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Come & Eat, Shan Shan (杉杉来吃) – Interesting Tidbits on Life After Marriage (Part 4)



For now, this is the last part of Shan Shan but there is still a few more little epilogues which are joint with the leads (Wei Wei and Xiao Nai) in Just One Smile is Very Alluring, another novel by Gu Man. I’ve not decided if I want to translate that novel but it is definitely a no for lidge because she doesn’t like the online game setting. I am kind of undecided because without my beloved lidge, I may not be able to do it all alone:P Do you really want to read it? Later, if I  decide not to translate it, I’ll translate all the joint epilogues and post them. This last bit talks about Shan Shan’s life after three years of marriage.  It is not really burning hot but people like Redhazel may not be able to read it in the office without getting red, haha…..

To readers of Shan Shan, lidge and I want to thank you for the support and comments. It took more or less a year but at least we manage to finish translating the novel. Pat pat lidge’s head, lol…Sadly, all good things must come to an end:( I hope you have enjoyed the journey of the story with us and we may meet again when the drama is released or if I post the comic book. For those who can’t get enough of Shan Shan, you can read it again in Bahasa Indonesia or Czechoslovakia language.  Lidge and I are so happy that there are people who like Shan Shan so much to bring her to other corner of the earth. In future, Shan Shan may get to travel to even more countries so keep me informed if you plan to translate it into your language. Sob sob……..bye bye my dear Shan Shan and Feng Teng……till we meet again……

Interesting Tidbits on Life After Marriage – Part 4 (translated by lidge and edited by peanuts)

The Kumquat Tree

When Wang Bo walks into the living room in the west wing, Shan Shan is sitting in front of the fireplace and holding her laptop to play games. On the screen is a beautiful scenery that looks real and the characters are gorgeous. It’s Dreams of JiangHu II.

Dreams of JiangHu II has been available for more than two years, but it is still “hot”. The number of people playing it continuously increase and it remains high on the list of major online games. As the wife of Boss who is an investor, Shan Shan is certainly also one of the loyal supporters.

Shan Shan sits on the thick carpet and leans against a soft cushion. On her left hand is a snack box, whereas on her right hand is a steaming hot grapefruit tea cup. Being near a warm fireplace, beating Boss and drinking tea in a cold and snowy winter day, this is indeed very cozy.

Wang Bo walks in and announces: “Madam, eldest miss and uncle are here.”

Whenever Shan Shan hears Wang Bo says “madam,” she will be very embarrassed. Of course Yan Qing being called “uncle” is more embarrassing, but Wang Bo is an elder belonging to the Feng family’s grandfather generation, so everyone has to respect his habits.

“Came so early?”

It is only noon now because in previous years, they would come over around four or five in the evening. Shan Shan puts the laptop down and happily stands up to welcome them. When she reaches the doorway of the west wing, she sees her smiling sister-in-law approaching her. She is carrying her son Yan Yu and Yan Qing who is holding a lush kumquat tree in a flower pot follows from behind.

“Happy Lunar New Year, good fortune to you.”

“Wow, this kumquat tree looks pretty.”

Shan Shan happily accepts the tree from Yan Qing. Indeed, it is a very pretty kumquat tree. The golden colour fruits hanging between the shiny green leaves and branches. Each one round and lovely, giving a celebratory festive appearance.

Feng Yue smiles: “We have come for a meal again la.”

Each year, Feng Yue always eats dinner on Lunar New Year’s Eve with her big brother. Then, the next day they will fly to Yan Qing’s family home. This has become a routine these past few years.

Yan Yu is a fair and tender baby. Seeing Shan Shan, he fiddles restlessly in his mother’s arms and shouts: “Shan Shan mama.”

As he shouts, he opens his arms towards her for a hug.

Shan Shan’s eyes immediately brighten. She puts the kumquat tree down and takes the cute baby from Feng Yue. Then, she kisses the baby’s chubby cheeks and walks off to find snacks for him to eat.

Feng Yue and Yan Qing casually sit down. Then, Feng Yue looks around and asks: “Where’s my big brother?”

“He just went upstairs to rest.” Shan Shan gives the baby snacks while answering: “I’ll call him to come down.”

“That’s all right.” Feng Yue quickly stops her, “We’re not outsiders.”

