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Silent Separation (何以笙箫默) – Gu Man (Chapter 8.1)



When Yi Chen asked for help, Lidge and Kristina volunteered to do it:) Because Yi Chen wanted some translation done, unlike Mo Sheng, Lidge has done it in record breaking speed. But don’t expect her to be this hard-working for the next post. Hence, when Kristina email me the first part of her translation, it was too late as Lidge has already finished translating it. However, I did incorporate some of her translation here and there in my editing. Thus, a big thank you to Kristina for your keen interest and contribution. The relationship between Yi Chen and Mo Sheng is still a bit frosty so be patient.

Chapter 8.1: If You Leave (translated by lidge and edited by peanuts)

Episode 13: OR

Cannot translate!

0.31: Mo Sheng stared at the English words on the paper. Such injustice, all those years spent abroad was a complete waste.

Ask Yi Chen? She looked up to see that he seemed very busy so better not disturb him.

Suddenly, the phone rang, breaking the silence in the office. With his right hand flipping through the documents, Yi Chen picked up the phone with his left hand.

“Hello …… I am in the office …… no, as it turns out I have something to do today ……”

What did the other party say as Yi Chen started to laugh: “Lao (Old – usually use to address an elderly) Zhou, when did you also become a matchmaker?”

Lao Zhou started to complain: “I am forced by my wife. When she came to the court last time, she just so happened to see you. Since then, she has intention to introduce her niece to you. My wife does not have any hobby except she likes to matchmake. However, honestly speaking, Xiao (Young – usually use to address a youngster) He, it is not that I want to advocate for my own family member, but my wife’s niece is really quite good. Education, appearance and personality are all on par with yours. Why don’t you consider it?”

Yi Chen smiled. “Lao Zhou, do you want me to engage in an extramarital affair?”

“What extramarital affair?” Lao Zhou reacted belatedly, “Are you saying you are married?” After shouting it out, he immediately refuted it himself, “Don’t joke, it is possible for anyone but impossible for He Yi Chen to get married.”

What did he say? Yi Chen could not help laughing.

After hanging up the phone, Yi Chen looked at Mo Sheng, who was engrossed in her work.

Biting the tip of the pen again.

Incurable bad habit!

Previously, when she could not solve a  calculus problem, she also acted like this. After biting the tip of the pen for a while, she pushed the assignment to him and looked at him with eyes full of flattery: “Yi Chen ……”

Pity him who was majoring in law but was better in studying calculus than the science and engineering students.

“Yi Chen ……” Mo Sheng really could not translate anymore so she looked up to appeal for help.


He sat down beside her and out of habit took the document in her hands. “Which one?”

“Here, how to translate this one?”

Mobilia sequuntur personam.

2.11: Chattels follow the person.

Very professional terms and Latin language so it was normal for her not to know it.

His breathing was very near and lingered around her face. Suddenly, Mo Sheng remembered when they studied together outside of class time in the past. Yi Chen would always very solemnly said: “Mo Sheng, don’t sit next to me.”

“Why ah?” She specifically followed him here to study outside of class time ah.

“You will distract me.”

A little sad, but straightaway she raised a hand to pledge. “I promise not to talk to you, not to go out to buy snacks and not to move around ……”

As a result, before she even finished talking, Yi Chen spoke with a defeated look: “No matter how quiet, you will still distract me.”

What the hell!? At that time, she was so angry that she took her books and stormed off panting with rage.

However, she seemed to understand a little bit more of his words now ……

This was because he also did not do anything, but just stood behind her and stooped. His refreshing and cool breaths of manliness surrounded her and her hair gently brushed against his coat. If she raised her head, it would touch his chin.

For some reason, her face was growing warmer. She was very disturbed by his presence ……

Before she realized what she was doing, she had already stood up and jumped aside. The top of her head mercilessly hit someone’s chin.

“What are you doing?” Yi Chen was startled by her and stroked his chin, which was in pain.

“Uh, I ……” She obviously could not tell him the truth so her face flushed redder and redder, “…… I, I want to go eat.”

She felt silly after speaking that. What kind of an excuse, ah, now …… glancing at the clock on the wall, it was not even half past ten yet.

