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You’re My Sunshine (Silent Separation) Press Conference



The press conference was held at ten o’clock in the morning on 12th of June in Shanghai to officially introduce the two leads and the director of You’re My Sunshine. Wallace Chung who is well-known as little sun (xiao tai yang) since his debut  and Tiffany Tang Yan have been officially confirmed as the leads. Filming for the 30 episode drama will commence on 25th June for 3 months. Hopefully this fresh pairing will create sizzling hot chemistry on screen.

It is not known who’ll be the other cast members including the university version of Yi Chen and Mo Sheng. Hence, there is no need to worry that Wallace is too old for the role since he will not portray the younger Yi Chen. The director of the drama is the same Taiwanese director who filmed another of Gu Man’s novel Come & Eat, Shan Shan. Liu Jun Jie is known as the ‘god-father’ of idol drama having directed the popular idol drama called The Prince Who Turns into a Frog.


When Wallace was asked about his impression of Tiffany, he didn’t know what to say & uttered ” I….I….I didn’t know she is so tall.” LOL

Tiffany’s impression of Wallace is that he is very nice and suitable to play Yi Chen.


Because Yi Chen waited 7 years for Mo Sheng, the leads were asked if they’ll wait that long for a love relationship in real life. Wallace replied honestly, “That is too difficult.” Whereas Tiffany replied that if the guy really loves her, she is willing to wait.


They exchanged presents during the press conference. Wallace ordered a necklace with ‘You’re My Sunshine’ written on it but he only found out on the spot that it has ‘Hello Sunshine’ wrongly written on it.



The fans asked Wallace to help Tiffany to put on the necklace and he took quite a while to ‘clumsily’ put it on for her. Thus, the host commented Wallace seemed to have no experience in helping women to wear necklace making Tiffany blush. After putting on the necklace for her, he told her loudly, “You’re My Sunshine.”


In exchange, Tiffany gave a wallet to Wallace. He asked if there is any money in it:P Tiffany replied no but there is a picture of Mo Sheng. Then Wallace said, great it can be used as the drama prop, haha……


Because Zhao Mo Sheng is a photographer, so the director gave her a camera for her to photograph her sweet moments with He Yi Chen!


Wallace and Tiffany were made to write down what Yi Chen and Mo Sheng most wanted to say to each other seven years ago before their separation. Wallace tried to cheat by peeping at Tiffany’s one but got rebuked by the host. In his lawyer Yi Chen’s defend mode, he said he was just checking out her hand-writing, LOL.


Then, they sealed the letters in two envelopes and put them in the mailbox. When the drama weibo (something like facebook) has more than 100,000 comments, what both of them had written will be announced separately.

If you can understand Mandarin, you can watch the press conference in youtube:

Wallace giving necklace to Tiffany:

Tiffany giving wallet to Wallace:

Writing and sending letters:

Full version:

30 thoughts on “You’re My Sunshine (Silent Separation) Press Conference

  1. Hehe thanks for the post. She is so pretty and he is so cute. If only they could wait, time for his hair to grow and have a better hairstyle. My only wish is to have YC as handsome as LLC.

  2. This is awesome. Thanks for the information, peanuts! I am starting to watch the full press conference right now. Will return to comment more after I have watched everything. But I would like to say that Wallace Chung cracks me up with his dorky and off-beat comments which he just blurts out. 😀

  3. peanuts holiday still update YC 🙂 thanks for the link peanuts ,i’m not understand mandarin but must watch too 🙂 usually how long its take after finish filming before we can watch?

    • haha so the necklace only write hello sunshine ? hihi, must made in indo necklace hello sunshine 😀

    • I am not sure but for Yi Chen probably as soon as possible lol. Yah, for YC and WC, I am never on holidays, wrote this till 3am, lol.

      • ah i agree with bongsd , WC need grow his hair haha . peanuts for WC never holidays 😛 ..huuuu i miss YC and LJ ..hope they come back soon from holiday hihi

  4. Really? They will not play young Yi Chen and Mo Sheng? 😦 No~~~ 😦 I know they’re a little too old for that 😦 However, I love the university part and I don’t want others to play it 😦

    Tiffany is really tall, right? And she’s too thin too. But I think they make such a nice couple ^^

    • I read that in baidu so not very certain. Since many are complaining WC is too old so such arrangement may be better. GM said she will try to take into consideration all the fans’ opinions.

  5. Uwahhh i think they”ll make a cute pair onscreen! but i remembered your previous post that it’ll be adapted into both dramas and movie? so what happen to the movie part?

    • Haha, don’t jump the gun 1st. That is the intention but it may depend on the response for the drama or maybe the movie will be filmed after the drama.

  6. WOW PEANUTS YOU ARE AWESOME! Thank you so much for keeping us posted! Please continue..? 🙂

    The anticipation is killing me. Hope the wait won’t be too long!

  7. Thanks for the update. Hope the drama will do justice to the book. Frankly, I think Janine Chang(张钧宁)is more suited to act as Mo Sheng cause Tiffany seem to bubbly.

    • Actually some mainland Chinese prefer Leila Tong and Viet prefer Ariel Lin. But definitely not Janine otherwise it will be like best times. There was rumor that the female lead in remembering li Chun may be Mo Sheng and they complain they don’t want them sharing the same lead.

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  9. everytime I read ‘Wallace’ in this article, I thought of Wallace Huo…LOL

  10. i really cant wait.. i really like him especially in Best Time.. aaahh really really my fave.. but may i ask you, drama In Time With You wasn;t adapted from novel right?

    please continue posting about this drama 😀
    i just finished reading come and eat shan2.. and now want to continue with silent separation..
    thank you ^^

    • Haha, nice to meet another WC’s fan. He looks good in Best Time but he didn’t really get the girl in that drama so I feel bad for him:( I don’t count that silly alternate ending which wasn’t even shown on tv. This drama is kind of secretive so not much news or pictures have been filtering through but I’ll do a post when I’ve enough materials to work on. Silent Separation is still being translated so you’ve to wait patiently:P

      In Time With You is not adapted from a novel.

  11. Hello, I just watch the press conference even though i do not understand Mandarin lol. Thank you so much for taking your time to translate for us. I notice that that there is a song around 9:12 in the video. I wonder if it could be one of the OST of the drama? And do you perhaps know the name of the song? Thank you

    • I am sorry to tell you, Yi Chen may be on TV earlier than Li Chuan bcos the copyright for LC is too expensive, the leads are not that well-known & the production coy is also new so has not relationship with any TV stations.

      100% won’t be the OST for the drama bcos the OST has just been recorded abt 2 weeks ago. I think the name of the song is Liekkas.

  12. thank you so much for the info. I have been waiting for Lichuan for so long. I cannot count how many times i have watched the trailers T-T still im holding my hope have have my fingers crosseed. Btw, do you know whether they have Liekkas in chinese? Cuz from the press conference clip, wasnt the song in chinese? I might be wrong lol but it did sound like chinese. Thanks again!

  13. the necklace looks nice.. and i don’t know that a drama PC can be so fun.. they give presents.. they write letters.. nice!! 😀

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