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Boss and Me (杉杉来了): Episode 7 Review & Recap



Yuan Li Shu who is Feng Teng and Feng Yue’s friend since childhood will make her appearance in episode 7. I want to make myself clear that I don’t like her so my review will mention as little as possible about her. If you don’t know by now, my brief review focuses mainly on Shan Shan and Feng Teng. I feel my previous two reviews are too patchy and random. Also, I take pity on those who cannot understand Mandarin and have to watch it raw so I’ll try to do mini-subtitles for parts that I like or we have translated. I may edit my previous 2 reviews to include some subbing. As far as I know, nobody is subbing it into English but you can check viki occasionally and you may be surprised.

photo 1

Shan Shan decides to concentrate on work, not love. Hence she tells Zheng Qi that she will no longer admire him but admires herself more, haha. Zheng Qi laughs and says he does like her but not love. “When you give up a tree which doesn’t belong to you, later you’ll find a whole forest of trees waiting for you.” Oh, Zheng Qi is so sweet, why must you like that Li Shu:(?

unnamed (1)

photo 2

Since it is New Year’s Eve, Shan Shan decides to go up to the balcony to watch the fireworks. No need to guess who’ll also turn up:P Arrgh, so romantic !!!

Shan Shan: Big Boss! Boss, I am sorry, I am sorry. I, I didn’t do it on purpose…..I though there will be nobody here tonight. I didn’t come and intrude on purpose. I am sorry….

Feng Teng: Sssssh…..

Shan Shan: The countdown has begun… Arrrgh…Boss, take a look, such beautiful fireworks. Look.


Feng Teng: Every year, I also watch the fireworks alone here.

Shan Shan thinks: Such surreal feeling, am I dreaming? Don’t tell me fairytale can really come true. This is really the true version of Cinderella.

Shan Shan: Urgh, Big Boss! I am sorry! I am sorry! I didn’t purposely disturb you to watch the fireworks. I also didn’t mean to intrude on your personal space. I am sorry. I will go immediately.

Feng Teng thinks: Actually this place doesn’t belong only to me anymore.

Shan Shan thinks: What kind of dream is this that I got to count down the New Year with the Big Boss? No, I am wrong. Just now, the boss wanted to strangle me, not hug me. Oh, Xue Shan Shan, wake up, wake up. The boss is just like the fireworks, very beautiful but faraway. If you like the smoke, you can have it. If you like the fire, you can have it. But liking and admiring the firework (In Chinese character, firework is written as smoke fire), you will only end up disappointed and lonely. Oh, Xue Shan Shan!

SMS: I’ll send you home, meet me at the front gate.

photo 3

Big Boss is such a gentleman to give our Shan Shan a ride home in his nice white car. Then, he gives her a present and wishes her Happy New Year. Oh, that is so sweet of you, Feng Teng. After she gets off the car, she only realises that she has been duped by Feng Teng into agreeing to have lunch with him again. Oh , Feng Teng, you are so cunning !!! I know you are up to no good, LOL. The present giving part is executed better in the drama as a New Year’s gift compared to the novel which is more awkward after he asked her to hang up his jacket. But lidge wants to see Feng Teng taking off his clothes, haha…..

She told Shuang Yi and Liu Liu that Big Boss may want to court her. Shuang Yi pours cold water on her telling her of the class division and she may end up being eaten alive by him. Moreover he just decreed no office romance and most of the time after such romance ended, the girl will need to resign Shan Shan is so simple-minded to interpret what Shuang Yi told her as “Are you saying the boss is courting me so that he can fire me?” LOL

photo 4

Shan Shan is lamenting on her bed about Feng Teng’s slyness in using his good look to trap her and she fell for it:P She wants to return the cosmetic gifts to him but will he be unhappy. Hence, she decides to do overtime to pay for them. She also can’t understand the instructions so decides to note down and ask Linda. Linda says it is written in French and the Boss is proficient in that language. This is slightly different from the novel as in the novel it is Linda who recommended Boss to buy this cosmetic brand for her.

Feng Teng: Xue Shan Shan, I employed the secretary to work for the company (not you). Come in and have lunch.

Shan Shan thinks: A person cannot accept things without doing anything in return.  I’ve eaten food and accepted gifts but has not done anything in return. I don’t feel good about this. If I don’t refuse then the cycle of eating and accepting gifts will continue. Will I, from a vegetable picker become a servant for life? Never, never, there will be no escape then!  I would rather be ungrateful, but I cannot be Boss’s servant for life! The former is about having integrity, the latter is about being a human.

Feng Teng: If you really don’t understand, you can ask baidu. Asking someone about this, you don’t feel ashamed but I feel ashamed.

Shan Shan thinks: Not knowing French is shameful? I am only a small staff. Big Boss, please don’t use your extraordinary high stardard to judge me! Anyway I am the one who is shameful, so what does it have anything to do with you?

