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Boss and Me (杉杉来了): Episode 23 to 25 Review & Recap



Episode 23 is all sweet and cute about Shan Shan wanting to take the CPA exam, just like the novel. Whereas episodes 24 and 25 are additional to the novel to fill the drama with some angst. I don’t really like angst but I guess they are needed to make the relationship grows stronger by putting some obstacles in their way. Nobody has a smooth sailing life, not even someone rich & handsome like Feng Teng. It is also to squeeze a few drops of tears from bongsd, haha….Nope, I didn’t cry because it is not really sad or am I being too unemotional:P?


Shan Shan: I’ve arrived. Actually, I have made another decision. I will tell you tomorrow.

Feng Teng thinks: What kind of decision will await him tomorrow?

The next day, Shan Shan openly goes to have lunch with Feng Teng much to the surprise of her colleagues.


Just like in the novel, Shan Shan takes her lunch box and goes to Big Boss’s office to have lunch with him.

Shan Shan: Can I come here to have my lunch?

Feng Teng: As expected, welcome.

The news that Xue Shan Shan returns to 22nd floor for lunch spread speedily and widely in the office. What is she doing in the office for such a long time everyday? Feng Teng and Zheng Qi have a dispute over how to settle the infringement case. Zheng Qi refuses to admit that he copied the competitor’s product since he didn’t do it. But Feng Teng wants to pay compensation to settle the case as soon as possible.


Feng Teng is unhappy with Shan Shan for not having time to have dinner with him because she has to attend the CPA preparatory class. Feng Teng reluctantly drives her there. While thanking him, she gives him a copy of her class timetable so that he won’t forget. Feng Teng laments so many classes, then she won’t have time to eat with him. Shan Shan tries to appease him by saying she is not a bright student so she needs to attend more classes. After all, they eat together all the time. They can eat anytime after her CPA exam and she’ll accompany him to eat all the meals in the world. Feng Teng feels he is shooting himself in the foot.


One of her classmate introduces herself as Yu Min Long tries to befriend Shan Shan. When she knows Shan Shan works in Feng Teng, she sounds envious. Then, she asks if the guy who drives the sports car and sent her here is her boyfriend and he must be rich. Shan Shan replies that is her boyfriend but he is not rich because he is a second hand car salesman!!! Haha, Shan Shan is so cheeky:p

Shan Shan realises it is not easy to pass CPA exam but in order to be a better person, she can’t give up. She’ll ask Feng Teng to help her to study.

Feng Teng: Xue Shan Shan, did you know I’ve waited 3 mins & 7 seconds for you?

Shan Shan: So?

Feng Teng: So, you’ve to eat more for lunch.

Shan Shan: You eat first because I want to finish a few of my CPA questions first.

Feng Teng: You are asking me to eat alone first?

Shan Shan: Yes, then you’ll be able to answer my questions.

Feng Teng: Xue Shan Shan! I am your boyfriend, not your CPA tutor.

Shan Shan: I am working hard for our future so don’t grumble.

Feng Teng: Fine……Linda, get me a list of staff who had passed CPA exam. Okay, thank you….. I’ll find you a few CPA tutors to teach you during lunch time. Hence, you can eat now?

Shan Shan: Yes, Boss.




Haha, Feng Teng is so cheeky and cute, pretending to catch Shan Shan’s kiss and safeguard it in his heart.


Feng Teng: Xue Shan Shan, There is black beans in the dish, pick them for me.

Shan Shan: Next time, ask your chef not to put black beans anymore. Pick yourself.

Ahahaha, Feng Teng is so childish. He picks those black beans and throws them into Shan Shan’s rice bowl.


Shan Shan keeps on praising  her two tutors as being awesome and outstanding. Feng Teng seems rather jealous:P

Shan Shan: I don’t have class tonight so let’s eat together?

Feng Teng: Okay, my little piggy.  (Ahahaha:)


When a man is jealous, he can do anything including firing your tutors, LOL

Shan Shan: Why the two tutors are not here yet?

Feng Teng: It is not surprising since they’ve their jobs to do. What are your queries? I can tutor you…Show me….This is related to China’s law. I studied finance in US so I need some time to read up on it and give you a complete answer later. Do other questions first.

Shan Shan: Okay.

Feng Teng:  Xue Shan Shan. You should know I am the youngest Big Boss since the setting up of the company.

Shan Shan thinks: Now I understand why my 2 tutors don’t have time to help me to study.

Shan Shan: Yes. Let me do it myself.

Feng Teng: I am also the most outstanding Big Boss. You add oil ! (Put in more effort)


Feng Teng: Concentrate on eating.

