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Silent Separation (何以笙箫默) – Gu Man (Chapter 8.2)



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lidge: I’m afraid I can’t accept all the credit. Actually, my original translation passed censorship. It only became ‘burning hot’ after peanuts’s editing. As for the cover picture, I chose the safest one from the many pictures that peanuts wanted me to pick from. If you want to see the pictures that won’t pass censorship, just email peanuts. She has lots and lots! 😀 😛

Chapter 8.2: If You Leave (translated by lidge and edited by peanuts)

Episode 14: OR

Guessing that Yi Chen would not return home early, Mo Sheng decided to eat dinner outside. It was after eight when she returned home.

Opening the door, the room was really dark.

0.30: Fumbling for the light switch, a deep male voice suddenly rang out.

“Back already?”

“Yi Chen?” Because she did not expect it, Mo Sheng was shocked.

The voice came from the balcony. His tall body in silhouette. He stood with his back to her and did not turn around.

The atmosphere between them turned somewhat depressing.

“Why didn’t you answer the phone?” Yi Chen asked softly, between his fingers was a burning lit cigarette.

What phone? Mobile phone? Mo Cheng took her mobile phone out of her handbag and found out it had already shutdown. “The battery died.”

No battery? So that was why. It seemed as if Yi Chen breathed out in relief. His voice sounded a little tired.

“You better go to bed early.”

“Okay.” Mo Sheng replied. She thought for a while, then said in determination: “Yi Chen, I have something to say to you.”

“About what?”

Mo Sheng bit her lips and muttered: “I feel that we don’t behave like a married couple, we……”

“Really?” Yi Chen asked derisively, “How should a married couple act? In this regard, you have a lot more experience than me.”

There was no reply for a long time, so Yi Chen put out the cigarette and turned around. Mo Sheng with her hand holding a shopping bag stood a few meters away. She pursed up her lips tightly and her complexion was pale.

“I bought you a windbreaker.” Mo Sheng said softly, while staring at the floor, “But I used your card to pay for it. Do you want to try it on?”

Suddenly, the stab of pain in Yi Chen’s heart, made him unconsciously clenched his fist.

In these years, all he had dreamed of was that one day Mo Sheng was able to stand in front of him again. He could touch her if he just held out his arm. Where this was no longer an illusion. She was really standing in front of him now, so what more could he still want?

2.15: “You……” Yi Chen’s voice softened. There, there was a pause. His face was pale when he stared at her hair.

Unable to ignore his intense gaze, Mo Sheng looked up. Was he looking at her hair? She said with a little embarrassment: “……I just cut my hair.”

“I have eyes, I can see.” His tone stiff and his eyes still. He finally turned away. It was as if he could not stand to look at her anymore.

Yi Chen quickly lit another cigarette. A long time passed before he said with an extremely repressed voice: “Go to bed.”


“Don’t talk to me right now.” He rudely interrupted her.

Although she was tired from shopping, Mo Sheng could not sleep. She lay in bed listening to Yi Chen’s footsteps from the balcony to the study. After a long time, he walked from the study to the guest room. Then, the sound of a door closing. Finally, everything was quiet.

Mo Sheng did not know when she fell asleep.

3.11: The next morning when she woke up, her throat felt itchy, very uncomfortable. Her years of experience told her she probably has a cold.

Yi Chen had already left the house. Mo Sheng found and took some medicine.  She hastily ate lunch but she still felt uncomfortable so she went to sleep.

When she woke up, it was dark outside the window. Yi Chen was standing next to the bed. He put a hand on her forehead, seemingly a little worried.

Mo Sheng looked at him, thinking she was dreaming.

Yi Chen took his hand away and said gently: “Get up, I’m taking you to the hospital.”

“Uh…… no need, it’s not serious. I just have a little cold.”

“You have a fever.”

“I’ve already taken some medicine.” Mo Sheng insisted.

Yi Chen looked at her, nodded, did not say anything and walked away. Mo Sheng thought he was no longer persistent with her, so she felt a little disappointed.

