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Wipe Clean After Eating (吃干抹净): Chapter 7



This is Hanny who is a loyal reader of this blog’s favourite chapter because after reading it with google translate, she managed to trick her husband into washing the dishes, lol. She is more lucky than Xia Ye because her husband is not a weirdo like Lu Jun, so she can continue to enjoy reading this novel while her husband slave away, haha…I want to suggest to her and everyone it is happier to wash the dishes together like the cover picture. Read on to find out how you can trick your boyfriend or husband to wash the dishes:P

Chapter 7: Wash Dishes

Lu Jun is wearing a dark grey plush bathrobe. His whole body is emitting the after bath sweet scent which is filling the air. A few sparkling and translucent water droplets from his dripping wet jet-black hair fall on his strong chest and slide along the delicate skin all the way below …… Gulp, I subconsciously shallow back my saliva. It is said that a man who has taken a bath is the most lethal,  which is indeed true! Looking at this handsome man after bathing figure, even someone with a thick skin like me, also cannot help but have her cheek burning hot! (You are so honest – )

In order to avoid looking like a fool in public, I only take a glance then quickly revert my gaze and say seriously: “The meal is ready, so you can eat now!”

Without waiting for big boss Lu to say something, Xiao Yi is already nodding his head and says: “Since you are so sincere in inviting me, I’ll reluctantly stay for dinner.”

Immediately, I am dumbstruck.  You naughty child, really very thick skinned, ah. When did I invite you to stay for dinner!? You better leave quickly, because looking at you for one more second, I will have headache!

In contrast, when Lu Jun hears this, he actually smiles in an amiable manner. He slowly walks over and softly asks: “Xiao Yi, you intend to stay for dinner?”

“Yes!” The mischievous kid nods his head, looking adorable and innocent, blinks his eyes and asks: “Big brother Lu does not welcome Xiao Yi ah?”

“Of course, welcome.” Lu Jun lovingly touches his head, bents down and whispers in the mischievous kid’s ear.

After listening to his words, that mischievous kid’s face changes color, like he is nervous and panic-stricken. He puts away the notebook and pen on the table in a flurry, then says: “I’ll go home first. Enjoy your meal!” After saying that, he swiftly runs out the door and slams it shut. In the blink of an eye, this little boy disappeared in a surprisingly fast speed.

I could not help but feel surprised. Just a moment ago, didn’t he really want to stay and have dinner? What did that two-faced Lu say to him to make him so fearful? I remain perplexed despite much thought ……

The gaily-colored and nice smelling food dishes are served on the dining table. Mr. Lu is very gentle and graceful in picking up his chopsticks, slowly picks up the food and put them into his mouth.

After all, this is his first time eating my cooking, so I fear it may not suit his taste. Hence, I quickly ask: “How is it? Delicious or not?”

He slowly chews a few times. It is rare that he does not criticise me. Instead, he smiles faintly and nods his head slightly: “Your cooking skill is pretty good.”

As a result, I feel very excited. This is big boss Lu’s unprecedented first praise ah!

Sure enough, if a person has been oppressed for a long time, she will be eternally grateful for small mercy. My mood is good so my appetite is also good. Thus, I enjoy my meal immensely.

While eating, suddenly I remember the look of panic on that mischievous kid’s face when he ran away in a hurry.  I am rejoicing in his misfortune and is also curious so I ask: “Oh, by the way, general manager, what did you just say to Xiao Yi, to the extent of frightening him so badly!?”

Lu Jun looks at me, his eyes fill with smiling expression and says: “I only told him that you think he is very cute and intend to give him a kiss after the meal.”

My mood immediately turns very depressed, so I decide to transform my grief and indignation into eating. I grab and sweep away all the food on the dining table like a vicious dog. Finally, I put down my bowl and chopsticks under Lu Jun’s alarmed gaze.

After the meal, Lu Jun looks at the mess on the table and uses his usual commanding tone to say: “Go and wash the dishes.”

I ate too much so I slump on a chair lazily and do not want to move at all. Thus, I righteously and confidently quibble: “General manager, I only agreed to cook but did not agree to wash the dishes ……”

He is stumped for word and immediately looks somewhat awkward: “If you don’t wash the dishes, do you expect me to wash them?”

