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News on Gu Man’s Novels – Boss & Me And You Are My Sunshine



Come to Eat, Shan Shan drama is now called Boss & Me. Surprisingly, it will be aired on 7th or 8th July depending on which timezone you reside, after the conclusion of The Third Kind of Love, another drama adapted from a novel. Although that novel is rather popular in China, the plot is not my cup of tea. Moreover shallow me, does not find the lead actor handsome enough for me to spend time with him, lol. I heard there will even be a movie version with Song Seung Hun and Liu Yi Fei. Instead, I am watching Loving, Never Forgetting, another drama adapted from a novel. Jerry’s fan, please don’t get offended but I am sorry to say he can’t act. But he looks good enough for me to follow the drama. The drama is okay, too much crying and angst but strangely entertaining maybe in a bad way, haha….

You Are My Sunshine has commenced filming and the cast members have been announced. I won’t introduce each and everyone of them but the main ones because I don’t know them which means you also may not know who they are. The booting ceremony took place on the 24th of June and they are currently filming the university parts with the young actor and actress so Wallace Chung won’t start filming until the beginning of July as he is busy promoting his new drama The Stand-In which is currently airing in China. I may be a Wallace’s fan but not a rabid one so I’ll give this drama a miss since I am not interested in it. Hopefully, this will give him more time to grow his hair to portray a handsome Yi Chen.

Mel who is a loyal fan of Wallace Chung has dedicatedly written an ancient fanfic with him and many other popular stars hosted in Moonblossom’s blog so for fans of the wuxia genre, do go there and support her.


I am very surprised that this drama is airing so soon. It had only been about half a year since the drama started filming and about four months since the drama finished filming. I am not complaining since they have waited for me to finish my holidays before broadcasting it, haha….I hope because it is a good drama so it can jump queue and get to be aired first. However, Bongsd told me it is because the drama fulfills the ‘Great China Dream’ criteria. What is that? I guess the government is like Big Boss and wants the people to behave like Shan Shan who is docile and obedient.  The dream is probably to create a country with naive people who like to eat and subject to the tight control of the government. LOL

Below is the trailer of the drama. Decembi has translated the trailer into English. I won’t make any comment on it since it is only the trailer. My feeling is that it is average but lidge loves it so judge for yourself. The drama seems to follow the novel quite closely except the last bits with the confrontation between Shan Shan, Feng Teng and Li Shu.

A has some cute stills of the drama especially the pictures of Shan Shan and Feng Teng having beef noodles after Feng Yue’s full moon banquet as well as a behind the scenes video. There are also a few behind the scenes videos in youtube. A lot of nice stills can also be found here with very updated news but it is in Vietnamese.


In case you’ve been a frog living under a well, the leads for Silent Separation drama called You Are My Sunshine are Wallace Chung and Tiffany Tang.


During the press conference, they sent each other a letter and the content will only be revealed when the weibo reached 100,000 comments. That target was easily achieved a few days later.

Wallace Chung wrote : Mo Sheng, please stay by my side. Chen

Tang Yan wrote : Yi Chen, marry me!

Ying Hui will be portrayed by Tan Kai. He was also the second male lead as the scorned fiance in Too Late To Say I Love You, another drama adapted from a novel with Wallace Chung as the lead.  As Mel said, shallow us will stick to supporting Wallace Chung who is better looking, lol. I guess they found an uncle to be Ying Hui to match Wallace Chung in age even though Wallace looks way younger than him. The other younger male cast is a new addition who is not in the novel. He will be Mo Sheng’s colleague who I guess will have quite an important role.


These are the young Mo Sheng and Yi Chen when they were in university. I don’t know who they are because they are newcomers. This is to address the criticism of not giving chance to newbies as well as Wallace being too old to play the role of a university student. Hopefully, they can act their parts well since I do like their interactions during the university days as they are more light-hearted and funny.


Lastly, below is a fan-made MV with Wallace and Tiffany as the leads as a prelude to the drama.

31 thoughts on “News on Gu Man’s Novels – Boss & Me And You Are My Sunshine

  1. ah thanks Peanuts 🙂 when you will be back ?

  2. I’m getting ever so excited evertime news comes out regarding Silent Separation. Drama please be good to us !!

  3. Why is university YC dressed in a suit? Already…? Mehhh

    University MS is more of what I imagined the character to look like when I was reading the novel. Have to be honest (nothing against Tang Yan) but she is a bit too pretty/modelesque to play the part.

    Excited excited excited! Fingers crossed it’ll be on the small screen in 6 months too :)!

    (And, Peanuts, HOW can you not be a fan of Wallace?)

    • Plenty of complains abt the uni yi Chen especially fr viet fans.

      The uni mo Sheng met wallace b4 last yr. I think they were in a drama or event together.

      I am wallace chung’s fan but indifferent to wallace Huo bcos I dun want to compete with hui3r lol

  4. Haha, I mean… what’s with “I am not complaining since they have waited for me to finish my holidays before broadcasting it, haha….”. I lol when reading this, you know :))

    I also hearing rumor about this drama fulfill “great China dream” but I didnt really pay attention therefore I didn’t understand much. Now you’ve explained it, well… ~____~ it’s weird ~___~ However, that may be true, ‘cuz China government is good at misleading its citizen and creating a country with naive people who even do not now information outside the world @.@

    The young cast of Yi Chen in university is making a fuss, again, in Viet fans =))

    • It is true they always wait for me lol. See wallace is not filming silent yet until I finish my holiday so thAt I can check out his progress daily lol.