“Right now?” Yi Chen frowned.

“Er, yes ah because I did not eat much this morning.” She summoned up the courage to explain.

He glanced at the mountain of work on his desk but seeing the ‘hungry’ Mo Sheng looking a bit weird before him, Yi Chen finally surrendered.

He knew it, letting her come along to the law firm was definitely a mistake.

3.54: KFC on a Saturday was crowded and lively.

Mo Sheng did not think Yi Chen would actually bring her here. She pulled his sleeve: “Yi Chen, did you go to the wrong place?”


“In the past, did you not say only kids like this place?”

“In the past, you also liked this place.” Yi Chen’s face flushed in anger as if she was ungrateful.


“Then I’ll look for somewhere to sit.” Mo Sheng quickly picked the easiest task.

Sitting near the windows on the second floor,after biting the burger two times, Mo Sheng could not eat anymore. Thus, she drank her Coke and chatted a few words with Yi Chen. While talking,  their topic of conversation turned to her current translation project.

Yi Chen raised his eyebrows: “Since when did you become so interested in law?”

“Oh,….it’s always good to know a bit of law.”

“No need.” Yi Chen smiled faintly, “You can continue to be ignorant of law. As long as it’s not about you wanting a divorce, I can help you.”

Huh? Mo Sheng frowned. Was he joking?

“Xiao He, how come you would also come here?” The surprised voice of a woman sounded behind Mo Sheng. She turned her head and saw a thirty something years old woman leading an adorable pair of twins towards them.

“Uncle He!” The twins yelled out at the same time. One of them said shrewdly, “Uncle He, your girlfriend is very pretty.”

“Fang Jian.” Yi Chen stood up to say hello. This seemingly intelligent and capable woman was the district prosecutor. She was the prosecutor in one of the cases Yi Chen was currently handling.

Fang Jian patted her son’s head, “Don”t be rude.” Then, she smiled at Yi Chen and said: “Lawyer He shouldn’t be so shabby since you are making so much money. Why treat people to eat this kind of Western fast food!”

Yi Chen smiled: “But someone likes to eat this.”

Mo Sheng thought to herself that this ‘someone’ could not be her. Back in university, it was true she liked this. But having stayed in a foreign country for so long, if she still liked it then there must be a problem with her taste.

“So has the great lawyer finally fallen?” Being smart and working in a profession which requires observing people’s words and gestures for clue as to their  thoughts, Fang Jian can immediately guess something was going on from Yi Chen’s few words. She sized up Mo Sheng and concluded that to He Yi Chen this woman who looked like a student was distinctive.

“No.” Yi Chen quickly changed topic, “I heard you will be promoted, so let me congratulate you first.”

“It’s not confirmed yet.” Although Fang Jian was delighted, she still acted modestly. She hesitated for a moment before saying, “Xiao He, when I saw you last time I wanted to ask this, but a phone call interrupted and I forgot. I heard you accepted Wei Da Guang’s case?”

5.55: “No, only his relative came for a consultation.”

Wei Da Guang was the deputy mayor of a certain prefecture level city. He was allegedly involved in embezzling billions of dollars. Recently, many newspapers already reported about this. Mo Sheng was working in the industry so naturally she knew. But these news always made her recalled some unhappy past events so she did not pay close attention.

Fang Jian smiled as if reassured: “If you accepted the case, I’d be a bit worried. However, I told my colleagues that you usually never accept this kind of corruption cases.” Fang Jian exclaimed, “If all lawyers can be like you, how is it possible that some criminals can get away unpunished?”

“Fang Jian, you flatter me. Criminals also have a right to a defense. I didn’t accept this case because of personal reason.”

Personal reason?

Mo Sheng’s hand stiring the ice cubes slowed down. She looked despondently at Yi Chen’s indifferent expression.

Fang Jian said with a smile: “Anyway, as long as you don’t accept this case, I feel relieved. I have to go. Kids, say goodbye to uncle.”

“Uncle and sister, goodbye!” The twins said at the same time.

“What uncle and sister, don’t simply call!” Fang Jian knocked on the head of the twins. Then she took their hands and led them away.