Surprisingly, Yi Chen walked to the wardrobe, took out her clothes and put it in front of her.

“Do you want to put the clothes on yourself or you want me to help you to change?”

4.11: Mo Sheng went to the hospital. The liquid in the IV dripped down slowly, drop by drop.

Thinking about him just threatening to help her change clothes, Mo Sheng flushed red. She glanced at the man sitting in front of her reading some documents.

Feeling as if her eyes on him, Yi Chen looked up. Mo Sheng quickly turned her head.

Yi Chen did not mind. Suddenly, he seemed to remember something, so he stood up and walked out. He returned with an entertainment magazine and put it next to her.

Mo Sheng pretended not to notice. Instead, she began to read the newspaper left behind by others.

Yi Chen raised his eyebrows and went along with her. If his wife wanted to learn more about investing in securities, that was not a bad thing.

Mo Sheng stared at the newspaper. What was this? Mostly diagrams with only a few words. The numbers and technical terms made her head hurt more.


She glanced at the colorful magazine …….. really wanted to take a look. She glanced at Yi Chen again, who has his head down and seemed very focused in reading his documents.

He was unlikely to notice…… Her hand quietly moved over. When she almost reached the magazine, suddenly Yi Chen turned a page of his documents.  She withdrew her hand immediately.

Forget it! Mo Sheng gave up. Only a bit over an hour, just put up with it.

There were things Mo Sheng could put up with, but there was one thing Mo Sheng could not put up with. Half an hour later, Mo Sheng began to appear unsettled.

Yi Chen noticed her movement and wrinkled his eyebrows. He turned to a fifty plus years old woman who was sitting next to him and said: “Can you do me a favor?”

After returning from the bathroom, Mo Sheng endured for a while but still could not help but ask: “How did you know I wanted to go to the bathroom?”

He did not even bother to lift his head and simply replied: “I guessed.”

This man! Mo Sheng glared at him.

5.53: Returning from the hospital, Yi Chen put Mo Sheng to bed. After she has fallen asleep, he turned off the lights and walked to the study.

Not knowing if because she slept too much in the afternoon or the effect of the IV, Mo Sheng felt a lot better. She did not feel sleepy anymore. Rolling in bed several times, suddenly she remembered something and almost jumped up.

Oh no! She had to go to Hong Kong tomorrow but she had not prepared anything yet. She did not know what she had done these past few days. How could she have forgotten something so important.

She quickly got out of bed, Then, she took out her travel bag and began to pack her things.

Her movement was too rapid, so some documents fell onto the floor. Mo Sheng bent over to pick them up. However, another pair of hands was faster and picked them up.


When she straightened up, Yi Chen immediately grasped  her wrist tightly.  He was holding the documents and looked furious: “What are you doing?”

“…… Packing my things.” His grip was painful, so Mo Sheng wanted to break free, but he tightened his grip.

Glancing at the luggage that was almost finished packing, Yi Chen’s eyes darkened considerably: “Where are you going?”

Remembering that she had not told Yi Chen about her trip, Mo Sheng replied obediently: “Hong Kong.”

Hong Kong?

Yi Chen’s anger gradually increased. If he had not caught her by accident. No, it was not exactly by accident! If he did not come by to check if she had fallen asleep, would she disappear without a trace again tomorrow morning, just like seven years ago without him knowing about it?

Did she even understand what it meant to be someone’s wife! Did she understand that she was now his wife? Thus, she could not abandon and leave him all alone again like before.

The old wound was mercilessly torn open. He gripped her hand harder and his gloomy eyes glaring at her with accusation: “Fine, tell me, how many years do you plan to be gone this time?”

What was he saying? Mo Sheng felt drowsy again. The pain on her hand was growing more and more unbearable: “Yi Chen, can you release my hand first?”

Release her?


Struggling to pull away, she fell into his embrace. Yi Chen bent his head and kissed her, fiercely and angrily.

The way he kissed, felt as if he wanted to swallow her whole person, allowing a bit of room for her to breath only. He tightened his hands on her waist, as if wanting her to merge into him and  becoming a part of him.


