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Boss and Me (杉杉来了): Episode 4 – 6 Review



First and foremost a very big thank you to bongsd for her tremendous effort in helping me to screen capture so beautifully. I’ll treat her beef noodle if I get to meet her but she has to pick the vege for me, LOL..  Episode 4  is pretty funny as it is mostly about Shan Shan stuffing herself with food. That girl can really eat and so does lidge, haha….Episode 5 is still okay but episode 6 is rather dull because Feng Teng has gone overseas for business:( I want to complain and warn everyone once again that the live version has quite a fair bit cut-out compared to the youtube version:(

photo 1

The beginning is hilarious when they are eating and drinking at the banquet.

Feng Teng:  Please sit down

Yan Qing: What’s the matter?

Uncle: Who is this?

Feng Teng: Uncle, this is Feng Yue’s benefactor when she was giving birth. She is the guest of honor for today.

Shan Shan: Hello !

Shan Shan thinks: Boss, now everyone in the company knows I am a blood cow.

Shan Shan: Big Boss, is it not appropriate for me to sit here?

Feng Teng: What is not appropriate?

Shan Shan: This table is full of important people. I am still a junior so can simply sit at a corner.

Feng Teng: Remember this, you are a benefactor.

Yan Qing: Thank you everyone for attending our son’s full month banquet. Cheers to all of you.

Everyone: Thank you!

Feng Yue: Let’s start eating while the food is still hot……Shan Shan, help yourself, don’t be shy.

Feng Teng: The food is quite delicious, let’s eat together.

Shan Shan: Thank you, Boss.

Feng Teng: Eat more………Come….eat more…Is the food delicious?

Shan Shan: Heehee, yes. They are delicious.

Feng Teng: A toast to you.

Shan Shan thinks: So sad that the guy I like is surrounded by women but there is no place for me.

Shan Shan: Manager Yan and Miss Feng, a toast to both of you.

Feng Yue & Yan Qing: Thank you, Shan Shan.

Shan Shan: You are welcome……Big Boss, I also give you a toast.

Feng Teng: I can’t drink because I’ll be driving. So you drink for me.

Uncle: It is getting late, I still have something on so I’ll make a move first. I’ve finished drinking, enjoy yourself.

Feng Teng: Uncle, see you….good bye….

Uncle: Okay, enjoy yourself all of you….good bye…

Shan Shan:  Then, I’ll also go first. Good bye…

Feng Teng: Stand there ! You stay back to see the guests off with me…..Please sit down

Shan Shan: Boss, I’m also a guest. I also brought a gift.

Feng Teng: But the boss hasn’t leave yet, so how can the employee go first?

Shan Shan: Of course not! The employee will stay back to accompany the Boss to see the guests off……see the guest off….

Shan Shan feels embarrassed to be seated at the host table because she is such a glutton to drink and eat like a pig while everyone stares at her, LOL. Feng Teng tries to cover up for her by asking everyone to eat and put something on her plate with his own chopsticks. Urgh, how unhygienic, please remember to use the common chopstick if you want to put something on my plate:P

unnamedFeng Teng: Thank you

Shan Shan: Sorry to trouble you…..Hey Boss, you said you will have a person drive me home? Why is he gone?

Feng Teng: I’m not a person? Get in

Shan Shan: Thank you Boss

Shan Shan: Stop at the front there

Feng Teng: Why?

Shan Shan: I want to eat beef noodles. I really had my fill at the banquet in the afternoon. But everything has been digested. Actually, I’ve a big appetite so I eed to eat again.

Feng Teng: Actually, it is time for dinner now.

Shan Shan: Yes ah. Then, thank you Boss, I’ll get down now….Big Boss, you don’t need to see me there. After I’ve finished eating, I’ll take a taxi home. Thank you.

Feng Teng: Eat beef noodles, is it?

Shan Shan: You also want to eat?

Feng Teng: Why not? I’ve digested everything too. Do you think my digestion system isn’t as good as yours?

Shan Shan: Hold on, hold on…Boss, please sit down.

Noodle Seller: Miss Xue, what do you want to eat today?

