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Boss and Me (杉杉来了): Episode 15 & 16 Review & Recap



These 2 episodes are basically about Shan Shan’s doubts and insecurities over her relationship with Feng Teng as reflected in the rumor on Li Shu as Feng Teng’s secret lover and the Valentine’s Day celebration incidents. All these serve to strengthen their relationship further. By the way, I found out that the cut-off at the end of the episode for the live broadcast is different from the youtube version. Youtube version has more scenes towards the end of the episode which is why they cannot release the last episode of the day as it’ll also include part of the 1st episode for the next day.

I know most people prefer listening to their real voices including me, as they sound more natural. However, I want to complain that Zhang Han seems to mumble his dialogues quiet a fair bit. Hence, I’ve great difficulty subbing his parts as you all should know by now, I can’t read Chinese except a few words. I depend on the talking to sub so there is high probability that I could have subbed wrongly not only his parts but other parts as well. I did doubt my Mandarin listening ability but I’ve since confirmed with Hui3r who is also watching the drama that he doesn’t speak clearly. I am not being critical here but to inform you that if you found any errors in my subbing, it is all Zhang Han’s fault:P


Fast forward everything on Li Shu, Zheng Qi and the 2 nosy women who kept on saying Shan Shan is too silly to trust Feng Teng. Just because he doesn’t want to celebrate Valentine’s Day doesn’t mean he could be stepping on 2 boats. Hence, Shan Shan asks Feng Teng since your grandpa forbid your family to celebrate Valentine’s Day, your parents also didn’t celebrate. Feng Teng replies, they celebrated secretly so Shan Shan says, how about she and him also celebrate it in secret.

She thinks of how to celebrate and tells him this is her first time celebrating Valentine’s Day. Feng Teng keeps quiet until they arrive at his apartment. He says, ‘In the future, we’ll stay here to …” LOL. The dense Shan Shan won’t give up and asks if they are also going to celebrate Valentine’s Day there. Finally, Feng Teng replies, we won’t talk about it now.


Because of the rumor circulating that Big Boss has a secret lover,  A Jia asks Shan Shan if she is in a relationship with Big Boss. She denies it but Feng Teng seems to have heard it:( While having dinner with him, she feels guilty about it and wonders if Feng Teng heard her denial. Feng Teng tells her he is going to US on a business trip next week which is Valentine’s Day and invites Shan Shan to go together but she doesn’t have a passport.


Later, she found out from Li Shu that Feng Teng’s parents were killed in a car accident on Valentine’s Day. She feels guilty and rushes back to the company but accidentally collides with Zheng Qi and injures a foreign customer resulting in the company losing the business. While eating dinner, Feng Teng tells Shan Shan not to feel bad because the company is actually not interested to do business with that foreigner. Shan Shan thinks he is just trying to comfort her and it’ll be better if he has vented his anger at her. The atmosphere is a bit strained with him leaving for his business trip. Shan Shan continues to have self-doubt as to the real reason why Feng Teng didn’t tell her is because she doesn’t have the right to know.

Later, Yan Qing apologizes to her that the secret lover rumor is spread by his secretary who has been fired. Shan Shan is relieved that she will not be fired and gets reassurance from Yan Qing on what Feng Teng told her on the foreign customer is true. He is so encouraging and supportive, telling Shan Shan ordinary people like them will encounter difficulties in their romance with the rich Feng family. But, it’ll turn out well just like his relationship with Feng Yue as long as she perseveres and trusts Feng Teng. Shan Shan laments: Why she always get to know the truth from other people but not Feng Teng? Their gap is too wide?


Shan Shan gets to know through her colleague that the ban on office romance has been lifted. She also gets assurance from her chat with Zheng Qi that because Feng Teng cares very much about her so he didn’t tell her all those things to burden her. Moreover they’ve only started dating not long ago. Feng Teng is good in doing business but bad at wooing girls:P The exchange of sms between Shan Shan and Feng Teng still cannot wipe away her self-doubts. She is so lost to even think that Feng Teng wants to dump her since she is doing so badly during the love probation period. Shan Shan receives a sms from Feng Teng informing her that he’ll return tomorrow.


Love is really not easy.


