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Silent Separation (何以笙箫默) – Gu Man (Chapter 7.1)



Good news, Yi Chen has come back from Guangzhou earlier than planned. Of course, it is not because he missed all of you but probably because he missed Mo Sheng, haha. While he was away, Mo Sheng remembered the very first time they met each other, which is rather cute. Come back next week to find out who called Yi Chen:P By the way, I think this is my last chapter, and lidge, who has been very hard-working recently, will take over the translation from next chapter onward. Savour this as I won’t be posting until hui3r flies away as I’ll leave the blog for her to fangirl Wallace Huo:P

Chapter 7.1: Arm’s Length  (translated by peanuts and edited by lidge)

Episode 11: OR

0.31: Yi Chen put away his mobile phone, opened the door and walked into the room. When Chief Li from a foreign trade company saw him come in, he got up and proposed a toast: “Lawyer He, where did you go? Come over here so I can toast you again. Today’s negotiation was really brilliant.”

Yi Chen gave a polite smile, held up his glass and drank everything in the glass.

After saying nothing but some flattery and complimentary words and eating for more than an hour, Chief Li said: “Lawyer He, I think we have nearly finished eating so how about changing to another place?”

The group of men immediately intuitively got the message and gave a knowing laugh.

By looking at them, it goes without saying, one also can guess what kind of place, so Yi Chen quickly said: “Chief Li, all of you go and enjoy yourself, but I will return to the hotel.”

“Lawyer He, you are not giving us face.” Chief Li pretended to look upset.

Yi Chen said with a forced smile: “My wife at home really keeps a tight rein on me. She just called a moment ago to check up on me. Later, if she calls the hotel and I am not there, I am afraid when I get home, there will probably be no peace.”

The group of men immediately gave an empathetic expression of sharing the same woes, then Chief Li said: “Since lawyer He insists, we will not force him so let Xiao Yang send you back.”

The driver Xiao Yang stood up and wanted to send Yi Chen, but he politely declined: “No, the hotel is nearby so I can walk back and enjoy the night view at the same time.”

It was not easy for Yi Chen to get away so he did not want to return to the hotel. He turned around and walked in the opposite direction.

Guangzhou is a city that is too dazzling so it is easy to make people feel captivated and lose direction. Yi Chen strolled slowly in a public square, passing by the elderly, couples and kids and enjoying the peacefulness in the midst of an expanding, bustling city.

Suddenly, a flash of white light made Yi Chen turned his head and saw someone taking pictures. Two students, who appeared to be girls and probably tourists, were taking pictures to keep as souvenir in the public square.

2.12: He inexplicably remembered the first time he saw her. There was also a flash of white light, then he saw a girl holding a camera and beaming at him.

Any person who has his picture taken without his permission will also not be too happy, but he did not say anything at that time except frowned and stared at her.

At the beginning, she felt a little guilty by his glaring, but immediately became self-righteous and as the guilty party she filed the suit first by saying: “Hey, I’m taking photos of the scenery, why do you suddenly come out of nowhere?”

He was still a little angry, but after hearing what she said, he really did not know whether to be angry or laugh so he just ignored her and moved forward to leave. He did not expect she would actually catch up to ask: “Hey, why are you leaving?”

If at this time he still did not know how to strike back, he was not qualified to be well-known as the outstanding student in the Faculty of Law: “Don’t you want to take photos of the scenery? I am returning it back to you.”

Her face turned red at once. Quite a while later, she mumbled: “Okay, I admit that I secretly took your photo.”

Willing to admit her mistake, she could still be saved. Yi Chen quickened his footsteps, but she leisurely kept pace with him. After walking for a while, Yi Chen could not help but turned around: “Why are you following me?”

“You still have not told me your name and faculty ah.” She said innocently.

“Why should I tell you?”

“If you do not tell me, how do I give the photo to you?”

“No need.”

“Oh.” She nodded her head and appeared ‘it does not matter‘, “Then, I am forced to go and ask around after I‘ve developed the photo.”

He could not believe it: “Stay where you are.”

“Why? Are you afraid I cannot find you?” She gave him a ‘Don’t worry’ look, “Although there are several thousand people in the university, where there is a will, there is a way. I will go and ask one by one so in the end, I‘ll definitely find you.”

Then, he did not need to show his embarrassed face in university again, Yi Chen fumed with rage between gritted teeth: “He Yi Chen, Year 2 International Law.” After saying that, he turned to leave. After walking very far away, he could still hear her laughter.

