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Boss and Me (杉杉来了): Episode 17 & 18 Review & Recap



These 2 episodes are basically about eat, eat and eat somemore, LOL. Shan Shan still feels insecured with the relationship but they are eating their way to strengthen it. Firstly, Feng Teng openly declares their dating relationship. Then, he finds her an apartment to stay and brings her around to introduce her as his girlfriends. Still plenty of sweet and cute scenes, so don’t skip these 2 episodes. Oh, 3 more nights left only and we’ve to say goodbye to the drama:(

unnamed (8)

It is quite innovative how Zheng Qi uses clue cards to apologize to Li Shu but why does he need to apologize? Shan Shan and Feng Teng are discussing about Zheng Qi and Li Shu. She misunderstood and thinks Zheng Qi has another girl so he is apologizing. Hence, she says the following to Feng Teng.

Shan Shan: Feng Teng, if you’ve better choice in the future, you don’t need to apologize. You just need to tell me and I’ll leave you.

Feng Teng: Silly girl. (Hey, stop pinching Shan Shan’s cheek. This is the 3rd time already and I am counting:P) Are you threatening me?

Shan Shan: I dare not threaten you. I only want to have some pride left when I get dumped, no need to be so pitiful.

Feng Teng: I’ll not be able to let you go.

Did you notice their interaction is so so so cute, especially their expressions? Shan Shan tries to help Zheng Qi by explaining to Li Shu and Feng Teng puts a slice of kiwi into her mouth, probably to shut her up, LOL.


Feng Teng sends Shan Shan to work and stops right in front of the main entrance to officiate their dating relationship. Shan Shan feels shy and tries to hide her head under the car so Feng Teng has to drag her out, LOL.

Feng Teng: Xue Shan Shan, what are you doing?

Shan Shan: I am tying my shoe lace.

Feng Teng: There is no shoe lace, so why are you pretending to tie it? Come down!

Shan Shan: …….

Feng Teng: I am telling you, inside the building, we’ve a boss and staff relationship. But outside the building, you are my girlfriend. Can’t a boyfriend send his girlfriend to work? Why do I’ve to conceal my relationship?

Shan Shan: Arrrgh……


Feng Teng: No matter how big is the pressure, you also must take it. You are the best. Follow this direction. Go!

Shan Shan thinks: Love is great but Big Boss’s love is the greatest!


Just like in the novel, because of Shan Shan’s relationship with Feng Teng, the manager asks Yan Qing how much pay increase to give her. Shan Shan is worried if she gets good increment, others will think is is because of her relationship with Boss. On the other hand, to avoid such gossip, Boss may give her a smaller increment which will be unfair to her. She laments: “Dating the Boss is such a big financial loss to me. Feng Teng, can’t you endure for a little longer until after my wage adjustment then only declare our relationship.” She asks Feng Teng, how much increment she’ll be getting since she has been working hard. Feng Teng replies, the company will follow normal office procedures which makes Shan Shan unhappy. Then she tells herself to be happy since she will definitely get an increment.

During dinner, Shan Shan asks Feng Teng whether he can drop her off at the same old place tomorrow morning. Feng Teng asks, “Are you embarrassed to be seen with me?” Shan Shan replies, “Of course not, I feel that I am too fat so I want to do some exercise.” Feng Teng says, “But I like your chubbiness. Xue Shan Shan, you must get used to it.” Lidge will be happy to hear this, heehee…..

After knowing her relationship with Feng Teng, everyone in the office starts to gossip about her and also sucks up to her. Shan Shan is unhappy about it and discusses it with Li Shu and Feng Yue. Feng Yue is encouraging and tells her that Yan Qing and her faced similar gossips before. But Li Shu points out that Shan Shan is just a small staff who can’t compare to Yan Qing who used to work in Wall Street. If she can’t take the pressure then resign but Shan Shan doesn’t want to quit her job for love. Even Feng Yue feels Shan Shan’s current status in the company is incompatible with Feng Teng. These busybody women are instilling inferior feelings in Shan Shan. In the end, she gets an average salary increment yet still get gossiped on but she is happy with the increase.