Stop asking your cousin and best friend for advice because they are just like lidge, always unsupportive and pour cold water:P This makes Shan Shan feels more depressed, as she doesn’t know Feng Teng well. Furthermore, they are from 2 different worlds. Nearly, everyone receives flowers on Valentine’s Day as poor Shan Shan can only look on enviously. Shan Shan decides to work overtime  so Feng Teng can’t find her to break up with her on Valentine’s Day. What kind of logic is that, lol? Zheng Qi gives Li Shu a big bouquet of flower but her reaction is so lukewarm because he is not Feng Teng, such an ungrateful girl:( Shan Shan, you can’t avoid him as Big Boss is here to look for you:P

Shan Shan: Feng Teng!

Feng Teng: Have you finished working?

Shan Shan: Yes, I’ve finished my work.

Feng Teng: Then, please come with me.

Shan Shan thinks: After entering this door means the moment for a heart to heart talk has arrived.  Xue Shan Shan, in this world there is the word ‘in love’, then there is also the word ‘out of love’. So, no matter how painful the heart will feel, you also must not cry.

Feng Teng: Shan Shan, I can’t celebrate Valentine’s Day with you.

Shan Shan: I understand. In future, there’ll be no silly Xue Shan Shan to pester you to celebrate Valentine’s Day with her.

Feng Teng: Do you think like this?

Shan Shan: I know you are trying to say you want to break up with me.

Feng Teng: My parents went out on Valentine’s Day and were killed in a car accident. When you gave me the Valentine gift, I already wanted to tell you this. But, when I found out that this is will be your first Valentine’s Day, I can’t bring myself to say it. I used to have a stable girlfriend who broke up with me because I can’t celebrate Valentine’s Day with her. (This woman needs to have her head examined:P) I know such a day is very important to you and her. But I can’t celebrate happily on this particular day. Xue Shan Shan, if you decide to be with me, you will never be able to celebrate Valentine’s Day. I brought you here to let you feel more at home but I realised you started to talk less and felt unhappy.

Shan Shan: Hence, you also talked less to me?

Feng Teng: When I realised what you wanted to say, that you wanted to celebrate Valentine’s Day with me. I am sorry.

Shan Shan: Feng Teng, that day when I went to the office to look for you, I wanted to tell you, we’ll not celebrate Valentine’s Day. But, I’ve changed my mind now. While, other couples have 1 day in a year to celebrate being a couple. As for us, we’ll remember your parents on this day. All the other days, we’ll live like it is Valentine’s Day, how about that?

Shan Shan takes the initiative to kiss him. Oh, such a touching speech, sob sob……….Feng Teng has the best of intention in not telling Shan Shan about his parents’ death but it backfired by making her feel doubtful and insecure. Anyhow, this is a test to strengthen their relationship.


 Feng Teng: Shan Shan, I love you!


 Li Shu has been trying to find the book, ‘The Great Gatsby’, which she gave to Feng Teng when they were in university. She left a bookmark with her love confession inside the book. She wants to find it before he sees it to avoid any awkwardness between them. In return, Feng Teng gave her a photo frame with the picture of the 3 good friends. This shows how much he values their friendship. Suddenly, Li Shu discovers a message at the back of the photo and decides to confess her love for him. Feng Yue and Yan Qing feel Zheng Qi and Li Shu are such a matching pair and it’ll be good if she can forget about Feng Teng and dates Zheng Qi.

Shan Shan: It is late, I should be going home.

Feng Teng: Why?

Shan Shan: We agreed that we are not going to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Let’s go.

Feng Teng: Let me send you home.

Shan Shan: Yay, I am going home.

Feng Teng: So happy….

After sending Shan Shan home, Feng Teng sees Li Shu in front of his apartment and she quickly hugs him and makes her confession. In reply, Feng Teng says she must have mistaken because those are not his hand writing. Then, she realises it was written by Zheng Qi who likes her. She laughs it off as an April’s Fool joke to settle the misunderstanding. Then, she goes and confronts Zheng Qi. Oh, this bad woman slaps poor Zheng Qi for misleading her into confessing her love to Feng Teng.


Shan Shan and Feng Teng are at the basketball court discussing that Zheng Qi started to like Li Shu since university days.

Feng Teng: Zheng Qi is so outstanding, of course Li Shu will like him. Just like you, initially from not liking to liking me now. A girl should be courted by a guy.

Shan Shan: Really? You said until like you pursued me.

Feng Teng: Did you pursue me? Oh, Xue Shan Shan is the one who pursued me.

Shan Shan: Hey, don’t say like this…..

