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Boss and Me (杉杉来了): Episode 1 – 3 Review



Yay ! Shan Shan has come ! I’ll write a brief review of my impression on the first 3 episodes which I was fortunate to watch live on tv. However, I notice that some scenes have been cut compared to the version uploaded on youtube. If you cannot wait like me and want to watch it live, you can try this link or this link then click on Jiangsu TV ( 江苏卫视) which is in the middle of the second row. It is on at 7.30pm until 10.00pm China time zone. But I better warn you that the streaming is slow and it is difficult to load when the drama is broadcasting because too many people are accessing it. Hence it is better that you wait for a while until they are uploaded in youtube which has the full version. If you cannot wait, then go to Chinese’s sohu or the western’s dailymotion which have the same live version? Click here for lidge’s Viet subs!

In a nutshell, I am giving it my seal of approval. Remember, where in the novel, I stolel that line from LOL? The drama is cute, funny, fluffy and sweet. I feel the adaptation has done the book justice and certain scenes are even more funny than purely reading the book. Some changes are needed to make the drama more entertaining and differentiate itself from the novel. Hence, I recommend you to watch it even if you can’t understand Mandarin. It follows the book fairly closely with some additions but by using our translation as the basis, you should be able to guess most of the plot. In view that the drama turned out to be much better than I anticipated, I may do live blogging so check back often.

Are you watching it? Are you enjoying it as much as us? Thanks to bongsd for helping me with the screen capture as I had a hard time doing it since it is my first time.


Like the book , the drama started with Shan Shan being called upon to stand-by to donate blood. Why they didn’t show her donating the blood reluctantly? One of my favourite scene where she lamented while looking at the moon, the inhumanity of capitalist is not shown. I hope it’ll be added in the later part of the drama. An extra bit is Shan Shan giving a medical ID tag  to Yan Qing for Feng Yue which left an impression on Feng Teng while he analyses it. By the way, did anyone hear Feng Teng mis-pronouncing RH as HR?


Then we’ve the office scene. Wow, it is very modern and impressive highlighting Feng Group’s wealth and prestige. Who wouldn’t want to work there??? You can also see the company is a devoted Apple fan when they are everywhere even the blind can see, haha…  I wonder if it is a product placement.



We get to see Shan Shan’s parents working hard at tailoring clothes early in the drama compared to the novel. Indeed they look very ordinary. Then the country bumpkin Shan Shan gives grandpa a hug and gets sent off in a big fanfare by the whole village. Liu Liu, the cousin adopted by her elder aunt  looks on enviously also makes an early appearance in the drama. Later, she will go to Shanghai and stays with Shan Shan. Much later, her pompous boyfriend will come and drive her away. OMG, he is ugly but has the nerve to ignore Shan Shan, lol.  The annoying elder aunt will also show up a few mins later when Shan Shan is talking to her mum on the phone.


Another character making an early appearance is Shan Shan’s best friend Lu Shuang Yi.  In the drama, she is staying with Shan Shan and is complaining why Shan Shan is always sleeping. In turn, Shan Shan complains that her apartment looks like a pig sty. That reminds me of lidge’s room, lol.


Why does Zheng Qi has to choose a basketball court near where Shan Shan’s lives? Was it mentioned why Feng Teng doesn’t want people to know he plays basketball there? I didn’t pay attention because lidge was pestering me for live drama link as she is jealous that I can watch it faster than her, heehee….Okay, I found out that because he is not dressed up so he doesn’t want people to recognise him. Feng Teng, you are so vain, worse than a girl:P


Shan Shan is having a crush on Zheng Qi, the second male lead who is an additional character. Actually he is sort of like senior assistant Fang in the novel but with an expanded role. So far, I do like him and even contemplate shipping him and Shan Shan because they are so cute together compared to that sulky Feng Teng. My my, he is such a ladies’ man and it is good to have him in the drama to give Feng Teng a run for his money. He is popularly known as Qi Shuai because he is so handsome, lol.



Due to her perceived close relationship with Zheng Qi, poor Shan Shan is pushed by the colleagues and supervisor to go and find him to notify him of the extra 0 in the agreement.  Hence, she has to get the access passes from her other colleagues in order to go all the way up but ends up meeting Feng Teng instead.  Luckily, Feng Teng is a smartie to have noticed the error already, beside being a sulkie, so all is well:) I don’t understand why Shan Shan needs to take the blame and apologise when she has been helping to do the agreement only. She is still a newbie in the firm. Zheng Qi comforts her that she’ll not be fired.


