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Wipe Clean After Eating (吃干抹净): Chapter 8



From Xia Ye’s sulky face in the cover picture, you can already guess what is to expect from this chapter:) Lu Jun is such a cunning boss in tricking his employees as well as preventing Xia Ye from going to her blind date. Working with Lu Jun will be such an interesting experience. For your information, I stole the cover picture from another boss vs staff novel, lol.

Chapter 8: Contempt

I cannot disobey my mum’s order, not to mention I have also taken her gift. If I do not follow her order, she will certainly serve me a feather duster meal. The blind date is set at one plus in the afternoon and work starts at about two. Because the bus ride from the company to the meeting place is about half  an hour, I will certainly not be able to return to work on time. Hence, I must take leave in the afternoon.

In order to get  my leave application approval from the boss, the moment I step into Lu Jun’s office, I appear flattering and try to curry favor with him. I adjust my voice to sound infatuated: “General manager, the suit you are wearing today looks really nice ah. The cutting is well-fitting and the color is fresh, making you look graceful. Moreover it accentuates your jade like face, elegance, noble temperament and you look so heavenly that there can be no one else like you on earth …… ”

“Okay” Lu Jun helplessly interrupts me. He looks up from the pile of papers and glances at me with his jet-black eyes: “Get to the point.”

I quickly cross my hands and say it with the right attitude: “The matter is like this. Due to an unavoidable reason, may I take half a day off tomorrow?”

Lu Jun raises his eyebrows slightly: “What is the reason?”

I am a little embarrassed: “Blind date ……”

His face turns cold and he asks again: “Where is the meeting place?”

I nod my head and bow, when replying: “I think it is in XX restaurant.”

He continues to ask: “Who is the guy?”

I subconsciously want to open my mouth to answer, but suddenly realize this dialogue is not quite right. He is only my boss but not my husband, so why must I tell him the meeting time and place and with who. Moreover, he is using this kind of interrogation tone!

Having thought about it, I will no longer obey blindly so I submissively say in a low voice: ” That …… general manager, it seems to be my personal matters.”

At that moment, he does not speak anymore and just looks at me deeply with his eyes wide open. His face looks somewhat gloomy making me feel numb and absolutely horrified ……

I’m scared so I quietly droop my head. I dare not utter another word but is this leave application ultimately approved or not ah?

The company has a general meeting of all employees early in the morning. As the secretary of the general manager, I am in charge of taking note at the meeting.  At nine o’clock sharp, the bright and spacious meeting hall is filled with my colleagues.  The male and female staff are sitting on opposite sides of the table. When I enter the meeting hall, I immediately focus my searching eyes on the left side of the table. At first glance, I spotted a few good looking young men in the crowd. Although not as angelic as Lu Jun, they can also be regarded as handsome and eye candy. This is truly worthy to be called a great and well-known large corporation. Indeed there are a large numbers of talented and attractive people, ah!

It is quiet and solemn in the meeting hall. After a short wait, general manager Lu under the watchful eyes of the crowd, calmly walks into the meeting hall and climbs up the podium. After he gently sweeps his clear and calm eyes over the audience down the stage, he gracefully nods his head slightly and announces the commencement of the meeting.

I use my middle finger to prop my glasses and glance at him. He is wearing a a clean like new and tailor fitting suit. His jet-black eyes and long eyelashes look like they can cast a spell on you. His often pursed up thin lips appear powerful and his fair skin makes him look a bit like a refined scholar.  When he is giving a speech on the podium, he looks even more confident and charming with his glowing, calm and composed appearance.

Undoubtedly such a vision is very attractive to the female sex. I can see a group of my female colleagues are mesmerized by him and gaze at him adorably. I really want to inform everyone, in fact, everything is a facade ah!

The meeting  goes on for more than an hour.  When I am bored to death and my note taking hands are like chicken feet, Lu Jun finally stops talking, smiles and says: “Today’s meeting will finish here. It there anything else anyone want to add?”

“General manager, we’ve been working so hard recently. Shouldn’t the company organize an activity to let us relax?” Due to the conclusion of the meeting, the atmosphere in the meeting hall becomes a lot more lively. A male staff member stands up to take the lead in jeering rowdily.

Lu Jun also changes from his previously serious look to nod in an easygoing manner,  smiles and says: “It just so happens that the company has a social activity tomorrow. Anyone wanting to participate, can sign up directly with secretary Xia. Those who do not want to participate can have a day off.”