Shan Shan happily goes to buy drink, knowing  that Feng Teng’s heart only has ‘Xue Shan Shan’.  Feng Teng tells Zheng Qi he wants to tell Shan Shan about Li Shu’s confession but he tells him not to do so as it will embarrass Li Shu.  In the final scene, Li Shu tells Feng Yue, she doesn’t feel that bad after being rejected by Feng Teng because it is within her expectation. Feng Yue advises her to give Zheng Qi a chance.

23 thoughts on “Boss and Me (杉杉来了): Episode 15 & 16 Review & Recap

  1. peanuts kiitos:) peanuts how come you already can see some episode 23-25 why in there so fast ?

  2. A goodbye kiss? -___- They’ve made FT so… normal. I think that FT got a surprised attack from LS, but it’s a goodbye kiss? Is he even the Boss Feng Teng now? Or just some one they made up to paired up with SS? So disappointed.

    • Isn’t FT normal lol? The kiss is consensual which is why SS will misunderstand. If LF attacks FT, the kiss will be forced. Haha, FT ok ah, you expect too much from him:P Cheer up, Big Boss is not so bad but can’t match SS lol.

      • SS is not misunderstanding =)) The kiss actually happens and FT deserved some punishment from SS =)) I’m voting for her not let him go that easily, *you hear me, SS* =))

        I’m not expecting anything from FT, just not liking the fact that he is so different from the novel 😦

  3. Oh i saw ShanShan was bleeding and thought that she would lose her baby:(((
    just watched epi 15:( should i skip epi 16-22 cause i only want to watch sweet and fluffy scenes (like the novel):|
    Thanks for your reviewing :”>

  4. “Shan Shan is very sad as she feels cheated and asks to break up with Feng Teng.” Go Shan Shan!!! Teach him a good lesson for staying like a wood when LS kissed him. Thanks Peanuts. But you see, your Boss is not that good! XD

    • Come on, it is just a harmless goodbye kiss:P You’r just so silly, like SS to make a mountain out of a molehill. Boss is good in that he gives her time to sort herself out & waits for her patiently. At the 1st sight of trouble, he rushes to her side, such a nice Boss, LOL You are bias bcos you want SS for XX:P

  5. Of course I have to be unsupportive and pour cold water on everything you do, peanuts. That’s because you always try to get me involved in your harebrained schemes! 😀 I’m just trying to save myself from trouble! 😀 😛

  6. I was like “Yea….SS you made FT tears fall down!”

  7. Hi Peanuts… I saw at end of ep 25 she was bleeding, so a miscarriage? … but never saw FT n SS sleeping together!!!! or do they?!
    In d trailer they showed 1st she comes to know she is pregnant, he proposes n then she starts bleeding… But they showed in ep 25 that 1st she is bleeding… Can u plz clear my doubts 🙂
    P.S- will that girl (forgot her name) who has d same blood group as SS ask FT? Will she take LF’s place to make SS’s life hell??

    • Haha, not miscarriage. Just internal bleeding which needs surgery. That plot is used to reconcile them back together. You got misled by the trailer:P The drama basically follows the book so you should know when they sleep together, heehee….

      Xiao Wei says she’ll donate blood to SS but with 1 condition but don’t know what which we shall find out later.

      • Thanks for ur quick reply… u read d novel nah so any idea what she asks from FT? She doesn’t ask him 2 be with her nah? Also there is that girl in SS’ s class who just wants 2 befriend S’s coz her bf is FT…. will she create any problems later?
        No dint read d novel so plz give a clue plz when they sleep together… sorry for asking so many things but i don’t understand Chinese at all…

  8. “WHAT!!!!!!! Shan Shan on air already? When did this happened? Where have I been?…”….LOL…I almost screamed the roof down.

    Shifu…shifu….please forgive me….I hv let SS down…… What have I been doing allowing SS to go on screen and not knowing about it until two days ago. To make amends, I did nothing but marathon seventeen episodes yesterday. And I am going to watch the balance of the eight episodes the rest of today to catch up. After that, I will re-read the book the third time round. I am so enjoying this self inflicted punishment.

    I hv to remind myself again n again not to relate or make comparison to the book, it’s just so different. The book is much much better. With the book, the sky’s the limit to my imagination. With the drama, what you see is what you get. But having said that, SS on screen does deserve some credit. She is quite like the SS I would hv imagined, popping out from the pages. However, I don’t like ZH as FT. I don’t follow Chinese dramas, so can’t comment as to who would make a better FT but don’t they have anybody else, given that China has more than 1B people. Thank goodness my beloved SS is not rake thin like FT is. There is not an ounce of meat on ZH’s body. But the fashion is really to die for.

