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You Are Still Here (原来你还在这里) – Chapter 9



The picture says it all! Sadly Yun Jin is not an easy girl to decipher as we know exasperatedly by now.

What could she mean by this?

Chapter 9

When Meng Xue’s reflection appeared in the mirror, Yun Jin wasn’t in the least bit surprised. She wiped off the droplets of water on her face with a cold smile. There must have been something in the air that evening as it seemed everyone had something to say. It felt as though once the day had passed, there would be no more opportunity.

“What a coincidence to see you here Su Yun Jin.”

Yun Jin smiled. She was mentally prepared as she waited patiently for Meng Xue to begin.

“Cheng Zheng is unhappy … I grew up with him and have never seen him like this. Perhaps he has never encountered difficulties in his life seeing as he has always managed to get what he wants so he can’t seem to let this go.”

Meng Xue combed through her long hair with her slender fingers and smiled sadly at Yun Jin. Although she wasn’t drop-dead gorgeous, she had a tall lithe physique and beautiful features. Her skin was fair and soft and she had a dazzling smile. She was generous and chatty and was respectful towards everyone and anyone. Even as a fellow member of the fairer gender, Yun Jin had to admit that this girl was the ideal woman and that the boys only included her in the ‘Eight Dinosaurs’ because each was too shy to reveal what they truly thought about her. Even if Meng Xue was a dinosaur, she was the cute and lovable sort.

“Do you know, when I’m bored, I love to indulge in romance stories? Cheng Zheng calls it frivolous rubbish but to me, the beautiful romance described within, even if it doesn’t exist in reality, fantasizing about it is enough.” Meng Xue said slowly.

“In novels, I hate to read about evil female supporting characters. The male protagonists would always fell for the fragile, demure female lead but the female second lead would always interfere to create rifts. Yet, now it appears that I’m playing that hated role.” Meng Xue laughed dejectedly.

“You won’t understand. I grew up with him! We lived in the same compound. Uncle was a technical professor and daddy was a team supervisor. Now Uncle is a CEO while daddy is the overall supervisor. They work in the same building and after work they often play chess together. So although Cheng Zheng was never particularly close to me, he was never far off either. He may be stubborn and competitive that sometimes even Uncle can’t change his mind but he and and I always got along well cause I understand him completely and I give in all the time. I thought that if I were to stay by his side in this manner, one day he would come around and love me in return. Afterall, he has claimed that girls are a nuisance and I’m the one closest to him. Even when we were streaming into our majors, I gave up on Arts so that I could be his classmate. I see that while he treated all girls coolly, it is because they were never the right one. After you appeared, everything changed! The moment he started acting as if he hated you, I knew even he became childish in the midst of someone he liked.”

Meng Xue’s eyes became misty. This was the second time Yun Jin saw someone cry that night.

“Love is really an unreasonable thing isn’t it? It doesn’t tell you why and doesn’t give precedence to those who came first. 18 years. I’ve known him 18 years! I’ve always liked him but 18 years cannot even compare to your 10 months. He’s chosen you, even 10 stallions can’t force him to alter course. I’m even treated as an ‘outsider’ and there’s nothing I can do about it.”

Yun Jin said not a word throughout. Her silence caused Meng Xue to be at a complete loss.

“Su Yun Jin, you must think I’ve come to beg you. In actual fact, I only came to tell you a truth; even if you were to be with him, both of you won’t be happy. He has a bad temper, everyone knows that. As for you, while you are always so quiet, you are also opinionated and prideful. You wouldn’t ever give in. With such personalities, you’ll only hurt each other. What is more, with your family background, you and him belong to completely different worlds…”

“That’s enough!” While there were some things Yun Jin truly understood, it didn’t mean that she liked hearing it come from another. Just like while she had never intended to accept Cheng Zheng, she was unwilling to let Meng Xue assume that her words had achieved its intended effect and cause her to beat a hasty retreat after taking their vast disparity into consideration.

Yun Jin went back to the lounge and grabbed her belongings before bidding Old Sun adieu. She was the first to leave.

The karaoke lounge wasn’t far from school and the distance only required a few minutes to traverse. When she left, she saw Cheng Zheng on the couch listening to Zhou Zi Yi as he gesticulated wildly and spoke animatedly. She could almost hear him repeat what had transpired. What a jerk! Yun Jin felt sorry for Yu Hua; she didn’t deserve such treatment.

