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Boss and Me (杉杉来了): Episode 11 Review & Recap



This episode is mainly about Shan Shan encountering some problems while on her way back to her hometown to celebrate the Lunar New Year. Needless to say Big Boss rescues her, as well as kidnaps her to his house. I like their interactions from the police station to his family residence. Both of them acted every well , their every expressions and words are priceless:) Oh, Shan Shan, you are just too cute for words, LOL. Next episode is also one of my favorite parts of the novel.

By the way, lidge wants to complain about  the English used in the opening credits.  It’s like they used google translate lol. There’s “genral supervise”??? “string” wth???? then there’s “scripwreter”??? haha…I did notice but I am not so petty or such a perfectionist in English like lidge:P  But I do agree with her as to why they have to add English to the opening credits and spell them wrongly. If you must add, at least make sure it’s correct.  How hard is it to look at an English movie and just copy words like “producer” and “scriptwriter”???


Episode 11 begins with Li Shu, Zheng Qi and Feng Teng finish playing basketball. Feng Teng appears unhappy so Li Shu is happy thinking he has lost interest in Shan Shan.  Then fast forward Li Shu and Zheng Qi’s part which basically talks about her crush on Feng Teng.  Shan Shan will move in temporarily with Liu Liu while her boyfriend is away on business. Does this mean no Da Hua in the drama as in the novel she moves in with her after she comes back from her hometown after Lunar New Year?

Just like in the novel, Shan Shan sends a Happy Lunar New Year sms to Feng Teng in advance. She is getting ready to go back to her hometown for Lunar New Year. Her colleague A Jia asks her to bring a present back for her and she readily agrees without even inspecting its content. Unfortunately she is asked to open her luggage for inspection. A set of knives is found and confiscated because she doesn’t have a permit to bring them. While doing so, her hand luggage is stolen. Do you need permit for knives as they are not gun? Why did the scriptwriter change  to her going to the police station to report her stolen bag but is not arrested for selling fake train tickets like in the novel?  I prefer the novel as it is more dramatic, makes her more helpless and desperate.  Similar to the novel, Shan Shan calls Ah May to go to the police station to prove her identity but driver Xiao Zhang turns up.


Shan Shan: Big Boss!

Feng Teng: Get into the car.

Shan Shan thinks: What a twist in the story of the Boss coming to the rescue when I am in dire straits. Looking at the Boss’s facial expression is scarier than looking at the police.

Shan Shan:  Xiao Zhang, can you please send me to a nearby hotel? I’ve moved to my cousin’s place but my belongings are not there yet. But both of them are not in Shanghai now. I don’t have  the keys and my purse as well as mobile phone are also stolen.

Shan Shan thinks: At the moment, what is the most critical issue is to borrow money! But with the Boss sitting here, how can I ask Xiao Zhang for a loan? Or ask the Boss for a loan. Forget it la.

Feng Teng: Xiao Zhang, Stop the car at the next intersection and you go home first.

Xiao Zhang: Okay.

Xiao Zhang: Boss

Xiao Zhang & Feng Teng: Happy Lunar New Year.

Feng Teng: Xue Shan Shan, do you have anything to say to me?

Shan Shan thinks: Ask Boss to lend me $1000 yuans should be enough. No, on the safe side make it $1,500. It will be weird if I ask for a loan straightaway so I’ve to say some perfunctory words.

Shan Shan: Big Boss, can you drive? Haven’t you just attended a party? Drunk driving is not appropriate.

Feng Teng:  Are you worried about your own safety or mine? Don’t worry, I do not need to drink at such occasion.

Shan Shan: Oh.

Feng Teng: Just now, you told the police that you are Feng Teng’s employee?

Shan Shan thinks: I am finished, is he beginning to reprimand me?

Shan Shan: Yes, yes ah.

Feng Teng: At that time, you did not forget.

Shan Shan: Of course, I always remember that I am a member Feng Teng Group.

Feng Teng: Oh? Then how come I didn‘t even see your shadow these few days?

Shan Shan thinks: Oh, Big Boss, this is like the pot calling the kettle black. These few days, obviously you are the one who have disappeared.

Shan Shan: These few days, I have been working diligently. So Boss, in view of my hard work, can you please give me a little bit of my overtime money in advance. I will pay you back after the Lunar New Year.

Feng Teng: You have lost your purse as well as the mobile phone. You want to borrow money from me? Xue Shan Shan, it is not so easy to borrow my money. You think carefully what you want to say to me.

[Feng Teng: Shan Shan, I’ve 2 questions to ask you. Why did you come to my office daily? Why did you have lunch with me daily? Is it because I commanded you?  I hope you’ll think carefully.]

Shan Shan thinks: He, he is referring to this, right? Of course I’ve thought about it, but I really think it is because you commanded me….. at least at the beginning. No, no, if I say that, will I be able to get a loan? Why my brain isn’t working? I am only borrowing money, why is it even more difficult than robbing a bank?