Below is also one of my favorite scenes from the novel. Yes, I’ve a lot of favorites, LOL. It show Feng Teng’s possessiveness and domineering nature, so different from the docile Shan Shan. As the saying goes, opposite attracts.

Feng Teng: Why are you so happy?

Shan Shan: Being assured of my performance by my supervisor so naturally I am happy. I need to find a rental property as I can’t stay with Liu Liu for long.

Feng Teng: Are you unhappy staying at your cousin’s place?

Shan Shan: No, but she stays with her boyfriend.

Feng Teng: Are you saying your cousin lives with her boyfriend?

Shan Shan: Yes, but it is not what you think. Her boyfriend has gone to Beijing on a business trip so I only stay with her.

Feng Teng: Why didn’t you tell me this before?

Shan Shan: This is not particularly important enough to tell you.

Feng Teng: Xue Shan Shan, fine. But,I have a question. Do you think I’ll let you sleep on the bed another man had slept on?

Shan Shan thinks: Big Boss, you think too much.

Shan Shan: It is very normal for cousins to live together.

Feng Teng: You move to my place tomorrow.

Shan Shan: No way, how can I live at your place. How about, I use my own bed sheet and blanket? .…… Then I sleep on the sofa in the living room?…….Sleep on the hard floor?

Feng Teng: Your cousin and her boyfriend are already married?

Shan Shan thinks: Argh, can’t Big Boss not give me a hard time for once?

Shan Shan: I am in the wrong. I guarantee I will find a rental property within three days and move out.

Feng Teng: One day. If you cannot find one tomorrow, you move into my place.

Shan Shan: Then, it is tomorrow. Tomorrow

Shan Shan thinks: Tomorrow after tomorrow. Too many tomorrows. Firstly gets over today, then only think later.

Feng Teng: Eat first.

Shan Shan: I am going.

Feng Teng: Shan Shan.

Shan Shan: I know. Good night. Bye Bye.


The next day, she takes a day off to go to the real estate agent to find a rental property. When she is coming out of the shop she receives a call, asking her to inspect a rental property. What happened in the drama is fairly the same as the novel so you can read all about it yourself. After signing the contract, she dares to ask Feng Teng to go over to help her move and Feng Teng gladly does that for her.


Shan Shan happily tells Feng Teng, it is like winning the lottery and she wants to invite Liu Liu and Shuang Yi to the apartment for a visit. Feng Teng says to make it more formal by inviting their boyfriends along as well. You can read their cute conversation from the novel. Feng Teng agrees to treat her dinner and asks her what she wants to eat. The next day, when she comes out of her new apartment, she stumbles upon a colleague who lives nearby. Then, rumor starts to circulate in the office that Big Boss gives an apartment to Shan Shan , which upsets her.


Feng Teng: What did you eat for lunch?

Shan Shan: I ate food in the staff canteen.

Feng Teng: The fish tastes especially good so eat more.

Shan Shan thinks: Our love is really the accumulation of each and every meals. It is not easy ah. After leaving the noisy and gossipy office and returning to Feng Teng’s quiet apartment, we spend our time together just like any other couples. I like it this way. Although, there is not many surprises, even a bit too quiet, it is very comfortable. I like Feng Teng this way. But i don’t know what kind of girlfriend I am in his eyes.


Shan Shan: Feng Teng, I’ll cook for you in the future. Then, you don’t need to hire a cook.

Feng Teng: You don’t like the food prepared by this cook?

Shan Shan: No, I just want to personally cook for you.

Feng Teng: You know how to cook?

Shan Shan: According to your standard, I am considered not knowing how to cook.

Feng Teng: Then, you just obediently stay by my side and accompany me to eat is enough. Understand?

Shan Shan thinks: Feng Teng is just too perfect. Beside keeping him company, what else can I do? I am more like an eating buddy than a girlfriend. Eating buddy? Oh, why does that sound so awful?