Shan Shan: I still have a lot to do.

Feng Teng: Study after you’ve finished eating.

Shan Shan: Okay.

Feng Teng: After going to the preparatory class for 3 months, how is it?

Shan Shan: Very difficult. I don’t understand a lot of stuff and usually ranked bottom in the mock exam.

Feng Teng: Then, don’t go to class. Stay at home and self-study.

Shan Shan: How can I self-study when I can’t even understand what the teacher said?

Feng Teng: It is not a must for you to pass CPA.

Shan Shan: I must pass my exam this year and get my CPA as soon as possible in order to match you a little better.

Feng Teng: But I don’t care.

Shan Shan: But I care. Don’t worry! I’m not afraid of hardship! No matter how hard, I’ll persevere! Trust me.

Feng Teng: Eat la.

I really admire Shan Shan’s determination to pass her CPA exam to improve herself. Lidge, when are you going to be hardworking and take your CPA exam, lol?


Similar to the novel, Feng Teng brings Shan Shan to a party and introduces his friends to her with an ulterior motive which is to show her that she doesn’t need to take CPA exam since she’ll end up being a housewife. She starts to realise this is actually a feast at Hong Gate (a trap or a situation ostensibly joyous but in fact treacherous).

Li Shu advises Zheng Qi to follow Feng Teng’s direction and act in accordance to the company’s business interest but he refuses as he thinks it is not in the company’s interest to compromise as well as he doesn’t want to end up with a bad reputation. He is unhappy that Li Shu is still taking Feng Teng’s side.




Feng Teng: Xue Shan Shan, how can you link me and your exam together? You think you’re applying for a job?

Shan Shan: That…..I want to tell you something. A few days ago, I read an online post. It said a man strove hard for their future, but the girlfriend complained that he did not have time to accompany her so broke up with him. People who replied to that forum post said his girlfriend is inconsiderate.

Feng Teng: You don’t have time to eat with your boyfriend but you’ve time to surf the net?

Shan Shan: Heehee, I coincidentally saw it. Oh, don’t change the topic. What I want to say is similarly, when a girlfriend strives hard for their future, but the boyfriend keeps on complaining that she does not keep him company. Don’t you think the boyfriend is inconsiderate?

Feng Teng: …… For our future? Fine, then you study hard for our future.

Shan Shan: Okay. Thank you, thank you.

Feng Teng: I never thought there will be a day that my future will be in the hands of a preparatory class’s teacher…. In the future, I’ll depend on you to look after me.

Shan Shan: Okay, no problem. Haha….

Oh, such a lovey dovey moment between the leads and Feng Teng has found himself a long-term ‘rice ticket’, LOL


During the company’s meeting, Feng Teng is planning to compromise to settle the lawsuit. Thus, Zheng Qi is very angry and tender his resignation. Shan Shan asks Feng Teng about it but he says he won’t discuss about the company’s stuff with her. In turn, Shan Shan goes to console Zheng Qi that Feng Teng as his best friend, has his best interest at heart. He tells Shan Shan, he plans to return to US. So, she informs Li Shu of Zheng Qi’s decision and asks her to persuade Zheng Qi to reconsider his decision.


When Li Shu goes to talk to Zheng Qi, she sees a girl in his apartment so she leaves in anger. Zheng Qi wants to explain himself but she won’t give him a chance and says she doesn’t like him anymore. On the other hand, in the Feng’s residence, Shan Shan happily tells everyone that she has  probably helped Li Shu and Zheng Qi to reconcile. Feng Teng says, “Xue Shan Shan, you are so proud of yourself.” Shan Shan replies proudly, “Of course”, so cute. Suddenly, Li Shu comes back in tears so Feng Teng goes to check up on her.


Shan Shan tries to call Zheng Qi to find out what happened. Then, she accidentally sees the book that Li Shu has been searching and finds Li Shu’s confession bookmark to Feng Teng.  Similarly, Feng Teng also asks Li Shu what happened. She scolds Feng Teng and says that she actually likes Zheng Qi and it is time to forget about Feng Teng. Hence, she kisses Feng Teng to ‘bid farewell’ to her crush and kiss away any remaining feelings. Unfortunately, Shan Shan sees her kissing Feng Teng and breaks down in tears.


