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Boss and Me (杉杉来了): Episode 19 to 22 Review & Recap



In order to catch up, I am combining 4 episodes together in 1 post since episodes 20, 21 and the beginning of 22 don’t have much on the OTP.  Thus, everything will be rather summarized and brief from their cold war to their reconciliation. The shoe shop scene is also one of my favorite , showing the high and mighty Feng Teng willing to bend himself to take off Shan Shan’s boot, LOL. I also have a present for you. If you are wondering what is the name of the English song that has been played many times in the drama, it is called Roll the Dice by Gao Shan. Haha, she is also called Shan:P




Apparently, Shan Shan got  drunk and embarrassed herself at the party the day before so the colleagues are gossiping about it.


Shan Shan wants to cook dinner for her friends and their boyfriends as house warming for her new rental apartment but Feng Teng won’t let her cook. Probably, he doesn’t want her to be too tired:) Shan Shan reflectively picks vege for Feng Teng and Shuang Yi teases her and asks Feng Teng how he knows Shan Shan has the ability to pick vege:P Feng Teng replies, the first time was at the beef noodle stall but Shan Shan interrupts him and tells him not to continue. Heehee, she is embarrassed. Then, Feng Teng says, he’ll pick vege for Shan Shan today. Arrgh, everyone especially Shan Shan smile sweetly. Shuang Yi tells Feng Teng, he will not have a chance to pick vege for Shan Shan because she eats everything. Feng Teng replies, he knows and gives his charismatic smile:)

Liu Liu’s boyfriend, that good for nothing Cheng Hao tries to suck up to Feng Teng but to no avail. Feng Teng asks Shan Shan about her relationship with Liu Liu and Shan Shan replies they are very close. I think Feng Teng doesn’t like her and the boyfriend but will tolerate them for Shan Shan’s sake. He bids her goodbye by pinching her cheek again and warns her not to be late tomorrow for their date.


While looking at the photos in the phone, Feng Teng finds out Feng Yue hired an investigator to check on Shan Shan’s family background and is unhappy about it. This conversation which is supposed to be discussed during Shan Shan’s stay at the Feng residence in the novel has been shifted here.

Shan Shan continues to pick vege for Feng Teng. Zheng Qi and Li Shu stare at them in amusement. The men are going to UK for business. Li Shu suggests the four of them to go together but Shan Shan says she doesn’t have a passport so only Li Shu will follow them. Feng Teng is unhappy as to why Shan Shan did not apply for a passport. She replies, she is only a small staff in the company so she can’t simply take leave to accompany her boyfriend to travel. Feng Teng is appeased and says Shan Shan is very good. Shan Shan replies, I’ll think of you while you are away.  Sob, sob, Feng Teng is away so no more cute couple scenes:(


For your information, Li Shu and Zheng Qi are pretending to date as Li Shu wants to test if Feng Teng will notice her in a city with no Shan Shan.  To all the Li Shu and Zheng Qi shippers, I am sorry but I’ve no time so I am going to skip all their parts.

Without Feng Teng by her side, Shan Shan is at a lost as to what to eat since she is used to having dinner with him. She sends a selfie to him so he calls her. He tells her that in the future even though he may have to reduce her annual bonus, he also wants to have her by her side. Shan Shan protests that he can’t simply reduce her bonus. Then, he ends the phone conversation by telling her to work hard while he is away. Oh, Shan Shan misses Feng Teng very much:)


Similar to the novel, Shan Shan’s family has come to Shanghai to take her grandpa to the hospital for a health check up. Her elder aunt is unable to contact Liu Liu, because she has moved out of their apartment after breaking up with the boyfriend, so the family stays with Shan Shan.

On the other side of the earth, Feng Teng, Li Shu and Zheng Qi go sight-seeing together in UK but Feng Teng seems disinterested so he may me missing Shan Shan:) Feng Teng reluctantly takes a threesome pictures with them. Did they really go to UK to film those scenes? I don’t think so since I didn’t hear about it. It may be filmed in a UK look alike miniature park in China:P It looks authentic yet also fake, LOL.