The moment they left, the lively atmosphere that existed earlier immediately cooled down. Mo Sheng’s thoughts still revolved around Yi Chen’s “personal reason”. She could not help but think of her family’s situation.

“Yi Chen.” Mo Sheng lowered her head and used the straw to poke at the floating ice cubes in her Coke, “My dad’s matter, do you mind?”

There was silence from Yi Chen. Mo Sheng breathlessly continued: “Actually, my dad was a very good person, what happened……”

“That has nothing to do with me.”

She had to summon a lot of courage before starting to talk about it, yet Yi Chen coldly interrupted her.

The straw in Mo Sheng’s hand did not manage to poke the ice cubes, but poked the cup instead. The cup overturned and spilled the Coke all over the table.  A few drops splashed onto Mo Sheng’s white sweater.

After a few seconds of confusion, Mo Sheng quickly reached for the napkins and wiped the spill on the table. While she was earnestly and carefully wiping, her hands were trembling slightly.

What did he say? Yi Chen closed his eyes and wondered.

The second time.

The second time, he lost his self-control.

After regaining his composure, Yi Chen leaned over. He took the napkins in Mo Sheng’s hands: “Let me.”

7.50: When Mo Sheng regained her concentration, the napkins had changed hand. Yi Chen lowered his head to carefully and attentively wipe the stain on Mo Sheng’s sweater. His slender fingers were steady and strong. Through the gap in her hair, she saw his determined eyebrows…..

Yi Chen was so close, so close.

Then what was so far away?

“I’m not going to the law firm in the afternoon.” Mo Sheng said quietly.

Yi Chen stopped wiping and looked up at her. It was difficult to know what kind of emotion was hidden in her deep black eyes.

“I am going shopping because I need to buy something.” Mo Sheng said in a soft voice, “Anyway, I can’t help you much.”

8.26: Actually, she did not need to buy anything.

Walking aimlessly in the crowded streets, Mo Sheng felt a bit down. Perhaps choosing to stroll down the street was a mistake.  In such a lively environment, it would only make lonely people feel even more lonely.

This one month, passed by like a dream.

The two of them were literally strangers, unexpectedly stuck together in an intimate marital relationship. Completely unprepared. They skipped the process of taking the time to get to know each other again. But they could not skip the unfamiliarity and the entanglements in their hearts, created by the many years of separation.

Her father.

Her previous marriage.

The problems appeared to have stemmed from her. Mo Sheng smiled bitterly.

She visited several stores and tried on two sweaters. Looking at the person in the full-length mirror, she still felt something was inappropriate.

Probably because of the turmoil in her heart.

She remembered she had to cut her hair.

It is easiest to find a hairdresser’s shop in the city.  As soon as she walked out of the clothing store, she looked up and saw a hairdresser’s shop right away.

Artsy Hairdresser?

Mo Sheng tried to recall such a familiar name from her memory. She finally remembered, Xiao Hong had strongly recommended this shop. Xiao Hong’s taste has always been questionable, but there were many people waiting in the shop. It was unlikely that everyone have the same standard like Xiao Hong.

She opened the door and sat down to wait. It was more than an hour before it was her turn.

9.40: “Miss, how do you want your haircut?” The hair stylist asked.

“A little bit shorter is fine.”

“Just like this?”


“Great!” Mr. hair stylist laughed strangely. “I like the freedom to express my style.” The last sentence sounded like he was talking to himself. Mo Sheng did not care much until more than an hour later……

Mo Sheng stared at the person in the mirror, how could that be?

Why she looked like this? The hair was jagged like an animal just gnawed on it.

“Do you think it does not look good?” He glared aggressively at her. On one hand, he held a pair of gleaming scissors. On the other hand, he held a blow dryer that made whirring noises.

“Uh…. it’s not like that.” Mo Sheng was intimidated by his aggression, “Actually, upon closer inspection…… it’s pretty good.”

“Really?” He looked suspiciously at Mo Sheng’s sincere face, “Good in what way?”

What way? Could combing or not combing the hair look the same be considered good?

“Ah……that, very…….artsy. That is right, very artistic.” Remembering the shop’s name, Mo Sheng nodded with certainty.

