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Boss & Me (杉杉来了) Drama Extended Trailer with English Subtitles & Songs



Peanuts: 8 July UPDATE – I’ve included the theme song sang by Zhang Han as well as the ending song. Do you like them? For your information, the drama will be airing (3 episodes per night except 2 episodes on Sat & Sun so ending on next Sat) at 7.30pm tonight (China time zone) on  Jiangsu Satellite TV so stop hounding me for link to watch the drama as I don’t possess a bootleg version. I am all for sharing is caring so I am not watching it in secret:P Oh, I am watching it live now, simultaneously with China:) Lidge, you can never beat me so wait for your Viet sub & eat my dust, LOL.

The extended drama trailer has been released today pending the drama release on July 8th. I have managed to translate it into English in record-breaking time thanks to lidge’s great help:P Please forgive us for any errors or omissions. My my, such hard work. This means we are not going to sub the drama since it is so laborious and time-consuming. Plus, we have already translated the novel so no point to duplicate it by subbing. I’ll probably do a review since I don’t know how to do recaps. In the meantime, enjoy the trailer until Tuesday for the real deal.

Overall, the drama seems to follow the novel rather closely except with a new character Zheng Qi as Feng Teng’s friend and a match for Li Shu. Hence, the story between Feng Teng and Li Shu is expanded to create more tension for him and Shan Shan. Also, Shan Shan is really pregnant in the drama compared to a mistaken pregnancy in the novel. From the trailer, Zhao Li Ying looks promising as the cute Shan Shan, but sadly I feel Zhang Han is not portraying Feng Teng to my liking. He seems cold, not cool and not playful enough. Their chemistry is serviceable but not earth shattering. I’ve to agree with bongsd that she is still best with you know who lol. Happy birthday Xiao Xiao!!!

Shan Shan: Hello!

Nurse: Hello! Are you Miss Xue Shan Shan?

Shan Shan: Yes.

Nurse: This is Shang Bei Hospital calling. Please come to the maternity ward in the hospital immediately. A cab has already arrived downstairs of your home.

Random man: Are you Miss Xue? Please come with me.

Feng Teng: Blood group AB – RH negative. My sister has the same blood type as you. She is now in the operation theatre. The blood bank is running low. I hope you can stay here in case of necessity.

Zheng Qi: Let me introduce for you – this is Feng Teng.

Shan Shan: Feng Teng! Big Boss?

Feng Yue: Miss Xue’s personality is very warm and innocent. Since she did us such a big favour, how shall we thank her?

Feng Teng: The usual – a cheque.

Feng Yue: You are so vulgar! Fine, fine, I will think of something myself.

Secretary: May I ask who is Miss Xue Shan Shan?

Shan Shan: I am Xue Shan Shan.

Secretary: This lunch box is from the boss.

Shan Shan and colleagues: Lunch box!

Colleague: Shan Shan, what is your relationship with the boss?

Shan Shan: No relationship. I only coincidentally did him a very small favour.

Secretary: Shan Shan, your lunch box!

Secretary: Shan Shan, your lunch box!

Shan Shan: Everyday, I also wish there will be a day without lunch box. But I dare not ask when I’ve to eat until. Afterwards, Big Boss will think I am waiting for the lunch box. Moreover, everyday also pork liver.

Shan Shan: This is great. I eat like a pig and no one can see.

Manager: Feng Teng, you are not paying attention.

Shan Shan: Shan Shan is a small sun, full of positive energy. Xue Shan Shan, add oil.

Feng Teng: Add some rice for me.

Butler: Okay.

Feng Yue: Your appetite seems to be very good today.

Feng Teng: Xue Shan Shan, are you trying to steal my car?

Shan Shan: Good morning, Big Boss!

Shan Shan: At this moment, I feel like the leading female character in a drama.

Zheng  Qi: Tell me, are you interested in Shan Shan?

Feng Teng: Don’t talk rubbish!

Zheng Qi: Fine, you are tight-lipped. I feel Shan Shan is a very good person. She is innocent, cute and kind. She also has a mind of her own and isn’t materialistic. Most importantly, she does not have a boyfriend.