After hearing this, there is a burst of excited cheers down the podium. I am also beaming with happiness. Truly very good as this time I don’t need to take leave! Who knows when I am starting to smile here, Lu Jun gives me a meaningful glance and continues to say in a serious tone: “Except the general manager’s secretary.”

I could not help but fly into a rage. All of us are the company’s staff, so we should be treated equally. Why I’ve to be the exception ah!?

Before I have a chance to ask, a male colleague with a face full of expectations beats me by asking: “General manager, where are we going for this social activity? If we are only going to a small restaurant to drink and have a meal, we will not agree ah!”

“Of course not. Not only all of you don’t agree, I also don’t agree to go to a restaurant where it is so meaningless.” Lu Jun’s attitude is very polite and does not act like a boss at all.

When that male staff hears this, he looks happy.  Then another male staff impatiently asks: “Boss, where actually are we going?”

Lu Jun slightly curves the corner of his mouth. The smile on his handsome face seems to harbor evil intentions: “It can be understood but, not explained.  In short, it is a place where there are a lot of girls not wearing a bra.” He further adds: “This activity is not suitable for female staff to participate, but I hope all the male staff will enthusiastically sign up.”

The moment he says that, the meeting hall is filled with cheering noises. Nearly all the male staff seem very boisterous. They are in high spirits with their wolf blood boiling. The female staff  blush and stare somewhat shyly at the big boss ……

Immediately, my heart is filled with contempt plus disdain. As expected, he has a glided exterior but is shabby and ruined on the inside. This tasteless man who will only pay attention to the lower part of one’s body, even organizes his own company’s employees to collectively go to a nightclub! Simply a scum of the scum ah!

After coming out of the meeting hall, I become very busy right away because almost all of the male staff in the company also come to my place to sign up.  On one hand,  I dutifully do my recording. On the other hand, I exclaim there is no good man in the office.

After I have finished recording, Lu Jun asks me to send the list of names to the person in charge of this called Mr. Yu on the fifth floor. I look at his calm and impassive face and snort resentfully: “If the upper beam is not straight, the lower beam will be crooked. The staff imitate their boss’s vices!”

He looks up from the file he is reading and unhurriedly says: “Aren’t you also my staff?”

I am caught red-handed. I don’t know what to say to refute him so I have no alternative but to take the list and walk out of the office dejectedly.  I can hear the roar of laughter from behind me.


I take the elevator to the fifth floor and meet Mr. Yu,  who is a more than fifty years old man. When he sees there are so many names on the  list, he is shocked. While sighing, he mutters in bewilderment: “This is so strange. How come this time so many staff members are participating in the pay back to society labor intensive activity?”

I am stupefied and look at him in confusion: “Pay back to society labor intensive activity?”

Mr. Yu’s benevolent face  is full of happiness and admiration: “That’s right. At first, I thought nowadays there are very little warm-hearted people. This kind of hard labor chore will at most has a few participants. I did not expect our company to have so many good young persons who are willing to help others ……”

I am puzzled so I could not help but interrupt him to ask: “Actually, what kind of activity?”

Mr. Yu stares at me coldly: ” What other activity can it be? It is to go to Hope Primary School to repair broken desks and chairs!”

Now, I understand. Hope Primary School is a place where most of the girls are not wearing a bra ……

Because repairing broken desks and chairs is physical work, so this activity is not suitable for female staff to participate ……

Therefore, before work is finished for the day, I represent the general manager to announce to everyone, that all those staff who did not sign up will get the entire tomorrow off. For those staff who have signed up, bring your spikes and hammers and gather in front of the company at seven o’clock tomorrow morning. Then, everyone will go together to the Hope Primary School to do labor intensive activity to pay back to society. Once I say that, all the male staff cry without tears and howl in grief. Whereas all the female staff are laughing out loud.

Before I finish work for the day, I confront Lu Jun with a bitter face: “Why all the female staff get a day off tomorrow, except me?”

He looks at me solemnly and replies: “Because you are the general manager’s secretary.”

I’m a bit embarrassed and continue to ask: “Then, why is there an exception for the general manager’s secretary?”

He smiles and says earnestly: “Because you are the secretary of the general manager.”

I: ” …… ” = =

You just enjoy yourself playing with me la! Play until I am dead!