Shan Shan: Boss, what do you want to eat?

Feng Teng:  Same as you

Shan Shan: 2 bowls of beef noodles, 1 big and 1 small

Noodle Seller: Oh, you are eating a small bowl today?

Shan Shan: Yes, I am having a small one today

Noodle Seller: Wait a while, I’ll make them immediately

Shan Shan: Thank you

Noodle Seller: Enjoy

Shan Shan: Boss, what is it? The food is not to your liking?

Feng Teng: Order another bowl. I don’t eat parsley

Shan Shan: You don’t eat parsley? It is okay, I’ll pick out the parsley for you. Otherwise it is such a waste to throw an entire bowl of noodles away

Shan Shan patiently and painstakingly pick each and every parsley out for Big Boss, such dedication:P


Shan Shan: Okay, you can eat now………Is it delicious?

Feng Teng: Not bad, the noodle is pretty good

Shan Shan: I come here to eat every night because they are especially tasty. Then, you eat more

Feng Teng sends Shan Shan home and she feels so surreal getting to eat with Big Boss and sitting in his sports car. She feels a bit regretful that she won’t have the chance to see Big Boss again but at the same time rejoice over the day without pork liver:)

Feng Teng and Shan Shan sending the guests off and the eating beef noodles parts are very similar to the novel. The exception is in the novel Shan Shan is sleepy and drowsy in the car but in the drama she is wide awake. Shan Shan’s life as a vege picker has unofficially begun and the beef noodles meal can be considered their first unofficial date:) According to the director, he really bought  authentic and tasty Shanghai noodles from a top restaurant so no wonder Shan Shan is enjoying the noodle so much.

unnamed (1)

This scene is not in the novel. She is admiring his car and his sudden appearance scares her into falling down. He asks why she is not at work as she will be late. Then he offers his hand to help her up. Arrrgh, they are staring so intensely into each other eyes, I bet her heart must be beating like crazy. Later, she meets Zheng Qi and she clumsily falls down again. He also helps her up. Feng Teng sees them together and appears jealous but Shan Shan is feeling very happy about her encounter.

photo 2-4

Just like the book, Shan Shan is happy that she no longer has to eat pork liver but she surprisingly receives a call from Ah May to go up to take her lunch box. When she arrives, Ah May pushes her into Feng Teng’s office as he is waiting for her. OMG, he has such a nice office full of books. Lidge is in love with the books in his office. Feng Teng’s coat is nice except the design at the back. It is distracting and makes the coat looks casual than formal. Anyway, shouldn’t Feng Teng take off his coat since his office should be heated?

photo 2-2

Shan Shan thinks: When Big Boss is working seriously, he looks very handsome. Aiya, why my heart is beating so fast?

Feng Teng: Xue Shan Shan, come over here

Shan Shan thinks: Just now, I was seduced by Boss’s beauty? When he called my name, I feel drunk. Why the way he called my name sound so good? It is indeed true that the most dangerous living creature has the most attractive appearance.

Feng Teng: Are you chanting?

Shan Shan: No

Feng Teng: Wait a minute

Shan Shan: I am okay, I can wait until you are not busy

Feng Teng: Your lunch box is over there

Shan Shan thinks: Good heavens, Miss Feng is becoming extravagant. One becomes two. Don’t tell me she wants me to become a fat cow

Shan Shan: 2  lunchboxes…… Boss, I cannot eat that much…..too much

Feng Teng: One of them is mine

Shan Shan: Boss, I’ve already told Miss Feng that there is no need to bring me lunch. I really can’t eat anymore. You see my face is very red now. If I continue to eat like this I gonna become a pig.

Feng Teng: I don’t care what she does, you tell her yourself

Shan Shan: Then, how do I contact her?

Feng Teng: She went to Europe and will come back in about a month later

Shan Shan: One month, this means I still have to eat lunch box for another month

Feng Teng: Miss Xue,  are you embarrassed to eat free food?