“Yi Chen……” Mo Sheng wanted to pull away from his grasp. She could feel his action was motivated by anger but did not understand why.

Her soft moaning instead acted as a catalyst for his passion. Her struggling ignited his desire to control her.  He pushed her onto the bed and  his body fell onto her, leaving her firmly in his control.  His eyes looking deeply into Mo Sheng’s eyes. She was the only thing he has ever wanted to possess.

“Mo Sheng, this is marital obligation.”

He sucked her delicate skin, leaving markings on her body. His action was forceful and direct, leaving Mo Sheng trembling.

“…… Painful!”

Yi Chen paused briefly. Painful? She can also feel pain?

Pain would be the emptiness after waking up in the middle of the night from a dream and knowing she was out of his reach. It would be never seeing her childish smiles again. It would be an unexplained lapse of concentration in whatever he did. It would be the loneliness after celebrating winning cases……

How would she know?!

Mo Sheng, in those moments, you were in another man’s embrace!

Her pajamas was ripped open in half by him and pushed to the waist. By chance, it entangled both of her hands, making her unable to move. Hence, she could only let him do whatever he wanted.

Everything that he saw and the intoxicating passion made Yi Chen lost his sanity completely. There was a fire in his eyes, burning into her. This was what he had desired very much. He has imagined and yearned for this countless times. The longing he had repressed for seven years could not be constrain anymore, erupted and completely overwhelmed him.

His hands roved wantonly over every inch of the places he wanted to possess. Together with his hot kisses branded every inch of the skin he wanted to possess. That kind of passion that was filled with a trace of hatred resulting in Mo Sheng incapable of thinking clearly. She appeared dazed as if she had fallen into a dream.

Until the sharp and strange ringtone sounded, shocking her back to lucidness. Mo Sheng seemed to recall this strange ringtone was reserved for Xiao Hong.

“The mobile phone……”

How could she think of the phone at this time? Yi Chen increased his onslaught, but the ringing continued on loudly that he could not ignore it. He slowly loosened his grip on her hands and stretched his hand to turn off the phone.

Mo Sheng finally has a chance to breathe properly, but her quick gulps of air turned into coughing. She already had a cold, so she could not stop coughing now.

The ringing had stopped, only her severe coughing was heard in the bedroom.

Half of Yi Chen’s body was still pressed on top of her body, but he did not continue because a little of his sanity had returned. Mo Sheng’s pajamas was disheveled. There were many red marks on her body as if to accuse him of his recent brutality. He could even feel her body slight trembling.

Self-loathing filled him. He Yi Chen, you had already forced her to marry you. Now, you wanted to force her to go to bed with you?

He gave a wry smile: “Why are you going to Hong Kong?”

“It’s a business trip. Our company wants to cooperate with a magazine publisher in Hong Kong. Yi Chen, I will only be gone for a few days. I forgot to tell you.” Mo Sheng explained clearly.

Yi Chen did not say anything.

What did he just do? Marital sexual assault?

Yi Chen had calmed down his rapid breathing. He was trying to repress his restless emotional tide by helping her to tidy up her clothes. When he was fastening the buttons on her undergarment, he felt her body trembling. Thus, he felt a bit worried.

“I will not hurt you.” He murmured and smiled mockingly at himself. Abruptly, he stood up and walked out of the bedroom. Mo Sheng only heard a loud bang as the door closed and she was once again alone in the bedroom.

7.37: The strange ringtone sounded again relentlessly. Mo Sheng moved over to pick up the phone. Xiao Hong’s excited voice could be heard: “Ah Sheng, there’s one more thing you must not forget to buy for me. It’s very cheap to buy in Hong Kong……”

Finally, she finished her long speech after some time. Mo Sheng hung up the phone.  She wanted to smile but could not.

She would go to Hong Kong tomorrow, while they were like this?

Hesitating for awhile, she finally pushed open the door.

There was only a dim table lamp in the guest room. Yi Chen was sitting on the bed and staring intensely at her. An ashtray beside him was already filled with many cigarette butts.

