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Boss and Me (杉杉来了): Episode 26 & 27 Review & Recap



Episode 26 is about Shan Shan and Feng Teng’s reconciliation. Clap! Clap! What a heartfelt confession on when he started to like Shan Shan. Then, we have more of their sweet and mushy interactions, especially the love letter incident. Melanie was complaining that Shan Shan doesn’t have a true admirer in the novel and she hopes the drama will rectified that but no luck:( Also, I am enclosing the youtube link for the song, sang by the band Dish which you’ll frequently hear in the drama.

unnamed (11)

Feng Teng: Don’t be afraid, I will always be by your side. It was my fault for concealing Li Shu’s incident from you. But I didn’t want you to be unhappy. You know that I treat Li Shu like part of the family…. I don’t want to avoid or hurt her, but instead I have hurt you. You know I like the simple and pure Xue Shan Shan. I always want to protect you well but I didn’t let you have the ability to protect yourself well. It is my mistake.

Shan Shan: It seems like during this time, you also thought a lot.

Feng Teng: I thought a lot about our problems. Shan Shan, if we’re going to be together and you want to continue our relationship, we’ll have to face a lot of problems like this together.  But if you are unwilling and still want to break up with me, I hope you can promise me one thing. Before you find someone who can truly protect you, continue to keep this medical ID by your side to let it guard you.

Shan Shan: Feng Teng

Feng Teng: What?

Shan Shan: I want to go back to my home town.

Feng Teng: Okay, I’ll help you to organize. Sleep more now.

Li Shu visits Shan Shan to apologize for all the underhand things she did and to persuade her to reconcile with Feng Teng. Shan Shan forgives her and says no matter what happened to her and Feng Teng, it’ll not be because of her. Li Shu says everything she has now is because of the Feng family so she has nothing to be proud of. If Li Shu wasn’t so nasty to Shan Shan before, I could probably ship her with Zheng Qi as she is one of the least annoying 3rd party in a drama.


Shan Shan goes back to her home town to recuperate but she seems unhappy. Then, there is a flashback of the doctor telling Feng Teng and Liu Liu that Shan Shan may not be able to have a baby in the future due to the after-effects of the operation. But as long as she is properly taken care of, there is high possibility that she can have a baby a few years later. Feng Teng tells Liu Liu not to tell Shan Shan and her family about this but she has overheard it.

Shan Shan receives some Chinese medicine from Feng Yue. Shan Shan  is worried that if she can’t give birth, she’ll not be able to be with Feng Teng since he is the only child and the Feng family is wealthy. She gets some reassurance from her mum when she asks Shan Shan, if a man just wants to marry her in order to reproduce, would she marry him? As long as, the couple can live a happy life together,  it doesn’t matter with or without kid. Eventually, kid will grow up and move away.

Shuang Yi advises Shan Shan to reconcile with Feng Teng because he is so caring and concern about Shan Shan when she was sick. Being a Big Boss, he personally took care of her, instead of hiring a nurse. Shan Shan knows Feng Teng is very serious about her but she needs to think about her situation as love and marriage are both different things. Shuang Yi says love needs courage. Feng Teng got the butler to deliver some Chinese medicine to Shan Shan as well as hired a cook for her. She suspects her best friend is Feng Teng’s spy. Liu Liu says the spy must be her boyfriend who always sucks up to Feng Teng.

Xiao Wei is promoted to the Investment Dept so I guess it is her condition for donating blood to Shan Shan. Shan Shan wonders why nobody knows about her break-up with Feng Teng. Is Feng Teng protecting her from gossip or waiting for her to reconcile?


Ah May gives some Chinese medicine from Big Boss to Shan Shan. The colleagues find out that Zheng Qi is leaving the company. Feng Teng is angry with him for running away but Zheng Qi says his leaving is for the good of everyone. Zheng Qi tells Li Shu, if she doesn’t want him to leave, he’ll  stay for her. Li Shu tells him to cool down first.

Feng Teng tells Shan Shan he is really envious of Zheng Qi. Shan Shan thinks because Zheng Qi has many girls who like him:P  Feng Teng replies it is because Zheng Qi can live a carefree life whereas he can’t do that from the day he was born. He has no other choice but to take care of the family’s business with no retreat. Shan Shan realizes the high and mighty Big Boss has a weak side and is actually very lonely.


