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Silent Separation (何以笙箫默) – Gu Man (Chapter 10.2)



Peanuts: Ying Hui has made his appearance so how do you like him? You will learn more about his backstory later. This post will end on a cliffhanger so stay tune for next update for the resolution as well as the actor who will portray him in the drama.

Chapter 10.2: No Escape (translated by lidge and edited by peanuts) 

Episode 17: OR

Episode 18: OR

10.41: Mo Sheng pursed up her lips and raised her head to look at the high-spirited Ying Hui on the electronic screen.

Ying Hui rarely talked about his past to her. Probably because she was only 23 years old at that time so she seemed like still a little sister to Ying Hui who had such vast life experiences.

Only once, Ying Hui by chance talked about it: “I used to have a girlfriend at C University. She is very intelligent, very beautiful……” He stopped, his voice overwhelmed with feelings.

At that time, Mo Sheng who did not understand the reason, immediately replied: “My ex-boyfriend is also very outstanding.”

“Oh?” Ying Hui smiled, “In that case, your ex-boyfriend isn’t as lucky as me.”

Mo Sheng could still remember the expressions in his eyes to this day, full of contradictions. Loneliness and arrogance appeared at the same time in his usually calm eyes.

11.20: In all these years, she did not see any woman in Ying Hui’s life. Mo Sheng dazedly thought, perhaps, he was like her, all along unable to let go of that person from the past.

0.31: As the speech was coming to an end, the host came out: “If we finish now, will all of you feel kind of unsatisfied? Will you have any regrets?”

Many voices shouted: “Yes!”

“Thus next, it is question and answer session. The time is half an hour, so seize the moment.”

The atmosphere started to bust with noise and excitement. One after another, the students stood up to ask all kinds of tricky and strange questions. Allowing the audience to freely ask questions best reflects a person’s creativity and agility. Obviously, Ying Hui excelled at this. His answers full of wit and humor elicited a burst of applause from the audience.

Today’s speech, regardless from which aspect, Ying Hui was truly “the pride of C University.”

“Ugh, these guys ask really boring questions.”

Continuous technical questions about IT bored the girls in the audience, as they were not interested in computer technology.

At this point, the microphone was passed to a girl.

The female student stood up and cleared her throat: “Mr. Ying, I want to clarify that this question isn’t from me but from a classmate who sent message to me from outside the auditorium. She said if I can help her to ask this question, she’ll treat me to dinner so for my free dinner, please answer my question.”

“Of course.” Ying Hui said pleasantly. He elegantly lifted his hand and made a “go ahead” gesture.

“Oh, great.” The girl tactfully paused and waited until the audience calmed down, then she asked loudly, “Are you married? Do we still have a chance?”

Because of this question, the audience grew noisy. The male students whistled, cheering for the girl’s courage.

However, in such a lively atmosphere, the man on stage who has been at ease all along, has clearly lost his concentration.

He still appeared like before, but his train of thoughts seemed to have disengaged.  This person apparently was brought to another world by this unexpected question, forgetting he still have audience. The students who saw the close-up on the big electronic screen outside the auditorium could even see the sadness that could not be hidden away in his eyes.

2.23: Gradually, the auditorium quieted down. The students looked at each other in complete silence.

The girl who asked the question started to appear uneasy.

The host thought this question intruded on Ying Hui’s privacy and quickly came out to save the day: “The question asked by the female student is about his private life ah. You are not a paparazzi who disguised herself and sneaked in here.”

There was faint laughter from the audience.

The assistant standing next to Ying Hui said something to him and he recovered himself immediately. He made a gesture to stop the host: “It is all right. I just suddenly thought of my wife who I haven’t seen for some time.”

The audience failed to understand clearly so Ying Hui answered with certainty: “Of course, I’ve married.”

There were so many people inside and outside the auditorium, but probably only Mo Sheng understood the true meaning of the speaker’s words.

Have married!

Mo Sheng also told Yi Chen that before.

Have married, but only in name, and it was no longer true now.

The speech was drawing to a close. The last image on the electronic screen showed students rushing towards the stage surrounding Ying Hui, who stood in the middle. Then, the broadcast stopped and began a video about the centennial celebration of C University.

People gathering outside the auditorium gradually dispersed. Mo Sheng also followed the crowd to leave. Suddenly, she remembered when she flew back to China, Ying Hui saw her off at the airport and the last remarks he made before she boarded the plane.

“If you are not returning to the U.S., then we don’t keep in touch for the time being .”

Actually, it was not without regrets. They could have been very good friends.


So many things did not happen.

4.00: Mo Sheng ‘s chest felt tight and her head dizzy.

