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Boss and Me (杉杉来了): Episode 13 & 14 Review & Recap



If you don’t know better you’ll think Li Shu is the main actress with the amount of screen time she has in these 2 episodes.  For me, the highlight is Shan Shan and Feng Teng’s clothes. Every outfits also very nice and cute, especially Shan Shan’s white earmuffs.  Feng Teng’s clothes are also very fashionable and accentuate his height.  For your information, the image design team is from Korea, the same team behind ‘Boys Before Flowers’ and ‘Secret Garden’.  I was busy cooking and eating my dinner so I didn’t pay much attention to the drama except the OTP scenes so my review will be patchy.


The beginning of episode 13 is fairly similar to the book where the busybody and annoying elder aunt does most of the boasting about her daughter Liu Liu and asking if silly but lucky Shan Shan has a boyfriend yet. I don’t like Liu Liu’s boyfriend, that snobbish You Cheng Hao so I won’t be bother writing about him. When it is time to open the presents, ahahaha, Feng Teng gave her the radishes, just like the novel. Hey, Big Boss, you do have a sense of humor. After dinner, the two girls with Shuang Yi have a chat and the two of them continue to pour cold water on Shan Shan’s unofficial relationship with Feng Teng.

Wah, even Li Shu’s mum has a role in the drama but sorry auntie you are just ‘soya sauce’ (passer-by)’ as Feng Teng’s nanny. My condolence on your mum’s death but please stop being obsessed with Feng Teng since he only thinks of you as a little sister. All your previous love relationships failed because you can’t get over Feng Teng after so many years. Even your own mother asked you to move on. Or go and see a psychiatrist because you could be sick. Zheng Qi is such a good man who is comparable to Feng Teng. If I can’t have Feng Teng, I don’t mind having Zheng Qi, haha….

While Shan Shan is analyzing her relationship with Feng Teng, he calls….

Shan Shan: Hello, Feng Teng Happy Lunar New Year!

Feng Teng: Did you celebrate the new year happily? How is living at home?

Shan Shan: Very good, I had a gathering with some school friends.

Feng Teng: So good, why didn’t you give me a call?

Shan Shan: ……

Feng Teng: Haha, I am joking with you. By the way, did your family like the gifts?

Shan Shan: Yes, they like them very much especially my cousin Tong Tong. In the future, please don’t spend so much money, such a waste of money.

Feng Teng: You’ve to repay me.

Shan Shan: Repay? How to repay? How much do I owe you?

Feng Teng: So much that even if you use your entire lifetime, you also can not repay me.

Shan Shan: Then, I’ll work for you to repay them, ok?

Feng Teng: Okay, we’ll meet in the airport on the 7th day of the Lunar New Year. You can’t be late or I’ll reduce your year end bonus.

Shan Shan: Okay. Feng Teng, is is snowing on your end?

Feng Teng: Yes.

Shan Shan: Snow is falling everywhere. Some people will feel sad looking at them but some will feel blissful. Like us, while chatting on the phone, we can look at the snowfall. It is like we are holding an umbrella together so we are blissful, right?

Feng Teng: Shan Shan, I’ll call you later.

Shan Shan: Okay, you go to do your stuff first.

Both of them looking at the snowfall in different places, oh so romantic. During dinner time, Shan Shan’s parents question her about Feng Teng’s phone call and lecture her not to be materialistic as her dad is  suspicious that those gifts are from her boyfriend. Bamboo door is to bamboo door as wooden door is to wooden door so the parents won’t happy if she is dating a wealthy guy. Hence, she dares not tell them about Feng Teng. Just like in the novel, Shuang Yi advises Shan Shan to give Feng Teng a Valentine’s Day present but the drama skipped the part where they go shopping for it.



Shan Shan has permed her hair and wears very nice coat when she returns to Shanghai since she is Big Boss’s girlfriend now.  Oh, so cute and similar to the novel, she falls asleep while waiting for Feng Teng to pick her up and he stares at her. Then she gives him the present but Feng Teng tells her his family is very traditional so they don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day. Nonetheless he likes the present. Hey, you’ve not even opened it so how can you say you like it, so perfunctory:(? Why must Feng Teng lets Li Shu stays at his place as well as brings her along to pick up Shan Shan making her feel so awkward? Arrgh, 3rd wheel.  Shan Shan doesn’t know what to say to console her so asks her if she wants some food, lol. Feng Teng says, “If you are hungry, eat yourself”. Although Shan Shan feels uneasy, she is still considerate. She tells Feng Teng no need to walk her to her door but to go back to accompany Li Shu. Shan Shan tells herself, she can’t have love with Feng Teng but no compassion towards Li Shu.