Another adorable scene with the two of them wearing spectacles. Shan Shan is just so sweet and in love with Feng Teng so she tries to find out what he likes to do from Feng Yue. She tells her, Feng Teng likes to play prank on people, shocking Shan Shan, LOL. Since she is Feng Teng’s girlfriend now, the 2 women advise her to dress up and look pretty.


Hence, the 3 women go shopping. When Shan Shan sees the price tags, she is shocked. She wants to improve herself through reading and visiting art gallery to match Boss better.


Lidge, what do you think of Feng Teng’s spoken English:P? Poor Shan Shan, still have to pick vege but she is enjoying it this time round. According to Shan Shan, she is still the best in eating and picking vege, haha…..Feng Teng, when you are in love, everything you eat is also tasty:P


Feng Teng gives a supplementary credit card to Shan Shan to go shopping with Feng Yue and Li Shu. Initially she refuses it until Feng Teng says it is for her to treat Feng Yue and Li Shu’s coffee. She is not really happy about it and thinks of the reasons why he gave her a card. Feng Yue complains that Shan Shan didn’t buy anything and encourages her to use the card. Li Shu seems jealous when she heard Feng Teng gave her a card. She sends Shan Shan home and realises she is staying at an apartment owned by Feng Teng. Shan Shan chats with her buddies about it and they advise her to be independent and not use the card. Then, she invites them and their boyfriends for dinner as suggested by Feng Teng. Shuang Yi jokingly says she wants to eat abalone, shark fin, expensive fishes etc. Similar to the novel, Shan Shan actually writes them down, haha….


Shan Shan: Hey, Feng Teng. What will the annual party be like?

Feng Teng: You actually want to ask what are there to eat.

Shan Shan: No such thing. I want to say what if during the shareholders’ meeting, they ask about matters pertaining to the Finance Dept, so how am I going to reply them? You’ve to tell me beforehand so I can be prepared.

Feng Teng: They will not ask you anything pertaining to the Finance Dept but they’ll definitely be curious about the Big Boss’s girlfriend. You’ve to conduct yourself well. (Pinch cheek again)

Shan Shan thinks: Yes ah, why I didn’t think of that?

Another cute interaction between the cute couple. For you information, Zhao Li Ying put on 8 pounds for the drama so that her cheek is meaty enough for Feng Teng to pinch often, LOL. Shan Shan is complaining about her high expenses even though she eats breakfast and dinner with Feng Teng. Thus, how do others survive? Shan Shan is unhappy that the colleagues know that Feng Teng gave her a card. She complains to her buddies again. They advise her to quit her job. However, Li Shu tells her not to resign and tries to brainwash her into having doubts and fear in her relationship with Feng Teng.


Hence, Shan Shan tries to put on make-up and new clothes in the hope of impressing Feng Teng and the directors at the annual shareholders meeting.



However, the end result is far from it. It is shocking that she is silly enough to wear a party dress in the office which even Feng Teng has no eye to see:P This part is actually rather hilarious and I was roaring with laughter but at Shan Shan’s expense:( Xiao Wei scolds her and asks her to go home to change into something simple.


Then, Shan Shan turns up at the party with a casual dress embarrassing herself and gets reprimanded by Li Shu. She feels depressed and drowns her sorrows with food and wine after hearing some colleagues saying Feng Teng is only playing with her, she is an embarrassment to him and Li Shu looks more compatible with Feng Teng. Li Shu pretends to console her. Feng Teng wants to introduce some directors to her. When a director asks who is Feng Teng’s girlfriend, surprisingly Li Shu answers, Shan Shan is Feng Teng’s girlfriend and she is Zheng Qi’s girlfriend. She did that to test if Feng Teng will get jealous.


Shan Shan got drunk and wakes up in Feng Teng’s bed. He tells her in future, if she doesn’t know what to wear, just ask him. Also, if someone asks her if she is Feng Teng’s girlfriend, she has to say yes loudly.