Episode 20 is rather boring and bland so I’ll make it short. If you want to know more, just read the novel, Grandpa faints when elder aunt makes a fuss after finding out that Liu Liu has broken up with Cheng Hao. Shan Shan is worried so she calls Shuang Yi to do some research for her but she asks why she doesn’t call Feng Teng who has better connections. Shan Shan says she doesn’t want to disturb him since it is night time in UK.

Shan Shan can’t get Feng Teng on his mobile phone so she calls the hotel. The receptionist can’t understand her English so Li Shu who is nearby pretends to be Mrs. Feng in order to take the call. She informs Shan Shan that Feng Teng and Zheng Qi have gone to a meeting, but all Shan Shan could think about is why Li Shu addressed herself as “Mrs. Feng”. Grandpa’s condition is getting worse so Shan Shan has no option but to call Feng Teng for help. Just like the novel, Feng Teng sends Linda to help her.

When Feng Teng confronts Li Shu over her addressing herself as Mrs. Feng and looking down on Shan Shan, she breaks down and tells him, she thinks Shan Shan is not good enough for him as she has no look, education or family background. But Feng Teng replies when he looks for a girlfriend, he never considers all those things.

unnamed (1)

Shan Shan’s mum and elder aunt suspect driver Xiao Zhang is Shan Shan’s boyfriend, LOL. Feng Yue visits grandpa and arranges accommodation for her family. Her mother and elder aunt question why Feng Yue who is Big Boss’s younger sister is so nice to them. Shan Shan tells them because she donated blood to her before. At night, Feng Teng calls Shan Shan to explain why Li Shu addresses herself as Mrs. Feng and asks about her grandpa’s condition. Shan Shan says she understands and thanks him for his help. She is fortunate to have him in her life. Feng Teng also says he misses her.

Zheng Qi tries to cheer Li Shu up with magic tricks and a fun day out but ends up getting beaten by two men while protecting her. Later, they kiss and the relationship seems to turn for the better but Li Shu suddenly returns to Shanghai, wanting time to think things through. She visits Shan Shan’s grandpa with Feng Yue and apologizes to Shan Shan over the Mrs. Feng incident. Actually Li Shu is not such a bad woman but too proud and stubborn. I can sympathize with her situation having a crush on someone for 12 yrs then losing him to an ordinary girl like Shan Shan. Because I am too invested in the OTP, my ship has no room for her. Zheng Qi returns and seeks Li Shu out for an explanation. She says, suddenly she doesn’t like Feng Teng anymore and she is confused so she needs some time to sort out her thought. Zheng Qi asks her if she likes him and she replies yes.


Yay, Feng Teng is back and Shan Shan is there to greet him. Wow, he looks so stylish and cool in black with a pair of sunglasses.

Feng Teng: Shan Shan, how come you are here?

Shan Shan: I skipped work.

Feng Teng: Aren’t you afraid I’ll deduct your salary?

Shan Shan: I am not afraid because I took leave, haha….

Feng Teng: Feeling better?

Shan Shan: A lot better. The fever has subsided. The doctor said everything is fine.

Feng Teng: I’m asking about you.

Shan Shan: Me? I have always been very well.

Feng Teng: Really?

Shan Shan: Yes.

Feng Teng: Later, we will go to visit your grandpa. Xiao Zhang, bring the car over to send us to the hospital…. Is there a problem?

Shan Shan: No, no, no. I’ll call my mum first.

Feng Teng: Why?

Shan Shan: I’ve not told my family about us dating.

Feng Teng: What is the problem?

Shan Shan: No, no, because ……

Shan Shan thinks: Because grandpa is sick so it is inappropriate. Because Liu Liu has just broken up with her boyfriend so the timing is not right. No, these reasons are too far-fetched.

Shan Shan: Because….

Feng Teng: Xue Shan Shan, when your parents came here, why didn’t you tell me?