The preceding days of stormy weather had passed along with the examinations. As Yun Jin was walking back to the hostel, it was already past-ten at night. The roads were still full of hustle and bustle. It was then that she realised that even though she had studied in the city for 2 years, she had never once appreciated this lively city for its beauty.

Her instincts told her that she was being followed. Yun Jin looked back to see Cheng Zheng with his sling bag walking a few paces behind. Seeing that she had discovered his presence, he walked up alongside her.

“It’s late. A girl shouldn’t be walking alone at this hour.” He kicked a small pebble in his path.

“There’s nothing to fear. See everyone’s still out and about. Has your good friend finished recounting his exciting story?” The moment the words escaped Yun Jin’s lips, she regretted it. What had that got to do with her?

Cheng Zheng looked at her wide-eyed. “Oh… That… You know too?”

Yun Jin did not reply.

“So you’re unhappy over this sort of thing?” He asked doubtfully.

Yun Jin mulled it over and said self-derisively “I have no right to be unhappy over ‘this sort of thing’. ‘This sort of thing’ is just a huge joke to the likes of you… He has the right not to accept her, but why must he treat the matter so flippantly?”

She was seldom so piercing with her words and usually refrained from revealing her innermost thoughts. Just that on this particular night, it felt like her heart was choked up and if she didn’t spill, she could scarcely bear it.

Cheng Zheng paused before he rushed ahead and blocked her path. He glanced down at her “Zi Yi is not a bad person. Regarding tonight, he’s just too shocked. But Su Yun Jin, I never knew you could feel unjustified for others. I am surprised.” He laughed “Aren’t you doing the same with my feelings? But who will speak up for me?”

He was very much taller than her and Yun Jin felt that his voice was coming from his chest. Somewhere, his words were resounding in her heart, and she did not have the heart to reject him cruelly.

“For my university application, I will be applying for Q University. That is, if nothing goes awry. So I should be moving to Beijing once summer vacation is over. Yun Jin, come with me.” He may have spoken calmly but anyone could sense his hope and desperation as he staked everything on this one plea.

He searched her face for any sort of reaction. After some time, Yun Jin raised her gaze wearing a radiant smile that Cheng Zheng had never seen before. She didn’t reply but unexpectedly, she tiptoed and kissed him softly on the lips.

Cheng Zheng’s world burst into fireworks. The busy hive of activity, the endless stream of cars and pedestrians all faded into the backdrop, all because of that one kiss.

“Cheng Zheng, this I return to you.” Before Cheng Zheng could fully react, Yun Jin had already walked some distance away.

“Don’t follow me anymore.” she tossed back.

Cheng Zheng stared at her retreating back till he could see her no longer. He stood very still as though unwilling to break his trance. However, other people had a firmer grip on reality than he. When he was no longer in view, Yun Jin turned in his direction and said softly “Goodbye Cheng Zheng.”

17 thoughts on “You Are Still Here (原来你还在这里) – Chapter 9

  1. Nye? What is the meaning of this?

    • What was the kiss for? To return back the kiss he gave her before? But that’s so silly! A kiss for a goodbye? Why does this chapter seem to be a farewell chapter… although we all know that its not. Guess he would have to do a great move to change something about their status, and I’m dying to know what that is.

      • Haha I guess it’s a symbolisation that they now owe each other nothing. But yes it seems a very strange way of going about it, poor Cheng Zheng!

        Whether or not they end up together, only one way to find out :p

  2. Huh!! *female scream, then you see the female who screamed mind explode* Man, I did not see it taking that route. I mean WOW!!

  3. Jiayou on the translations! I have never read Xin Yin Wu before because I don’t like her plots, but now I have come to appreciate her writing through your translations. ❤

  4. Eh? A farewell kiss? To kiss away her hidden feelings for Cheng Zheng?

  5. Nooo!!.. Why is she saying goodbye???!!

  6. I agree with Meng Xue wholeheartedly about evil female side characters. This is why Tang7 is a terrible author to me. Her and her awful female side characters to make her female leads look good. I roll my eyes just thinking about it.

    • Oh dear :/ I’ve never read any of Tang7’s books but I am very interested by the premise of the Three Lives, Three Worlds series; it’s on my to-read list. Who is your favourite author then? 🙂

  7. Thank you for translating. I like this novel.

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  9. This was translated more than two years ago, but I am dropping by to thank you for your effort and hard work in translating. I enjoy reading C-novel translations. Thank you yingniang!

  10. Lol. You can’t return a kiss to a hotblooded male lol

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