57 thoughts on “Boss and Me (杉杉来了): Episode 17 & 18 Review & Recap

  1. i hope it is only 5 pounds because 5 kg are so hard to get rid of. 😛
    these two episodes are really my favorites. so much cuteness. and sjan shan glasses are so nice. i want one like that

    • I watched an interview with ZLY. She mentioned 5 but I forgot what is the std measurement in China. I think they use pounds there. Anyway too lazy to check, lol.

      Yes, yes, I want a pair too. When you found them, please send one pair to me since I also wear specs lol. Btw did u manage to watch epi 23 to 25 live?

      • lol of course i ll send you one if I find it. you are becoming another shanshan with all the stuff that you ll be receiving lol. sure ads in this serie works really well. are you drinking rio while writing your review and translation?

        I watched 23 to 25 and finally we are coming to the end of the tunnel of Li Shu story. It bother me that Li Shu is changing her love so fast but well that s called dramaland. and the kiss to say goodbye forever. well FT shouldn t have accepted because kissing another girl while you are with one already is called cheating even if it is a good bye kiss ignated by Li Shu. come on he couldn t stop it…arfff lol. sure man think only with hormones as my mom used to say.

        off to watch the following episodes.

        • Haha, I only drink plain water:P Anyway I don’t think Rio is on sale outside China. I do like the colorful bottles.

          The goodbye kiss is so forced but what is drama without it lol? I think the last 5 epi will be mainly the scriptwriter’s imagination running wild:P

  2. Peanuts, your fault! I’m fangirling this drama right now because you told me to. I was supposed to wait until it was all out first. Although I don’t love ZH’s interpretation of Feng Teng, this couple is just too adorable. Off to watch some more… (while I fall behind on my translating….)

    • Heehee, welcome to the club:P Hey, if it is not good, I doubt you’ll listen to me:P Also, this is to repay you for betraying me with Exclusive Memories. Haha, just kidding. It is one of bongsd’s fav book so I am glad you support her:) I am falling way behind so dun worry, u’ve company lol. These few days I did nothing but watching & writing about BOSS lol.

      • I begged forgiveness for Exclusive Memories already. 😉

        Tehe… I have a thing for a guy pinching his gf’s cheek. Do it more, Feng Teng!

        I put two novels on hold and didn’t even start any WH dramas for this.

        • You’ve been forgiven bcos it is bongsd’s fav book but dun commit it again in public but u can do it in secret lol.

          Which episode are you at? I think he pinched maybe 8 times or more, I’ve lost track but you can start counting lol.

          Yay, I am so glad to make you neglect WH, Hui3r said PC is a better drama which of course I disagree lol.

        • hoju you already back from holiday 🙂 i just want ask peanuts yesterday you already back or not 🙂

        • Peanuts, I’m right along with your reviews right now. I’ll do PC after this some time, but I may need to take a break from dramas to catch up with translating. :p

          I’m back, Hanny. 🙂 More Toupai some time in a couple weeks? You guys are getting spoiled by yingniang, so I’ll take this time to marathon Shan Shan. 😉

  3. I’m still mad at FT after last night kiss, but your reviews and the little sweet couple’s fluffiness soothe me a little bit. Just a little bit, you hear me, Feng Teng -___-
    OMG I really love how they are so comfortable with each other. The way he pinches her cheek, kyaahhhhh O(≧∇≦)O I wanna pinch that chubby cheeks too (≧✯◡✯≦)
    Am I the only one who think a heavy-make-uped SS is still cute? (╭ ̄3 ̄)╭♡

    • Ya, SS is very cute with or without make-up. I also like all the cheek pinching parts. I think he pinched her only once in the novel, right? I think I read somewthere ZLY said she suffered while filming this drama, maybe bcos of the pain of ZH kept pinching her cheeks lol. FT is just reactive so dun blame him, lol. They really match well.

      Hey, I heard that you’ve defected to the Viet forum to read spoilers, naughty girl, lol.

      • I think that GM just mentioned it once in the novel ‘cuz according to his character, he must like pinching SS’s cheeks a lot =)) Her cheeks looks so soft =))

        Yeah, I have to lurking around to learn more about the kiss, that is why I start wandering a lot in the Viet forum :3

        • There are so many kisses, how I know u meant which one lol?