Shan Shan: Yes ah since I didn’t do anything to deserve it. My mum says………

Feng Teng: Since you are embarrassed, you can do something to earn the lunch……Pick all the sliced carrots from the vegetables in here. Also pick all the sliced capsicums from the vegetables in here.

Shan Shan: Huh? Okay

Feng Teng: Do it carefully, like the day you picked out the parsley


Shan Shan thinks: After all, I am a finance assistant. Although I didn’t graduate from a famous university, I am still a university graduate. Now, I’ve become a vege picker. Also, I don’t want to eat lunch box

Shan Shan: I’ve finished picking the vege

Feng Teng: Where are you going? Did I say you can take it to eat elsewhere?

Shan Shan: But, if I eat it here, I’ll disturb you

Feng Teng: Eat here

Shan Shan: But Boss…..

Feng Teng: I am not going to repeat myself

Shan Shan: Okay

Feng Teng: Xue Shan Shan! You are eating so fast, are you in a hurry to leave?

Shan Shan: No..No…No

Feng Teng:  Your speed in eating must be the same as me

Shan Shan thinks: I’ve been so careful yet you found out about my trick. Indeed a Boss, nothing can be hidden from your eyes

Shan Shan: Oh, why is there some left? I am sorry

Feng Teng: I guess the only thing you can do well is this

Shan Shan thinks: I can do well in a lot of things. I can sleep, I can day dream. I can also have starry-eyed infatuation.

Shan Shan is now officially Feng Teng’s personal vege picker. For your information, I also pick my vege but I don’t have a Feng Teng to do it for me:( Seeing them eating so cozily together,  Ah May tells Linda that the boss is having lunch with Xue Shan Shan so don’t disturb them but this get broadcast to the whole office and everyone starts to gossip about them marking the end of episode 4.

unnamed (2)

Shan Shan tries to avoid picking vege by telling Feng Teng that Ah May is a more suitable candidate but Feng Teng replies ‘She is a graduate from Harvard, so who do you think is more suitable to be a vege picker?” Of course, Xue Shan Shan:)

photo 2-5

I like how the director juxtaposes Shan Shan reluctantly picking vege daily with her venting her dissatisfaction by beating Big Boss in the computer game to sleep well. Feng Teng suspects she is complaining about him so asks Ah May to hire a lip reading teacher, heehee….

photo 1-1


Oh, so sly of Shan Shan to pretend to be sick to avoid eating with Feng Teng so as not to pass the germs to him. Then, she goes to the garden balcony to enjoy her instant noodle in a cute Hello Kitty mug so Feng Teng sees that she is not really sick. Their interactions behind the one-way glass is so cute, both doing the same gestures!!! From now onward, I need to be extra careful when I am walking in front of glass windows.

unnamed (3)


Feng Yue is planning to open a book shop which is not in the novel. Oh, lidge will be ecstatic when she hears this as her lifelong dream is to spend the rest of her life with books, lol. Feng Teng  catches her in Feng Yue’s bookshop and questions her on her illness.  She pretends she is still sick to avoid picking vegetables. Feng Teng knowingly says she no longer needs to pick vege for him anymore.

She reminiscences the last time she picked vege for him, she chocked and he rubbed her back, so sweet. This is where the classic line ““Can dying from eating too much be considered a work-related accident?” is uttered and she spit the rice all over him. What is with all these touchings, you touch my back, I touch your eyebrows? Also, don’t play or waste your rice, children, LOL She is ecstatic at being liberated from being a vege picker.

In the next scene, Feng Yue teases Feng Teng  for treating Shan Shan extra special. Feng Teng reminds her that she is her benefactor. Feng Yue says “So you are sacrificing your body to repay her on my behalf?” LOL.

photo 2

Sob sob, Shan Shan cries because she is hurt by a colleague maliciously criticises her in front of her supervisor that she got the job because of connection and not merit. Feng Teng sees her sadness and tears. I like how they show Feng Teng being able to observe and keep track of Shan Shan via the one-way glass window. Once again she meets Zheng Qi and Feng Teng stumbles upon him offering a shoulder for her to cry on. She asks Zheng Qi is it because she donated blood to Feng Yue before so the company did not fire her but instead assigned a strange post to her as a vege picker, lol. He tells her not to be silly.

