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Boss and Me (杉杉来了): Episode 12 Review & Recap



This is one of my favorite episode which is why I am taking to long to write:) Like my cover picture,  Shan Shan and Feng Teng are just so cute and sweet from the radish field to them reading books at home. Oh, after finishing this drama I may end up getting diabetes:P  Phong, you must not miss this episode. Also, I want to thank bongsd again for her wonderful screen captures and being able to work around my schedule as I take forever to finish a post. I’ve never posted daily before so this is hard as I am such a perfectionist and I’ve a full-time job:(


Zheng Qi and Shan Shan chatting amiably about Shan Shan’s worries when Feng Teng went missing previously. At the same time, Li Shu is chatting with Feng Teng that Shan Shan doesn’t look like the type of woman who he’ll like. Then, all of them start fishing.

Feng Teng: Do you know how to fish?

Shan Shan: Don’t know.

Feng Teng: Then you go pick radishes.

Shan Shan thinks: This is really too much. Just concentrate on your fishing, why you bother about me? Ask a little woman to pick radishes in the cold wind!

Shan Shan thinks: At last, I manage to successfully pick a radish. Forget it, I am currently a freeloader at Boss’s home. Even the money for the plane ticket is paid by Boss. I will treat these radishes as repayment. No, I am actually destroying the radishes.

Feng Teng:  You only managed to pick these few radishes in such a long time.

Shan Shan:  The radishes are too hard so I don’t have energy to pick them.

Feng Teng: Xue Shan Shan, you are the one who said you don’t know how to fish.

Shan Shan: I can learn.

Feng Teng: Didn’t you say, you’re not interested in using a long fishing line to bait a fish?

Shan Shan: Now, I am interested, okay?

Feng Teng: Do you want to send a signal to others who are fishing?



Feng Teng: Hold this. Let everyone knows this fish pond has been reserved by you.

Wah such a romantic scene but why didn’t stamp the special seal on the reservation contract??? The novel is much cuter with Shan Shan losing her first kiss  in a radish field. Whereas in the drama, the first kiss was during Feng Teng’s love confession under the Christmas tree which is too typical and not special enough. I want more more scenes in the radish field since Shan Shan is a rabbit:P


Fast forward that jealous woman’s part who confesses to Feng Yue that she has always liked Feng Teng but her mother forbids because she used to work for the Feng family. Oh great, food again. So nice to have steamboat with the Feng family fresh radishes that Shan Shan had picked, during such cold weather.  After finish eating the Lunar New Year’s Eve reunion dinner, Li Shu suggests they dance probably because she knows Shan Shan cannot dance.  The three guys try to teach her but end up having their feet stepped on. Ouch, so painful, LOL. Yan Qing is very nice to recommend his dancing teacher to her but she declines, thinking it’ll cost money. What a cheapskate, just like lidge:P All these scenes are extra to the novel.



Haha, Shan Shan is so funny. After Feng Yue and Yan Qing left with the baby, Shan Shan thinks, “Even if you are not worried that Big Boss will bully me, you should be worried that I may not be able to control myself not to touch Big Boss.” LOL While sitting in the leaving room with Feng Teng, Shan Shan makes her courageous love confession, so touching……

Shan Shan thinks: It is Lunar New Year’s Eve, yet he actually doesn’t have a family member around him. Even someone inhuman, such as Big Boss, will also feel lonely.

Shan Shan:  Big Boss, what shall we do on such a festive day?

Feng Teng: What do you want to do?

Shan Shan: I.. I…Watch Spring Festival Gala.

Feng Teng: Here.

Shan Shan thinks: Very good, the program has begun. With Spring Festival Gala, even if I don’t say anything, we also won’t feel awkward. It is really great to have Spring Festival Gala in the world. Oh ya, fruits! With a plate of fruits, while busy eating them, there is even less chance for us to talk. Xue Shan Shan, you are getting smarter.

Shan Shan: I am going to get some fruits.

Shan Shan: The fruits are here.

Feng Teng: I have just received a sms.

Shan Shan thinks: Why are you telling me?

Feng Teng: Someone wished me a Happy Lunar New Year.

Shan Shan thinks: This is very normal. I also received a lot of sms during new year. More over you are a Big Boss so many people will want to suck up to you. Wait, wait …… I seem to have forgotten something ……

Shan Shan: So?

Feng Teng: Didn‘t you lose your mobile phone?

Shan Shan: It is the mobile phone sms timer.

Feng Teng: Did you send this to everyone?

Shan Shan: No, you’re the only one.

Shan Shan thinks: What is the matter? Why he makes it sound like I spam his phone? Is he interrogating me?

Feng Teng: Xue Shan Shan, is this also to captivate me?

Shan Shan: You are the one who tried to captivate me first. Although you look cold, I can feel your warmth for me. You are the one who kept on giving me hope. Why you suddenly turn the table and ask me all these?

Feng Teng: You…. I tell you, I am enticing you to penetrate deeper.