          FYI, the last 5 epi will be very diff fr the novel, except SS’s dad making FT a suit:P

          • I mean, THAT kiss (with LS), you know =)) Who cares about FT & SS’s kisses, of course they have to kiss each other =))

            I dont care whether it’s diff fr the novel or not, as long as it’s logical, I can watch it happily. (The illogical one, you know, I’m looking at THAT kiss lol) =))

  4. One silly question, why are they wearing glasses all of a sudden?

  5. peanuts as always thanksssss:)

  6. I luvvvvv SS’s cute apartment, so cozy, so comfy n it feels so warm.

  7. ” Feng Teng: Then, you just obediently stay by my side and accompany me to eat is enough. Understand? ”

    – *squeaLs!!!* where can i find a man like that? Who’ll cherish and spoil me to bits? *whew*

    Any video links wt eng subs pls? Im dying to watch this.

    Super Thanks for your hardwork peanuts *mwah*

  8. If I recall correctly, at least once before peanuts jested and said that scriptwriters often butcher novels out of envy for novelists 😉 I’m tempted by an alternate explanation. Looking at the novelist pics at a glance as posted in this website made me think. A vast majority of the novels covered here tend to be written by women, if not all, right? Scriptwriters and directors tend to be men. (I forgot to check out Shan Shan’s scriptwriter, but Liu Jun Jie/the Director sounds like a male name.) I think many men just can’t get into mushy romance full-heartedly. Certainly I have 1 sibling of the opposite gender with whom I cannot communicate over things beyond science and facts.

    I lived in Asia until high school and then moved to the West. I find it eerie how SS’ aunt is just like my mom and her older sister/my aunt. My mom was constantly on my case about marrying some rich shao ye. It went on for at least 8 yrs. She never did anything to help me with her “quests/assignments”. Just nagged constantly. In my later teen yrs, I actually had such a suitor from school, who turned out to be quite creepy (like Larry Flynt or Edison Chen kind of creepy) so I dumped him after a few months. When I heard from various acquaintances about the Larry aspects. That wasn’t the only thing. Shao ye really has some serious character flaws. On the other hand, her sister was always trying to push me to marry a clerk (at least 25 yrs older than me) who had been working for her. This person must have been the least promising employee she had. She is a mean person. I was not even 15 yet at the time. Often used the clerk as a driver to run her menial errands on her whims. Aunt pushed really hard. Whenever a nice classmate of the opposite gender visited me at home, aunt would find terrible/caustic things to say about my visiting friend. After I broke up with Shao ye, my mom kept calling me stupid, cursing me whenever she interacted with me and insulting me for ~5 yrs, always telling my dad and siblings to push me back together with Shao ye. She screamed at me about how opportunities like that might never appear again; my life (and hers, as she had been planning to live with me so I could take care of her full time) would be sooo ruined. She screamed at my family, wanting them to “talk senses” into me. She said some people sometimes change for the better.
    The last time I visited my parents in Asia, mom said I must visit my aunt or she’s spread vicious rumor about my mom. My aunt slapped me twice out of the blue bc she was jealous. I’m married to an ivy-league grad. It infuriates my aunt.

    This series reminds me of my older female relatives. They are so dysfunctional and unbearable. Makes me wonder how many of these women there are out there.

    Over the years in the west, I had been surrounded by classmates, professors, scientists from various continents. I have to say I lead such a different life here. Friends here are very warm, supportive, non-dysfunctional. Much better than my own mom or aunt. (Have a lot of backstabbing bosses here though. Some professors too).

    I never once felt that I made a mistake dumping Shao ye, although at least Shao ye did attempt to do some Feng Teng type moments for me, which I appreciate. 🙂

    Oh. is everyone here a big fan of SS as a character? I find her too whiny (whines over immaterial things too… It bothers me, to be honest. A lot of my female closest friends are rocket scientists type, so most of them won’t have problems doing a CPA test. lol. I prefer SS earlier on, before she dated FT.)