Feng Teng: You speak so well of her, why don’t you like her?

Zheng Qi: Did I tell you I don’t like her?

Feng Teng: Stay by my side and go in with me.

Shan Shan: What?

Zheng Qi: Between the two of us, I can don’t care about other things, but I need to make this clear to you. You said you don’t like Shan Shan, right? Fine, then I’ll court her.

Shan Shan: You are so handsome!

Zheng Qi: We didn’t only hug each other, but we even went on a date to drink coffee.

Secretary: Miss Xue asked me to tell you not to send her a lunch box anymore.

Feng Teng: Continue to send.

Shan Shan: Boss!

Feng Teng: Miss Xue, my secretary was not hired to service you.  Thus, from today onward, come up and get it yourself.

Shan Shan: What?

Feng Teng: If you feel uncomfortable, you can do something as a way to pay for the lunch. Pick all the sliced carrots from the vegetables in here. Also pick all the sliced capsicums from the vegetables in here.

Shan Shan: If you don’t want to eat black beans, tell your chef not to add them. It is a waste to let your secretary picks vegetables, but it is not a waste for me to pick them? My ten jade fingers should be used to control the world, to do important things.

Feng Teng: Help me to find a lip-reading teacher.

Secretary: Okay.

Feng Teng: You mean you don’t want to take it….?

Shan Shan: No.

Feng Teng: You want me to do it for you?

Shan Shan: Boss, can dying from eating too much be considered a work-related accident?

Feng Yue: Are you dating her with marriage in mind?

Feng Teng: You are thinking too much.

Feng Yue: Then you tell me, what special traits do Xue Shan Shan have?

Feng Teng: None. If you really want me to say, there is only one – she eats well.

Feng Yue: What?

Shan Shan: Good morning, Miss Feng!

Feng Yue: Good morning, Shan Shan!

Shan Shan: Am I misunderstanding you, that you like me?”

Li Shu: For Feng Teng who is so arrogant, if my love declaration fails, can we still be friends?

Zheng Qi: Feng Teng’s characteristics are not only arrogant, but he is also cunning. He will not declare his love first to whichever girl he likes. He will find ways to make the girl declares first. After some time, if the girl still won’t make the declaration, this means he has lost.

Feng Teng: What do you think of Shan Shan?

Feng Yue: Shan Shan is very adorable.

Shan Shan: New Year! Look quickly, look quickly! The fireworks are very beautiful. Look quickly!

Feng Teng: I’ve always been by myself. Watching fireworks by myself.

Shan Shan: This does not feel real. Am I dreaming? No. Don’t tell me the fairytale really comes true. This is the real version of Cinderella.

Shan Shan: Big Boss, I am sorry! I am sorry! I…..I didn’t purposely watch the fireworks with you. I also didn’t mean to intrude. I am sorry! I will go immediately.

Li Shu: For a woman, the most blissful thing is to find a man who loves her and spend the rest of her life with him. Work is important, but there are many things more important in the world.

Shan Shan: I will add oil (make greater effort).

Shan Shan: Boss!

Feng Teng: How are you?

Shan Shan: I am hurt.

Feng Teng: I will not leave you all alone when you are hurting and not do anything anymore…I want the whole world to know that this fish pond has been booked by you.

Shan Shan: I have never been in love so I do not know how it should be like. I have fallen for you. Look at me, am I what you like?

Feng Teng: Xue Shan Shan, let’s try.

Zheng Qi: Don’t tell me you can’t see that Li Shu likes you.

Feng Teng: Don’t joke, she is like a sister to me.

Zheng Qi: Sister? But she doesn’t think of you as a brother.

Feng Teng: You don’t know her well. She told me she likes someone who is similar to me, very hard to get.

Zheng Qi: Okay, the guy Li Shu likes is just like you with intelligence and look.

Shan Shan: Your grandpa didn’t let you celebrate Valentine’s Day. Your parents also didn’t celebrate it?

