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Silent Separation (何以笙箫默) – Gu Man (Chapter 10.1)



Peanuts: To celebrate my last day at work before going on a one month holidays as well as to celebrate Wallace Chung accepting the role of Yi Chen, I’ve posted the translation today. Actually I wanted to put the book on hiatus until I come back from my holiday because I really don’t have time to edit.  Although lidge has  done a good job with the translation, there is still a fair bit of editing because some things have been lost in translation as lidge can only read Viet. It is not a big deal but since my Wallace is going to be Yi Chen now, the translation must be as close as possible to the Chinese novel:P Thus, I am working very hard on it so all of you better support me and Wallace for our hard work, LOL. The update schedule for the next four weeks will be erratic.

At last, we have a very important character making his appearance in this chapter and I bet all of you can guess who he is:) I will tell you a secret which is the pronunciation of his name and my name is similar:( But the characters are written differently in Chinese. Don’t ask me but ask my dad and Gu Man why this is the case. However, I am proud to say my name is more meaningful than his one, lol. Read on to find out who has arrived………..

Chapter 10.1: No Escape (translated by lidge and edited by peanuts) 

Episode 16: OR

Episode 17: OR

9.07: Newlywed lawyer He Yi Chen was busier than before he married. He had not finished his current cases but has also accepted a difficult new case as a favour. Due to handling several cases at the same time, he has to work until late at night every day. Mo Sheng was usually already asleep, when the lights were still on in Yi Chen’s study.

Even so, Mo Sheng still felt very happy. When Yi Chen was busy with his work, she would find things to do, such as cleaning this and organizing that. She looked into the study from time to time, always seeing Yi Chen surrounded by paperwork.

Living together, Mo Sheng could truly understand Yi Chen’s diligence now. People saw him as young and successful, making them envious. But, no one knew the mental and physical efforts behind his halo. A person without background connections, it was very difficult for him to strive for his current achievements. In his most difficult time, she was not by his side……

When Yi Chen walked out of the study with an empty cup, he saw Mo Sheng hugging her knees and sitting on the sofa. She was holding a cookbook and looking lost in thought, not knowing what she was thinking.

It was after one o’clock in the afternoon on a Sunday. Yi Chen had been busy all morning in the study, having hastily eaten lunch then returned to work.

10.15: When Mo Sheng saw him, she immediately put down the book in her hand and stood up from the sofa: “Let me.” She disappeared happily into the kitchen with his empty cup.

Yi Chen looked at his empty hand and suddenly felt time has gone backwards. It seemed as if they had returned to the past, when they were still at university. He was busy with his studies, working and participating in the student council. Mo Sheng was slotted in between his many activities. It may seem as if Mo Sheng was holding tightly onto him, but in reality, he did not have much time for her.

Now, the same thing was happening again.

Yi Chen returned to his study and looked at the calendar. Today was November 15th, the centennial anniversary of the university. The law firm made a sizable donation to the Law Faculty in C University. Lao Yuan had accepted the invitation to represent the firm in the donation ceremony. Thus, he continuously encouraged Yi Chen and Xiang Heng to go to the celebration. Yi Chen is not fond of noisy places, and moreover with the heavy workload but he was hesitant now.

11.10: Mo Sheng carried the hot tea cup into the study. Yi Chen pulled her into his embrace: “Are you busy in the afternoon?”

“Why? Do we have to go somewhere?” Mo Sheng’s eyes lit up and asked excitedly.

The expectation in Mo Sheng’s eyes erased Yi Chen’s hesitant.

Yi Chen turned off the computer: “Yes, today is the university’s centennial celebration. Do you want to go?”


11.31: Of course Mo Sheng wanted to go because the centennial celebration would be lively.

0.31: When Yi Chen and Mo Sheng arrived at the university, there were too many people so it was impossible to drive the car into the campus. Hence, Yi Chen had to park far away, then walked with Mo Sheng to the university.

“Wait.” Halfway there, Mo Sheng stopped and pointed at the roadside stalls selling T shirt printed with “C University” on the front, “Yi Chen, we change into these, okay?”