Zheng Qi laughs at Feng Teng for being jealous. He criticises his lunch courting method which only brings more gossips for Shan Shan. Feng Teng in turns, tells him about his reservation as his boss as he is afraid Shan Shan will change after they start to date and as the sole heir to the business empire he has to be careful with her dating partner choice.

photo 1-4

Episode 5 ends with Feng Teng sending Shan Shan a congratulatory message on her passing her probation. When did she give him her phone number? He must have got it from the employee’s record, such a sneaky boss:P

1630779232366175981912831316806595230758You must be wandering who is this bespectacled guy. He is Du Fan who is Shan Shan’s colleague in the drama only. He is interested in Shan Shan but she only treats him as a friend. He is nice enough to come to Shan Shan’s rescue when the other girls in the office forces Shan Shan to reveal who is her backer, the boss or Zheng Qi? Later, I think he is going to date Shuang Yi, her best friend. In the midst of all the jostling, Shan Shan falls down again and no prize for guessing who comes to pull her up like before. She is summoned to the knight in shinning armor’s office and found out from Ah May that the boss has been unhappy ever since she stopped having lunch with him and he is at his worst today.

S1jpg S2

She sees the lunch box in the office and voluntarily picks the vege for him but he appears frosty. Wow, Shan Shan really knows his taste in food, what he likes to eat and what he doesn’t eat. Then she asks, “Boss, are you unhappy today?” and he replies, “Do I look unhappy and you are so concern about me?” Then he asks if Du Fan is really her boyfriend which she denies. He starts to look happy but when she mentions about her close friendship with Zheng Qi, he tells her to concentrate on eating and talk less. Heehee, big boss sounds and looks very sour. He even sends out a message forbidding office romance which may come back to bite him later, LOL.

Okay. Big Boss is confused and needs to go overseas on a business trip as well as to clear his thoughts. Shan Shan is sent by the colleagues to pursue Big Boss to reconsider his decision to forbid office romance. Hence, she finds out he is overseas and coincidentally he calls Ah May at that very moment. Ah May cheekily tells him, Shan Shan misses him which is obviously not true. What Ah May did is similar to the novel but in the novel Shan Shan goes to his office to tell him she doesn’t want to be a vege picker anymore.

18 thoughts on “Boss and Me (杉杉来了): Episode 4 – 6 Review

  1. peanuts thanks for the review 😀

  2. I don’t know how many times I watched the spit food scene. Just so cute ^^

    Hey, you should pick my vege instead. But no worries, I’m not picky like you and FT.

    • You should do a gif for it lol.

      I pay so of course you pick:P I really don’t eat the vege in my beef noodle & always pick them without fail, just like FT, haha…

    • Me too! As soon as i saw that scene, i had to rewind and have a close second look again. It was just too cute. That scene was just perfectly & naturally acted out. There was a level of comfortableness between them at that moment that explain so well how FengTeng could fall for ShanShan.

  3. I’m waiting for someone to sub the drama only by then i can start to watch T_T if you know anyone who will sub it please let me know peanuts!! Thank you ^^

    • Subbing is hard work so far nobody is doing it. You keep an eye on viki but long wait. I’ll advise you watch it now with my reviews bcos you’ve read the book so fairly easy to follow & guess. I’ll do mini subs for you but only for the OTP:P

  4. I wish they stuck to the novel’s storyline more! I don’t know if it’s just me but the inserted characters like Du Fan feel unnecessary and just adds typical makjang complexity to the drama… Sorry if that sounded too critical! 🙂 I just loved how the novel was like a breath of fresh air with no raging female2’s, evil plotting mothers, blah blah blah. Just innocent, knuckle headed Shan Shan trying to figure out her love (and professional?) life and eating nonstop along the way.

    Ok. End of rant. 🙂

    OTHERWISE I’m loving ZLY as Shan Shan. Her inner dialogue is hilarious! ZH’s Feng Teng makes me a little uncomfortable though. Let’s just say that his portrayal of Da Boss is not how I imagined him to be…or look.