    I maybe sick or something but I am not so angry at LS in the drama as I was in the book. Kinda sad that she was carrying the torch for FT for so many years. I guess if she was not the Nanny’s daughter she would probably have been more proactive in letting FT know her true feelings. Tried hard as she did, ultimately, she does not really belong to the Feng family even though she grew up with FT and FY.

    As usual, Shifu’s efforts here doesn’t let up a bit. All the work and time put in for all the previews and reviews and translation work. Muamua….

    • I am speechless. This shows you never come & support my blog so I gonna disown you:P Next year, don’t be late for Yi Chen again!!!

      How did you find out 2 days ago? I tut of waiting & email u after the drama ended to teach u a lesson but you are not so blur after all lol. Ya, some lucky ppl who has a FT so no need to go to work so can marathon the whole day:P Gee, you are worse than SS, at least she has a job, lol. Why are you watching it so fast? Slowly to savour it. I think I’ve watched each episode at least twice so u eat my dust la, lol.

      I dun totally agree with u. No doubt the book is better bcos you read the book 1st and you can use your imagination but the drama is equally good. It does flow quite well and incorporate much of the novel and some additions are pure joy to watch. Although I prefer less screen time for Li Shu and the company business. No need to say anymore on ZLY as her SS deserves high praise from me. I am not a ZH’s fan & have never watched a single of his drama until now. But in his defense, he acted pretty well. Just that his look is just not FT and his speech needs improvement !!!! Well, at least he matches SS well. Shan Shan has been eating all the food so of course all the fat went to her & he is skinny:P

      Since I’ve watched till epi 25, I’ll admit LS isn’t tat bad, better than a lot of K-drama 2nd lead but I still prefer to watch SS more than her.

      Yes, I am a devoted and passionate fan since SS is my first born translation and also lidge has abandoned her so I need to give her more love:P But people see me as a crazy and obsessive fan, lol. Ya, I work harder on my blog than my job, lol.

  9. Ok…I need to clarify when I said the book and the drama being so different, I actually meant the ‘feel’ and not the content. The drama itself did pretty much stick to the original storyline so far, although not entirely. Watching dramas just don’t cut it for me compared to reading books. I don’t know the name of the female lead but I admit she did a good job portraying SS. Btw, it is my imagination or did she put on weight, she seemed to have developed chubby cheeks towards the later episodes. Must be from all the eating. But shifu is right, I’ve breezed through so many episodes without stopping that it somehow left my tastebuds a little numb. After it ends, I feel I have to rewatch the series to do further justice to the drama and of course especially, SS.

    I really feel for Li Shu. Particularly when she thought that the note behind the photograph was written by FT and immediately drove over to see him. The scene where FT told her that it was not his handwriting was such an embarrassment and blow to her pride. Poor poor Li Shu… sad for her. Li Shu is far far better than most third wheel or second lead I’ve seen. Strange but somehow, I’ll rather have Li Shu go on being an independent and successful career woman rather than being paired with Zheng Qi. Not that she doesn’t deserved ZQ or vice versa, I just feel she’s better off on her own taking on the world. We’ll see what happens in the end.

    I have similar problems listening to ZH’s dialogue. Many a time I had to watch certain scenes over again just to try to catch what he was saying. He sounds so gibberish.

    And yes, shifu, I am guilty as charged for not tuning into your blog as often as I should be…(grinning sheepishly….). I shall endeavour to do better in the future and not repeat the same mistake now that I know Yi Chen is on the way too….teeheehee…muamua…

  10. haven’t watch ep16, done with ep15, im glad everything gonna resolved soon in ep16. lishu is still as annoying as always… sorry.. i will never like you.

    about shanshan 2 friends.. i don’t like how they trying to brainwashed that she’s is stupid for believe in fengteng. shanshan believe in fengteng before, but becoz of their words she became more and more insecure and lost her trust. they are so… errrmmm.. i don’t know how to say in english, tak tetap pendirian. they support shanshan before to ‘give it a try’ but now they are saying ‘silly to trust him’, so… what do u want shanshan to do? being suspicious all the time?? i seriously don’t understand them. its just about valentine, and shanshan fengteng is just start dating, its not a big deal. cant just they take it slow..??

    ps: sorry for my ranting+complaining.. spend too much time in soompi drama thread will turn drama lover into keyboard warrior against the drama characters.

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