I nod my head at once and vehemently encourage him: “General manager, do you know a man who can do housework is the most attractive!? Especially when he is wearing an apron and washing the dishes. This is the ideal image of a good man in the minds of a majority of the women. No matter what kind of women, they will also be instantly smitten by you. In order to portray the prefect image of a good man, I feel it is necessary for you to wash the dishes.”

After Lu Jun heard that, he slowly raises his head and looks at me thoughtfully with his eyes flashing a strange glow. When I start to have goosebumps with the way he is staring at me, he suddenly curves the corner of his mouth:  “A man who washes the dishes is really very attractive?”

I firmly nod my head: “Really la!”

He elegantly raises his eyebrows: “Okay, I’ll believe you this once.”

Then, Lu Jun really obediently stands up and very slowly and gently stacks up the dishes on the dining table one by one.  After that, he walks into the kitchen, appearing impressive and elegant.

I feel relieved because I have successfully tricked this sly fox into doing something for once. Indeed not easy ah! Now, I can take a well-deserved proper break. This chair is really comfortable, just like sitting on a soft sponge.

However, before I get to relax for long, I hear big boss Lu’s summon from the kitchen: “Xia Ye, come into the kitchen!”

Oh no!  Don’t tell me this pampered man does not even know how to wash the dishes.  In the end, he still needs to call me to help him to wash up? I grimace, resign to my fate and stand up to walk towards the kitchen with my bulging belly. Although I feel very resentful,  my facial expression is still fawning like a small staff: “General manager, is there anything I can help you with?”

Lu Jun turns his head slightly to glance at me and calmly instructs: “Just stand there and don’t move.”

“…… ?” I look at him in bewilderment. I can only see the apron around his very slim and strong waist. Then he picks up the rubber gloves and puts them on both of his slender hands.  He slowly rolls up his sleeves and lowers his noble head slightly. Finally, he looks out of place when he puts both of  his hands into the water and begins to wash the dishes.

His movements are organized, gentle and graceful. Although he does not seem very skillful,  he is still able to cope adequately. Thus, he simply does not need my help.

I stand for a while and feel that I look like a decorative item, so I say: ” That …… general manager, if there is nothing I can help you with, I’ll go out first.”

There is no sound until he raises his head and shouts: “Standstill!”

With that angry and powerful tone, I quickly standstill and look doubtfully at him. When he sees that I have halted my footstep, he no longer looks at me. He bends down his head slightly and continues to wash the dishes earnestly.

Consequently, I somehow understand: “You asked me to come in, just to …… watch you wash the dishes?”

Lu Jun gives me a light as a feather glance: “If you don’t watch, what is the point of me washing the dishes?”

What kind of person is this ah! What is the connection between whether I watch or don’t watch and you wash or don’t wash? Initially, I wanted to take a seat to take a rest, but now I have to foolishly stand here. Why can’t you just wash the dishes, but you have to find a person to stand guard? Such a weirdo! (Mr. Lu, we observe a moment of silence in your tribute!)

When I look at his fair and handsome side face, I become mesmerized, so I grumble secretly in my heart. This man truly is a typical evildoer. Not only good-looking to a frightening level in a shirt and suit, but even now in casual wear at home, he is also very good-looking. Natural yet sexy, ordinary yet grandeur and casual yet relaxed. Later who becomes ​​his wife will certainly suffer. Living in fear every day to be on guard against any potential mistresses. (We also observe a moment of silence in your tribute!)

That day after I arrived home, the moment I enter the house,  I feel the atmosphere is very unusual.  It is abnormal mainly because of my dear mother’s affable face.

I have just taken off my shoes and my mum all smiles is approaching me: “My well-behaved daughter,  you’ve come back ah? Are you tired? Do you want me to make you a cup of milk to drink? ”

I quickly jump back a step and look frighteningly at her: “Mum,  are you possessed by a ghost?”

Mum glares at me and lifts her hand to hit my forehead: “Bad girl, always loves to talk nonsense.”

