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Boss and Me (杉杉来了): Episode 10 Review & Recap



I am exhausted because this episode has taken me a long time to sub and write a review due to many sweet OTP interactions. The fish bone chocking, the party and the confession parts are all my favorite parts of the novel. The first half of the drama is nice but the last half is a bit dull.

I don’t have much time so you’ve to read my subbing in my review. You can put my subbing in the video but please credit me and lidge as both of us did spend a lot of time and effort to translate the novel and sub the OTP parts of the drama.  Lidge didn’t sub the drama but I did use some of her novel translations in the sub. Also, please overlook any errors or omissions as I can’t be perfect but do try my best.


Shan Shan: Boss, is Miss Feng all right?

Feng Teng: She is fine.

Shan Shan: That is good.  Then, how will you and Miss Feng reward Miss Zhou?

Feng Teng: Why do you ask this?

Shan Shan: Um, nothing, just curious.

Feng Teng: With a check.

Shan Shan: Why didn’t you give me a check?

Feng Teng: Xue Shan Shan!

Shan Shan: Yes?

Feng Teng: You don’t know how to use a long fishing line to bait a big fish? What is wrong ? Open your mouth. Argh!

Shan Shan: … big …… fish …… bone  …… stuck ……

Doctor: You should be okay.

Shan Shan: Thank you, doctor. Big Boss, thank you.

Feng Teng: Since you are fine, send the doctor off. Quickly go.

Feng Teng thinks: Xue Shan Shan, you are really lucky. Such a big bone also didn’t choke you to death.

The above dialogue is mostly lifted from the novel. Shan Shan is still lost in thought about what Feng Teng said about baiting a big fish when her colleagues talk to her about what to wear in the coming company’s annual dinner party. Typical of her, she starts to dream of winning the grand prize which is a car in the draw and not what to wear. But she knows she has no hope of winning the “most beautiful and elegant lady” prize, the only prize she can win is fastest in eating rice or picking vege, LOL. You can follow their conversations just like in the novel except there is no Ah May in the drama.

unnamed (2)

Lets the party begins so  Shan Shan can eat like a pig, haha…The party sequence also follows the novel closely such as  Yan Qing misunderstood Shan Shan was the one who donated blood to Feng Yue when she had a miscarriage. Wow, Feng Teng’s speech which is not in the novel sounds pretty motivating but I am too lazy to translate, haha….But I’ll translate something better, Shan Shan and Feng Teng’s conversation.

Shan Shan: Boss, Mr. Yan seems to have made a mistake, he thinks I donated blood this time too.

Feng Teng: If it’s a mistake, then let it be a mistake. If you see him later, don’t deny it.

Shan Shan: Huh? Why?

Shan Shan thinks: It is like stealing someone else’s credit. More over panda blood is so valuable, I’ll feel guilty.

Feng Teng:  Since I said like this, I’ve my future plan. I can’t be bother telling you. Just remember, what I told you to do.

Shan Shan thinks: Cheh, give me the ‘you won’t understand’ expression again. Don’t say, don’t say la. No big deal! Anyway the person holding back the truth is not me, at most I am just an accomplice, but only under coercion.

Shan Shan: Boss, I’ll go look for Ah May.

Feng Teng: Hold on. Stay with me to help me drink wine when I’m asked by other people.

Shan Shan thinks: Help him drink wine??? Did I hear wrongly? Is this not done by a man? Boss wants a little woman to help him to drink wine.

Feng Teng: Is there a problem? Beware that I may reduce your year-end bonus.

Shan Shan: Okay.

Feng Teng: Where’s your flower brooch?

Shan Shan: Dropped.

Feng Teng: Put it on.

Shan Shan: Boss, don’t need la since I won’t be able to win. Boss, I really don’t need it.

Feng Teng: We’ll divide the prize money, I get 90%, you get 10%.

Shan Shan: What?

Feng Teng: Otherwise why would I drag you around to help me to drink wine?

unnamed (1)

Guest 1: Boss, we’ll give you a toast.

Shan Shan: Let me.

Guest 2: Boss, a toast to you.

Shan Shan: Let me.

Shan Shan: Cheers!

Shan Shan: I’ve finished my drink. Why aren’t you finishing yours?

Shan Shan: I’ll give you a toast.