It is so clever of them to include some adorable cartoons every now and then in the drama. They made the drama so cartoonish and animated. Haha, Feng Teng with his trademark, red coat and Shan Shan with her hair bun. Sob sob, Shan Shan found out that she was hired not because of merit but her blood type. She feels very dejected like she is selling blood:(


When she is feeling sad on the top floor balcony, it is snowing and Feng Teng with a sour face sweetly wraps a coat around her. She is touched before Feng Teng complains that she is not supposed to go there which is reserved only for the boss, spoilsport. She questions him why she was hired but he brushes her off by saying don’t ask me, ask your supervisor. Later, Feng Teng confirms with Zheng Qi that she was really hired because of her blood type. “She is nothing but blood to us.” Oh Feng Teng, how can you be so cold? Shuang Yi and Liu Liu console her that she should be grateful for her special blood and did not get the job through nepotism. If she works hard, she’ll also succeed.



In episode 2, Shan Shan starts to get her lunch boxes causing many gossips among her colleagues. They try to suck up to her thinking that she must have some special relationship with the management of the company. Oh, I am taking such a long time to write my brief review so I am going to fast forward to my favourite part. Both of them having lunch together yet she doesn’t know he is there. Separated by a thin one-way glass window, so near, yet so far, so sweet:) For once, we see the serious Feng Teng smiles nicely.


The fun part in episode 3 is the conversation between Zheng Qi and Shan Shan while Feng Teng is eavesdropping outside. Zheng Qi tells her not to tell anyone that he plays basketball with Feng Teng at the court near her house. Innocent her thinks that is because Feng Teng is afraid someone will kidnap him. From there, Feng Teng gets an insight into how simple-minded and naive Shan Shan is.


The highlight in this episode is the baby full month banquet which is one of my favorite and is pretty similar to the book. Shan Shan thought that she’ll be going to the banquet with Zheng Qi but……..

Shan Shan thinks: Oh, who can tell me, why is Big Boss sitting behind ……Zheng Qi, it is fine that you don’t like me but you don’t need to prank me.

Zheng Qi: Aren’t you cold? Get into the car.

Shan Shan: Big Boss, how are you?


Feng Teng: I’ve read through your proposal and I want to discuss further with you.

Zheng Qi: Now? I am on my way to pick up Shan Shan.

Feng Teng: I am going to arrive at your doorstep. Well, I might as well give both of you a lift.

Zheng Qi: Okay.

End of flashback.

Feng Teng: What is this?

Shan Shan: This is a present for the baby.

Zheng Qi: Shan Shan, you chose the present personally?

Shan Shan: Yes.

Zheng Qi: Let me see.

Shan Shan: Look!

Zheng Qi: Little ducklings, such a special present.  Little kid will definitely like it.

Shan Shan:  Really? I also think these are especially cute.

Feng Teng:  These are merely ducklings, what is so special? Feng Teng pays you a low salary?

Shan Shan thinks: Could it be that Boss think my present is too cheap?

Shan Shan: Boss, although these toy ducks look ordinary, in fact……..

Shan Shan thinks: In fact these ducklings can sing and swim. Most importantly, the toy ducks have brand name! Brand name, do you understand? Very expensive!  Even more expensive than ducks that can be eaten!

Feng Teng: In fact what?

Shan Shan: In fact …… these toy ducks are ordinary.


Zheng Qi: Apparently the ducklings can also sing.

Shan Shan: Yes ah, I even gave them a name – Duckling Choir.

Zheng Qi:  When they sing, they’ll sound awful, just like quacking.

Shan Shan: What do you mean?

Feng Teng:  What do you mean? Means sound awful.

Zheng Qi: Shan Shan, let me introduce Miss. Feng to you.

Shan Shan: Okay.

Haha, this part is really fun when Feng Teng complains about her thoughtful and expensive gift, the duckling starts singing to give him a shock, ROTF. The gift is so nice and adorable, even the paper bag is nice.


Shan Shan looks very sweet and radiant holding her ducklings and chatting with Feng Yue like in the novel. I’ve to give Zhao Li Ying high distinction for being able to portray Shan Shan so well, near perfection just like the character in the book. Each and everyone of her expressions are so spot on and appropriate. She also looks very pretty for the banquet.

Feng Yue: Miss Xue, do you like the food?

Shan Shan: Huh?

Feng Yue: I told the cook to make your lunch and my brother’s lunch together, did you not eat the food?

Shan Shan: I ate, I ate.

Shan Shan thinks: Oh, it is Miss Feng’s order. I knew it, Big Boss isn’t someone who is warm.