    • The novel cannot fill up 33 episodes. Should have made it shorter so it’ll be simpler & sweeter. Don’t like the expansion on that Li Shu. I fast fwd her parts, lol. Actually this adaptation is considered good in sticking to the original novel. Yup, ZLY is perfect as SS but ZH is okay only. He is not bad but not good either, there is something missing. Oh well, can’t expect everyone to be perfect so overall this can be considered an entertaining and happy drama to watch.

  5. She’s the second female lead right? Oh yes.. she feels like a pot of evilness just waiting to boil over. Just to be metaphoric :).

    LOLOL it’s impossible, literally, for me to watch a drama without fast-forwarding like crazy. I skip basically everything without Shan Shan in it.

    I’m definitely enjoying the drama and its light heartedness! I know 3 episodes/day is already generous but…want want more! 🙂

    (After watching episodes 7 and 8, I’ve drawn the conclusion that ZH”s odd speaking pace ( it just me or does he divide his sentences into fragments…and pause unnecessary long between them…?) and tendency to furrow his eyebrows and keep them furrowed forever and ever may be what’s off-putting.)

  6. SS looks so cute when eating, kyahhhh ❤
    You are right, still hate that teenboy coat of FT -___- And I hate his bracelet and rings too. Come on, you are a man. No need to use that much accessories, right?
    So the second male lead will hug SS first (& then the annoying part where FT hugging Li Shu will come later -______-) OMG how I hate the relationship of FT & LS here. I mean, in the novel, he clearly declare that LS is just FY's childhood friend, not him. That annoying girl doesn't have a slightest chance with FT. And now, FT HUG her? On purpose? By HIMSELF? -_____-
    After watching this drama, I have to read the novel again to cure my poor little heart *sobbing*

    • Thanks for reminding me. I wanna write abt his excessive accessories. I know he is rich but do you need to wear those to show that? Are those ZH’s personal one? Did he wear them in his other drama? Should spend more time to style his hair, at least put some gel, lol.

      When did FT hug LS? The part is now shown yet. Yes, FT did tell LS’s suitor that he is her brother. But LS is having a bad crush on him. Well, LS isn’t evil like in k-drama but I just dun like her lol. But I dislike Zhao Xiao Wei the most.

      Yes, yes, ho doubt the drama has improved a fair bit on the novel but overall the novel is still the best in capturing the humour and cuteness. To be fair, this is a quite good adaptation since at least it is following the novel quite closely. But it can be better.

      • I heard that those are ZH’s personals, ‘cuz the fans see him wear it very often -___- Come one, even if you like them, plz remember that you’re acting as FT now, dont destroy his image 😦

        Yeah, the novel is still the best 😀 And maybe the comic will come to the second place, lol 😀

        • I’ve my suspicion bcos I think ZH comes from Xinjiang or nothern part of China where they like to wear accessories. Normal southern Chinese men dun wear these kind of stuff. Hey, be professional & take off all your personal belongings when you start filming.

          Oh that remninds me I’ll need to find ways to get my hand on vol 1 & 2 of the comic. I hope GM will release a full book on it & not freebie fr mag, so annoying. It deserves a single release. Btw did u see the new book cover for Shan Shan & Wei Wei? I am so angry bcos I got the old one with no freebie for Wei Wei and an ugly free poster for Shan SHan. Anyway the new covers look rather light. I think the best cover is still Silent Separation.

  7. im happy that big boss secretary appear so nice in this drama/novel.
    they have pretty face, style and heart..

    the set is pretty.. but it looks to fake.. looks like 200% studio.
    and they dont have budget on outift?? they use the same cloths too many times.. the boss n qishuai should at least change their coat a couple of times coz they are rich.. they should be able to afford it.

    • You judged prematurely 😛 Some of the settings are real. The production spent top dollars on sets & clothes. Come on, rich people don’t wear their clothes once then throw them away. Can’t be bad influnce to waste resources 😛 Go to my fashion post and look at the many clothes they’ve plus how expensive they are !!!

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