In this defenseless and sunny afternoon, those emotions buried for a long time were reawakened by Ying Hui’s appearance. Each scene like a nightmare reappearing. Newly arriving in the U.S., she felt terrified because  everything was unfamiliar and she also felt ashamed due to discrimination for her poor command of English. Because her accent was ridiculed, she gradually grew accustomed to remaining silent. After more than two months in the U.S., Mo Sheng fell apart when she learned about her father’s suicide due to guilt from the newspaper……

At that time, everything felt like a demon weaving a net. No matter how she struggled, infinite despair as escape was not possible.

“Two tigers, two tigers, running fast……”

Suddenly, the ringtone “Two Tigers” pulled Mo Sheng from the past back to the present.

Mo Sheng chose this childish song for Yi Chen’s phone when he was busy with work and she played computer games with his phone. Although Yi Chen frowned for a while after he heard the song, he did not change it.

The phone rang twice before she answered.

“Mo Sheng.”

Yi Chen’s voice sounded deep and low like always. Mo Sheng did not know why she suddenly felt overwhelmed with emotions. It seemed as if a warm wind blew through her heart, the whole world became tranquil and kind.

Her eyes welled up.

5.13: “Yi Chen, I miss you very much……”

Mo Sheng heard herself saying that, or rather, it was another Zhao Mo Sheng who was in a foreign country telling Yi Chen that.

I miss you very much.

Yi Chen, did you know that?

I once stood on a street in a foreign country, full of people with different skin colors, even someone looking a bit like you also could not be seen. Finally, I can tell you now, I miss you very much……

The tears that could not be held back rolled down her cheeks.

There was silence on the other end of the phone.

Only their quiet breathing was heard, mixed in with car horns from a distance.

After a moment, Lao Yuan’s loud voice could be heard from the phone: “Yi Chen, why did you stop walking? Moreover standing in the middle of the road!”

Yi Chen snapped out of it and coughed: “Oh, I see……”

The great lawyer paused and stammered.

“……Where are you?”

Mo Sheng looked around: “I don’t know.” After the speech finished, she just followed the crowd, not paying attention to where she was going.

6.13: “Are you lost? No wonder……” Yi Chen’s voice was hoarse, “Forget about it, just go directly to Bin Jiang Hotel across the university’s north gate. I’ll wait for you in front of the hotel.”

Bin Jiang Hotel.

For some reason, someone took the table Lao Yuan’s reserved. The manager apologized profusely and said he would make another arrangement as soon as possible. The group did not really mind, as everyone sat and chatted in the lobby while waiting.

Besides Su Min, Lao Yuan also invited several close friends. After graduation, everyone dispersed in different directions, so they only managed to meet up a few times. Finally there was a chance to catch up with each other now.

Su Min took the opportunity to introduce the female lecturer who she had invited to Yi Chen. The leading man appeared a bit distracted, but judging from the female lecturer looking shyly at Yi Chen from time to time, Su Min was secretly proud of herself because she was probably at least half successful this time.

While chatting, Xiang Heng, who sat opposite the windows, suddenly stood up and looked outside the window. Yi Chen, who sat across from him, subconsciously turned around to see a big truck narrowly missing Mo Sheng. She tried to stabilize herself and stand firmly, her face paled with shock.

That was a close call, Xiang Heng was still stunned: “He Yi Chen, your wife is terrifying. She can cross the street without paying attention, when the light was still red……”

Before he finished talking, Yi Chen already stood up and walked out with a cold face.

Su Min could clearly see the woman’s face across the street and widened her eyes. She also heard clearly what Xiang Heng said so she turned to Lao Yuan and asked: “Wife? What does that mean?”

Lao Yuan laughed sneakily: “A wife is a wife, not a girlfriend.”

The young female lecturer looked puzzled at Su Min, probably wanting to ask “Why you introduced a married man to me?”

Su Min suffered in silent then glared ferociously at Lao Yuan.

8.00: Yi Chen took hold of Mo Sheng’s hand and walked in front of her. He immediately let go of her hand as soon as they have crossed the road. They stood next to the flower terrace but could not hear what they were talking. Looking at Yi Chen’s imposing manner, as well as Zhao Mo Sheng stooping her head low and lower, he probably was lecturing her.

“I really missed this!” Xiang Heng started to smile. He had not seen such a scene in a long time. At university, Yi Chen acted older than his age. He usually handled things maturely and rarely got angry with anyone. Except with Mo Sheng, he would always lecture her for a long time if she did something wrong.

“It is still her.” Su Min shook her head, not knowing if she should feel happy for her junior or feel not worth it, “Back then, there were so many talented and beautiful girls in our Faculty of Law who liked him, but he liked a girl from another faculty. I told him, it is fine if he likes someone from a different faculty, but at least choose the most beautiful girl. Only then would that be fitting with his status as the “Number 1 Gifted Scholar” of the Faculty of Law, but he chose an ordinary girl.”