Li Shu: Maybe you will feel bad because Feng Teng has never celebrated Valentine’s Day. His parents had an accident and passed away on Valentine’s Day.

Shan Shan: Other couples have 1 day in a year to celebrate being a couple. As for us, we’ll remember your parents that day. All the other days, we’ll live like we are a couple, how about that?

Feng Teng: Shan Shan, I love you.

Li Shu: I don’t understand. This kind of woman – how can she deserve to be with you?

Feng Teng: Li Shu! Enough! This is my choice.

Li Shu: I admit I like Feng Teng. I’ve liked him for a long time, 12 years.

Feng Teng: Don’t go.

Shan Shan: You once told me, let’s try. Now, I finally understand what you mean by let’s try.

Feng Teng: I’ve read The Great Gatsby novel you gave me during university days.

Li Shu: Then why did you say you’ve not read that book?

Feng Teng: It is not important whether I’ve read the book. All you need to know is that I treat you as my good little sister. I know you are not pleased with Shan Shan, but she is my girlfriend.

Zheng Qi: All I want to know now is two matters. First, you know that I like you very much?

Li Shu: I know.

Zheng Qi: Can you like me?

Li Shu: I don’t know.

Zheng Qi: Yes or No?

Li Shu: If in a relationship, the other person doesn’t agree, what’s the point of continuing?

Zheng Qi: You just said that you are very happy when you are with me. Can that mean the other person agreeing?

Nurse: Miss Xue, why would you still come to donate blood when you are pregnant, which gives us more work to do?

Shan Shan: I am pregnant?

Nurse: You take a look at your HCG, so high.  If this is not pregnancy, then what?”

Feng Teng: Shan Shan, let’s get married. If not because of your pregnancy, I’ve no intention to get married so early. It is not that I don’t care about our marriage. Just that the Feng family has too many rules so I am afraid you might not be able to handle them. Hence, I let Feng Yue handle everything. In my heart, I’ve always felt our wedding only needs to follow the Feng family’s tradition. It’s not because I’m cold, but those things aren’t as important to me as you. This ring is passed down from my grandmother. It is only passed on to the Feng family’s daughter-in-law. Are you willing to marry me? Are you willing to marry Feng Teng?

Shan Shan: I am willing.

Passerby: Miss, are you okay? Why do you look so pale? Aiya, you are bleeding.

Feng Teng: I want to protect you well all along, but I didn’t let you have the ability to protect yourself well.

Shan Shan: I’ve also thought about for a long time.


Opening Theme: Promise of the Wind (風之諾言) by Zhang Han (張翰)


Lyrics translated by peanuts:

愛開始在我們的故事中 上演
Ai kāishǐ zài wǒmen de gùshì zhōng shàngyǎn
Love has started to play a role in our story

一點一滴寫下了情感的 章節
Yī diǎn yī dī xiě xiàle qínggǎn de zhāngjié
Bit by bit, it has written down the emotional chapters

我想為你珍藏最美好的 瞬間
Wǒ xiǎng wèi nǐ zhēncáng zuì měihǎo de shùnjiān
I want to collect for you the most beautiful moments

靜靜的 陪著你 等待那一天
Jìng jìng de péizhe nǐ děngdài nà yītiān
Quietly accompany you to wait for that day

这份爱 太浓烈
Zhè fèn ài tài nóngliè
This love is too strong

Fǒudìng nǐ yóuyù bù jué
So you cannot hesitate

*(我的心 是否能 填補所有空缺
Wǒ de xīn shìfǒu néng tiánbǔ suǒyǒu kòngquē
Whether my heart can fill all the emptiness

愛 是風中的諾言
Ài shì fēng zhōng de nuòyán
Love is a promise of the wind

Xǔ xià de chéngnuò shì yǒngyuǎn
The promise made is forever

Jué bù huì gēqiǎn
Will never be broken

當我 凝望你雙眼
Dāng wǒ níngwàng nǐ shuāng yǎn
When I gaze into your pair of eyes

Nǐ shìfǒu huì kànjiàn
Can you see it?