Yi Chen frowned because he felt weird wearing that, but Mo Sheng grabbed his hand and refused to leave. He has no option but said reluctantly: “You go and buy la.”

They had left the house in a rush so Mo Sheng did not bring her purse. She took some money from Yi Chen’s wallet and squeeze into the crowd. A while later she emerged from the crowd holding two T-shirts and looking triumphant.

Today, both of them were wearing light sweaters. Mo Sheng put on the T-shirt on top of her loose sweater, appearing fat and strange. In contrast, Yi Chen who was wearing it the same way appeared handsome and tall, thereby attracting the constant attention of some women walking by.


It was like that in the past, Yi Chen was the focus of all the attention on campus wherever he went. However, he always looked indifferent, seemingly having no feeling at all facing those gazes.  Mo Sheng pulled on his sleeve: “Yi Chen, can’t you feel someone is looking at you ah?”

Yi Chen glanced at her: “Don’t look around when walking.”


1.46: Mo Sheng did not say anything further. Of all the people who are clueless about being sensitive, this person would probably make the top of the list.

While walking into the university gate in the midst of the crowd, Yi Chen received a phone call from Xiang Heng: “Are you at home or at the office? Come here quickly because a lot of our classmates are here today. Su Min said if you don’t come, she’ll personally go and drag you here.”

Su Min had been president of the Faculty of Law student council before Yi Chen took over. She stayed on at the university as a lecturer after graduating. She and Yi Chen used to often work together.

“I am at the north gate, where are you guys?”

“Oh, you are here? That’s great, we’re at the new building, so come here quickly.”

Yi Chen put away his mobile phone and said to Mo Sheng: “Go with me to the Faculty of Law first, then we’ll go to your faculty to take a look.”

“Oh? Your faculty…… I’m not going.” Mo Sheng hesitated for a moment before saying.

“Why?” Yi Chen was immediately suspicious. He nearly forgot there was always something going wrong when he was with this person. Even though, so many years had passed, Yi Chen found out he was still conditioned to act reflexively around her.

“There are too many people in your faculty……” Mo Sheng said quietly. Yi Chen used to be a popular figure in the Faculty of Law, so many people knew about him. Thus, many people probably also knew about their tumultuous relationship in the past. Mo Sheng really did not want to deal with those questioning looks.

“You better go alone. Moreover, I want to take some photos. I will have more inspirations doing it alone……”

Then what would be the point of him coming here? Yi Chen felt a little frustrated and pulled Mo Sheng who was ready to take flight: “You don’t have money or your phone, so how can you find me later? How can you get home later?”

Seeing Mo Sheng blushing in shame, Yi Chen knew she had not thought of these things. Sometimes, he felt like he was raising a child. He heaved a sigh and said: “It’s better if our child takes after me.”

Why talked about the distant future? Mo Sheng held out her hand and muttered: “Give me the money!”

Yi Chen only gave his phone to her: “I’ll call you later,  don’t go too far away. Call Xiang Heng’s phone if you need me.”

“I really don’t know what you’re worried about.” Yi Chen fixed her hair, which was messed up by the wind. How could he not know what Mo Sheng was thinking? Nevertheless, he let her do what she wanted because this matter was not important.


3.04: “The great lawyer He, you’re famous now, so starting to act arrogant.” Yi Chen has just arrived at the Faculty of Law new building and Su Min playfully teased him right away.

YI Chen knew this senior classmate’s temperament well. If he said something back she would tease more so Yi Chen kept quiet. Su Min continued her teasing but seeing that her target did not say anything, she stopped.

Xiang Heng kept on staring at Yi Chen’s clothes: “When did you’ve such good taste?”

Yi Chen looked down at himself, four eye-catching big red words “XX University” were printed on the T-shirt. Indeed, he looked silly. He smiled, took off the T-shirt and held it in his hand.

Xiang Heng immediately understood: “Why isn’t your family here?”

“Who knows where she has run off to.” Yi Chen said helplessly.

While they were chatting, many friends came over to say hello. Su Min used the opportunity to pull Lao Yuan aside: “Does He Yi Chen have a girlfriend?”

Lao Yuan stroked his chin and replied confidently: “No.” A wife is not considered as a girlfriend. He made a very clear distinction of this.