Shan Shan: After you went abroad, they suddenly came here.

Feng Teng:  Then, why you didn’t tell me at the first instant when your grandpa fell sick?

Shan Shan: You were having meetings overseas, I am afraid to disturb you.

Feng Teng: Do you think our relationship is unstable and we’ll break up sooner or later? Do you feel I am not good enough to be your boyfriend? Is our relationship that bad that you can’t disclose it?

Shan Shan:………

Shan Shan thinks: Aiya, I can’t say it. Why? Actually, I’ve a lot of chances lately to tell mum and dad about Feng Teng. Could what Feng Teng said be true, that subconsciously, I feel we will break up eventually?

Sob sob, their first quarrel and Feng Teng looks rather upset. He is used to being the toast of the town and not used to being hidden away like a criminal, haha… Hence, the cold war begins.


Shan Shan feels depressed and questions herself if she has no confident in her relationship with Feng Teng which is why she dares not let anyone knows about it. She admits that the pressure of dating Feng Teng is enormous so Feng Teng has no right to be angry. She is afraid to face the pain of a break-up. On the other end, Feng Teng and Li Shu have a heart-to-heart talk. He tells her that he has seen the bookmark she gave him, but he has always treated her as a younger sister only. Then, they discuss how hard it is to be able to match up to Feng Teng’s standard, which Shan Shan who is not outstanding but is trying harder than Li Shu to do. Feng Teng says he is not perfect so he doesn’t expect his girlfriend to be perfect. He only wants her to be happy, not pressured and to rely on him totally.

Grandpa is discharged from hospital and the family decides to return home. Before departing, Shan Shan’s father asks whose contact number is on her blood type ID card and she replies Liu Liu’s Shanghai mobile number but is is actually Feng Teng’s number. Shan Shan’s dad is quite alert as he advises her that love is fated so go with the flow. Shan Shan discusses with Liu Liu about her cold war with Feng Teng. Liu Liu says Feng Teng cares a lot about Shan Shan which is why he is upset. On the other hand, Shan Shan’s parents are very traditional so they may make her return home once they find out she is romancing the Big Boss. Later, Shan Shan goes to the apartment to help clean up but finds a crystal cup is missing from the room where her elder aunt stayed. She calls her mum to find it and post it back to her. Such a greedy aunt:(

Suddenly, Shan Shan who is eating alone, feels the beef noodles which used to be delicious, tastes awful now. The crystal cup exemplifies the gap between the Feng’s family who treats it as an ordinary cup but to the Xue’s family it is a precious treasure. She calls Feng Yue to apologize. Feng Yue tells the family that she doesn’t like elder aunt and Liu Liu’s boyfriend. Then, Feng Teng remembers what Shan Shan told him about Liu Liu’s background, something he’ll never understand since he is from a wealthy family. But Feng Teng replies, he understands.

unnamed (2)

Later, Yan Qing  and Feng Teng have a chat. Feng Teng asks Yan Qing, if he ever thought of breaking up with Feng Yue. He replies yes so it won’t be so tiresome but the thought of leaving Feng Yue made his heart ached so he persevered. In reply, Feng Teng says he hopes Shan Shan can have the same courage as him. On the office front, a photo of Zheng Qi and another woman is circulating in the company. Also, the company is being accused by a competitor of copyright infringement. I think Feng Teng wore his clothes in the wrong order. The blue jacket should be inside and the black coat should be outside. When you are lost in love, you don’t care what you wear, LOL. Feng Teng asks Zheng Qi about his relationship with Li Shu and he confesses that they were just putting on an act to test if Feng Teng will get jealous. In conclusion, Feng Teng thinks Zheng Qi doesn’t only like Li Shu but is in love with her.