Shan Shan agrees so she does not insist. Big Boss is very pitiful, always particularly busy at the end of every year. In addition to focusing on the conglomerate’s business matters, he also has to attend various social dinners. Hence, he is unable to rest properly until today.

Yan Qing sees the online game in Shan Shan’s laptop and can’t help himself from looking more closely, “Is this Dreams of JiangHu II?”


“This game has very good reviews. It’s a goldmine and the development company receives quite a bit of profit.”

Yan Qing shakes his head regretfully. In his opinion, the first Dreams of JiangHu already made a lot of money. If want to develop another new game, all that is needed is to make changes based on the original game. Feng Teng conglomerate has the R&D capability to do that, so there is no need to cooperate with another company and share this piece of cake with them.

Feng Yue looks annoyed and says: “It’s the beginning of a new year, can you not speak about business?”

Yan Qing chuckles. Shan Shan sees him looking eager as if he also wants to play so she says: “Do you want to play? You can help me get to the next level. I have been playing for a few hours so I’m tired.”

Yan Qing is not in charge of the online gaming department so he did not come into contact with this game before. His heart yearns to try it to see if a game developed by a reputable genius is different from the other games. Upon hearing the invitation, he begins to play eagerly.

Feng Yue gives him several glares then begins chatting with Shan Shan. Naturally, the topic is related to the new year. Miss Feng talks from clothes and jewelry to what food will be served at dinner. Then, Shan Shan talks about the local specialties her parents had sent which makes Miss Feng curious. Shan Shan who is still holding Yan Yu, leads her into the kitchen to have a look.

The people in the kitchen are busy working, Feng Yue looks at the local specialties and also looks at the food that will be served at dinner. She sees several of her favorite dishes so she feels satisfied.

The two of them take some newly baked pastries and walk back to the living room. On the way, Feng Yue suddenly says: “Shan Shan, do you know the reason why we gave you a kumquat tree?”

Huh? Shan Shan is baffled. Does it not mean having good fortune? Can there be another meaning?

Seeing that Shan Shan does not know, Feng Yue says: “Many fruits, which means you’ll have many children.”

Haizz ~ ~ Shan Shan understands now.

Feng Yue pinches her son’s cheek and says: “Look at how adorable my baby is, so why don’t you have one too?”

It is not because she does not want a baby ah! Shan Shan is distressed and says: “I want a baby too but……”

She and Feng Teng have been married for more than three years, but they still do not have a baby. The false baby alarm before their marriage had led her to not seriously consider having a baby in the first two years of marriage. However,  seeing Yan Yu becoming more adorable each day makes her want a baby too. But Big Boss clearly does not want a baby, so she cannot have one on her own.

Feng Yue understands Shan Shan’s misery. Recently, she attended a board meeting and after the meeting she asked her big brother about this matter. The answer was –— Shan Shan is still young, so there is no hurry.

Really, Shan Shan is young in what way. She is already 25 or 26 years old. Hence, if she does not have a baby now, it might be harder later.


She really likes this sister-in-law so she is particularly anxious to help her. The relatives will certainly gossip about the absence of a baby, but they will not dare to say anything in front of Shan Shan out of fear of Feng Teng’s powerful position. What can her big brother be thinking? If he likes it with just the two of them, three years should be enough!

Feng Yue recovers her concentration and says : “No but, no but! It does not matter what he wants, as having a baby is a woman’s responsibility. Shan Shan, I know you usually listen to my brother, but do you also obey him in bed?”

Miss Feng who is already someone’s wife is not shy about this matter, but this is because her big brother is not present. If he is around, she would not dare say such a thing.

Although she is also a married woman, Shan Shan still blushes after hearing Miss Feng’s straightforward words.

“How…… how can this not concern him…… he, he…… that……prevention…..all in all……”

Feng Yue appears to understand and says: “You mean he uses a birth control method?”

Shan Shan nods immediately. Big Boss’s mind is like a precision instrument, knowing when there is a need to take prevention measure and when there is no such need. He is always very careful.

Feng Yue is irritated: “Shan Shan, can’t you seduce him to make him dizzy so he’ll forget everything?”

“Se…Seduce?” Shan Shan blushes, “But…… I, I have always been the one seduced by him.”