Feng Yue: Then, do you like the food?

Shan Shan: It is delicious, it is delicious but it is too much trouble for you.

Feng Yue: It’s no trouble! You know, my brother is very picky about his food.  Every day, our cook has to make lunch to bring to him so making another lunch for you is easy.  I know people who work for Feng Teng are hardworking to the point that they eat bread for lunch.  You can’t be like this as you need to take good care of yourself.

Shan Shan thinks: Miss Feng is so considerate.

Feng Yue:  Is this gift is for the baby?

Shan Shan: Yes, I picked them myself. See, if you like it? Ducklings which can swim and sing. Quack! Quack! Cute or not?

Feng Yue: Oh, can  make sound?

Shan Shan: Each different color will give different sound.

Feng Yue: Oh, really. Come and listen.

Everybody: Oh, so cute! Miss Xue, you are so thoughtful, so nice.

Feng Yue: Shan Shan, you are too thoughtful. Thank you for being so considerate. I dislike people who gives me money. That’s meaningless, not putting in any effort.  Did you know that at first when I asked my brother how to thank you, He said to write you a check but I think that’s insulting so I rejected it right away.

Shan Shan thinks: Elite lady, why did you not let Big Boss insult me!  I want to be insulted ……Check or pork liver …… what a big difference, such an easy choice.  Talking about pork liver………


Shan Shan: Miss Feng, it is too troublesome, so don’t send lunch to me anymore.

Feng Yue: All right, you work in an office so it doesn’t look good if you receive special treatment.

Shan Shan: Yes.

Shan Shan thinks: Since I had gone into debt, I must eat enough in the banquet to store up for N days in the future.

Feng Yue introduces her friends to be Feng Teng’s  partner but he is not interested. Instead, he chooses Shan Shan to be his partner.


37f94013632762d09fb0ca78a2ec08fa503dc605 (1)

They are so childish when the two big boys flash the ‘V sign’ at each other. Gentlemen, let the competition to eat Shan Shan begins:P……..The guys are not acting as well as Shan Shan but still tolerable. I like Zheng Qi slightly more because he is so cheeky and jolly whereas Feng Teng only pouts and sulks. However he is slowing thawing and isn’t as bad as I first feared so I shall wait and see further episodes before giving my verdict.

56 thoughts on “Boss and Me (杉杉来了): Episode 1 – 3 Review

  1. Episode 3 really moved along the storyline. 😀 I couldn’t find it on YT earlier so I ended up watching it on dailymotion. tv sohu videos don’t work for me 😦

    So far the drama has been really cute, light & fluffy, and funny. I’m also really loving Qi Shuai. Even though he’s unique only to the drama, his addition has added more story to the show. What I’m not looking forward to is the added angst of the third party (that kiss) which did not happen in the book. Hehehehe, it’s so funny how he’s purposely tries to get a rise out of Feng Teng only to have it bounce back onto him.

    I’m quite loving Boss & Me and the episode breezes by really fast when watching them. I can’t wait for episodes 4-6 tomorrow! 😀

    • Me too! I’m super loving the show. I think I will do recaps if it stays good, but I will be like Gu Man, slow like a turtle. ❤

      Shan Shan is soooo adorbs and I started to like Zhang Han as Feng Teng. Teehee.

      • oh oh oh! +1 to the recaps, I’ve always enjoyed reading your commentaries decembi~ 🙂

        Zhao Li Ying is spot on as Shan Shan! Feng Teng’s “bullying” of Shan Shan was the main appeal of the book so I’m hoping to give Zhang Han a chance once the bullying starts. He has a great smile though 😀

      • My, my, you change your mind fairly fast on FT & decide to steal my Shan Shan:P The tv version is slightly shorter than the youtube version due to advertisements.

        • Teehee i will be too slow to steal. 3 eps a day!!! Impossible to live recap. What can i say? Like joanna said, he has a great smile 😉

          • Haha, but his mouth like has got gold inside since he rarely smiles lol, Whereas Zheng Qi always smiles:)

            Btw, why don’t you sub it instead since nobody is doing it and many are dying for subtitles?

    • You should watch it live with us, lol.

      Yes, the drama serves its purpose in making me laugh, lol. I think the angst is minimal compared to the one in Loving, Never Forgetting. What I don’t look fwd to maybe the dragginess with the appearance of Li Shu. I think the drama will stick to the novel and stay funny until maybe slightly after halfway mark.

  2. peanuts thanks for the review:)

    • Are you watching it?