Oh, such an adorable outfit with the earmuffs. Lidge said, she’ll send a pair of earmuffs to me as my birthday present so thank you lidge, LOL. Shan Shan is walking in the street, happily checking some of the phone numbers she manages to retrieve. She has just gone to the government department to replace her lost cards. Feng Teng calls and says it is important that he should be the one to send her there. Shan Shan replies, it is okay since there is a government office nearby. Then, he asks her to wait for him to pick her up for dinner. Such a considerate boyfriend:)

unnamed (2)

I am going to skip all the Li Shu and Zheng Qi scenes. Sorry Zheng Qi, I do like you but you’ve poor taste in woman, LOL. I may appear cold-blooded since the mum died and she is sad but I am just not interested in Li Shu.  I can do without their infuriating romance. In summary, Li Shu got drunk but Zheng Qi reassures her nothing had happened. Actually something was about to happen until she calls out Feng Teng’s name. That woman has the nerve to tell Zheng Qi if Feng Teng marries Shan Shan, she will be with him. What? Zheng Qi deserves better than being treated as a backup!!!

Feng Teng: What are you looking at?

Shan Shan:  You don’t need me to pick vege today?

Feng Teng: It is not working hours now.

Shan Shan: But that day when I went to your house, you still asked me to pick your carrot.

Feng Teng: Quickly eat.

Shan Shan: Oh, so I don’t need to pick vege today, you are giving me a day off?

Feng Teng: Remember to come upstairs to eat at noon tomorrow.

Shan Shan: Cannot, we’ll eat separately.

Feng Teng: Why?

Shan Shan: Have you forgotten the company’s rule of forbidding office romance?

Haha, see see, that stupid no office romance rule has come back to hunt Feng Teng. Serve you right, LOL.  Shan Shan tells Liu Liu and Shuang Yi that Feng Teng doesn’t celebrate Valentine’s Day. With friend and relative like them, who needs enemy? Being wet blanket as usual, they say things like Feng Teng is testing her  during the probation period etc. to confuse Shan Shan more. They further encourage her to definitely must celebrate the occasion. I want to put my 2 cents worth. What is so big deal about celebrating Valentine’s Day? If he loves you, everyday is also Valentine’s Day, it is just symbolic and so commercialize. Haha, I sound like a sour grape, the downside of being friend with lidge, lol.  Anyway, I thought Chinese don’t place emphasis on it since it is a Western festival?

Shan Shan is eating and discussing with her colleagues about the Lunar New Year celebrations they had. They found out she spent it at the Big Boss’s house and she defends herself only for a little while before Boss got her an air ticket. Suddenly, she realizes that actually Big Boss is capable of getting her a ticket to fly home on Lunar New Year’s Eve. She scolds him a corrupt businessman inwardly, LOL !!! Then, she complains to A Jia about the present she asked her to bring back resulting in her detention in the police station. In the next scene, Feng Teng is hesitant but decides not to abolish the no office romance rule to encourage the staff to concentrate on their job. Hence, he tells Linda there is no need to ask Shan Shan to come up for lunch.

unnamed (4)

unnamed (5)

Shan Shan: How come you are here?

Feng Teng: I am here to pick you up. Have you eaten yet?

Shan Shan: Don’t come anymore as the traffic is bad at this hour so you may be late for work.

Feng Teng: Then, from tomorrow onward, you come out half an hour earlier.

Shan Shan: What?

Feng Teng: I’ve thought about it. Since we can’t have lunch together, then we’ll have breakfast and dinner together from now onward so I get to have 1 more meal with you. Let’s go.

Feng Teng: What is the matter?

Shan Shan: Nothing.

Shan Shan thinks: After moving in with Liu Liu, I thought I can sleep late but end up also have to wake up  early.

Shan Shan: Wait! Can you please drop me at the intersection in front?

Shan Shan thinks: I can’t let the colleagues see me going to work in Big Boss’s car.

Feng Teng: Okay. Next time, you’ll get down at that place, okay?

Shan Shan: Okay.

unnamed (6)

Feng Teng: Eat slowly, I’ll give you this.