“Why is it still the same? He is still dead set on waiting for her?” Su Min knew well about Yi Chen’s past and disapproved somewhat with his waiting, “It’s good if he doesn’t have a girlfriend. There is a new young female teacher in our faculty, who looks very pretty, well-educated and from a good family background. When it’s time to have our meal, I’ll call her over and introduce them. Later, you must not say anything ah!”

Of course, Lao Yuan will happily not say anything.

Yi Chen initially planned to say hello and then leave. but he could not get away now. First, he went with them to visit a few professors. Then, there was an alumna forum. When they walked out of the building, it was nearly five o’clock. Lao Yuan greeted a few friends and said: “I’ve already made a reservation at Bin Jiang to dine together.”

Bin Jiang Hotel is the only five-star hotel near the university. It appeared Lao Yuan was prepared to spend some money this time.

Yi Chen borrowed his phone to call Mo Sheng.

4.44: Actually, Mo Sheng did not plan to take any pictures. She only took along her camera out of habit.

Yi Chen has gone to the Faculty of Law, so Mo Sheng was also going to her faculty. Back then, Mo Sheng’s university entrance exam scores barely qualified for C University so she was put in the unpopular School of Chemistry. Unfortunately, chemistry was her worse subject. She managed to just scrape through with a narrow pass in her first year at university, probably because of Yi Chen’s tutoring.

Mo Sheng was only at the School of Chemistry for slightly more than a year only. Most of her self-study time was spent at the Law Faculty so she did not know many people in her faculty. She walked around the School of Chemistry but did not run into any acquaintance.

After walking out of the School of Chemistry, she took two pictures of the scenery but her interest was a little dry.

Her hand accidentally touched the phone in her pocket. She could not help but think of Yi Chen. She wondered what he was doing at the Faculty of Law……

Recently, Yi Chen and her…… seemed to get along better all of a sudden, especially after she came back from Hong Kong.

Mo Sheng was happy with the current state of their relationship but there were times she felt uneasy.

She did not quite understand Yi Chen’s thinking. Actually, it had always been like this, as she always could not fathom out Yi Chen’s thoughts. Could there be a day where everything would change back to before?

Mo Sheng did not want to think anymore. She kicked the mud on the ground, telling herself: “Since you can’t understand, then it is best to be simple-minded.”

6,08: Today, there was unprecedented excitement in C University. People were everywhere, from current young students to former old students. It was hard to imagine the countless number of students who graduated from this university.

Maybe because Mo Sheng was wearing a T-shirt with C University’s name printed on it, from time to time people came up and asked her for direction. Relying on her hazy memory, Mo Sheng gave directions to each of them.

After walking a few steps, she was once again stopped by a young man in a suit.

“Student, do you know where Ying Hui would give his speech?”

Lost in thoughts, Mo Sheng was frightened back into reality by what she heard.  She was stunned, doubting if she has heard wrongly.

Ying Hui?

“Who did you say?” Mo Sheng asked blankly.

“Ying Hui ah, China’s internet miracle, President of SOSO search site. Where is he giving his speech?”

The young man looked at her anxiously. Seeing her dazed look, he immediately turned away and asked another student: “Student, do you know where Ying Hui would give his speech?”

“In Auditorium 1 but why are you going now? His speech is from 2 o’clock to 4 o’clock. It has already started, so you certainly won’t be able to get in.” Having said that, the female student still gave direction.

The young man thanked her hastily and hurriedly ran to Auditorium 1.

Mo Sheng stood still, taking a while before she fully processed what she heard.

Ying Hui.

He had returned.

He was at C University now.

7.28: Auditorium 1, which could accommodate about a thousand people, was already full. Even the doorway was crowded with people. Fortunately the university already thought of this so an electronic big screen was set up outside the auditorium to broadcast the speech live.

Mo Sheng stood in the crowd and looked up at the confident man on the screen. He has a broad forehead signifying intelligence, a pair of thick eyebrow that characterize his firm and persistence nature, sharp like knife facial features that lack gentleness, a penetrating pair of eyes which had experienced a lot yet remained calm and he appeared stern to seem like someone who is difficult to get close to.