Shan Shan seeks Li Shu out to tell her about the photo and is shocked to learn from her that she has broken up with Zheng Qi. Li Shu asks about her relationship with Feng Teng but she didn’t tell her, they are having a cold war. Shan Shan misses going to Feng Teng’s place to eat and is thinking hard on how to lessen the gap between them. Oh, poor Feng Teng eating alone and thinking about the good times when he ate together with Shan Shan. He even resorts to picking his own vege. The news that the company is being sued is known to the whole company so needless to say, Shan Shan is worried about Feng Teng.


To return the crystal cup, Shan Shan invites Feng Yue and Li Shu to have lunch and go shopping . Shan Shan is thrown into a panic when Feng Yue  calls Feng Teng to pick them up because Yan Qing is busy. While waiting, they shop in a shoes store . Just like in the novel, Shan Shan tries on a boot which does not fit her and can’t take it off. Then, Feng Teng arrives…..

Feng Teng: Why are you wearing only one boot?

Shan Shan: The boot is too tight, I can’t take it off.

Feng Teng: What are you doing?

Shan Shan: Are you still angry with me?

Feng Teng: Let go of your hands. …Okay, there are a lot of people here. Let go of your hands first….Put on your shoes first then we’ll talk. Feng Yue and Li Shu, both of you leave first.

Feng Teng: Okay, you can say what you want to say now.

Shan Shan: That…..Thank you for helping me just now.

Feng Teng: You only have this to say?

Shan Shan: No. Also, I want to say I’m sorry. Feng Teng, I have never thought I will break up with you. However, I also have never thought about the future. I dare not think too much. I also dare not tell my family and colleagues because I feel our gap is too large so we may not be together for long. It is not that I do not have confident in you but I’ve no confident in myself. I’m afraid to hear someone says, you see, they are so not matching. Hence, I hid and pretended I didn’t hear anything.

Feng Teng: It seems like you have though a lot lately. Then, what you want to do now? Xue Shan Shan, the gap between us will always exist. You want to continue to lack confidence and be down?

Shan Shan: So I intend, this time I must pass the CPA exam!

Feng Teng: CPA?

Shan Shan: Before when I said I was taking this exam, I was actually not serious, but this time it is for real. I must pass my CPA exam.

Feng Teng: Very well. Xue Shan Shan, please explain to me how our conversation topic is related to your career planning?

Shan Shan: Cannot ah? Feng Teng, although there is a big gap in our appearance and family background which I cannot do anything, I’ll work hard on my career.
Although I cannot become the best person, I can become the best of me.  Although I cannot become the person who is your best match, I want to use the best of me to match with you.

Oh, such a touching scene with the arrogant Feng Teng kneeing down, just like begging for forgiveness, LOL. Shan Shan is also very aggressive in hugging Feng Teng and not letting him go. I like Shan Shan’s industrious nature and persistent attitude. The last two lines are Xinn’s favorite lines which I suspect she copied and spoke to her boyfriends, LOL.

30 thoughts on “Boss and Me (杉杉来了): Episode 19 to 22 Review & Recap

  1. wow, that hugging part in the shoes shop, I love this part so much ≧◔◡◔≦

    I still hate LS, she must be the luckiest character in the whole drama. She is spoiled by the one she loves (FT) and is loved by the one who loves her (ZQ). After all what she’d done, which is taking advantage of ZQ and purposely embarrassed SS so many times, now, she has a goodbye kiss with her first love and immediately throwing herself in the arms of her last love =)) So funny. The most annoying part of it is that, well, she’s happy so easily and so fast (without any enduring and reflecting in her actions @.@)

    It’s the last day of the drama today ar ( ̄^ ̄)

    • Tomoro is the last nite, u so blur lol. U hate everyone except SS:P

      • Nope, I dislike LS and is annoyed at FT, the rest is so likable =)) Oh yeah, I think today is Saturday already 😀

        • I am also so annoyed at ZH, the drama FT.

          But pls pls sympathise with LS. Don’t you think it’s so sad for a proud girl to have to harbour feelings for someone for such a long time and not be able to tell the other person becoz of pride. LS in the drama is really not evil at all. It’s just so hard for her accept somebody like SS can win FT’s heart when she (LS) should hv been the perfect candidate to do so. Which I must agree, if you really consider the compatibility factors.