32 thoughts on “Wipe Clean After Eating (吃干抹净): Chapter 8

  1. I don’t know why Lu Jun is so creative, not only he is good in bullying Xia Ye, he even deceives the male staff into the social activity yet all things he said about the activity is all truth LOL. Should not believe what General Manager saying again next time 😀

  2. Thanks peanuts 🙂

    • You are welcome! No surprise right since you read ahead of me? This is why best not to read ahead of books under translations for max enjoyment:P

      • Haha its ok, actually not all i understand from the translation, i even didn’t know they go to primary school lol, i still think they go to ehem2 place lol :p . Hehe usually i can finish read 1 novel just in 1 day so waiting really hard lol and now i can wait your translation and lidge patiently 🙂

        • Oh Hanny, how can you think so badly of Lu Jun:(? He is so benevolent to make his male staff do charity work. Haha, luckily I translated it for you or else you would have read all the wrong things:P

        • Haha could be im not pay attention to the translation or just skip it because not understand lol. Haha don’t worry i like Lu jun so much hoho from him i get to know many funny tricks 😀 actually read Lu jun and shan shan is very fun, many laughs:) hope after this all finish translate you will translate funny novel again:)

        • haha oh nooo , don’t retire lol, i don’t have anything to read if you retire:D beside i already see your review for new novel in ssb:) is it good? while waiting Lj and YC i already busy look here and there already check decembi blog and read there, go to daum and naver look korean manhwa 😀 now i patienly wait for hk here i come 😛

  3. Peanuts, I miss this!!!
    cunning Lu Jun! I can’t imagine the male staff feeling after Xia Ye announcement XD
    Next time, they won’t participate even if Lu Jun says they’re going to the (real) night club. LOL
    Noooo, it’s not fair when every one got a day off except you 😦

    • Hey, hey Lu Jun will never suggest to go to a real night club. Maybe your boss la, lol. You are not a secretary right? Then no need to worry you won’t get your holi haha…..

  4. this novel is so great 😀 so many usefull thing to know …. really enjoying it 🙂 thanks again, peanuts you are the best 😉

  5. Peanuts, i think lu jun is more cunning than your beloved feng teng. LJ bullies xia ye more than feng teng bully shan shan.

    • I won’t know until Lu Jun & FT PK each other. LJ is not bullying XY. Later, you’ll see he is very nice to her. Just that he needs to safeguard his investment, lol.

  6. I really love this novel, it’s hilarious and i absolutely adore XY, i like how she is small innocent and naive and i love LJ’s crafty mind i can’t wait for the romance to start…. Oh and XY is such a mummy’s girl, going to a blind date because mummy asked. It’s like she’s still a little girl doing everything mummy says than an adult. She even had mummy find a job for her. XY’s mummy, i also love her such a stingy woman! This novel is awesome, really.

    • Glad that you like it but the translation is on hiatus until July so come back in summer for the romance to bloom like the flowers, haha…..

      • Aawww…..come back July? But…but….i’m obssesed!!!

        my heart…my lungs…my kidney *thud*

        Can i just send u flowers? 🙂

        • Sorry la, I am super busy lately to finish my work b4 I go on holidays for a mth:) FYI, beside translating, I’ve to take care of SSB & edit Silent, so really no time. Btw, have you read Shan Shan yet? If not, go & support it, lol.

          Haha, thank you for your kind thought but your flattering comments are enough:)

  7. Hi peanuts & hui3r 🙂

    Ive been ravaging or rather reading your blog since the start of the week. Started wt tragic Hua.Xin Yin ( can’t take it really! I have.lots.of.why & what if’s…ill go loco ) and SS then, here ( kinda silly & funny ).

    I found this site thru decembi’s blog & SS bar. I’m amazed wt your hardwork. Thanks so much *xoxo*


    • Haha, we’ve a few scavengers like you around every now & then, lol. HXY is an emotional draining novel but still a good novel. If you read it with Wipe Clean & Shan Shan, you’ll feel better. There are moments of sweetness in that novel also.

      Ya, ya, decembi, MB, Hui3r, lidge & I, all of us work very hard for our blogs, lol.

  8. Im curious about this one too!!! Haha seems like im so into novel and abandone some ‘current airing’ dramas! I found this more enjoyable haha.. So please continue this one.. Thank you

  9. Hi it is really funny
    I like the way they interag
    Many thanks for this loveling translated, because I can imagine all the situation as like a am seeing a film

  10. this GM like to play with words.. so nice *sarcastic*

  11. *standing ovation to Lu Jun* He successfully tricked most of his male employees hahahaha!!!

  12. Hahaha that trick was so unexpected.
    Thank you, peanuts~

  13. Which novel was the picture from? ?.?
    Wah,pls email me it I’m interested >_<

  14. Her attitude is nice for the novel but in real life she would have been so fired. She just question her Superior to much and she is careless. Remember that sleeping on his desk during work hours?

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