    • SS is super cute and adorable, but she is too immature in the relationship. Many of the problems are blown out of proportion because of the way she interprets them. It is hard to believe that FT would fall for someone who is so simple, but this is dramaland:) I, too, like SS before the got together with FT. I wished there was more character development. Thank you Peanuts for all your hard work! I’ve been a silent die-hard follower of your blog.

      • Thank you for your support Lily, Maybe in the last 5 episodes, we’ll see some growth in the character but this is essentially a comedy and idol drama so don’t expect too much except being entertained.

    • Wow, you remembered what I wrote when I’ve forgotten:) Good observation that most scriptwriters are male so no wonder they write such infuriating female characters since they don’t understand women.

      There are all types of ppl in this world so we just have to live with them. Drama is acting, life is living so we do need to separate what is real and what is make believe.

      We are fans of SS bcos she is cute, simple and trying to use honest means to forge ahead in life. Of course, she has her weaknesses just like everyone else.

  9. Thanks for your review and preview, peanuts. I just finished watching ep 25, 26.

  10. Peanuts after visited your blog many times, finally I’m brave enough to say something.
    Please ignore my grammar mistakes lol

    SS has put on 2.5kg since knew FT. In China, 1 Jin means 500g. I don’t think she can lose this weight in the future though Zhao Li Ying can.
    Actually I have put on weight as well bcos I was temped to eat while saw SS was eating in the show lol

    tReader is right. Both director and scriptwriter of this show are male.
    Maybe that’s why FT accepted LS’s good bye kiss and SS becomes too whiny and OOC(Out of Character) after fall in love with FT.

    Have watched ep 26 to 28 tonight. SS and FT are really really sweet and cute in these three episodes. I can’t stop looping ep 28 lol
    It’s sad this show will finish on Saturday. It should be 50 ep rather than 33.

    • Haha, I am glad you are more courageous now like Shan Shan:P Don’t worry your English is fine and thank you for your support.

      Thank you for the info, I’ll amend my post. Yup ‘jin’ is pound.

      I am different. Bcos of this drama, I’ve lost weight bcos I’ve no time to eat properly, having to watch & write abt the drama, lol.

      I don’t feel SS is whiny. Just that she is insecured so she behaves OOC. Also, in reality if you are dating someone like FT, you may also change.

      Yes, I don’t mind watching this forever but I also prefer more before dating scenes:)

      Thank you for your GIF, very nice. I’ve never watched ZH’s drama b4 but I am his temporary fan now, lol.

  11. BTW, I love FT’s performance when SS wakes up in his bed.
    He kept gazing at SS before she opened her eyes, but changes his posture and expression quickly and pretends to be serious when SS wakes up
    Hey, boss you are too shy lol
    I have snipped this moment and convert it to GIF. Hopefully you can open the below address and see it:)

  12. *Squeal* watched till 28 🙂 Though Didn’t understand quite a bit 😀
    So what does FT tell to LL? He will help in her stupid bf’s project? And finally what did d girl ask from FT coz she moved from her old job… And in b beginning of ep 27 what is d conversation btw SS n FT? I just understood that he finally showed that he has been watching her from inside his office. What did he say that she was so touched?

    P.S- Dear Peanuts, I didn’t know that u had translated this novel. One of friends suggested ur blog that u take out d reviews… After u said u had translated I finished reading d novel in 1 sitting 😀 😀 😀

    • Are your Q’s in chronological order? By ” So what does FT tell LL?”, you mean in Ep 26? The doc told FT & LL to take good and careful care of SS. SS had ovarian pbm (TMI to me actually), if not cared for properly, she might have problems carrying a baby in the future. Haven’t gotten to 27-28, so can’t help with those.

      Peanuts, I don’t have “mumbling TF” pbms, and can read some. If you have specific problems, you can mark them with ### or *** etc. in your write-ups and I can help you with them. But I ‘m not good at reading financial/corporate topics. I’m afraid to leave my email public. Have too many spammers and fraudsters calling etc already.