幸福 一直默默守在身邊
Zìngfú yīzhí mòmò shǒu zài shēnbiān
Happiness has always quietly been next to you)

所有温暖都在不经意中 蔓延
Suǒyǒu wēnnuǎn dōu zài bùjīngyì zhōng mànyán
All the warmth is spread inadvertently

当你觉得害怕有我挡在 面前
Dāng nǐ juédé hàipà yǒu wǒ dǎng zài miànqián
When you feel scared, I am here to shield you

眼中的你就是我的整个 世界
Yǎnzhōng de nǐ jiùshì wǒ de zhěnggè shìjiè
In my eyes, you are my whole world

深深的 爱上你
Shēn shēn de ài shàng nǐ
I am falling in love with you deeply

你能否 察觉
Nǐ néng fǒu chájué
Can you feel it?

这份爱 太浓烈
Zhè fèn ài tài nóngliè
This love is too strong

Fǒudìng nǐ yóuyù bù jué
So you cannot hesitate

Repeat *

对你 我许下了诺言
Duì nǐ wǒ xǔ xiàle nuòyán
I made a promise to you

Zhè fèn ài méiyǒu qíxiàn
This love has no time limit

Jué bù huì gēqiǎn
Will never be broken

让我 轻吻你的脸
Ràng wǒ qīng wěn nǐ de liǎn
Let me kiss your face gently

Liú xià zuìměi de shùnjiān
To leave you with the most beautiful moment

爱你 我愿守在你的身边
Ài nǐ wǒ yuàn shǒu zài nǐ de shēnbiān
I love you and wish to keep watch by your side

守在你的身边直到 永远
Shǒu zài nǐ de shēnbiān zhídào yǒngyuǎn
Keep watch by your side until forever

Ending Theme: Involuntary  by 身不由己 He Jie (何潔)

Lyrics translated by Zlidia (mingandian from viki):

Àiqíng shì tàiguò fùzá de yóuxì
Love — it’s a complicated game

Yī tóurù jiù hàipà shīqù
Once you’re invested, you’re afraid to lose

Pà shòu wěiqu pà tài zhāojí
Afraid of being mistreated, afraid of being too anxious

Suǒyǐ wèizhuāng chéng lìng yīgè zìjǐ
So, you pretend to be another person

Rúguǒ kāishǐ shì wèile biélí
If the purpose from the start was to eventually separate

Zhùdìng zhè shì méiyǒu jiéjú de jiéjú
It’s sure to be an ending without an end

Míngzhīdào hé nǐ yǐ méiyǒu shūyíng
Knowing full well that with you, there is no winner or loser

可想你 還是情不自禁
Kě xiǎng nǐ háishì qíngbùzìjīn
But I think of you, against my will

Xīntòng de gàosù zìjǐ
I heart-achingly tell myself

Gāi wàngjì zhèyàng de guānxi
I should forget such relationship

還想你 總是身不由己
Hái xiǎng nǐ zǒng shì shēn bù yóujǐ
But I still think of you, always against my will

Míngzhī zìjǐ piàn zìjǐ
Fully aware that I’m lying to myself

Yě wúfǎ zài gǔ qǐ yǒngqì
But I still can’t summon up the courage

Shuō ài nǐ
To say I love you

Dāng xíguànle nǐ de tiányánmìyǔ
When I’ve become accustomed to your sweet talk

到最後 卻猜來猜去
Dào zuìhòu què cāi lái cāi qù
But by the end, I’m instead guessing and guessing

不敢相信 不能繼續
Bù gǎn xiāngxìn bùnéng jìxù
Afraid to believe; impossible to continue

Zhǐhǎo bǎ céngjīng mái jìn huíyì
I can only take the past and bury it in my memories

Repeat *

愛你 愛你 愛你
Ai nǐ ài nǐ ài nǐ
Love you, love you, love you

Wǒ ài nǐ
I love you

愛你 愛你 愛你 愛你
Ai nǐ ài nǐ ài nǐ Ai ni
Love you, love you, love you, love you

Incidental (偶然) by Dish Band

Lyrics translated by peanuts:

Rang ren yan fan de xia chong sheng
Making people annoyed is the sound of summer insects

Feng che zai lan yang yang zhuan zhuo hen bu xun chang
The windmills are turning languidly, which is very unusual

Tian he xin qing du shi lan se
The sky and the mood are also blue color

Yi ge ren tou tou chang zhuo ge xi wang ni ting zhuo
A person singing secretly, hoping you are listening

Tai wu shi jing de xiang ni biao qing
The quiet River Thames is like your facial expression

Rang ren she bu de qu dong jing
Making a person unwilling to disturb

Dan qie li ren xian qu
But a timid person will go first

我鼓起勇气 写下这诗句
Wo gu qi yong qi xie xia zhe shi ju
I take up the courage to write down this verse

我是一片云 偶然投影你波心
Wo shi yi pian yun ou ran tou ying ni bo xin
I am a piece of cloud incidentally projecting your waving heart

相逢夜的海上 各有各的方向
Xiang feng ye de hai shang ge you ge de fang xiang
Meeting at night in the sea, each has its own direction

也许是偶然 交会互放的光亮
Ye xu shi ou ran jiao hui hu fang de guang liang
Perhaps it is incidental to encounter the mutual release of light

Tao yan ou er da rao de hang chuan
Dislike to incidentally disturb the ship

打碎了完美的月弯 坏了欣赏
Da sui liao wan mei de yue wan huai liao xin shang
Shattering the perfect curving of the moon to spoil the enjoyment

我鼓起勇气 唱出这诗句
Wo gu qi yong qi chang chu zhe shi ju
I take up the courage to write down this verse

我是一片云 偶然投影你波心
Wo shi yi pian yun ou ran tou ying ni bo xin
I am a piece of cloud incidentally projecting your waving heart

相逢夜的海上 各有各的方向
Xiang feng ye de hai shang ge you ge de fang xiang
Meeting at night in the sea, each has its own direction

也许是偶然 交会互放的光亮
Ye xu shi ou ran jiao hui hu fang de guang liang
Perhaps it is incidental to encounter the mutual release of light

Zhe du shi ou ran
All these are incidental

Roll the Dice by Gao Shan


Sometimes you wonder

what if you could rewrite the moment

Sometimes you figure out

there’s another luck in imperfection

Sometimes you’ve been hurt

then you learn to think about and feel more

Sometimes you’ve been bored

with the life you hate

always be amazed

always take a risk

always keep the pace in a lifetime game

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

life is rolling the dice, babe

you can not imagine what would happen in a second

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

life is rolling the dice, babe

while you’re lost in the dark, close your eyes,

you’ll find the lights shine in the other side

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  1. yah thanks peanuts and lidge so when we can watch ? 8 July? now i will watch the trailer:)

    • Yes, 8 July. I even put down Tuesday for you:P Since you are the blog superfan, I’ll let you know first that you’ll have a surprise treat tomorrow. Not Yi Chen or Lu Jun but Cheng Zheng lol.

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  2. So it seems like she had a miscarriage?

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  4. Yeeer, Happy Birthday Xiao Xiao!!! Of course Ying & Xiao are the best.
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  5. OMG DRAMA LOL. Somehow I see Zhang Han as Zhang Han and not Feng Teng. 😦 Hopefully my perspective will change after I actually watch the show….

  6. Oh my Feng Teng is ruined, I tell you ruined by that sissy boy. He looks too soft for my liking.

    Not at all how I’d imagined him to be, and especially his demeanour and aura – zilch!

    As for Shan Shan, I have to say I’ve always envisioned her to be cute and Zhao Liyang definitely fits that image.

    **sigh** I’ll watch it anyway because I like Shan Shan…

    • I am watching it now. Zhang Han is tolerable. Certain scenes he is quite funny & cute so give him a chance. Shan Shan is way too adorable since this is her drama. Overall the drama is pretty entertaining & looks very nice.