Shan Shan: That, I remembered Why did I go to your office every day? Why did I eat together with you every day? It is not because you commanded me! But because—— because ——because I am mesmerized by your beauty!

Shan Shan thinks: Xue Shan Shan, is there something wrong with your brain? What kind of lousy answer is that?

Feng Teng: Very good, but since you have been mesmerized by my beauty, then what happened that night doesn’t make sense.

Shan Shan thinks: That night? Is he talking about that day when I rejected his love confession? Yup, if I’ve been mesmerized by his beauty, how can I explain why I rejected his love confession? Can I tell the truth?

[Boss, that night, I was drunk so I acted out of character which was why I rejected your love confession]

Shan Shan: That! In fact, I am rejecting you in order to captivate you.

Feng Teng: Reject me to captivate me!

unnamed (9)

Feng Teng: Xue Shan Shan! Congratulations, I am very satisfied with your answer.

Shan Shan thinks: Really? This means you are going to give me a loan?

Feng Teng: I was going to send you to a hotel then deduct the expense from your salary. But, I’ve good news for you now. I’ve changed my mind. These 2 days, you will stay at my place.

Shan Shan: Ah! Boss,  living at your, your place, what does that mean?

Shan Shan: Wait, I’ve not agreed to it.

Feng Teng: Do you regret now? You can get off now.

Shan Shan thinks: I think if I wait until the Lantern Festival (15th day of the Lunar New Year) I also won’t get a cab here.

Shan Shan: Although property prices are expensive now, you don’t need to live so faraway.

Feng Teng: This is the family residence, usually I do not live here.

Shan Shan thinks: Family residence? Can’t be the place he is staying with his parents? I heard his parents both died in a traffic accident more than ten years ago while the old chairman who raised him and Feng Yue had passed away 3 years ago. Probably because of this, he rarely comes back to this residence.

After Boss rescuing Shan Shan from the police station he drives her home. Why is it daytime when he has come from a party? Then, when they arrive at his family residence it is all dark. Does Feng Ten really live that faraway LOL? Just like in the novel, Shan Shan asks to use the phone to call her mum, Feng Teng asks Wang Bo to book a plane ticket for her and the maid shows her to her room.

unnamed (10)

Similar to the novel, the Feng siblings discuss about Shan Shan except in the drama, they didn’t mention about Li Shu. Then Shan Shan also joins them for breakfast. Later, Feng Yue invites Shan Shan to go with them to the farm to pick vege. Following the novel closely, she also explains how their scholarly family became involved in business and Shan Shan thinking to herself, corrupt businessman, LOL. When Li Shu arrives , the three women chat about Shan Shan’s confession that she wasn’t the one who donated blood to Feng Yue the second time and Li Shu telling Shan Shan to seek her help in the future and not Feng Teng because they are both women. Such a hypocrite because later in the farm, she tells Feng Yue that maybe Shan Shan is pretending to be a pig to eat the tiger:P

At last, all of them including Zheng Qi arrive at the farm, another of my favorite part. At the end of the episode, Zheng Qi  is surprised to see Shan Shan there as well and jokingly asked her, “Did you miss me?” Shan Shan is lost for words. I think Feng Teng is jealous as he twists and drags him to go fishing. Oh, Zheng Qi is such a funny and sweet guy. My liking for him grows episode by episode so hopefully the scriptwriter won’t make him turn bad later. Or else, I’ll throw eggs at the scriptwriter:P

22 thoughts on “Boss and Me (杉杉来了): Episode 11 Review & Recap

  1. OMG!!!! FT says “I Love You” to SS? I can’t wait. I guess the only good thing to having the newer EP different from the book is that I can look forward to the unknown.

    Also, i must be super excited about the next translation to ‘Silent Separation.’ Last night i event dream about reading the next chapter and giggling. It must have been the effect of Yi Chen.

    • Yup, some knowns & unknowns have been done pretty well for the OTP but I prefer to see less of others lol.

      Aiyaya, I am currently super busy with my BOSS, so I don’t have time for Yi Chen. But he should be back next week after BOSS goes on holiday:)

  2. too many li chu screentime for my taste. hope they will cut short li chu story and tone down the dramatic and go back to the funny.

    thank you for the translation and i am one of the culprit for the many views on your page lol O:-)

    • Li Shu is here to stay bcos she is the 2nd lead but the preview for epi 17 looks funny but at SS’s expense:(

      You are welcome. Since you surrendered yourself, I’ll pardon you, lol.

  3. Don’t my Shan Shan sad FengTeng!!!!

  4. I’ve been waiting for your sub

  5. i wonder if Feng Yue know how black hearted her friend is.. i mean, look at how she tell shanshan to keep her number so that she can ask for help from her, she looks like she got bad agenda.

    black heart woman.. i hate you.. you don’t deserve fengteng at all!! our shanshan is alot more prettier than you!!!

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