      Haha, it is purely my interpretation but I am entitled to my own opinion right or wrong.

      Yah viet dun like the young yi Chen. I saw some new pics just now, urgh not looking good. Why his clothes and backpack so old fashion lol?

      • Yeah, I dont really like the young Yi Chen too -___- I mean, what is with the famous and popular Yi Chen in university? @.@ He just doesnt look… right 😦

        • Oh, found out that he is actually quite famous in China with a boyband. I never listen to any band so no idea. Looking closely he is not bad looking but don’t give me the YC’s vibe. Come on YC is a lawyer not a musician lol.

  5. Oh I really like the trailer. It’s very cute! Definitely watching this drama 🙂

  6. LY is so cute..but…omg the eyebrows! The make-up artist needs glasses.

  7. you’re over-interpreting the “Greate China Dream” . SARFT changes the criteria of censoship every year and mostly has nothing to do with the theme.
    this year most of the historical drams are delayed.

  8. I highly recommend Wallace Chung’s latest drama “The Stand-In” – famous director, great script and awesome cast!

    • Thank you for your recommendation but 60 episodes which I may not be able to survive until the end:( ok for wc’s sake I will give it a try:) on the safe side I better wait for it to finish with good ending first bcos his drama always have bad endings.

  9. Shooo cutee but can’t stand FT’s hair….

    • You’ve to live with the hair, just treat it as a bad hair cut which I just had one:( I think they wanna save money on styling the hair bcos ZH has better hairstyle b4. The make up artist is really slack:(

  10. I agree with the commenters that the actor who is portraying Yi Chen (University) does not match his character. He looks way too nice to be the stern Yi Chen. However, the University’s Mo Sheng looks accurate. Nevertheless, I cannot wait to see it when it comes out after Peanuts translates it for us in English! ^.^

    • I just found out that guy is quite popular in China with a boyband but he looks more like an artist/musician than a law student. Oh, you just reminded me I’ve to get back to work to finish editing the last bit of chapter 10:(

  11. I’m watching 恋恋不忘 and so far really liking the second lead 向峻律师 (Denny Huang looks like Daniel Henney from some angles <3). The scene where he almost kissed Wu Tong while she was pretending to be asleep had me squealing out loud~ 😀

    Even though chances of the female lead ending up with him are slim, I'm rooting for him! Hehe, but then I'm only on episode 12 so the tides of shippage might change. 😀

    Also can't wait to watch "Boss & Me" on 7/8! Thanks for letting us know, Peanuts!

    • Did you read the book? I think the drama is better than the book in general yet the book is better than the drama in that it developed the relationship better. The drama is cheapskate so edited out the NYC part if I remembered correctly. I am at the part now where they’ve gotten married & everything is lovey dovey so I know the makjang gonna start soon lol. I don’t think Denny has a chance in the book & the drama but I feel he is more likeable in the novel.

      Yes, Shan Shan will start its broadcast after Jerry’s drama finished so perfect timing lol.

  12. Whoa, the Shan Shan drama is already airing July? That’s amazingly fast, but I am not complaining! Like one of the other commenters here, I also don’t like Feng Teng’s hairstyle and his red coat, but I think Shan Shan is adorable. Do you think the drama would be posted on youtube?

    Also, thank you so much, peanuts, for mentioning Moonblossom’s blog and my story! In fact, you have weaved the advertisement so smoothly and seamlessly into your post that I am beginning to think that you work in marketing when you are not blogging. 🙂 Again, thank you for spreading the word. It is because of you, sutekii, and Moonblossom that I have finally been able to get a few readers.

    • Don’t worry it’ll definitely be in youtube. Anyway, if it is not I’ll give you a good link so that we can watch it together lol. You wanna do a recap with me, you can write & i’ll post the pics lol?

      Hahaha, thank you for your praise as I don’t want to hard sell you by just doing a single post on you:P So, I lump you together with WC since you are writing abt him, killing 2 birds with 1 stone lol. Helping you to spread the words is easy but you’ve to work hard to retain the readers.

  13. I am super surprised that they are airing this drama so early. I’m still waiting for a few ancient period dramas (ie, xing yue chuan qi (aka da mo yao)) that has taken forever to air =_= To be honest, the novel was rather straightforward so I am not surprised they added in a few new characters to give the drama a twist – what’s a romance drama without the supporting male/female leads? hahaha.

    oh and Zhang Han has been acting in waaaay too many similar roles. He is always the rich guy … from Meteor Rain to this show & the one with Gui Gui (Bu Yi Yang de Mei Nan Zi).. with almost the same hair style. I’m a bit bored of him already (i’m sorry). 😦

    • As I’ve written, the drama needs to fit into the ‘Great China Dream’ to be released so most ancient drama is out as battling for the throne/power is not a ‘Great China Dream’.

      Actually I feel the supporting are rather redundant bcos most of the time I’ll fast fwd their parts lol. I’ve never seen ZH in anything bcos nothing he has done attracted my attention. Hence, it is okay for you not to like him since I am not his fan, lol.

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