    • Although I get your point.. Feng Teng being the bad boy who bullies Shan Shan in the novel (I was imagining Sunny Wang from In Times With You as Feng Teng while reading the translations). But in reality, these type of men are considered abusive and manipulative. No matter how much we romanticize them in a harlequin style novels they are not what all crack up to be in real life. Usually the girls become psychologically traumatize at some point and marriage ends in divorce. Compare to the true Feng Teng, I like the Zhang Han’s version better. He has this Mr. Nice Guy aura who is just misunderstood.

      Bad boys we date but Mr Nice guy we marry (if we want a blissful long lasting marriage that is).

  7. Do anyone know which site I can watch boss and me ?

    • I’ll search for you once i finish watching live on tv in 10 min. It is the full moon banquet now. If you want to watch it live on tv, get a tvpad.

      You can watch it live at 7.30pm daily China time but I think the streaming is slow. Later it’ll be uploaded to youtube but currently it has not been uploaded. Sometime youtube can be messy or the video suddenly disappear so I like to watch from letv bcos the streaming is rather fast and organised but they will only upload a few hrs later?

  8. HD version available here!! I work hard to find where to watch while peanuts is slack and sleeping, lol.

  9. you guys translated the novel? where? is it posted somewhere we could read it?

    • the translated novel, interviews, radiodrama, and life after marriage tidbits can be found here on this site. 🙂 all thanks to both peanuts & lidge 😀

      they can be found under the “come & eat shan shan”, “gu man”, “杉杉来吃” tags. 🙂

      • oh thank you! Thank you! I’ve been watching the raws and fell in love with the drama. Gonna go ahead and read the novel now. Hopefully, the drama does it justice. 😀

  10. Does the drama stick to the book where she only gets a false pregnancy unlike the trailer where she gets a miscarriage?

  11. Peanuts: I didn’t realize there was more to the song — I guess they didn’t include this in the ending theme so I didn’t get to translate it over in viki…here’s my take on the second verse:

    Dāng xíguànle nǐ de tiányánmìyǔ
    When I’ve become accustomed to your sweet talk
    到最後 卻猜來猜去
    Dào zuìhòu què cāi lái cāi qù
    But by the end, I’m instead guessing and guessing
    不敢相信 不能繼續
    Bù gǎn xiāngxìn bùnéng jìxù
    Afraid to believe; impossible to continue
    Zhǐhǎo bǎ céngjīng mái jìn huíyì
    I can only take the past and bury it in my memories

    • Thank you very much, you are so professional as I was planning to translate them later tonight:) The OST has the full version of the song compared to the drama.

      Ya, I noticed your translations are pretty good in viki so I remembered your name:) Enjoying your moonlighting lol?

  12. I want see this story have English subtitle

  13. I came across your blog when searching for You are my sunshine. I marathoned the novel translation and now cant wait for the drama (more like looking fwd to see another Wallace drama). I also marathoned Come Eat Shan Shan. Such a cute couple. Now watching Boss and Me but too bad I only understand very little Chinese 😦 but thanks for the novel translation…i can pick up tiny bits and pieces of the drama. Thanks a lot lidge and peanuts 🙂

    • Haha, glad you like the novels we translated. Improve your Chinese so we can watch You Are My Sunshine Together and fangirl WC:)

      • I need yearssss of learning to be able to watch without sub. My only hope is viki or if my mom flies thousands of miles to visit and watch with me (and translate) lol. Thanks for your translation at least I know the novel 🙂 go WC!

        • Don’t worry, I started off learning mandarin from watching qiong yau’s drama such as huan Zhu ge ge and look where I am now:) Give yourself a few more years to master it. I will most probably do episode recap and review of You Are My Sunshine and after reading the novel, you should be able to follow the plot. Waiting for your mum or viki will take a long time lol.

  14. Hi Peanut,
    I love this drama but I don’t have understand your mandrine in the youtube! The only up to episode 4 with subtitles.
    Actually I m fan of Korean drama with English subtitles.
    Anyway it very good efforts to let other people all over the globe to c drama.

