too modest = =

Feng Yue sighs: “Haizz, thank goodness my big brother knows how to earn money or I can’t live this comfortably.”

This is the truth, since her husband Yan Qing although holds a high executive position, still comes from an ordinary background. He will never be able to support her spending habit. She is able to spend money like water is largely because she receives dividends from Feng Teng conglomerate each year.

3.56: Shan Shan smiles, looks at the view outside the window and her mind somehow recalls this morning conversation with Feng Teng in bed. At that time, she had been angry that he had woken her up too early. Feng Teng had said: “The first time we met outside the hospital, didn’t you scold me for being a capitalist?”

Shan Shan was shocked: “How …… how do you know?”

Feng Teng grunted. His fingers impolitely slipped beneath her clothes. At the same time he lightly bit her neck: “What is a capitalist best at? Sucking every drop of your blood and sweat.”

Afterwards ……

Although she was not drained of all her blood, it had been close ……

How embarrassing!

Why is she thinking about this in broad daylight? Shan Shan feels her cheeks are burning so she quickly picks up her drink to conceal. Feng Yue has already found out and curiously asks: “Shan Shan, why is your face suddenly turned red?”

Shan Shan becomes more uncomfortable with Feng Yue’s question. When Feng Yue looks at her, she can almost guess what is going on. When she is about to tease her, she hears someone says hello.

4.42: “Oh, is this not Miss Feng and Mrs. Feng?”

Shan Shan and Feng Yue look up at the same time and see four or five well-dressed wealthy looking ladies walking towards them. They probably know Feng Yue because they sit down without waiting for Shan Shan or Feng Yue to invite them. Feng Yue leans nearer to Shan Shan and whispers when no one is looking: “Look at the woman in the latest Chlóe design. She is the sister-in-law of XXX and previously she has always flirted with my brother. She may look pretty, but her family background is not good, so how can my brother like her?”

…… Miss High and Mighty, someone with a worse family background is sitting next to you! Shan Shan does not know how to answer while glancing at her love rival. After looking at all of them and when no one is paying attention, she whispers back: “Which outfit is the latest Chlóe design?”

Miss Feng: “……..”

5.09: After sitting there for a while, they say why not go shopping together and Shan Shan does not object. But shopping with several people is different from shopping with just Feng Yue. Shan Shan feels embarrassed if she does not even try on one clothes and only looks but does not buy. She tries on a skirt and it looks quite pretty. Then looking at the price tag, it is 1,800 yuans ~ ~

Shan Shan’s eyes brimming with tears of excitement.

Only 1,800 yuans ah ~ ~ ~

Please forgive her for using the word “only”. Before she would not even buy a skirt costing 800 yuans, but this price is really very low, very low, compared to the other clothes she has seen today ~ ~

All right, just buy this one la. She needs to fit in, since she can now be regarded as a wife of a wealthy man. She cannot be too stingy or people will laugh at Big Boss.

As a result, Shan Shan generously tells the salesperson to wrap up the skirt. The carefully made-up salesperson smiles and says: “Miss, you’re very lucky, because our store owner just brought this skirt back from England. There is only this one.” Then she presses the calculator and says, “The original price is 1,800 pounds, but after the sale discount, it’s now 20,000 yuans.”

6.00: Shan Shan suspects she has heard wrongly –— 1,800……


20,000 yuans?!

Shan Shan’s face freezes.

Everyone around hears clearly. That lady in the  latest Chlóe design clambers closer, takes a look at the skirt in the salesperson’s hands and says: “Oh, what a pretty skirt. Miss Xue is so lucky. Why didn’t I see this earlier……”

At this moment, not buying will probably embarrass Big Boss greatly. Shan Shan freezes for a second and her heart begins to bleed right away. She smilingly hands over a credit card. Then, she says with a casual indifferent attitude but is actually feeling excruciating pain inside: “Yes, I’m very lucky.”

When Shan Shan gets home, she feels dispirited and listless. She takes the initiative to face the wall to reflect on her life.