Immediately, I feel relieved because she has returned back to normal again.

Then, all of a sudden, mum becomes gentle: “Thinking back now, mum has not bought you anything for a long time. Tell me what you want?”

Suddenly, I come to an understanding. After countless past experiences, in conclusion every time mum wants to compel me to do something, she will use peaceful measure before using force. Peaceful measure is to give me something and force is feather duster = =

It is said that a wise man will submit to circumstances, so I think for a while then says: “I want a stone necklace or a document-style bag.”

Immediately, mum looks embarrassed: “A stone necklace costs at least tens of dollars so it is better to buy you a bag. Don’t say anything else since it has been decided!”

I am very happy so I give her a big hug: “Mum, thank you so much. You treat me extremely well.  A document-style bag will cost a few hundreds of dollars!”

Mum becomes stiff: “= = Oh, by the way, my obedient daughter, what color necklace do you prefer?”

I “……”

After we have settled on the gift, I ask: “Mum, what really is the matter, ah?”

Mum pats me on the shoulder: “Actually, it is no big deal. I only want to ask you to go out for a meal the day after tomorrow and at the same time go on a blind date.”

“……” I keep quiet for a moment, then say angrily: “Mum, are you okay!? With my personality, qualification and appearance, do I need to go on a blind date!?”

Mum pats me on the shoulder again, without saying a word. This time, she uses her eyes to give me an affirmative answer ……

Immediately, I feel only darkness in the world ……

22 thoughts on “Wipe Clean After Eating (吃干抹净): Chapter 7

  1. Thank you for this chapter peanuts!

    Gosh I can never make my husband slave away like that..! His very 大男人! so jealous.

    Xia Ye.. hrmm wondering if Lu Jun is Xia Ye’d blind date..

  2. Haha. You shouldn’t have to trick your husband into washing the dishes. It is his duty and HONOR as a husband to do so. If you have to trick him into doing it, then you aren’t training him properly. :p

  3. huahahaha, peanuts you still remembered what i write lol , yeah when read this novel i think its so funny 🙂 hehe i don’t use trick , i only borrow the words lol to make my hubby happy 😀 lucky i got good husband who want help his wife :)my husband always help me wash dishes at least 1 time in a day even before i read this novel 😀 so when i said to my husband ,you know in novel said man who wash dishes is sexy lol, so hubby when you washes dishes you are sexy ah lol . Haha if we wash dishes together no space 🙂

    • you’re so lucky Hanny! I don’t have a husbands who’s willing to wash the dishes. Luckily I got a great dish washer!

      • Haha hi Sutekii nice to know you, yeah when first married i also said thank u to my husband for willing to help me, maybe because he is foreigner . He said in school they learned how to sewing , wash dishes, iron, so for him its normal and he willing to do it. it just that time i busy google translate lu jun huahaha, so i forgot wash dishes lol.

    • Such small kitchen? I am sure both of you can squeeze tightly together lol.

      • Haha not only because of that… Also because i always play vampire hoho so better he said better wash dishes alone lol. Oh peanuts i like Both are foxes by thousand night forest web , its review from decembi i wonder if you read ? If know the ending let me know . I google translate but toooooo hard not understand 🙂 or you introduce me to decembi say someone desperate want know the ending lol

        • I forgot to tell you, I am not very knowledgeable with ancient novels so if possible dun ask me except those famous novels. Decembi is very nice so just drop her a comment on her blog & she’ll reply you directly.

  4. I love her dynamics with her mother, they are just so cute

  5. such interesting chapter!! i laughed so hard!!! Lu Jun is realyy cute 😀 cant wait for next 🙂 and thanks again

  6. Thanks for the new chapter. I made a big mistake because I listened to this chapter in public. Haha Come here to support you because I’m lazy to read Silent. Hihihi

  7. Why are mothers in most novels are obsessed to marry their daughter off?

    Thanks for the translation.

  8. “If you don’t watch, what is the point of me washing the dishes?” Hahaha true.
    Thank you very much, peanuts~

  9. I would have tried this then I remembered I have always been single since birth so nevermind. Hahahahaha

    Thanks peanuts!

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