  15. hi peanuts..
    I really liked this movie ..
    until I imagine, is there a man like feng teng in real life ..
    give me one.. lol

  16. zhanghan as fengteng, yes, he is cold (-_______-)

    but i still like him… \(^0^)/

  17. Would someone be kind enough to translate this music?
    We are translating Boss and Me to Portuguese, but this is the only song that doesn’t have Engllish lyrics.

    dish乐队 – 偶然
    Dish le dui – Ou ran
    作词:张晋豪 作曲:胡波
    zuo ci zhang jin hao zuo qu hu bo
    rang ren yan fan de xia chong sheng
    feng che zai lan yang yang zhuan zhuo hen bu xun chang
    tian he xin qing du shi lan se
    yi ge ren tou tou chang zhuo ge xi wang ni ting zhuo
    tai wu shi jing de xiang ni biao qing
    rang ren she bu de qu dong jing
    dan qie li ren xian qu
    我鼓起勇气 写下这诗句
    wo gu qi yong qi xie xia zhe shi ju
    我是一片云 偶然投影你波心
    wo shi yi pian yun ou ran tou ying ni bo xin
    相逢夜的海上 各有各的方向
    xiang feng ye de hai shang ge you ge de fang xiang
    也许是偶然 交会互放的光亮
    ye xu shi ou ran jiao hui hu fang de guang liang
    tao yan ou er da rao de hang chuan
    打碎了完美的月弯 坏了欣赏
    da sui liao wan mei de yue wan huai liao xin shang
    我鼓起勇气 唱出这诗句
    wo gu qi yong qi chang chu zhe shi ju
    我是一片云 偶然投影你波心
    wo shi yi pian yun ou ran tou ying ni bo xin
    相逢夜的海上 各有各的方向
    xiang feng ye de hai shang ge you ge de fang xiang
    也许是偶然 交会互放的光亮
    ye xu shi ou ran jiao hui hu fang de guang liang
    zhe du shi ou ran

    • Are you sure viki and Korean drama blog did not translate this in their English subbing of the drama? Otherwise I may do it if there is really no English translation bcos I don’t like to waste my time by duplicating.

    • Okay, I’ve translated for u & included in the post above so u owe me lots of money 😛 I don’t guarantee they are 100% accurate.

  18. Dear Ms Peanuts
    Your lyrics are perfect, especially I can understand chinese pronunciation.
    Is it also possible to link your HP?
    If my english is not wrong,I’m sorry.
    Thank you for reading.

    • Konnichiwa Ms Totoro 🙂

      Yes, you can link my HP. Oh, from your blog, I found Shan Shan has traveled to Japan. Is it popular in Japan?

      To Shan Shan’s fans: If you can understand Japanese or wanna take a look at the trailer in Japanese:

      • konnichiwa! Ms Peanuts

        Thank you for permission of the link.
        I will link in 2 to 3 days.
        Yes,recently, shanshan has came up popular,little by little.
        But,it not seen only a part of people ,because this broadcasting is Pay.
        Shan shan’s fan in Japan will enjoy your HP.
        Thank you.


        • konnichiwa Ms Peanuts
          It has been a long time no see.
          I love a drama 杉杉来了 as for me same as before very much.

          Recently,we can’t watch You Tube 杉杉来了in Japan.
          I guess there is a problem of the copyright occurred.

          Is it also possible to link again your HP”Boss & Me DRAMA Review & Recap”.
          Many girls want to read Story line.
          Thank you for reading.


  19. Dear Peanuts
    Thank you for permission of the link and thank you for teaching the great HP!
    I was looking for English Subtitle!
    I’m sorry.I can’t read Chinese.
    My Nickname totoro is Ghibli Character.
    Totoro the size of belly looks like my belly. (@_@;)
    Thank you.


  20. OH! It’s not dorama!
    Tank you!
    I to see the drama, it has recently started to learn Chinese.
    I can read and write very very simple Chinese.
    I’m sorry my HP is only Japanese.
    Please click on the button below 「コメントする」,and please write in English.
    Thank you!

  21. Thank you for your translating Boss & Me ost. songs in English😘😘

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