Feng Teng: Come over here. The first is……………………The fifth……….. Got them?

Shan Shan: ………

Feng Teng: How could you have been hired by the company’s HR dept?

Shan Shan thinks: Fine, belittle my capability so that I’ll continue to be your vege picker. Why do I feel Big Boss looks gentle when bowing his head as he writes ….. obviously he appeared impatient …… illusion, this is certainly an illusion.

Feng Teng: Okay!

Shan Shan: Thank you, boss!

Feng Teng: Let’s eat.

photo 5

Similar to the novel, Shan Shan who has a never give up spirit decides to use taking CPA exam as an excuse to avoid picking vege. However, she is against our smart Big Boss, so she is destinated to lose to him like I always beat lidge:P

Shan Shan: Boss, to improve my ability to better serve the company, I plan to take the CPA exam. I need to study during lunch so ……(I cannot be your vege picker anymore).

Feng Teng: So, you feel the office is too noisy. From tomorrow onward, study here in my office.

Shan Shan: What are these?

Feng Teng: CPA revision books

Shan Shan thinks: What? I finally understands what it means to shoot one’s own foot.

Feng Teng: What are you holding?

Shan Shan: CPA revision books.

Feng Teng: You don’t even know how to choose books, how are you going to pass?

Shan Shan: Big Boss, I can’t use your cosmetics for free so I am going to compensate you by doing overtime.

Feng Teng: Oh, you’ve used the cosmetics?

Shan Shan: Yes.

Feng Teng: Your skin has improved, very good. Start studying the books Linda has prepared for you. Then take an exam every fortnightly.

Shan Shan: Exam?! Why is there exam? Are you serious?

Feng Teng: How to improve without exam?

Shan Shan: But I have to work.

Feng Teng: Then come here on Saturdays.

Shan Shan: Saturday is an off day, no need to go to work

Feng Teng: Did I ask you to come to work? I am asking you to come to take exams. I remembered someone told me she wants to improve her knowledge to serve the company better.

Shan Shan: Yes ah. Then, I’ll take one ….., uh, two exams, three exams because passing five exams in one go is impossible.

Feng Teng: The exam is a year from now so there is plenty of time.

Shan Shan thinks: So he knows when the exam is held!  This is too treacherous.

Feng Teng: I know a way to make you pass.

Shan Shan: Really?

Feng Teng: Just one sentence.

Shan Shan: What?

Feng Teng: If you cannot pass your exam, your salary will be reduced.

Shan Shan: Reduce my salary? Don’t deduct my salary, please don’t deduct my salary.

Feng Teng: Xue Shan Shan! Go over there. Quickly. Otherwise I will also reduce your year end bonus.

Shan Shan thinks: Year end bonus, reduce my salary. Aiya, finally I understand something:

Fight against the heaven, it is a great joy.

Fight against the earth, it is a great joy.

Fight against Big Boss, it is extremely foolish.


The second female lead Yuan Li Shu makes her appearance earlier in the drama compared to the novel. She is portrayed as having many suitors but is choosy. She obviously likes Feng Teng but Feng Teng thinks of her as his little sister only. That ugly and lanky man is one of Li Shu’s suitors. I fast forwarded everything on them to save time:P


Oh no, Shuang Yi, how can you abandon your Ning Ning to date this Du Fan??? Your mother Gu Man is very angry about it and is ranting in weibo. She specifically asked the production company not to touch you but it has fallen on deaf ear.  After completing Blazing Sunlight, how is she going to write Shan Shan’s spin-off novel, Silly and Elite with you and Ning Ning as leads since you ran away with Du Fan in the drama?

18 thoughts on “Boss and Me (杉杉来了): Episode 7 Review & Recap

  1. I LOVED her thought response to his comment about how she was losing face by asking around for translations. How can not knowing French be embarrassing? Heck I only know one word… Shan Shan’s logic is just pure gold.

    Thanks Peanuts for your hard work! I know (or well can imagine, sort of) how difficult and time consuming subbing a drama is.. **shutter** You’re being awesome superwoman you as usual! 🙂

    • Thank you Kristina for your tall hat:P Yes, Shan Shan is adorable and simple-minded. Her logic is naive but not stupid. I like the first half of the novel the best when the OTP has not got together. Later, a bit dull and typical so I hope the drama can improve on it.

      Did you read abt Gu Man’s fury at Shuang Yi’s treatment? I was rather surprised when I guess she’ll be pair up with that Du Fan. Then I was thinking, they can’t film Shan Shan’s spin off anymore with Shuang Yi as a lead. Oh poor, Ning Ning.

      • Oh good! I’m not the only one who thinks the “ai mei” period is the most interesting to watch.

        I was actually really hoping Gu Man would visit the filming set and show up in the bts video posts! I’m super curious about her thoughts on the drama so far (as well as her in general)!