Shan Shan realizes that Feng Teng gave money to the beef noodle stall owner to give her more meat and watched her go to preparatory classes.  Hence, she is very touched by all the little things Big Boss had done to guard her. She starts to understand the difficulties that Feng Teng faces in taking care of everyone and everything. In order to step closer into Feng Teng’s world, Shan Shan decides to take up dancing.


Since Feng Teng gave her the right to choose, Shan Shan decides to take up the courage to eat the bitter Chinese medicine. Yan Qing calls Shan Shan to contact Li Shu to inform her that Zheng Qi will return to US for good. Shan Shan and Li Shu go to the airport to stop him from leaving. Li Shu publicly confesses that she likes him and asks him to stay back. Zheng Qi agrees and says he’ll give her a blissful life. Li Shu tells Feng Teng, she has reconciled with Zheng Qi because of Shan Shan so he sends her a sms to thank her.

Shan Shan expresses her gratitude to Xiao Wei for donating blood to her, even though Xiao Wei was hired by the company to donate blood to Feng Yue.  Xiao Wei shockingly tells her, she was hired because of Shan Shan as well., after she sprained her ankle during the company’s excursion.


Shan Shan calls Feng Teng, who confirms what Xiao Wei has told her.

Shan Shan: Can I ask you something? Zhao Xiao Wei said part of the reason why she was hired is because of me. Is that true?

Feng Teng: It is true. When you sprained your ankle, my heart felt restless. I realise the importance of having staff with panda blood type in the company. You and Feng Yue are the most important persons in my life. Can you agree to my request?

Shan Shan: What?

Feng Teng: Don’t try to do anything to change yourself for me. I like the Xue Shan Shan who eats her lunch box at the balcony because it is that Shan Shan who I fell in love with.

Shan Shan: How do you know?

Shan Shan finds out that the roof top where she has been having lunch is the same roof top outside Feng Teng’s office and they are separated by a one-way window.

Feng Teng: Last time, I used to have my lunch here. Suddenly one day, a girl occupied my balcony. I watched her eat, day after day. Sometimes I see her smile, sometimes I see her cry. As I watched, my heart started to open up.

Shan Shan: You are such a peeping Tom. Don’t you know the balcony is very cold?

Feng Teng: Of course, I know. Then, I started to wonder when the girl and I can have our meals without being separated by the window. As a result, I found and kept her.

Shan Shan: I didn’t know I look so attractive when I am eating.

Feng Teng: In the future, we’ll eat here.

Shan Shan: I may not have a baby in the future.

Feng Teng: I knew. Is it because of this that you wanted to break up with me?

Shan Shan: You are the Feng family’s only son. It’ll be very selfish of you if you don’t take this into consideration.

Feng Teng: You don’t trust me? If I continue to feed you, it is impossible for you not to be able to have a baby.

Shan Shan: Can I still have my meals here?

Feng Teng: Of course but what a pity that I can’t peep anymore.

Yeh, they’ve reconciled. Now, we know when Big Boss started to like Shan Shan. She ate her way into his heart, so romantic:p

unnamed (13)

During dinner, Cheng Hao tries to suck up to Feng Teng to sell him a business proposal. But he is busy eating the pizza Shan Shan is feeding him and doesn’t seem to be interested.

Shan Shan wonders what Boss saw outside the one-way window. Did she do anything which embarrassed herself or say something she shouldn’t say? She asks him if he can hear what she said outside the window. Feng Teng says no but he asked Linda to hire a lip-reading teacher. He only took 2 lessons because by then, he has already managed to get her to eat with him. Shan Shan laments such a bold peeping Tom, only Big Boss is able to pull it off.

While eating, Zheng Qi and Yan Qing come to inform Feng Teng that it was Zheng Qi’s cousin who sold his computer to the competitor who managed to retrieve the deleted information inside and copied them for their products. Hence, Feng Teng will not settle with the competitor but to sue.

unnamed (14)

Feng Teng decides to celebrate the double happy occasions by dancing.