Li Shu apologizes and tells Shan Shan, she was the one who initiated the kiss and she has a crush on Feng Teng for 12 years. Shan Shan refuses to listen further since Li Shu has lied to her. Feng Teng also apologizes but Shan Shan is too sad to accept what she saw. Feng Yue tries to explain the situation but Shan Shan is even more agitated because apparently all of them are liars who have hidden the truth from her. Feng Teng says, he didn’t tell her because he doesn’t want her to be hurt like now. Shan Shan questions him if a kiss and being called Mrs. Feng mean nothing, then letting a girl who has a crush on him to live at his place and to be around them also means nothing?

Shan Shan: I’ve told you before that if you’ve someone else, if you just tell me, I’ll leave you without causing a scene.

Feng Teng: Shan Shan, don’t go.

Shan Shan: Feng Teng, you once told me, let’s try. Now, I finally understand what you mean by let’s try…. My heart is very painful.

Oh, my poor Shan Shan crying so hard to flood a pond:( This is probably the most ‘dramatic’ scene in the drama. Initially, I feel it is an unnecessary addition, just to add angst in the drama. On the same token, I feel it is a good opportunity for Shan Shan to think deep about her relationship with Feng Teng. She is an optimistic girl but her self-confidence and self-worth decreases every time, she heard people gossips about her and expresses their negative thoughts about her relationship with Feng Teng. Hence, she needs this event to make her realise that she is an adorable girl with a great personality who deserves Feng Teng’s love and there’ll always be many women like Li Shu around Feng Teng.


Shan Shan is running away on a snowy night and Feng Teng is giving chase in one of his many cars. He hugs her and she reminisces about their good times together. I know this is not the right time to bring it up but if I don’t I may forget. That is why are the actors and actresses’ hands look so red. That is because the drama was filmed during winter in Shanghai which is rather cold so their hands must be freezing without a pair of gloves.


Shan Shan requests some time to calm down and sort out her thought. Does that mean she is breaking up with Feng Teng?


Shan Shan is being conformed by Shuang Yi and Liu Liu. Liu Liu says, Li Shu is a woman with conscience so it is highly unlikely that there is nothing going on between her and Feng Teng but Shuang Yi disagrees. It is hard for Feng Teng to have a clean break from Li Shu in view of her close ties with the Feng family. Shan Shan complains that Feng Teng concealed this for such a long time until she didn’t even have a chance to protect herself.

Li Shu decides to leave the Feng’s residence. Feng Teng finds Zheng Qi and tells him, Shan Shan has broken up with him and his heart really aches seeing Shan Shan so sad. Because Li Shu is someone who has grown up with him since young like a younger sister, so he can’t treat her like other girls and keeps his distant. Feng Teng laments that as the head of the family, he has to take into consideration everyone’s feelings and not only his personal one. He has to endure a lot more than others especially loneliness. Feng Teng says he is very lonely and a few drops of tears roll down his eye. Oh, poor Feng Teng. From this conversation, we gain an insight into Feng Teng’s lonely world and why he is so aloof:(


Shan Shan decides to resign from the company but is stopped by Zheng Qi and Yan Qing as instructed by Feng Teng. They tell her she shouldn’t mix work with love and the negative consequences of resigning such as she’ll miss out on her annual bonus, what if she can’t find another job, how is she going to tell her parents etc. Finally, she is convinced and agreed to stay for a few more months until the end of the year but they can’t mention Feng Teng to her. Haha, this scene is funny when Zheng Qi asks her to pay the bill and Yan Qing tells her not to be late for work. These 2 guys are so hilarious. Although I seldom mention them in my post, I do like their characters as well as the actors.


Although Shan Shan and Feng Teng have broken up, she still constantly reminisces about their happy times together. She even picks her own vege like how she used to pick vege for Feng Teng. Feng Teng continues to care for her by messaging her to eat properly. Shan Shan starts to believe that there is nothing going on between Li Shu and Feng Teng but she still can’t forget the kiss she saw. Shan Shan tells herself to stay strong as there are still many people who love her in the world. Oh, Feng Teng secretly stalks her.


Zheng Qi visits Li Shu at her bookstore to buy Jane Austen’s Pride & Prejudice which is lidge’s favorite book. When he pays, he gives her house keys to her. He tells her about Feng Teng saying she likes him. She replies she can’t start their relationship until Feng Teng and Shan Shan reconcile but Zheng Qi feels she is being unfair to him.

Xiao Wei notices Shan Shan is not at work, so she calls to wake Shan Shan who is pretending to be sick.  She reprimands her that a break up is not the end of the world so she shouldn’t skip work. Shan Shan wonders how she knew about the break-up. Feng Teng increases the office canteen’s lunch budget and asks the chefs to change the menu daily but must seek his approval first. Needless to say, he is doing all that for Shan Shan’s sake.