Just like the novel, Zhou Xiao Wei wins the  ‘most beautiful and elegant lady’ grand prize and gets to dance with Feng Teng. Why do I dislike her more in the drama compared to the novel? While they are dancing, Feng Teng asks if she has received the check. She says yes but she wants something more. Such a greedy woman !!! But Feng Teng only has eyes for Shan Shan even while dancing with her.

unnamed (3)

Did you notice the colorful ‘Rio’ fruit cocktail are everywhere in Shan Shan’s fridge, in the party and when they went out to drink?  This is because it is the sponsor of this drama. So, don’t mistaken Shan Shan and gang are alcoholics. They are forced to drink or else you won’t get to watch this drama, LOL. Ultimately Shan Shan does become drunk after consuming so many bottles of cocktail. She also starts to feel jealous.

I have a little complain about the drama in that since they’ve 33 episodes to fill, why they didn’t let the other colleagues such as Linda or Ah May to have some lines like in the novel? It made everything feels so rushed. We are only at episode 10, not even one third of the drama but it has already finished filming the online novel as Gu Man’s original intention was to end the novel at chapter 18.

unnamed (4)

Shan Shan thinks: I can’t pick up the phone. I can’t….I can’t pick up the phone.

Shan Shan: Hello!

Feng Teng: Where are you?

Shan Shan: At the front door.

Feng Teng: Didn’t I tell you not to go anywhere? Wait for me there, I’m coming now.

Shan Shan: Wait Wait Wait!!! (Since I cannot escape anyway, it is better to die comfortably)Please bring my jacket down. Thank you.

Feng Teng: What are you doing down here?

Shan Shan: I want to go home.

Feng Teng: I will send you home.

Shan Shan: No need, no need. Don’t need to trouble you. No No No…..No need.

unnamed (5)

unnamed (6)

Feng Teng: Say it.

Shan Shan:  The other day, Mr. Yan said Miss Feng did not go to Europe.

Feng Teng: So what?

Shan Shan thinks: He has the nerve to ask me so what. How can someone caught lying, react so calmly?

Shan Shan: Um, why did you say she was in Europe?

Feng Teng: Did I?

Shan Shan: Yes, of course you did.

Feng Teng:  Then just treat it as a slip of the tongue.

Shan Shan thinks: Boss, can you be anymore shameless? But perhaps, it is truly a slip of the tongue…..otherwise why will Boss lie to me? Can it be that in order to deceive me into having lunch together with him? This is impossible la………..

Feng Teng: Don’t misunderstand what you saw tonight on the dance floor. It’ll change nothing.

Shan Shan thinks: Like this also want to explain to me? Ask me not to misunderstand. Don’t tell me, don’t tell me.

Shan Shan: That, I I, can I misunderstand you, that you like me?

Feng Teng: Sometimes, it is all right to misunderstand something.

Shan Shan: But, you…you’ve never told me before.

Feng Teng: Shouldn’t the person who falls in love first speak up first?

Shan Shan thinks: What does this mean? Boss means she liked him first.

Shan Shan: Me?

Feng Teng: You didn’t?

Shan Shan: I…I didn’t.

Feng Teng: Then, who sent me these pictures and sms?

Shan Shan: I, I don’t like you! Because you’re too childish! What? At most, you can fire me. I am not afraid of you. If you fire me because of this, then you are even more childish Hmph!


Feng Teng: I won’t fire you.

Feng Teng: We’ve arrived.

Shan Shan: Thank you.

Feng Teng: Shan Shan, I’ve 2 questions to ask you. Why did you come to my office daily? Why did you have lunch with me daily? Is it because I commanded you?  I hope you’ll think carefully. Good night!

Drooling and swooning, LOL The drama is very similar to the online ending of the novel especially the conversation, word for word. The difference is he didn’t kiss her in the novel. Hey, Shan Shan has not said she likes Feng Teng yet and he has already kissed her. Isn’t he jumping the gun, behaving like a wolf:P? I would have given him a slap, lol but he is the Big Boss so of course Shan Shan doesn’t dare.