Shan Shan: I don’t understand what you are saying. Feng Teng, I…I have never been in love so I do not know how it should feel like. Before the company’s annual party, I clearly have never thought about this, but later I found out I felt very loss when I don’t get to see you. When you were waiting for me outside the police station, I felt very embarrassed. When you brought me to your home to celebrate Lunar New Year by eating reunion dinner together, although I felt rather uneasy, I still felt very happy. I do not know how to dance, but I can learn. I do not have your password, but I can tell you mine. I think I like you, so you look clearly if I am the type you like.

Shan Shan:  Well. Then, I wish you a Happy Lunar New Year!


Feng Teng: Xue Shan Shan, we will give it a try.


Oh, abundance of cute & sweet moments here. It is mentioned in the novel that Feng Teng wants to teach Shan Shan how to play chess but they both end up reading books. However, seeing them in motion is so much more enjoyable and I’ve to admit the drama has done this part very well. See, I can also praise when it is deserved:P Initially, they play Chinese chess but Shan Shan makes a bad move. Hence, she wants to play chess which she feels she can win over Feng Teng since she plays it often on her mobile.  Needless to say, she is put into checkmate by him so she wants to play another type of board game.




However, Boss says “Let’s read books”. Sorry, my Mandarin is not up to scratch so I don’t understand what is Feng Teng reading and the meaning of the idiom/ poem? But I understand Feng Teng complains: “Why Shan Shan has a big head?” Shan Shan answers: “You are the one with the big head.” LOL At that moment, Feng Teng reminisces about his childhood with his parents. Peanuts complains: “Why the young Feng Teng has such a mushroom hairstyle? LOL. I am glad he has grown to become better looking:P


Then, both of them busk under the moonlight to sweet talk:)

Shan Shan: Can I ask you a question?

Feng Teng: Say it,

Shan Shan: When did you start to like me?

Feng Teng: When I started to realise you are not that silly. It should be on New Year’s Eve when we watched the fireworks together.

Just like in the novel, on the morning of Lunar New Year day, Shan Shan is eager to get a red packet from Feng Teng. She didn’t get one in the novel but got one in the drama which is nice. Feng Teng cannot send her to the airport due to an appointment to go fishing with Zheng Qi, so he asks Xiao Zhang the driver to drive her.


Shan Shan gets a new mobile phone from Feng Teng.  He is more generous than the novel Feng Teng because the mobile is brand new:P While waiting for her flight, she opens the red packet and finds a medical ID tag similar to the one she gave Feng Yue in episode 1 inside. She is rather surprised and touched to see Feng Teng’s name instead of her dad’s name had been written as the contact person on the blood type ID card. Feng Teng tells her to start getting used to it, heehee….When Feng Teng is fishing with Zheng Qi, he asks Feng Teng if he doesn’t know Li Shu likes him. Feng Teng replies, he only treats her as a younger sister. At last, Shan Shan arrives home for Lunar New Year and they celebrate with a late reunion dinner.

31 thoughts on “Boss and Me (杉杉来了): Episode 12 Review & Recap

  1. Meh… I hate that Li Shu, not just hating her ‘cuz of her 3rd-person role, but truly hating her characters and personality now. ー( ̄~ ̄)ξ She doesn’t deserved ZQ at all -_____________-
    So, you mean… young FT appears in the drama as well? And with a mushroom head? =)) Haha, maybe the production want us not to complain much about FT’s actor. ‘Cuz they could make him worse, but they didn’t =))

    It’s until now that FT found out Li Shu like him? Come on, the FT in the novel is not that slow-minded 😛 I’m sure that he didn’t like LS’s personality and then later found out that she liked him, that is why he kept distance with her and was proud to say to FY that: “She didn;t grow up with him” =)) Anw, I vote for FT in the novel for is clean relationship (with 2 girlfriends in the past, but who cares?)

    P.s: I don’t wanna to repeat the same thing all over again, but it’s annoying when they keeping focusing on FT’s hand with so much accessories like that ◔̯︵◔ I mean, they like to film FT’s hands, right? Then, at least, tell him to remove the accessories -__-

  2. Later, you’ll hate her more bcos I think she will try to let FT sees how unsuitable SS is as his gf by making her looks foolish. The way she treats ZQ really poor. If I am ZQ, I’ll tell her bye bye, lol. She is just like the typical evil 2nd lead in kdrama pretending to be weak & nice.

    Yup, young FT & his dead parents appeared as passer-by in the drama.

    FT doesn’t know LS likes him until I think epi 15 or 16 when he found her love confession bookmark in the book she gave FT. Actually LS has her use. She is here to cause troubles so that SS & FT’s r/s will wither the storm and grow stronger. Realistically, u can’t expect a guy like FT to have no admirer?

    Ahahaha, they are really distracting as I can’t help starring at them. I purposely screen capture his hands while he plays chess to let u admire his accessories lol.