After two days, she really found him. She took out the photograph like presenting a treasure. In the photo, he was contemplating under the setting sun: “You see, you see, my first time at handling the lighting effects so well! Can you see the sunlight passing through the leaves?”

When he raised his head, he finally saw sunlight leaping on her face. So unreasonable, the sunlight silently pierced through the heavy haze and shone into his heart. He did not even have time to reject.

She was the only ray of sunshine in his gloomy life, but this ray of sunshine did not only shine on him.

That seven years she was away, there was another man ……

Yi Chen closed his eyes.

4.23: Admit it, He Yi Chen, you were mad with jealousy.

The new issue of “Xiu Se” was released. The young man who smiled proudly and successfully on the cover was a newcomer in the building industry. In the last two years, he got a lot of awards in international design exhibitions, his reputation widespread.

“Unfortunately, he is not handsome enough.” Xiao Hong commented with great regret.

“That lawyer He is handsome ah, but it is a pity someone was not able to get an interview.” Ah Mei said loudly.

“Ah Mei, don’t say that.” Xiao Hong could not stand her vitriol. “Yi Jing already tried her best.”

Coincidentally, Mo Sheng walked to where they were, heard everything and could not help but look at Tao Yi Jing. She was calmly writing on her desk and did not pay attention to others.

Suddenly, Mo Sheng felt a twinge of guilt.

“Ah Sheng, Ah Sheng.” Xiao Hong suddenly remembered something and shook her arm. “We are friends so you‘ll do me a small favour, right?”

Mo Sheng immediately had a bad premonition and asked cautiously: “Xiao Hong, you and that surgeon, ah …… have a problem?” Otherwise, why have to go on blind dates again?

“You’re very bad. What are you thinking?!” Xiao Hong shouted with displeasure. Both of her hands were holding her face, giving an expression that she was currently in a sweet stage in her dating relationship. “This is it!” While talking, out of nowhere she took out an ultra big piece of paper and spread it out in front of her. “Have you seen clearly yet?”

Seen clearly but also feeling dizzy. On the top centre of the paper, there were two words “shopping list.” Below, she closely listed various kinds of brands for clothes, shoes, cosmetics…as well as digital camera?

Indeed, all kinds of things, Mo Sheng looked until blurry. “Xiao Hong, the prices of things are going to rise soon?” This was simply a “panic buying list” ah!

“Hey, it has been decided that sister Chen and you are going to go to Hong Kong? Do not change the subject. Just one word, buy or not?”

News traveled really fast, Mo Sheng sighed. “What are the benefits?”

6.03: After work, Xiao Hong’s boyfriend Dr. Cheng was treating dinner. While having dinner, Xiao Hong constantly reminded her: “Ah Sheng, do you know what ‘eating a meal paid by someone else’ mean?”

Mo Sheng did not know whether to laugh or cry: “Don’t worry, I’ll certainly buy everything for you, I’ll buy until my hands could not carry anything anymore. However, Xiao Hong …….” Mo Sheng leaned next to her ear and whispered: “Don’t you want to maintain your image of a lady?”

Oops! She forgot again! Xiao Hong reflexively straightened up her back and sat up straight. She also put away her debt collector ugly expression and put up a radian perfect smile. Mo Sheng saw that graceful Dr. Cheng’s eyes flashing with smile incessantly. He evidently had long discovered this and secretly laughed to himself.

She could not help but also smiled, finally, Xiao Hong said goodbye to the past.

After the meal, she went home alone. After she went up the bus, she found out she took the wrong one. This bus was bound for her former place of residence so she quickly got off at the next stop. She looked at her watch, which was not even seven o’clock yet so she was not in a hurry to go home.

She shopped for a long time in the supermarket before arriving home at nine after. She opened the door, and the house was absolutely empty.

She walked into the kitchen and took out each of the things in the bag. MSG, salad oil, salt, soy sauce …… there was practically nothing in the kitchen so what did Yi Chen usually eat?

There were still some clothes in the bedroom, which have not been unpacked. When she opened the wardrobe, she saw Yi Chen’s monotonous suits and shirts neatly hanging in there. He seemed to prefer grey color. Mo Sheng hung her clothes beside his, then looked at them foolishly and suddenly wanted to smile.

But she also felt heartache.

Yi Chen ……

Yi Chen.

She took off her shoes and lay on the bed. These two days, she had been sleeping in the guest room, but now she suddenly did not want to leave. An inexplicable emotion, something which she also could not explain herself overflowed in her heart. Perhaps, it was because of tomorrow.

Yi Chen would be coming back tomorrow, on Friday.