Feng Teng and Zheng Qi have to go to US to settle the infringement case. Before leaving, he goes to the beef noodle stall to give money to the owner to give more meat to Shan Shan. Oh, Feng Teng is so sweet, doing so much for Shan Shan behind her back. Liu Liu sees Feng Teng there and they have a chat. Liu Liu advises him to wait for Shan Shan to think things through before explaining himself to her. Some netizens in baidu asked why Feng Teng put his hand behind Liu Liu’s back since they are merely acquaintances? Why, why, tell me why:P?


Shan Shan receives a sms from Feng Teng, informing her that he is going abroad. When she sees Feng Teng visiting Li Shu’s bookstore, she suspects Li Shu will also follow. Shan Shan feels angry and throws a snowball at the door. Haha, so childish but I like it:P I’ll prefer if she has thrown that snowball at Feng Teng’s face instead, LOL. Feng Teng tells Li Shu she is a good girl and should find a guy who truly loves her, to feel relax and not to be competitive. She is always his little sister, part of his family. If she truly loves Zheng Qi, let him feel it.


Liu Liu tells Shan Shan that Feng Teng went to a book shop not a hotel so don’t be so childish. You are a grown up now so face your problems bravely, don’t hide. She advises Shan Shan to reply Feng Teng’s sms. Later, Shan Shan surprisingly sees Xiao Wei and Li Shu chatting together in a pub. She investigates and finds out that both attended the same university in US but different faculty.

Then, Shan Shan confronts Xiao Wei and she admits she was the one who spread those gossips but they are true. No matter who Feng Teng is dating, other women will also feel that person is incompatible with him. Do you think Cinderella got everyone’s blessings before marrying the prince? If she wants to be with Feng Teng, she has to be prepared that there’ll be many women like Xiao Wei and Li Shu around him. Feng Teng sends her a sms telling her, he has returned from aboard.


Li Shu goes to the airport but only sees Feng Teng because Zheng Qi has stayed back in US. Shan Shan is feeling painful and appears to have internal bleeding, so she is sent to the hospital. Because of the blood type ID card, Feng Teng receives a call from the hospital. Li Shu drives Feng Yue to the hospital to donate blood, while Feng Teng ‘also calls Xiao Wei. She agrees to donate blood with a condition to be revealed later. After the operation, Shan Shan’s condition improves. Feng Teng is so caring and wants to personally take care of Shan Shan.

45 thoughts on “Boss and Me (杉杉来了): Episode 23 to 25 Review & Recap

  1. Thanks, Peanuts! I have been one of those silent lurkers for awhile now. Just want to thank you for all the hard work translating for us. I just love Zhao Li Ying. She is so adorable! Perfect as Shan Shan.

  2. Hah…I made a mental note about FT placing his hand on LiuLiu’s back too!!! Yes, why did he have to do that? Totally unnecessary…..
    Sometimes (although I know she isn’t), LiuLiu’s expression makes me feel she’s the ultimate evil doer in the show.

    • I don’t know if he did that purposely to show he is close to LL for SS’s sake or ZH has a habit of doing that lol.

      Hey, me too. I always feel LL will suddenly be revealed as evil. She seems to have the k-drama ultimate evil girls appearance lol.

  3. peanuts thanks 🙂 so sad soon ending this is the first c.novel i read from hui3r blog 🙂

  4. peanuts i think you are more tired than unemotional that’s why you can’t cry.
    i like feng yue husband. he is really gentle and comprehensive and funny. well sum up, he is the best husband. feng yue is such a lucky woman.
    shan shan is so easy persuaded. just mention end year annual bonus and she will definitely agreed to everything. i guess it was feng teng idea to get her stay. lol

    • I guess I am both:p Are you waiting for the final now lol? FYI, YQ & FY are a real life married couple, so matching rite? Money talks especially to someone so stingy like SS:P

      • yeah waiting for the final but won’t watch life. yesterday it was so lagging that the waiting-while-charging circle hypnotized me to sleep. so now i m just going to wait YouTube version.
        yah such a cute couple. they are so matching. no wonder why they look so real as a couple in the drama.
        peanuts 8 episodes left. you are near the end. ffighting!!

  5. i just read your short review for the last episodes. it seems so boring. lluckily i didn’t watch live. i was reading nirvana in fire instead. i like the story so captivating. i m waiting for the drama. hehehe

    • Honestly, it is boring but got some sweet moments which can’t be captured by my words. Yippee 1 more epi 2moro:P

      I think Nirvana drama will be quite diff fr the novel bcos the novel was initially written as a BL novel lol. I don’t like to watch drama which I need to use my brain lol..