  3. Hi… than for d ep 12 review 🙂 🙂 🙂
    Do u know how I can watch ep 17, 18 n 19? I used 2 watch in dailymotion but it seems d channel’s gone 😦
    In daily it comes out really quickly once it airs in China… Do u know?
    Plz help me out… Daily comes out faster than in Youtube… Apart from Youku coz it does not play in my country, u know where I can watch ASAP??

  4. Oops 🙂 I meant Thanks n not than 🙂 🙂 🙂

  5. ^^ Thanks for your review peanuts. I love this ep, too. It’s so sweet. I really really love the skin-ship between FT and SS. I have to say that: I watched a lot of K dramas, main couples fall in love with each other but they hardly hold hands, kiss or have skin ship like that. That’s so annoying.
    Skin ship makes them a real couples kaka.

    I also hate Li Shu, her personality is bad and she is deserved for ZQ’s love. Kick her ass, ZQ. In my opinion, How about Liu Liu and ZQ LOL

    • Sorry, I made a mistake. Li SHu is not deserved for ZQ’s love 😦

    • You are welcome. Yes, all the kissing, pinching cheek and hugging scenes very sweet & cute, better than kdrama lol. Bonus is the eating scene, haha…..

      I think Liu Liu may not be as nice as she seems. Feng Teng seems not to like her.

      • Really? Liu Liu didnt appear much in the novel so I dont have much impression on her. She has more scenes in the drama and though her actions, I think she is not bad and hateful like Li Shu.

  6. Thanks for the recaps =) I really want to kick that Li Shu away. Please wake up and open your eyes FT doesn’t love you!!!! SS is still pretty in her overdose makeup 😛 so still not LS kisses FT in ep 18?

  7. for episodes 19 i wonder why shan shan can’t go on the business trip? is that because it is not really official with FT?

    shan shan and FT are really cute as a couple. they are like old couple with their habits and that s how I see their love. there is no need of passion and fire. If i could do a MV i will put the song “grow old with you” for this couple

    peanuts you are the best !Thank you for your time

    • She doesn’t have a passport. FT did ask her to get one a few episode before but she didn’t becos she feels it is inappropriate for her to follow FT on a business trip since she is just a low rank staff in the coy.

      Yes, in epi 16 to 19, they’ve so many cute moments together with no action or conversation. I gonna work bongsd to death to screen capture all of them, lol.

      • for the next episodes there are so many Lishu scene so you can skip them and ep 16 to 19 only cute moments without words so it will be less work for you . hehehehe. thats’s good ! you need rest sometimes and be the big boss. Is Bongsd playing this game of beating Boss and then going to sleep? 😉

  8. I truly admire Shan Shan for her dedication to her work and how she won’t take advantage of FT’s credit card and position for her own benefit.

    Hehe, even Feng Teng is beginning to really admire her because of her honesty and how she has no guile in her…I totally smiled when he praised her in episode 19. I really like boss/underling romances but especially (and only) when one isn’t being taken advantaged of intentionally. 公私分明 😀

    and Liu Liu’s boyfriend/fiance is so smarmy, sleazy, and slimy that I wanted to punch him in the face from the moment he reappeared during the triple date meal. aarrghs.

    Saw the preview for episode 20, looks like there’ll be a bit of drama with Li Shu pretending to be Feng Teng’s wife during Shan Shan’s family crisis. :T

    Also, have you watched the “Tiny Times” drama yet?

    • Really? How dare you Li Shu!!!!! In this case, I hope FT isn’t so mad at SS for not telling her family about their relationship.

      • I admit Li Shu is can be really shameless…but it may be that she’s pretending to be FT’s wife so the receptionist can hand her the phone so she can speak with Shan Shan.

    • Feng Teng is so protective towards Shan Shan and lately he loves pinch Shan Shan cheek a lot like. is it considered like kissing her cheeks?

      • ahahahaha, I personally think he just likes pinching her cheeks, especially when Shan Shan gets pouty or being extremely cute…and when he needs to make a point or just scolding her in general. 😀 and Shan Shan has amazingly pinchable cheeks!

        He’s also always saying he wants her to be round hence why he always feeding her 😀 lol lol

        • i think the actress put on some weight. her face is more round than in her last drama or is it the hair style. lol. i am amazed of how much food they are eating rsespecially shan shan. i m always hungry watching them eating.
          are they sponsored by some restaurants too?

          • Yup, she purposely put on 5 kg for her role, so professional, haha….

            I only know ‘Rio’ fruit cocktail sponsored the drama bcos they are everywhere in the drama as well as on tv.

    • OMG, Li Shu pretended to be FT’s wife. ( I just finished ep 18 so I dont know) The more I watch, the more I hate her.
      Haizz, I think Li Shu should go to the doctor.

      • That is bcos she wants the receptionist to hand over Shan Shan’s call to her so she said she is FT’s wife. She is not that crazy, more sane than a lot of K drama girls, lol.

  9. im melting…. countless of times… where is fengteng?? why i never seen one in my life … *crying a pacific ocean*

    our shanshan is very cute tooo…. love you shanshan

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