“Really?” This time, he used a different tone to ask “really”.  Mr. hair stylist looked proud like a peacock.

He waved his large hand, his occupational weapon looked like a beautiful arc in the air: “Don’t need money for your head.”

No need money for her head? Why this sounded so bloody? Mo Sheng carefully checked again: “Are you saying I don’t have to pay for my haircut?”

“Yes, it’s free.”

“Why?” Mo Sheng was surprised. If Mr. hair stylist did not appear so arrogant, Mo Sheng would have thought he did not dare accept money because he ruined her hair.

The hairstylist shook his head, looking forlorn as if misunderstood: “Don’t you know that art is priceless? Therefore, my shop will only charge for bad haircuts because that’s considered a failure, not a work of art……”

Such an artsy logic because people who listened could not fully understand.

11.07: Mo Sheng quickly escaped from the shop before being successfully brainwashed by the hairstylist. She consciously walked on the side of the road. Along the way, she could not help but frequently looked at the display windows of the shops. At the same time, the people in the shops also looked at her hideous and messy hair and sad face.

Looking at her reflection on the display windows, the more she looked, the more ridiculous she felt. Thus, she could not help but laugh out loud.

People walking by looked at her strangely because it was difficult to imagine someone being so happy with such an awful haircut.

“Miss, do you want to go inside the store to take a look?

The salesperson called out the warm greeting. Mo Sheng only realized she had stood and stared at the mannequins behind the display windows for a long time. When she was in a daze, she liked to stand still and stare at things for a long time. In the past, Yi Chen was often creeped out by her staring at him.

“Okay.” Mo Sheng walked shyly into the store as the salesperson smiled graciously.

It was a store well-known for selling men’s clothing. Mo Sheng planned to merely look casually around the store, but abruptly she stopped in front of a windbreaker.

A very simple style in Yi Chen’s favorite color. Her hand involuntary touched the collar and she imagined Yi Chen would look very good wearing it.

“Oh miss, are you buying clothes for your boyfriend? This is the latest style for this year. Currently, there is a discount of 20% so it only costs 3,200 yuans.”

Mo Sheng was stunned because it was too expensive. That was almost her salary in one month. Moreover, she did not have so much money on her. She looked at the salesperson and shook her head in an apology.  The salesperson smiled kindly.

When she walked to the doorway of the store, she felt reluctant to leave. That windbreaker really suited him. Suddenly, Mo Sheng remembered the card Yi Chen gave her.

She quickly walked back inside: “Do you accept cards?”

12.33: The sound of flipping paper stopped. “Miss, please sign here.”

She picked up the pen and almost wrote her name out of habit. Luckily, she remembered on time this was Yi Chen’s card, so she should sign “He Yi Chen.”

He Yi Chen…… a name she had written countless times.

One time, she was mad at Yi Chen for what reason? She could not remember anymore. She just remembered she went to the self-study class by herself. She had planned to solve the complicated maths problems. She was obviously working on her maths but when she looked at the paper, it was filled with “He Yi Chen”‘s names.

Suddenly, she heard Yi Chen’s voice from behind her: “Mo Sheng, you wrote wrongly.” He looked at her with laughter in his eyes.

“How could that be?” Although Mo Sheng should feel ashamed for being caught red-handed, she defended herself by picking up the pen and carefully writing it again for him to see. “He Yi Chen”, where was the mistake?

“The mistake is in the order of the strokes. This stroke in the letter “He” should be written on the inside first, and the vertical hook is last. Write it again.”

Mo Sheng must have been affected by his seriousness because she really picked up the pen and earnestly prepared to write it again. After she finished writing the word “He”, she only realized something was amiss: “He Yi Chen, why am I writing your name!?”

Mo Sheng handed the signed bill back to the salesperson. The salesperson smiled and gave her the bag: “Please come again!”

Memories of the past made Mo Sheng’s recently improved mood, began to depress again. When she was outside the store, Mo Sheng stood still in a daze.

13.54: The happy days of the past were gone, only the sad reality remained. When can they go back to the happiness of the past? When can the ups and downs in their relationship cease?

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