Mo Sheng walked quietly to the other side of the bed and put her own pillow down next to his pillow. She lifted a corner of the quilt, carefully lay down next to him, then closed her eyes.

Yi Chen did not move except to light another cigarette.

After a while, Mo Sheng murmured: “Can you turn off the light? I want to…….”

The word ‘sleep’ just disappeared into the thin air. Suddenly, she was carried by him to sit on his lap. She was imprisoned tightly in his embrace.  His warm breath was blowing on her neck. Yi Chen’s husky voice was filled with a subtle tension.

8.55: “Do you know what your action implies?”

How could she not know?

Mo Sheng lowered her eyes and lifted a finger to write on his chest.

One word, another word…… she was writing……

Yi Chen shuddered and grabbed her restless hand. His eyes filled with many emotions as he stared into her eyes.

“Mo Sheng,  how can you torment me like this?”

The instant, she wrote on his chest, the deep antagonism between them disappeared. Yi Chen kissed her deeply, wanting to prove that at this moment she was real.

When he finally willing to release her, Mo Sheng was already gasping for breath. She weakly fell onto his chest.

This kind of silent was rather uncomfortable, so Mo Sheng tried to think of something to say.

“Yi Chen, I have a cold.” Wasn’t he afraid it would be contagious?”

“I know, I won’t take advantage to bully you now.”

Yi Chen hugged her, in helplessness and resignation.

Huh? Mo Sheng was expressionless. Did he misunderstand her?

But……Did he want her to say that was not what she meant?

She could not! If she seemed eager for him to ‘bully’ her, he would certainly laugh at her later.

“Actually, you can …… bully me.”

Huh! Who said that? It could not possible be her! Mo Sheng was very embarrassed.

Yi Chen was silent. Did he not hear her? When Mo Sheng started to be a little at ease, only to discover that her buttons were undone already. Her soft and snowy white shoulders were gradually exposed to the cold air. Her delicate skin was covered with love bites left by his kisses, very deeply and clearly. It could clearly be seen to what extent he had exerted himself physically. Now, he merely wanted to bully her once more all the way through……

His red-hot lips once again touched her skin, burning the old markings left behind……

“Mo Sheng, did I hear wrongly?” Yi Chen’s voice was hoarse.

Mo Sheng could not speak. He had already done so much, so how could he still ask!

The extinguished passionate fire was easily reignited again. Suddenly, Yi Chen lifted Mo Sheng up, walked into the bedroom and put her on the bed.

This place was better.

What was the difference? Mo Sheng did not understand, but she did not have the strength to ask. Yi Chen’s boiling hot male body covered her body. His fiery lips and tongue overbearingly possessed every inch of her skin. She tossed about and moved up and down in that other world, which she had never experienced before. Lasting until the passion retreated……

Mo Sheng fell into an uneasy sleep. Suddenly, she woke up in the middle of the night and noticed the place next to her was empty. Her eyes scanned the room to discover Yi Chen was standing in front of the window.

Maybe it was because of the darkness, but Mo Sheng felt his rear view was very serious, making it difficult for her to breath. As if feeling her looking at him, Yi Chen turned around. She could not see the emotions hidden in his eyes in this dark night.

10.04: He put out the cigarette, walked to the bed, turned back the quilt to lie down next to her and quietly held her.

Mo Sheng was quiet for a long time. Finally she could not help but ask: “Yi Chen, what are you thinking?”

Her voice sounded a bit worry.

“Nothing, I’ve just figured out a few things.”

Figured out what? Mo Sheng wanted to ask, but his lips seized her lips.

“Mo Sheng, grow your hair long.”

“Huh?” Although she did not understand why he mentioned her hair, Yi Chen managed to divert Mo Sheng’s attention. She asked anxiously, “Is my hair very ugly?”

Yi Chen was about to smile.


It was because……

She had a little bit more. (more of her for Yi Chen to love as compared to short hair)

He kissed her hair, attacking her already very weak confidence: “Mo Sheng, it’s truly very ugly!”

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