Miss Feng is defeated!

They return to the living room in the west wing to sit down just as Feng Teng walks down from upstairs. Wearing a gray sweater, Feng Teng who has just woken up, has the aura of a family man. All these years, Feng Yu has only seen his shrewdness and sharpness, so seeing him like this now seems a bit strange.

As soon as little Yan Yu sees him, he struggles in Shan Shan’s arms and wants to be released down. His small legs runs forward and he uses his chubby hands to cling to Feng Teng’s legs.

“Hold me, hold me.”

Miss Feng feels ashamed of her son’s behaviour.  Whenever her son sees big brother, that little kid always looks flattering at him. Shan Shan really admires baby Yan Yu who  has learnt to do so without a teacher. His flattery skill is much better than hers in the past.

Feng Teng bends down to pick up the baby, then asks Feng Yue: “When did you get here?”

Feng Yue replies: “Just now, the weather forecast said there will be heavy snow tonight so we left the house early.”

Feng Teng holds the baby and sits down next to Shan Shan. She gives him a cup of hot tea and Feng Teng takes a sip while Shan Shan is still holding the cup. He complains, “What type of tea is this?”

This question makes Shan Shan unable to answer. “……I don’t know.”

Feng Teng’s face appears to say “You don’t know what type of tea but still gave to me to drink”. Shan Shan embarrassingly puts the cup of tea far away from him.

Feng Yue secretly rolls her eye at what she just saw. After marrying Shan Shan her big brother has become more picky and now he is even picky about tea. Why she has never seen this side of him in public!

In the end, it is because he enjoys bullying Shan Shan. Other people prefer to do lovey-dovey stuff while her big brother relies on bullying to show his affection. But only he can do that because if she dares to tell Shan Shan to do anything, his eyes will definitely stare dagger at her immediately.

Yan Qing sees that his brother-in-law has come down so he puts away the game and joins them. While drinking tea, he says: “Dream Voyage Rivers and Lakes II is really different from the other games I have played before. It seems giving Xiao Nai so much credit is not without basis.”

Feng Yue says: “When has my brother lost on an investment?”

Feng Teng smiles and says: “Why not, who can avoid doing that?”

Shan Shan plays with the baby’s hand in Feng Teng’s arms for a while. Suddenly, she remembers something: “I’ have bought a stack of sticky papers for the windows but I haven’t finished putting them up. Feng Yue, do you want to help me?”


They get up to put up the sticky papers. Shan Shan is very energetic. It is the spring festival, so you must do these things, only then you will be blessed. However, Feng Yue is not as enthusiastic but……

Looking at the two men in the living room…… it is better than sitting there and listening to them talk.

Actually, Feng Yue feels very happy, as she smiles at her reflection in the windows.

Born into such a family, having seen feuds that tear family members apart because of greed, she was worried of having a “powerful” sister-in-law who will cause estrangement between her and big brother.

Thank goodness it is Shan Shan.

After Shan Shan married into the Feng family, the two siblings have instead grown closer. Before, her big brother was aloof. No, he is still aloof but a little better than before.

Thinking about that, Feng Yue looks back into the living room. Baby Yan Yu is playing with the two men, crawling from one to the other. Feng Yue  cannot help but laughs out loud, her heart filled with gentle happiness.

However…… Feng Yue looks at Shan Shan who is running around outside to put up the sticky papers and begins to feel worried.

After marriage, her big brother has become more and more charming. This type of men is destructive for women, so how can Shan Shan not have any worries! Although big brother’s character is not a problem, having a baby together is safer. She might not go to Feng Teng building often, but she is aware of the company’s gossips. There are many women eager to replace Shan Shan!

Feng Yue who believes she is the best sister-in-law in the world, rolls her eyes as an idea is formed in her head.

As a result……

During the Lunar New Year’s Eve family dinner at night, Feng Yue urges Shan Shan to drink continuously. Feng Teng glares at her a few times, but Feng Yue ignores him.