          (However, I must add that I hated LS in the book….lol…how dare she tried to snatch FT from me, I mean, SS….lol)

          • Hey Big Boss is also very lonely, pls be more understanding like SS:P

            Yes, in some novels where the girl has a crush on a guy for many yrs, we always cheer for the girl. Unfortunately, she is against SS so tough luck lol. It is bcos in the book, LS is 1 dimensional.

            Oh, no more SS tomorrow nite, how am I going to live without her:(?

    • LS character is a bit random. She falls out of love with FT & falls in love with ZQ so fast like taking plane lol

      Don’t know why the drama has 1 extended epi on live tv. Maybe wanna milk the cow dry due to good response, lol.

      • wow, finally I can go online :(( these last few days the internet in VN sucks -_- I can’t even search google *sobbing*
        The fortunate thing of slow internet is that I have no attraction and can concentrate in watching 26 Viet sub eps of SS ❤ So cute *heart fluttering*

        • Wah, so fast, you gonna race ahead of my review soon:( Good right? You’ve warm up to ZH now:P? I miss the drama, what am I gonna do tonite:(?

        • yeah, I’ve warmed up to both ZH & FT-in-the-drama now ❤ However, his style is still a bit… weird. I especially dislike his layer coats which has the outside shorter than the inside. So… weird -___-
          Tonite I'll watch ep 27 ❤ I'm downloading it now, kyahhhh ❤

          The special ep last night is so… annoying. I mean, they tried to attracted more viewers, right? Why released one final ep with just a few more minutes while boasting so much about a special extra ep??? Annoying. Im disappointed :(( I dont wanna say goodbye to SS *crying*

          • Hey, check out my epi 29 review, dedicated that to you, lol.

            Yes, sad to say goodbye but we may meet again next yr in a special lol.

  2. the blue jacket and the black wool jacket are one coat all together. the first time I saw feng teng wore this coat i just wanted to cut the black thing in the bottom. such a strange design.
    today i m going to watch life. hope it won’t lag and the story is going to be interesting. and i won’t sleep before it starts :-!

  3. Thank you so much! I’ve been looking everywhere (obviously except here) for recap and or subs. You’re a star! Heartfelt thanks!

  4. 😦 Time flies. Tmr is the last night. I feel very sad to say good bye to SS and Boss. Although I’m not satisfied with some details but I still like this drama. Uhm, I also hope that You are my sunshine will be much better. Thank you, Peanuts, for your reviews. 😀
    I want to ask about Shan Shan’s hometown. Where is it? In 2005 and 2007 , I had a trip to China. I visited Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Hongkong. I have to say that, I’m very impressed with Hangzhou. Ancient, beautiful and peaceful. I still hope I will have a chance to comeback Hangzhou in near future. 😀

    • Oh, a few hrs later we’ve to bid goodbye, so sad:( They should film their lives after marriage lol. At least a yr to wait for Sunshine but I already don’t like Mo Sheng’s wig:( I hope it is good enough for me to do a review like Boss since I am a WC’s fan.

      According to the drama, SS’s hometown is in Hunan so you can google for it:)

  5. Hi tReader, can u tell me in ep 29:
    Round 10mins, before SS comes into d room, what does FT n FY talk? I just understood he told FY not 2 say anything n shut her up when SS entered d room n after SS comes they discuss about d wedding, I just understood ‘tomorrow’ SS is surprised, what does FT say?
    Why did FT get pissed that FY had taken SS to d hospital? Later when they are together d maid brings I think medicine but FT tells her not 2 drink why? and then he tells her something (What does he tell) n he smiles while she thinks I guess, ‘U r tooo much’ and she tells something (what does she say) which makes him frown and he pounces on her 😀
    Later LL n FT meet, what does LL tell him about SS?