      • For safety reasons, you should never post personal information online. Peanuts is an admin so she can see the emails of everyone who comments and will contact if necessary. That’s how she hunted me down! 😀 😛

        Coincidentally, peanuts is CPA-licensed like Shan Shan so she is probably OK with the financial/corporate topics in the drama. If not, then I’m not sure how she passed her CPA exam! 😀 😛

      • Thank you for your kind offer but I’ll improvise due to lack of time:) But if you spot any blatant errors, pls let me know & I’ll correct them. Yup, dun disclose your info in public bcos there are many lurkers like lidge around lol. If you key in your email correctly, I can find you:P

    • Your question on the start of ep 27 is related to the conversation btw Zhou Xiaowei & SS in the elevator. Zhou Xiaowei told SS that ZX heard from others that SS got TF’s attention from voluntarily donating her (rare type) blood to Feng Yue unconditionally. Yet when ZX donated her blood during FY’s miscarriage, ZX only received a check/cheque. ZX inquired with TF about this with TF during ZX’s one-time dance with TF.

      So ZX clarified that ZX was hired partly bc of SS. Hinted that SS sprained her foot/ankle during company outing.

      SS called TF to clarify the above, to which TF confirmed. TF said he was beside himself when SS injured herself etc.

      (I haven’t watched beyond this point.)

      – – – – –
      Oh, I’ve actually been using an email account that I myself cannot sign into anymore here. (Thanks to Yh’s “great” customer service). So hopefully peanuts won’t contact me there. Need an alternate platform/method to stay in touch. 🙂

      • Sorry. Sometimes I write FT as TF. FT asked SS to not change herself (try to be a better person) for him. FT told SS he likes the SS that likes to eat “bento” on the balcony. (He feels bad over how SS used to be a happier-looking person.)
        That was what prompted SS to turn around.

        My braid stopped engaging at that point, and only watched the moving images. So I cannot elaborate further. (This series just cannot get my full attention for that long.)

        You know. This reminds me of the “science news” once that said men have superior …. sense of direction than women. The news called it “spatial … sense”. I forgot the full phrase.

        My sister in law always gets lost every vacation. I have other female friends who get lost all the time too. I guess SS is part of this group. lol.

        Is it that hard to figure out where that balcony is relative to FT’s office?

        • Thanks for helping me understand some of d scenes tReader 😊😊😊

        • You’re very welcome, aaza6. Sorry I had a few typos above. I think it was “uterus” instead of “ovaries”. (I find medical topics involving internal organs a bit icky, so I wanted to move away from the topic quickly. It becomes easier to make mistakes.)

          I meant “brain” not “braid”.

          Peanuts, I apologize in advance, but I mostly skim through quickly and don’t read the whole thing. So I don’t always find items that may be off. My c card had to be replaced 3 times due to fraudulent charges and for shopping at Target store when Target’s computer system was hacked.

          After I read that lidge is a teacher, I start writing longer, more proper-sounding sentences now.
          Thank you, Lidge & Peanuts, for your comments.

    • If you didn’t read my translation, how did you know abt the drama? U must be either ZH or ZLY’s fan:)? So, is lidge and my translation understandable, lol?

  13. Ep 28, wolf alert!!!!

  14. Thanks so much for the recap search every where for this drama to be sub completely in English with no luck. Do you know if the Novel is in English? I would love to read it….

  15. owh… here it is, yesterday i havent download ep17, so i havent watch the ‘bed had slept on by other man’ scene..

    yuanlishu seriously annoying… she’s not even pretty.. uurrrgghhh… i wish should could just die. she keep on brainwashing shanshan, influence her to do the wrong thing. fengyue too, i like her very much before, but after she know about lishu’s love toward fengteng she let lishu brainwashing shanshan..

    our shanshan is too naive and believe these two women too much. i wish fengteng got to know about what lishu always do towards shanshan, and try to kept away shanshan from them.

    ps: their glasses are cute!! i like it.

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