      • yah peanuts just no 1 now ,but not understand what happen why shan shan must bring the report to FT? i’m not understand what they talk lol

        • You naughty girl, didn’t read my review:P She made a mistake with the agreement, typing 1 more 0 so she has to prevent him from signing but he knew abt the mistake bcos he is smart lol. Hence, Shan Shan got scolded by him:(

          • oh haha sorry peanuts as always i open many web in the same time and chat and look fb lol and reading your review 🙂 thanks for the explanation:) so happy watch shan shan now will continue to number 2:)

  3. it’s a lovely show but what I really liked about it is the stylish wardrobe! Apparently they got the same team that styled the K-Drama “Secret Garden” & “Boys over Flowers” to style the characters in this show. 🙂

    • Ya, most of them look good except a few which I find urgh. They should have better make-up artist to trim Shan Shan’s eyebrows & style Feng Teng’s hair.

      • I knoww – I find the eyebrows a bit hard to get used to. But I think that is an attractive point… it makes her really similar to Lily Collins who is well-known due to her thick eyebrows which the actress also felt self-conscious about when she grew up. :p Feng Teng’s hair = Zhang Han’s hair, they didnt style it specially for the show, it’s like he just got out of bed and went to work using that hair and the stylists just combed it for him. HAHA

  4. Just finished watching ep 3. This drama is so funny. From a good side, since he needs her blood she will not be jobless. After giving blood in B&M she went and sucked WH’s blood in HQG. (you know what I mean) lol

  5. Aw this looks so good! Do you know if anyone is subbing it to English?

    • I am not aware of anyone subbing it but you can always check out viki. If you are desperate, you can watch while reading our translation as some dialogues followed the novel, word for word.

  6. these past days have been hellish due to work! But I must have been done something good since God lead me in ur blog. I’m not really familiar on either Chinese drama or chinese novels, but this is quite a refreshing experience. I got hooked on finishing all the english summaries of the novel even to the point of sneaking at work 🙂 –and looking like a fool smiling while reading all those novels– hahaha! a good stress reliever!

    i just pray that someone might be able to put english subtitles on the videos. but for now i just have to be keen on body language and depend on ur recaps 🙂 thanks a lot! (whew! i’ve talked too much)

    • Welcome to the world of c-novels & drama, they can be pretty addictive:) Psst, I am replying your comment at work, lol. You read all the novels or only Shan Shan?

      So far, I am not aware of anyone subbing the drama into English but you can check viki for update. There is Viet subbing in progress. I’ll not be subbing bcos after translating the novel, I’ve already worked very hard, lol.

  7. I find myself enjoying this live version very much (despite reading the novel already). Shan Shan was well protrayed. Do u know how many ep we’ll get per week?

    • for weekdays, three episodes per day, for weekend, two episodes per day.
      the drama contains 33 episodes.

      here’s the calendar:

      S M T W T F S
      this week: 3 3 3 3 2 = 14
      next week: 2 3 3 3 3 3 2 = 19

    • Thank you anonymos for replying correctly. FYI, the live version is incomplete so I’ll recommend you to watch again in youtube or wait for the youtube version.

  8. Hello, sorry to bother you guys, I would like to watch this serie, but I can´t do it live, can you give me another link where I can do it? maybe Daylimotion or another one? Please.
    Love this book.

  9. 😀 so cute!! thanks for this, helped for at least some understanding 😉

  10. I just watched the drama and it’s close to the novel with Zhao Li Ying very adorable as Shan Shan though my impression from the book was Shan Shan has a little baby fat. Am looking forward to the next episode and thanks again for introducing this wonderful Gu Man novel to us. It’s a breath of fresh air from the typical love story. I hope 微微一笑很倾城 will be made into a drama as well.

  11. Li Ying must be the most suitable one who could portray SS 😀 She is killing so many fans with her cuteness ^^ and being the most stand-out actress in the whole drama 😀
    Zheng Qi is nice, right? Lots of Viet fans said that he should be the Boss. However, even though I like him, I still think he’s lacking as being Big Boss. Let’s just deal with ZH now -_______- At least I’m getting used to him as Big Boss now.
    I hope the drama won’t be much different from the novel 😦

    By the way, do you think that SS will lost her child? I mean, at the end of the trailer, they show that FT is crying and SS being in the hospital with such hurtful faces, right?

    • LY is supposed to be the best bcos the drama is abt her. ZH is 2nd to her in the drama as well as in acting.

      Yes, I also like ZQ. He is also handsome but I think he is not arrogant enuff to be the boss. He looks like such a sweet & nice man. ZH is okay but needs to sulk less and be a bit more open & playful. When he talks to her sis, he also looks very stern & serious. Relax la, lol.