Shan Shan thinks: In this week, Feng Teng and I beside going to work and sleep, we spent most of our time together eating, eating, eating, eating…..

Ahahaha, they do nothing much but eat & eat…..Too bad they purposely omitted the ‘Eat’ from the drama title because they don’t want to mislead people into thinking this is a cooking or eating drama. Those gossipy colleagues are at it again talking about Shan Shan falling from favour since she doesn’t get to go up for lunch anymore and also Li Shu is Feng Teng’s secret lover since she is staying at his place. Aiya, Shan Shan is a bit too obsessed with celebrating Valentine’s Day even thinking Feng Teng is sending her flowers.

unnamed (7)

Feng Teng: Wait! From now onward, you need to get used to a lot of things such as I open the car’s door for you. As a Boss, I can’t do it but as your boyfriend, I can.

Shan Shan: Wah, there are so many rules ah?

Feng Teng: Are you not used to the transition from Boss to become your boyfriend?

Shan Shan: I I, can I confess something to you?

Feng Teng: Say it.

Shan Shan: Before dinnertime, at the study room, I saw Li Shu in her nightgown walking here and there in your bedroom, my heart feels a bit restless and I forget about Li Shu’s grief. Am I a little bit selfish?

Feng Teng: I can understand where you are coming from. Xue Shan Shan, finally you’ve learnt how to feel jealous.

Shan Shan: Can you be even more arrogant?

Shan Shan thinks: But his reply is more reassuring than any explanation.

Feng Teng: But there is something even more difficult than this.

Shan Shan: What?

Feng Teng: Your boyfriend will be surrounded by many ladies who you’ll perceive as your rivals but you only need to remember one thing that is how good I am to you, how much I love you. Everything else is unimportant. Do you understand?

Shan Shan: This is not arrogance. This is narcissism. You are a narcissist.

Feng Teng: Come here.

Shan Shan: Feng Teng, I trust you.

Haha, such a cute conversation. At last, Feng Teng found the book ‘The Great Gatsby given by Li Shu during their university days and sees the bookmark with Li Shu’s love confession written on it.

30 thoughts on “Boss and Me (杉杉来了): Episode 13 & 14 Review & Recap

  1. peanuts thanksssss 🙂

  2. today first time was able to watch live and no lagging in my connection but I slept. i was angry. but now that it was boring episodes it’s good. hope tomorrow will be better

    • There was no lagging bcos many felt asleep lol. You smartie, slept at the right time, haha….I should have gone to sleep:P No cute moment at all, everything is just so flat. If you are Li Shu or Zheng Qi’s fan, then don’t miss these 3 episodes lol.

      • well this couple is not really my cup of tea. Li Shu is getting on my nerve and ZQ is a too childish, like he just jump everywhere. I think I ll skip this three episodes and just read your review and your comments.

        if all of you want some winter coats, Canada has nice fashion. well they have to. with 6 months of winter, at least we have to look good and fashion. hehehe

  3. Thanks peanuts for another review and mini subtitles!!! aaaa i read your short review for episode 23-25. That is the episode that me and my friends already waiting since the first episode. Can’t wait><

    • You are welcome. Why you like to see Shan Shan sad:P?

      • No i don’t like to see shan shan sad but me and my friends want to see teng feng sad :p i don’t know why but maybe because that scene is not from the novel that you have translate. so i’m really curious about it hehehe…

  4. I read your review while I’m waiting for ep 19. I think I can go sleep early today LOL
    Before watching this drama, I often thought how the screenwriter would write 33 eps scripts for a novel like Shan Shan, come and eat. I knew that the screenwriter would add more details but the main ideas are not “strong” enough to lengthen to 33 eps. ( My vocabulary is very poor so I dont know the correct word, hope that you will understand what I meant >__<) That's why we will feel boring when we watch some eps.

    • Hihi, I forgot. Thanks for your review, Peanuts ^^ G9

    • You are welcome. Don’t worry, I understand you perfectly. I also know some parts will be boring but I didn’t know it’ll be this boring lol. It is like I was dropped fr heaven to hell, all the sweet moments in previous few episodes then no more:( Never mind, I think tonight will be good with them reconciling & more kisses lol.