      • peanuts, go read Lang Ya Bang! It may have been suspected to be a BL novel to begin with, but Hai Yan revised it so that most of the 暧昧 “ai mei” (ambiguous) bits are removed. It’s brotherhood and loyalty FTW! And it’s an amazing novel. One of my absolute faves.

        Hai Yan is working with the production company, and they did promise to stay true to the novel.

        • I am still waiting for u to post in SSB lol. Also, you can write episode review or recap when it airs later:P Lidge said I’ve a lazy bum so I’ll just watch Hu Ge in action since it’ll follow the novel closely haha….

  6. to content viewer i hope they will give us a baby. 36 episodes to end up with a proposal on the roof. so failed!

    lol. dramas are really time consuming and brain draining. tthat’s why they ate shown during nighttime. you can go to sleep after it. hehehe . me i m going now even if it is morning here.:-P

  7. Thanks for another mini subs!!! Really it’s only 33 episodes?? Because it’s so weird if the end just like that and luckily i’m not watching it live so maybe i have to wait for youtube version… But i think it’s more than 33 episodes i hope…

  8. I’ll be hardworking like SS when I’ve my own FT :(. Until then, I’m a lazy bum like you :D.

  9. Ok. I love the two guys, Zheng Qi and Yan Qing. One of my favourite scenes is when they intercepted Shan Shan before she was going to hand in her resignation and dragged her to a coffee shop to negotiate. Haha… They ended up convincing her to stay because there was less than two months to yearend and if she resigned, she would give up her bonus.

    BTW, I know this was filmed in the winter, but couldn’t they pretend at least that summer happened. It’s been about a year in drama time, but they’ve been walking around in sweaters and scarves the whole time.

    • I was just thinking this!! Suddenly, we’re at New Year’s again in episode 33…which totally just skipped all the seasons in between the two winters.

      Would have love to see some pretty floral prints on Shan Shan aside from her casual wear and business attire….and FT’s reuse of his two sweaters (the white/black leopard prints and black/yellow sweater) in every episode was pretty noticeable.

      • Yah, how come SS seems to be richer than FT, at least in clothes lol? In the novel, SS is supposed to have very little clothes, pale in comparison to Big Boss.

        Give & take, at least the winter clothes are mostly very nice so we’ll assume in this drama land there is only 1 season:p

    • You are right. At least SS did make the effort as she wore a few light clothes but ZH is obviously very weak bcos he has been in nothing but sweaters and coats, even when indoor. Ok, have pity on them so you wait for my WC to show you his sunshine clothes, lol.

      • It’s because ZH is so skinny. He has no meat on him so he always has to wear his sweaters to stay warm.

        • I wanted to write that in my review but u stole my thunder, grrrgh…..LOL. Xinn doesn’t like him bcos he doesn’t feed her any meat but I am a vegetarian, haha……I think he needs to go to the gym:!

        • Hehe… we just think alike. 😉 You have my permission to quote me in your review. LOL.

          I remember them eating beef in his office once. He said it tasted good and she should eat more, didn’t he?

          • Ok, I’ll quote you so ZH’s fans can throw eggs at you lol.

            Huh? I am talking abt Xinn, my disciple not liking ZH, not SS although she always dreams that she is SS, lol. She complains no end abt how skinny ZH is.

        • LOL. I’ll take the eggs, scramble them, and feed them to ZH. Maybe he’ll bulk up that way.

          But tell Xinn that he did feed SS meat!

  10. Looks like you’re right about there being at least one more episode, Peanuts. Looking forward to the rooftop scene tomorrow and more scenes of Liu Liu and her suitor.

  11. It’s not easy to date someone outstanding like FT. But it’s already good for Shan Shan that there is only one Li Shu.
    Thanks for all your hard work, you can sleep and eat well next week. 😛

    • Still got Xiao Wei, the CPA classmate, the ex-gf. Dating an o/s guy is hard work so not for lidge lol.

      No, I can’t bcos you recommended me to watch SOP:P

      • Yep but Li Shu is still different because FT considers her as his little sister. If it’s other girls he will keep his distance. ^^
        I recommended you SOP because I’m sure you will miss ZH and his voice. 😛

  12. Ooo yesterday I left a comment here and I couldn’t not find it O.o It’s about founding me a link to this series but have english subtitles caz I do not understand what they are saying. Could anyone help me find it? I tried and couldn’t

  13. Ohh… I checked and couldnt find it :(…. Is there another website I could check? Thanks peanuts 🙂

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