        Is there a epilogue from Shuang Yi’s point of view? I guess I missed that… I actually like Shan Shan’s cousin Liu Liu (I think that’s her name..?) a lot more than LSY. At first I thought she was going to vie with Shan Shan for Feng Teng’s affections later on but it seems my predictions were way off. She’s actually turning out to be a wonderful support system!

        (I hope the drama doesn’t go downhill from here! Next few episodes is when the jealousy and scheming will break out, no? Fingers crossed that’ll be kept to a minimum and not ruin the light hearted tone!)

        • Hey, they started to date in epi 12 already, not even half way thru the drama???? What are they gonna show for the next 21 epi??? I’ve a bad feeling things may go downhill. But honestly speaking after they start to date, the novel becomes rather boring except the epilogues lol.

          GM is very low key so she won’t show up. She won’t even show up for her 1st born Silent Separation. She wrote in her weibo that she did give some input into the drama but they were not accepted by the production team so end of story.

          There is no epilogue on Shuang Yi but GM wrote an incomplete spin-off for her & Ning Ning, pretty cute and has intention to finish it after she finishes Blazing Sunlight. Hence she explicitly told the production company not to use Shuang Yi’s character but it has fallen on deaf year. Bcos in the drama she is dating Du Fan which is not a character in the novel, it is rather hard for her to write abt her with Ning Ning in the novel later. She is very angry abt it but some ppl are criticizing her of being a step-mum and not supportive of the drama. Come on, she has a right to be angry & being angry on this front doesn’t been she doesn’t support the drama. Those China netizens are way too much.

          Actually the production coy is too much in that they need not use Shuang Yi. They can use Da Hua, another of Shan Shan’s friend who she stayed with for a few days & who FT treated her & the bf to a big expensive meal as the house mate and leave Shuang Yi intact so in the future they can even film a spin off drama on her. But now she is playing such a secondary character in this drama, her female lead position in the novel is shaky.

  2. peanuts kiitos paljon:D

  3. Your translation makes everything better. Too be honest, i really only enjoy the scenes our two leads are together. I really could also just watch out leads eat all day.

  4. What is that? I think the hugging part while watching fireworks will be later in the drama. Why did FT hug her while they are still no in an apparent relationship? *annoying*
    I hate Li Shu -__________- I don’t want the other male (forgot his Pinyin name) to love her. Such a waste. He deserves better, at least loves SS or something… Why does it have to be that all-mighty-and haughty- and cocky Li Shu?

    • I think the timeline for the drama is a bit off or I wasn’t concentrating? It is new year in epi 7 but xmas in epi 10 so a yr has passed? Yah, the hug is too early, make FT looks like a wolf lol. Epi 10 is worse, they are not even dating yet & he already kissed her. Come on in the novel, he only gave her a small kiss when they were in the radish field to seal his ownership.

      Can’t let Zheng Qi be all alone as SS belongs to FT. But should pair him up with Shuang Yi & not Li Shu. Should call his character Ning Ning and film some cute scenes on them, lol. Did u read abt Gu Man’s fury on weibo? How u expect GM to continue Shuang Yi’s Silly & Elite when she is such a minor character & being paired with Du Fan in the drama? I think GM will abandon the book.

      • The storyline is so fast which makes FT’s feelings for SS seems so… off, right? It’s as if he just suddenly falls in love with her @.@ And I don’t really like the fact that SS having a crush on ZQ too 😦

        Haha, I already heard about GM’s fury. I’m in a fury, too. GM is the author, they should respect her, especially when her reasons are so appropriate. However, I don;t think she’ll drop Silly and Elite, since she’d explained on weibo that the Shuang Yi in the drama is different from the novel. (And I heard the rumor that people say that GM’s too hard on the producer about this -____-) Come on, she is not even that hard. She should sue them for not respecting her right of author 😛

  5. Somewhere along the line, the production team should make Shuang Yi and that guy have a bad break up, then Ning Ning can come in the picture again 😀

    • They are living together in epi 10 already:( Sorry to say this but this Shuang Yi looks too plain to be a leading actress in a drama. GM tells us to disregard this Shuang Yi as not the same as the novel one but it is really hard bcos she is really the novel SY:( I’ll address this in my epi 10 post on what the production coy should have done in the 1st place. Ya, they should have hired me to write the script but I can’t write Chinese lol.

  6. Thank you so much for recapping this drama. It’s just so cute!

  7. I really want the T-shirt that SS always wear when she’s at home. Could you tell me how to buy it, guys? :((((((

  8. i dont like yuanlishu.. she looks like she got some bad agenda, black hearted woman..
    i asked my friend who watched this drama too.. and she said yuanlishu gonna ended up with qishuai.. i feel like my sky collapse.
    why oh why… the most adorable character has to be with black hearted woman?? whyyyyyyyyyy?? *crying a pacific ocean*

    ps: i believe redbull also one of the sponsor, the product placement is no joke. anyway, thx redbull!! ahak..

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