Back then, when Zhao Mo Sheng relentlessly pestered He Yi Chen, most people in the Faculty of Law watched the chase with the mentality of following the crowd. No one thought He Yi Chen would accept her because he already rejected many girls better than her. Hence, when He Yi Chen brought Zhao Mo Sheng to attend lecture and self-study class, many people were taken by surprised. Perhaps many girls secretly regretted that they were not a bit more persistent. Later, when Zhao Mo Sheng went to the U.S. and He Yi Chen was single again, there were many new students whose enthusiasm level could match that of Zhao Mo Sheng. However, He Yi Chen always managed to get rid of them in two to three days time.

Once, Su Min could not help but asked: “You hate it when girls pester you. Then, why didn’t you hate Zhao Mo Sheng?”

Su Min regretted her outburst being too rude and impetuous. Thus, she immediately laughed to brush it aside, not expecting Yi Chen would reply.

“That is different.” At that time, He Yi Chen answered briefly in a flat tone.

Su Min could not think where the difference was. Perhaps— he gave Mo Sheng a chance to pester him but did not give the other girls the same opportunity.

9.54: After hearing what she said, Lao Yuan said seriously for once: “A love relationship is like drinking water. The person who drinks it knows best whether the water is hot or cold.”

While everyone was still chatting, Yi Chen and Mo Sheng have arrived. Yi Chen still looked annoyed. As for Mo Sheng, she probably had been scolded miserably. She greeted the crowd in a very low voice without any enthusiasm.

Mo Sheng was a frequent visitor to the Faculty of Law so she knew Su Min. She looked at Su Min and smiled faintly: “Hello.”

Su Min made a reluctant “ah” sound. She did not have a chance to reply because a loud cry of surprise interrupted her.

“Mrs. In!”

The loud and passionate voice of the speaker caused the noisy lobby to quiet down. People were amused by the accent of the man when he spoke in English. The portly middle-aged man was not in the least conscious that everyone’s attention was focused on him. He walked happily across the lobby to stand in front of a stiff Mo Sheng.

“Mrs. In, Mrs. Ying.” The middle-age man was a little incoherent from excitement, “I didn’t expect to see you here. Did you return with Mr. Ying? I’m Lin Xiang He, president of Da Shang Company. Do you remember, hehehe…… Last year in the U.S., I was honored to be treated so well by you and Mr. Ying. This time since you and your husband have returned home, you must let me return the favor by hosting you.”

11.00: Mo Sheng was stunned, her hands and feet growing cold.

She could still remember this middle-aged chubby man. His company and Ying Hui’s company did business together. When he visited the U.S. last year, Ying Hui had hosted a dinner at their home for him and his wife.

But why did she have to run into him here?

At the worst time, in the worst situaion.

Mo Sheng felt Lao Yuan and everyone else looking at her in suspicion and also surprise. She did not have the courage to look at Yi Chen’s expression.

Just recently she only started to feel to have a little bit of  happiness, very feeble, would it disappear so quickly……

The fearful feeling was spreading bit by bit to all corners of her body. However, in the next moment, a warm and strong hand took hold of her trembling hand.

This hand that just pulled her across the street in anger.

It was now full of reassuring strength and clasping her hand.

Mo Sheng slowly turned her head. Yi Chen was looking at her, his eyes were calm but filled with pain.

He…… had guessed what happened?


Mo Sheng heard Yi Chen’s clear and calm voice, “I’m sorry, now she is not……”

“You have the wrong person.”

Mo Sheng interrupted before Yi Chen could finish talking. He paused and his eyes appeared puzzled.

12.15: Mo Sheng gently pulled her hand out of his hand and repeated her words to President Lin: “You have the wrong person.”

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    • Ying Hui knows all along Mo Sheng only loves Yi Chen so I don’t really pity him. I am sure he will find another girl soon. Btw I know who will be ying hui in the drama. He is someone you knew and watched his drama b4 lol.

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    I feel bad for yinghui. he is a good man and has the same pain like yi chen.

    • After finding out who will be ying hui in the drama I m not sure if you will feel the same way, lol.

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    Yi Chen really loves Mo Sheng alot to allow her to put the “Two Tigers” ringtone :p

    • Thank you for your tall hat as I try my best not to destroy this so-called classic in English, lol. I think the drama may elaborate more on Ying Hui. I am not sure if GM is joking or serious bcos she wrote that she wrote more scenes for YC with Ying Hui than YC with Mo Sheng in the drama:(

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