I’ve another complain:) Yes, I’ve so many complains. What happened to my favorite rabbit & tiger analogy? They should have made a cartoon out of it like the so many cartoons they’ve made. Why aren’t they doing it for the important part? To appease me, I better see a cue tiger toy in Feng Teng’s house later since Shan Shan has the rabbit toy, LOL.

unnamed (7)

You can read Shan Shan’s dazed reaction, her conversations with her neighbor and Shuang Yi from the novel. They are fairly the same except Shuang Yi ends their conversation by saying ‘The pig must not fall in love with the wolf” LOL. The conversation Shan Shan has with Liu Liu is additional to the novel.  In a nutshell, she tells Shan Shan to find a compatible partner and not someone who is from a different world. Don’t dream the Cinderella dream. After marrying the prince, she won’t be a princess but the prince’s slave. Feng Teng no longer sends her sms or asks her to have lunch with him.

unnamed (8)

Du Fan’s rented place is under repair and he wants to move in with Shuang Yi. Thus, Shan Shan takes this opportunity to move out. As I’ve written in the review for episode 7, Gu Man is angry with the production company for pairing Shuang Yi with Du Fan. As a solution, Gu Man told us not to treat the drama Shuang Yi as the novel Shuang Yi. But that is hard because she is really Shuang Yi. One reader suggested to make them break up later, LOL. But they are going to live together already. Anyway, I don’t understand why the production company has to make Shuang Yi the housemate. They can easily give that role to Da Hua who is Shan Shan’s friend. Remember Shan Shan stayed with her before she rents Feng Teng’s apartment? Feng Teng even treats her and the boyfriend to a big meal. This is totally the production company’s fault and I believe Gu Man has ground to be angry. It is not because she doesn’t support the drama as commented by some Chinese netizens.

25 thoughts on “Boss and Me (杉杉来了): Episode 10 Review & Recap

  1. thanks peanuts ,seem you read my mind 😛 actually i want ask you that rio drink haha but shy lol. I was curios what drink is that ah good you explain 🙂

  2. Thank you so much, peanuts. I watched all the eps on youtube although I dont understand chinese at all. Your reviews helped me. Thanks again.

  3. This ep was sweet all around. I also do felt that the drama is going at a fast pace, but i’m not complaining because slow pace is more unbearable.

    • Wait till you watch epi 13 & 14, felt like pulling teeth but luckily Shan Shan is wearing very nice clothes to attract my interest and some sweet moments with Boss every now & then to keep me awake:P

      • Just finished 13 and oh was it a hot mess. Now Li Shu is playing the “I’m so pitiful, I need you by my side” card and wiggling her way into Feng Teng’s house. Gross. Such a pity Zheng Qi (who is starting to grow on me!) is wasted on her. I agree that the storyline would be more interesting if he was pursuing Shan Shan instead! And give Feng Teng some competition haha…

        Poor Shan Shan though. I can almost feel the heartache settling in.

        (I was actually just thinking the same thing when Zhang Han was watching the snowfall from his living room window! His stylists sure dressed him very nicely! Really accentuated his tall figure :-))

        • Hey Peanuts! I emailed you about an idea I was having. Haha I’m not trying to be cryptic intentionally. Just didn’t want to mention it in case it doesn’t work out! Hope to hear from you soon!

        • Later, li shu is even more infuriating, argh. Both of them have such nice clothes, worth the money all the way fr Korea lol. Zheng qi is just too nice, I pity him. Yah Feng Teng did not really has much competition. Why the rich and handsome guys always have tonnes of girls after them lol?

  4. Hi peanuts 🙂!

    – samie

  5. First, I dislike the production company for choosing ZH as FT. When the drama was filming, I gradually come to accept them. However, after that Shuang Yi’s accident, I’ve come to hate them again. –_______– I think that GM doesn’t want to affect SS drama’ popularity, that’s why she just expresses her fury on weibo and telling the fans to treat SY in the drama differently. Argh, the more I talk about it, the angrier I am X( And if they are that disrespect, I suspect that they’ve forced the storyline somehow to attract more attention.

    And it’s so fast… Come one -__________- You can slow down the drama a bit, portraying character’s feelings more. What’s the point in focusing on love triangle – love rectangle . It’s so meaningless. @.@ I started to have the thought that “Why do the main couple love each other so deeply. They just suddenly fall in love and that kind of love is not really stable” -___-

    • Calm down, he just broke up with his girlfriend only, will not affect his acting. Actually in real life he does seem like Feng Teng, so controlling and distant.

      Yup the love not stable so many things will happen later to strengthen it. Actually the script is not that bad but should slow down the front a bit and show less of li shu.

  6. i love ep10.. i always love how FT look at SS, and in this episode he did it alottttttttttttttttttt of times.

  7. Is anybody Chinese here? Can someone please tell me how to get a box of those RIO drinks? They look good and I wanna stock my wine fridge with them. Thank you. My email address is

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