That was Ying Hui.

The upstart in the internet world, who built his business up from nothing at Silicon Valley.

The new technology tycoon who was worth several billions of American dollars.

Her ex-husband in name…… maybe also in reality.

8.13: The topic Ying Hui talked about was very common and done by many before. It was “China’s IT Industry Development and Future,”. However, his perspective was unique, his analysis powerful and his unusual position made his speech stood out from the masses. Because of his background in science and engineering, Ying Hui places great emphasis on facts. According to his speech, the future of IT was not described as some imaginary future plans. Rather it was established on feasible and logical basis. As a result, his speech was very convincing. His legendary personal life experiences and struggles further moved all the students who were listening emotionally. He also looked very handsome, specifically the type full of strength and firmness. Therefore, the applause from the audience were surprisingly mixed with shrieks from the female students.

Outside the auditorium, the girls standing near Mo Sheng were excited about Ying Hui’s elegant manner and charisma.

“Wow, he is so handsome ah. I am willing to admit it even if he is a little bit old.”

“Come on! Who said he is old? He is only 34 years old, still young and vigorous.”

“If I have a husband this talented, this successful, this handsome, I will die happily.”

“Forget it, someone like this, you have to marry him before he becomes successful la. It is too late now.”

“Hey, did you know? When Ying Hui was still studying in our university, his girlfriend was the most beautiful girl in our faculty at that time.”

This sentence immediately attracted the attention of everyone around who were listening attentively to the speech.

9.39: “What is your faculty?” A young man asked.

“Foreign Languages.”

“What happened? Are they still together?”

“I heard this from other people so it might not be true.” The girl emphasized this before starting to say: “I heard when he was studying at the university, Ying Hui was very poor because he comes from a rural area. However, he was admitted to the School of Mathematics because of good grades and was very famous. Later, he dated the most beautiful girl publicly known in our faculty at that time. It is said that their love relationship was very good. Unfortunately after graduation, in order to stay on at the university, she married the son of the School Head.  Whereas Ying Hui gave up a job offer from a domestic research institute and went abroad to further his study.”

“Oh, the School Head’s daughter-in-law. Is she the one teaching us British History?  Isn’t she recently divorced?”

“Gosh, really? Do you think she is feeling very regretful now?”

“Who knows!” The girl shrugged, “A professor’s assistant talked about these matters during a dinner we treated him after our dormitory got a scholarship last time. The degree of credibility is very high.”

10.34: The chattering and discussion were still continuing with enthusiasm. The past and privacy of famous people have always been a topic of interest to the public.

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      Oh no, not absolute sure now. An entertainment site said they are just using WC’s name for promo & the real male lead is an unknown. He is not a newbie but has been a supporting actor so I don’t know who he is. Apparently Ruby thinks he has great potential to be a leading actor. I am uncertain now:( Just wait for the confirmation & hopefully I don’t need to edit my post:(

      • Awwww! That is horribly misleading of companies to use one actor as promotion purposes and then suddenly substitute with another guy! It’s like showing one girl during the match-making meeting and then giving the groom a very unpleasant shock when he uncovers the red veil on the wedding night when he discovers that the bride has been switched. 😦 Hope they confirm soon.

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          If you trust my Chinese, I think WC and the director have confirmed this a few hrs ago when I touched down in asia, lol. He is the same director as Shan Shan and is called the god father of idol drama. He is the director of the frog who turned into a prince that drama with Ming Dao and said he hopes to make another unforgettable idol drama.

          WC camp said he has many offers but is doing this as a fan favour and hopefully can do yi chen’s fame justice. Fr the sound of it this will be his last idol drama before he hits middle age and concentrates on film and serious roles.

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  17. I’ve been reading this novel in vietnamese so many times and I was a little confused about the relationship between UH and MS. After reading the previous chapter and this chapter, specifically when MS said that UH was her ex husband in paper and maybe also in reality. I wonder as if there was sexual relationship between them??? If yes I feel bad for YC, but if not how can a smart guy like that didn’t know that MS still kept her virginity until he has a conversation with UH.IN FACT I hope it was not. Praying!!!! I love the way you translated it. Thank you all so much for your hard work and effort.

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