  5. Many thanks, peanuts and visitors (Sorry. Unable to think up a good phrase) for all the information. The clothes are indeed quite nice. They look really thick though. Makes me wonder if the actors get too warm or feel itchy from the clothes 😉

    As for English typos, I do find it a bit distracting. I often stare at that poster by the copy/xerox machine in their office copy room that has that quote from Steve Jobs where it says ” … anything LESE is ….” instead of “…. anything else is ….” To make it worse, the poster has all the letters in CAPS. Making the typo look even more obvious. Now I keep hoping Shan Shan and others will not go by the copy room so often so I won’t keep staring at that poster.

    Many female characters in this series are not interesting. They chit chat a lot and don’t look like they accomplish much else even when they say that they do 😛

    Do a lot of ladies in the world really think that it’s the end of the world if their BF doesn’t want to celeb Valentine’s day?

    I’m ok with most of the actors, though many female characters are bland. Too many mindless young ladies in the office. They look more like administrative assistants (“secretaries”). 95% of the staff seems to be this type, making the whole office looks out-of-whack to me.

    I wouldn’t have minded if the series/book doesn’t have Shuang Yi and Liu Liu either. And their BFs.

    • You are welcome. It was filmed during winter in Shanghai & I believe it is pretty cold there.

      Wah, you even spotted that? Which episode is that? I wonder English teacher lidge saw that or not. If she did, she’ll scream the blog down, haha….

      Yup, I agree with you that other female roles have no plot except as busybody and gossip mongers. But they are needed to exemplify how great Shan Shan is lol.

      I guess Shuang Yi is needed to show us that although both she & Shan Shan also so silly, Shan Shan is way more lucky to have Big Boss whereas Shuang Yi ends up with poor Du Fan. Liu Liu’s bf use is to show us not all rich guys are as handsome & nice as Feng Teng, haha…..

      • I must need more excitement in my life: I don’t remember which episode the typo showed up, so I tried browsing the episodes. Apparently it showed up already in episode 1, at least by the early part of the second half.

        I think the author could be a bit more subtle and create interesting characters without resorting to the obvious contrasts in characters. Instead of contrasting “good vs bad” and other obvious combinations.

        • Okie, thanks, I’ll go & check it out later.

          This is a simple little novel, not a nobel prize literature adaptation. FT & SS are enough, all the other characters are redundant to waste my time, haha…….

  6. Thanks Thanks. See, I’m waiting for that kiss because I hope we will say goodbye to Li Shu! That woman already has ZQ but can still find an occasion to jump on FT. It’s not like they are lovers. A kiss on the cheek or a hug is enough.

    • We won’t say goodbye to Li Shu but I guess goodbye to the rectangular relationship. I think later, will focus on SS & Boss moving in together, CPA exam, pregnancy etc.?

  7. I didn’t say which birthday so peanuts, you better not be expecting any earmuffs in the mail from me any time soon! 😀

  8. thanks so much for your recap…without you i wouldn´t understand what´s going on…btw yeah li shu is annoying…she should finally understand that he doesn´t love her and move on

    • You are welcome, hope you can enjoy the drama till the very end:)

      • yeah but probably i will gonna have to wait at subs because it´s annoying for me when i don´t understand what they does saying for a most time…of course your recap and mini subs is big help but still…but again it´s so hard for me to not watch next ep., so maybe i will just gonna watch that anyway…well this drama is so cute and addictive, it´s should be more popular like korean series, because it´s even better than most of them…and seriously thanks for your hard work to help helpless drama addicts like me 🙂
        PS: sorry for my english…it´s not my native language 😛

  9. I love this show. I am like you I don’t like the LiShu chick so I just fast forward everything about her. Just because of this show I am now taking Mandarin lessons.

  10. i got alot to complain about these episodes… its well done.. but too much annoying characters in these episodes.

    liuliu mommy is annoying.. damn.. i want to see her face if one day fengteng come to see shanshan parents.
    lishu is so annoying.. i seriously don’t like how she talk to house servants in feng family house, she instruct/talk to them like she’s the madam of the house. and how dare she do that to qishuai… no way, i hate her too much to excuse her bcoz she was drunk.
    good thing feng yue and qishuai saw through when she talk bad about my precious shanshan.

    there is no ‘i dont want you to sleep at the bed that other man has slept on’ part in drama?? im so anticipating it.. or is it will come later??

  11. Hate li shu… Hate..hate..hate..always skip all of her come feng teng let shan shan sit in front and he and li shu sit in the back together in the car?…

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