Shan Shan: You obviously know that I can’t dance so why did you suggest dancing? You want me to embarrassed myself?

Feng Teng: I knew you’ve been taking dancing lessons.

Shan Shan: Ha, you secretly looked at my sms. Aiya, a Big Boss who is a peeping Tom, a lip reader as well as looking at my sms without permission. As it turns out, Feng Teng has his dark side.

Feng Teng: Xue Shan Shan, I won’t let you be too proud of yourself.

Yan Qing sings praises of Feng Teng as a good Boss in the office and a good elder brother at home so he is a good man. Then, he tells Shan Shan that Feng Teng decides to invest in Liu Liu’s proposal. But Liu Liu must be the person in charge.


Shan Shan asks Feng Teng whether he invested in the proposal because of her? He answers it is for both business gains and personal interest to help Liu Liu leaves Cheng Hao. Shan Shan is worried that this $10 million investment will fail and Feng Teng tells her all investments have risk. Feng Teng jokingly says, he’ll use Shan Shan as a collateral and she replies, “Oh, I am so valuable.” Feng Teng replies, “Xue Shan Shan is the family treasure.” Haha, they are so cute:P Liu Liu is ecstatic and expresses her gratitude to Shan Shan for helping to change her life.


The 2 couples go cycling together. Feng Teng says Shan Shan lacks exercise because she stays at home all the time to study for her CPA so her weight will continue to increase. Li Shu is angry at Zheng Qi for not telling his girlfriends that he already has a stable girlfriend.

Shan Shan ask Feng Teng about his dating history. Initially he refuses to answer but Shan Shan says they should be honest with each other. Feng Teng reveals he had two ex girlfriends. He knew the first one who is the daughter of a rich man while studying in US but they broke up because she doesn’t want a long distance relationship after Feng Teng returned to take over the family business.

The second girlfriend is an award winning actress. Shan Shan feels bad for him for breaking up with 2 outstanding girls to end up with an ordinary Xue Shan Shan. In turn, Feng Teng asks Shan Shan about her love history. She shyly discloses that Feng Teng is her first love. Furthermore, Feng Teng asks, “Beside Zheng Qi, did you have a crush on any guy?” Shan Shan replies, ” Why don’t you ask if I was admired by any guy?” Feng Teng says, he is not interested to know:P


Shan Shan finds a love letter in her book and lets Feng Teng reads it just like in the novel. After so much additional stuff, we are back to following the novel.

Shan Shan: I am innocent. I definitely did not flirt, attract attention or behave unfaithfully.

Feng Teng: The hand writing is quite good ……To whom it may concern? He doesn’t even know your name?

Shan Shan: Of course not. I do not talk to other man!

Feng Teng: How did you know it is for you?

Shan Shan: The letter is in my book.

Feng Teng: He has only written one piece of paper.

Shan Shan: You’ve not even received one.

Feng Teng: How are you going to deal with it?

Shan Shan: Pretend I did not receive it?

Feng Teng: My experience tells me that if you take this approach, there will be an unending stream of love letters.

Shan Shan: You sound so experienced in this. You must have received an unending stream of love letters before….. Hmph! Forget it.

Feng Teng: Tomorrow, go and turn down that Wang Xiao Ming……At the same time, ask him why he has taken a fancy to you? This question has been troubling me for a long time.

Shan Shan: That….. I want to ask how you feel about this incident?

Feng Teng: How I feel?

Shan Shan: Yes ah, yes ah. Before, didn’t someone say he doesn’t believe there will be anyone writing a love letter to me? This letter has now appeared. Tell me, how you feel?

Feng Teng: My feeling is my Shan Shan has grown up.

Shan Shan: Hey, I am your girlfriend, girlfriend! What does your expression mean?

Feng Teng: It means you belong only to me.

Ahahah, Boss is so humorous and some of his dialogues are really mushy until they make me cringe:) Anyhow, this is a rom-com so it is expected. I think the scriptwriter has the admirer’s name wrong. He should be called Chen Xiao, ROLF.