      I am not sure but logically she’ll lose it but in that Jerry’s drama with Tong Li Ya, she was also bleeding like that but kept the child so anything can happen in c-drama land. Maybe they’ll make it more dramatic & she loses the baby putting a strain on their r/s to fill up more epi lol?

      • You’re right. ZQ is handsome, but he’s more suitable as a nice and sweet man, who will be kind to anyone. Therefore, if I have to choose between ZQ and ZH as FT, of course ZH will win 😀

        I don’t know, even if you’re bleeding, if you come to the hospital fast and let the doctors treat it, then the child will be safe. However, they show FT’s face so hurful that I think maybe SS truly lost the child. It’s so sad 😦 The Viet fans are mad about it 😦 I’m not really mad (knowing that SS RH- type of blood will make her hard to pregnant), but I still don’t hope she lose her child ar 😦

        • Best to blend Yang Ming the actor for ZQ & ZH together to make the perfect FT lol.

          Did they get married bcos she was pregnant? If yes, I dun like the plot change bcos I dun like to watch shotgun wedding, feel kind of forced. Prefer the novel which is a mistake.

          • I don’t know, the trailer may trick us ar -____- I wish it still a mistake, ‘cuz that will show FT’s love more clearly.
            And plus, we can have some more sweet scenes of the couple where FT says that “He want SS to play more without having to be a young mother…” (Actually, SS points out that he’s the one who wants to play more, haha)

  12. Thanks for your brief review:”> Really like Feng Teng- Zhang Han and the way he tries to act cool, but absolutely cute (///w\\\). I’m looking forward to watch the new episodes. Thing is, i don’t even speak Mandarin TT-TT. Hence, i’m waiting for the sub.

    • You are welcome. If you are very eager like lidge, you can watch raw bcos it is quite similar to the novel. I hope my reviews can help you to understand better while waiting for the Viet subs which is out until epi 5. That is very fast bcos subbing is such hard work.

      I am watching epi 13 now. FT smiles more now, not so cold anymore lol. But that is good, make him more humane, lol.

  13. Just watched ep 6:”> so fast but it only makes me more eager TT.TT However, i won’t watch raw but read your reviews LOL Although it must be exhausted, please update the reviews:”> Thank you~ Way to go!!
    Yupp, boss smiles more now but he’s still sulky LOL

  14. Hello, sorry to bother you guys. I would like to watch this series but I can’t find it. Can you give me another link? I want this series in English Subtitles caz I can’t understand what they are saying. Do you guys know any link to where as it have English Subtitles? Please.
    Love this drama/series. I

  15. I have a question about ep. 1. Did her colleagues and manager talk her into taking the blame on her for the extra 0. All I saw her do was make copies for them. And she seemed to deny that it was her fault. Thanks so much for the commentary. I’m watching without english subs and enjoying it thanks to this site:)

    • Sorry, I was sleeping while watching it:P I’ve watched again & amended that section so I hope it answered your queries:) Glad that my blog can help you to increase your enjoyment of the drama.

      • Thanks peanuts. This is such a good drama. I’m so glad I found your blog. It’s been uploaded to but the subs will take a while so I’ll be using your blog to keep up. Thanks again.

  16. Heartfelt thanks. The concept seemed so cute that I couldn’t resist watching this Cdrama even without subs but you’ve done us a huge favour and translated the important conversations – and with so brilliantly too. It’s so greatly appreciated!

  17. Thank you so much peanuts for you great effort^^

    I start to watch this drama because of your blog 🙂 I can’t understand Chinese so when I watched each ep I will direct to your blog for understand main conversation. Really appreciated your great blog^^

  18. i really enjoy the drama.

    TF makes me laugh a couple of times without doing anything, bcoz of his nose.. was it that cold, why his nose turn to be so red. hahaha.. but he’s handsome ;D

    QiShuai is handsome too.. and he’s very understanding.. its just im worried that our naive heroin will think that he’s interested in her..

    • Hey, pay attention to what I wrote 😛 I wrote that they filmed in winter which was very cold. Did you notice Qi Shuai’s hand also turned red? His character is not in the novel. No drama adaptation follows the novel completely but this is close enough.

  19. btw…the product placement for the drink is seriously too much!!

  20. My first cdrama and love zhao li ying and zhang han, very adorable ying look sweet and warm, zhang han look cool but care and you have any link for both of them live interaction peanut? Such as happy camp or laugh out loud?my new love couple..*sorry for chen xiao fans…😁

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