    Sorry for asking so many things 🙂 🙂 🙂
    Will post ep 30’s set of questions once I have watched it 😉

    Thank u soooooo much dear…

  6. Dear tReader: *Squeal* loves d beginning of ep 30… D proposal was so sweet n heartfelt… Just wished that my fiance had proposed so sweetly!!
    Once FT, FY, YK n SS come to SS’s place to meet d parents, what does FY tell SS n what does FT n SS’s dad talk about?
    After that, towards d end of ep 30, what does d dad tell SS that she goes 2 meet FT n what so they talk about?

    Thanks , will post ep 31’s questions next 🙂

  7. Hi tReader… Last questions for today 🙂
    EP 31: After d whole family comes to know that LL’s bf ran away with d money, why does FT drag SS outside, what do they talk?
    Again another dragging when SS comes to know that she was investigated, she goes back to her house, again FT comes n drags her outside, what does he say?
    Why does SS leave FT’s company? And end of d ep when LL n SS meet a guy n that guy calls FT, who he is n why did FT smile hearing whatever that guy said about SS?
    So d marriage is still on nah?

    Thanks 🙂 🙂 🙂

  8. Yes dearest Peanuts ur translations were amazing… Really clear n simple for me to understand… I suggested ur blogs to my friends 🙂 🙂 🙂

  9. 我肯定成不了最好的人,但是,我可以做最好的我
    Yes, do keep these lines in your pocket all the time. Very useful for the very average girl next door to have so that when your FT appears, you will know exactly what to say!!!! My shifu can remember my favourite lines….

    Awwww….in the book, SS’s resignation came about immediately after she got married becoz she was relegated to the ‘tai-tai’ level but here she resigned becoz Liu Liu’s jerk of a boyfriend absconded with the money and SS has to venture out to earn back the money. This is not true to SS’s nature at all. SS is not supposed to be so aggressive; being a successful career woman is just so not her. I really didn’t like these few deviations from the book at all. My SS has to be blurry, naive, silly, confused, slow to react….just like me.

    I know I shouldn’t keep comparing to the book but I just can’t help it. The book’s reason for postponement of the baby was becoz my dearest FT said SS was still too young and he didn’t want SS to have a baby just yet. But the drama tells it so differently….hmmmm….

    • FT has some of the very best lines in the drama thus far. 🙂

      I can’t remember exactly what he said in the “proposal” with the ring scene – only the heartfelt meaning behind the words (how the Feng family ring represented his past, present, and future) which immediately made me teary-eyed.

      Liu Liu’s boyfriend (ex??) is lower than scum. I can’t wait to see him get his comeuppance in the remaining 2 episodes.

      To Feng Teng: 我肯定你是杉杉最好的人 ❤

      • Huh, you are now ZH’s fan lol? Btw, any of his drama to recommend me since this is the 1st drama I saw of him. I don’t know if I like ZH or I like FT, lol. Btw forgot to answer your qn. I didn’t watch Tiny Times bcos Mr Guo’s novels are too realistic for me. I like fairy tales lol.

    • Yes, see I am so concern abt you, lol. But you are probably the only one who dares to say something so mushy:P

      Ya, that episode is so out of character. The scriptwriter now wants SS to be a career woman to match FT? Just treat the money as SS dowry, no big deal, loose change for the rich !!!

      I think Boss did say SS is too young to have a baby coupled now with the dad’s condition.

  10. I forgot, did Shan Shan ever complete her CPA exams in the novel, Peanuts?

    For some reason, I keep thinking she gave up on them after the false pregnancy and later her marriage to FT.

    Did I remember incorrectly or did the drama deviate from the book there?

    • It is not explicitly mentioned in the novel but Feng Yue did say she wanna celebrate with SS but she said she is not sure if she has passed but she feels confident abt it.

  11. is there a place to watch this with english sub?

  12. only watched till ep19… eiiii… lishu tu dah insaf ke??? insaf tak insaf, aku tetap tak suka kauuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!! hahahaha…
    i hate liuliu greedy, always brag, and shameless mommy!!

    sweet conversation happening… *set off the fireworks* 😀

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