Hee hee hee, remembering what Shan Shan had said about her romance with her big brother, Feng Yue has discovered that Shan Shan cannot drink but once drunk she will act boldly. It is said that in the past when drunk, she had rejected her big brother’s declaration of love! (Shan Shan: ……How can you interpret that as a declaration of love……)

It is obvious, the things you dare not do when sober, you may dare to do them when drunk. ~ ~ ~

At ten o’clock, Feng Yue had planned to stay overnight but seeing Shan Shan’s cheeks flushing red and her eyes dazed, she changes her mind. After whispering something in Shan Shan’s ear, she proudly leaves with her objective having been accomplished.

Although it is nice to welcome the new year together, there is something else more important.

Ha ha, being the third wheel is rude.

——– I am the dividing line that everyone wants to stay innocent –—–

——— I am the dividing line before sunrise –————

At ten o’clock in the morning on the first day of Lunar New Year, Shuang Yi, who had stayed up until midnight to finish a draft to meet the deadline, excitedly calls Shan Shan, wanting to ask her what day she would go back to her parents’ place. Continuous ringing but no one answers the mobile phone. She tries calling the home number instead, but there is also no answer. Then, Shuang Yi remembers Shan Shan has probably gone to Feng Teng’s family home to celebrate the Lunar New Year.

Haizz~ Rich people are so troublesome!

Shuang Yi searches her phone directory for a long time before finding the number. She dials again and this time a polite old man answers the phone. Then, the phone is transferred to Shan Shan’s Boss.

“Happy Lunar New Year, Gong Xi Fa Cai.” Shuang Yi greets him in one go then asks: “Is Shan Shan there?”

The other side only replies: “She is still sleeping.”

Still sleeping?!!!

Shuang Yi feels as if struck by thunder. It is already ten o’clock. Is Shan Shan a pig, how can she still be sleeping? Furthermore, it is the first day of the Lunar New Year so how can she still be sleeping. Previously, she had always complained about a lot of people visiting at this time……

Huh ~ ~ ~

Oh Yah! If a lot of people are visiting, then she must be very busy. There could have been a party last night…… Shuang Yi’s rich imagination begins to take flight at once as it draws up a party for the wealthy, filled with beautiful clothes, drinks and delicious food.

All right, understood, Shan Shan must have been very tired last night which is why she still has not gotten up.

Haizz, this is why marrying into a wealthy family is not good. Ning Ning is still the best!

^ _ ^

At half past ten, Shan Shan slowly opens her eyes. One of her cheek is immediately bitten lightly and a man’s voice full of laughter whispers in her ear: “Slept enough?”

Shan Shan blinks slowly, still not fully awake yet. A while later looking at the man standing next to the bed, Shan Shan puts out her hand from underneath the blanket: “My red packet!”

Feng Teng laughs out loud: “You don’t get any this year.”

Unscrupulous businessman! Shan Shan says furiously: “I got one last year!”

This red packet is something she has secured with great difficulty. In the end, she got it for only three years then no more?

Feng Teng sees her looking indignant and chuckles in his heart. But outwardly, he deliberately sighs and acts difficult: “It’s not that I don’t want to give you one, but I was overdrawn last night.”

The word “overdrawn” is said by him in an ambiguous and husky voice. Thus, Shan Shan cannot pretend that she does not understand, her face starting to blush!

Last night……

She, she, she really……

“I’m very glad Mrs. Feng was so passionate, but indulgence in alcohol can hurt your body, so don’t do it anymore.”

Is he pretending to be well-behaved when he has taken advantage of her?

Is he pretending to be sanctimonious when he has eaten her fully?

What nerves!

Shan Shan ignores him and her eyes start to search around. Last night she had been very drunk so she is not sure if he had used any prevention method……

Feng Teng certainly knows what she is searching, yet he does not clarify anything but asks instead: “Shan Shan, do you know what day was yesterday?”

“The 25th, do you need to ask?” It had been Lunar New Year’s Eve!

Feng Teng quietly smiles at her, making Shan Shan feels goosebumps all over her body. Whenever Big Boss smiles like this, it always means trouble. Was yesterday special in some way?

The 25th? The 25th……

Ah ah ah, Shan Shan suddenly remembers! Last night, last night had been her safest day. Although other people’s safe days can vary, her safe days are very accurate ah!

Which means…… her effort had been in vain!

Shan Shan wants to cry. Oh sister-in-law, oh sister-in-law!

It is true, alcohol can make a person courageous!

But alcohol also can make a person forgetful ah!

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