20,000 yuans oh 20,000 yuans! She actually spent 20,000 yuans to buy a torn skirt……

6.34: That is her salary for several months. That is her dad’s salary for one year, that is……

Shan Shan sinks into an endless depression. At the same time, she begins to feel regret. She should not have bought it, even though later Miss Feng had said she had been afraid Shan Shan would not buy it, but but……

Oh 20,000 yuans……

This depressed mood continues until time to go to bed. Big Boss wants to begin a certain activity but seeing Shan Shan’s completely disheartened face, looking so in pain as to not want to live…… he begins to self-reflect, something he rarely does. Has it been too much lately? Although they are newlyweds……

7.04: Feng Teng sighs: “Are you feeling really sad?”

“So much that I want to die.”

Feng Teng’s face darkens, are his techniques not good enough?

“Oh 20,000 yuans!”

Shan Shan’s voice is so grieved as to wish she was dead. Initially Big Boss is very angry,  then he finally discovers someone’s train of thought apparently is not on the same planet as him. He frowns and asks: “What 20,000 yuans?”

“Haizz……” Shan Shan is desperate to talk to someone never mind if the person is a suitable listener or not. She talks about what had happened. “Today, Feng Yue and I shopped at XX Building…… in a small store…… saw the wrong price……”

Feng Teng does not know if he should be angry or laugh, to let this kind of thing affects the quality of their X lives…… To avoid something similar happening in the future, Feng Teng thinks for two seconds then says: “XX Building?”

Shan Shan nods her head.

7.35: “I own that building.”


“Every year, those stores have to pay a lot of rent money to me.”


“So the 20,000 yuans for the skirt, part of the profit will be paid to me.”

Shan Shan stares at him blankly: “How much would you get?”

“Um, probably 5,000 yuans.” President Feng fudges in an irresponsible manner. “So from now on when you buy something, think of it having 30% off. For example, the skirt that you bought today, you have actually only spent 15,000 yuans, so you have saved 5,000 yuans.”

8.05: “Really?”

“Yes.” Big Boss continues to lie without blinking an eye. “Therefore in the future, the more you buy, the more discount you get and the more money you save.”

“Real, Really…… ?” Something seems not right. She is certain! However, can the President not lean so closely, because he is affecting her ability to think clearly!

“Of course.” Boss has completely brainwashed her, then smiles and says: “Now, can we start to do something else?”

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    • Haha, I wrote that warning specially for you, lol.
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    • Thank you for your support. I provide shelter for those who’ve their hearts broken by koala, hui3r & decembi’s translations lol.

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  7. ai yah!!! This third part after marriage tidbit gave me such a bellyache from all the laughing out loud!

    Big Boss is so cunning and such a 狼! There is always just that one thing on his mind when it comes to Shan Shan; so shameless and I love it! ❤

    I think I nearly died after reading the explanations (and lies) he gave her about saving money shopping from that store.

    Thanks for translating, lidge! and also thanks to Peanuts for editing this tidbit/chapter.

    I'm really really enjoy these after marriage tidbits: really ROFLOL funny and we get to see so more into FT's mind. They sort of remind of Stepmom's 千山暮雪 mini-epilogues which were also quite funny despite the seriousness and angst of the rest of the book. I even see a few similarities between the two couples after their marriages. But of course, I'd would never fall for Mo Shao Qian like I did with Feng Teng.

    “Which outfit is the latest Chlóe design?”
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    • You are welcome. FT is a wolf? Not really, he is pretty tame compared to all the other wolves in the c-novel world lol. He is only qualified to be a tiger, haha…..Now you know why FT will always have a special place in my heart:P

      Some novels have very good & funny epilogues.

      I guess I am in the same boat as SS bcos I’ve never heard of Chloe b4 this:(

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    • If you didn’t notice, my landlord is back so some of the updates are hers. Ya, long time didn’t see you. Nowadays you are always last with Shan Shan lol.

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