In a daze, she fell asleep without even taking off the clothes. Unknowingly how much time had passed, half dreaming, half awake, she seemed to hear the sound of someone walking. She turned her body and woke up quite a while later to a pitch-dark room.

8.05: When she woke up again, it was already morning so she threw back the quilt to get up …… quilt? Mo Sheng stared blankly at it. Probably, it was cold at night so she covered herself.

She quickly brushed her teeth and washed her face. Her hair looked a bit long in the mirror and constantly covering the eyes so she had to find a time to have a haircut. She got ready her stuff to go out and when she opened the door, she was stunned.

Yi Chen in a suit and tie was standing outside the door. He was holding his keys, like he was about to open the door.

Mo Sheng unbelievably stared at the man in front of her, “Yi Chen?” Why was he here? Didn’t he say he would only be back at night?

“Ah.” Yi Chen put away the keys, hastily answered briefly, then walked past her into the guest room.

A moment later, he came out with a stack of documents in his hand. When he saw her still standing foolishly at the door, he frowned.

“Aren’t you going to work?”

“Oh, I am going.”

Mo Sheng did not know why, but she felt a bit ill at ease. This was the first time she truly realized that their relationship was different, and it would stay that way in the future. Every morning, the first person she would see will be him ……

“I will send you to work.”

9.11: Mo Sheng followed him into the elevator. “No need la, I can go by myself.” The law firm and the magazine publisher are in different directions, one north and one south.

Yi Chen pressed the button for the basement parking and said dismissively: “I am going to the court in X district, which is on the way.”

“Oh, that’s good.” So this was why he was giving her a lift.

In the car, Mo Sheng remembered to ask him: “You …… came back last night?” Otherwise, why did he leave his documents in the guest room?

“Yes.” Yi Chen replied curtly, focusing his attention on the road.

Mo Sheng pursed her lips: “What time …… why didn’t you call me?”

“Eleven something,” he replied a little impatiently, paused, then said: “There was no need.”

Mo Sheng’s eyes looked slightly bleak so she turned her head to look out the car window. It was the rush hour to go to work, the traffic congestion was bad…… would their relationship always be at a standstill like this?

“Yi Chen, if you are still in X district in the afternoon, can we have lunch together?”

Suddenly, Yi Chen moved and turned his head. Mo Sheng was looking out the window and her voice was very soft so who was she talking to?

He turned back his line of vision and said in an indifferent voice: “I don’t think I will be around at noon.”

10.10: As a matter of fact, he was also not there in the morning.

“Yi Chen?” Lao Yuan blinked a few times and widened his eyes to look at the person walking into the law firm. The trainee girl rubbed her eyes a few times, “Could it be that my eyes have a problem so I am seeing an illusion?”

“I think the problem is not just the eyes.” Yi Chen glanced at him, then walked into his office.

That big man eagerly followed him from behind into his office and sat down. “When I was talking to you on the phone at seven something last night, you were still in Guangzhou so how come you are back now?”

“I was at the airport at that time.” Yi Chen sat down, flipped open the documents and said.

“Have you finished the things you needed to do?”


When he said almost, it meant there was no problem at all. Sometimes, Lao Yuan could not help but admired his junior because it was already very tight to settle the things in Guangzhou within a week, but he could actually complete them one day ahead. Really did not know how he managed to do it!

“Did you arrive home very late last night? Why were you so anxious since it is not too late for you to come back today.” Lao Yuan muttered, “If I do not know you are a bachelor like me, I would suspect that you are rushing back to accompany your wife.”

Suddenly, he stopped writing in the documents with the pen in his hand and left a large tear on the paper.

Yi Chen raised his head from looking at the documents and bluntly ordered his expulsion: “Lao Yuan, if I remember correctly, you have to appear in court this morning.”

11.06: When Mei Ting saw Yi Chen coming out from the meeting room, she immediately handed him the data: “Lawyer He, I have already printed the information you want.”

“Also, this is C university’s centennial celebration invitation, which came together in the post with lawyer Xiang and lawyer Yuan‘s ones. I helped to take yours over.”

“Thank you.” Yi Chen nodded his head, took it and opened the exquisite invitation printed with the symbol of C university landmark. It was written 15 November as C university centennial celebration.

Mei Ting looked at the clock on the wall, which was five forty. “Lawyer He, if there is nothing else, then I will get off work.”

“There is nothing more to do so you can leave now.”

11.43: “Then, I’ll leave first.” Mei Ting packed her things, then remembered, “Lawyer He, your mobile phone rang many times just now.”

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    • “The scene where he looks up and sees Ah Sheng for the first time as his ray of light in his otherwise gloomy life was so touching.”

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