Shan Shan confronts Xiao Ming who says the letter wasn’t meant for her but the girl sitting beside her. It turns out that Xiao Ming didn’t wrongly put the love letter into Shan Shan’s book but her classmate Yu Min Long was the one who put it there. She pretends to apologize to Shan Shan and says she didn’t know the letter was for her since she has only spoken a few words to Xiao Ming. Shan Shan seems to know him better which Shan Shan denies.

Shan Shan finally realizes this scheming girl is trying to create a misunderstanding between her and Feng Teng which Feng Teng has already seen through at the beginning when he didn’t even bother to shake hand with her. Hence, Shan Shan leaves with Feng Teng pretending they’ve a misunderstanding to settle. Shan Shan is angry that even though she told Min Long that Feng Teng is a used car salesman, she is still interested in him. Thus, she decides not to attend the preparatory class anymore. Feng Teng regrets that he had used the wrong tactic to keep Shan Shan away from the class.

32 thoughts on “Boss and Me (杉杉来了): Episode 26 & 27 Review & Recap

  1. Thanks peanuts!!! Aaaa my another favorite episodes

  2. eating her way to his heart. so nicely said. so i just need to eat like a pig in front of a guy to make him fall in love with me. i ll try if it works.
    it is 4 am here. i m not waiting the last episodes, just I’m still on nirvana in fire and waiting for your short review on the last episode.;-)

    • Haha, I’ve heard cooking her way to his heart but not eating so you can try, lol.

      Are you reading the chinese novel? If yes, you can chat with hoju bcos she is nirvana’s superfan. But I gonna wait for the drama, too lazy to read:P

      I doubt there is much to the last epi. Blatant move by the tv channel to milk the cow dry. They kept on advertising the new drama now. Dun ask me abt it bcos not our cup of tea, for China only:P Don’t tell me, I’ve been duped:( Oh no, they are showing the new drama so what happened to the last bit of epi 33? I need to go to baidu to find out now:( Anyway, youtube will have it later.

      • lol i guess the episode is showing later since it remains only one episode. promise i won’t ask you about the next drama.haha. let me check for you on pptv. oh no no more new episode. wtf.!!! is it usual in China to leave people like that with no end to a drama?? lol
        i m reading nirvana in vietnamese and i really love it. i am a fan of that type of story with political scheme. i ll be glad to talk about it with hoju. guess it should be better in Chinese

        • I found out, will show at 8.53 to 9.10pm & it is just a bit (17 min) & not an episode. They r doing it to sell their new drama with plenty of aunties & uncles. Pls diff target audience !!!

  3. Thanks Peanuts. These eps are so sweet 😀

  4. Can’t believe it’s coming to an end. 😥

    Thanks for working so hard!!!

  5. peanuts thanks for the song link 🙂 i like that song:)

    • I also like it, we can sing together lol. You want me to translate the lyrics for you? But u’ve to wait:P

      • hahaha, sing together i even can’t speak chinese lol, how to sing haha,yah you can translate what the meaning? is the band famous? when i try to search eh only show band dish japan lol, so i use copy paste and found ,but this band from China right. Ah now i became fans of HZ hihi, that time i complain to giginka ,i said why they pick him ,eh after few times watch already likes him hoho because he is so cute when smile lol

        • You should learn Chinese since you like to read & watch Chinese:P The band is independent musicians, so not famous but maybe famous now bcos of the drama haha….Did ginginka watch the drama? I also used to not like ZH but I am ok with him now. He may not be the best FT but he is adequate & has chemistry with SS.

        • haha too bad in here no chinese language course:) but i learned giginka languages ,she teach me hoho . Giginka i think she watched but mabye not finish yet , i must ask her again:)

  6. Peanuts, actually the last part that aired today, it’s mixed with episode 33 on youtube!! Can’t wait for your next mini sub!!

    • Yup, I know which is why I am complaining abt that Jiangsu tv station edited 5 min out of epi 33 to make ppl tune in today:(. That is why youtube can only post epi 33 after midnite today. Otherwise they would have posted last nite.

  7. I actually really like the ending because it showed how SS matured and became more self-assured. SS also developed a sense of humor; I liked how she mentioned splitting the prize money 9-1. Getting a passport and announcing to everybody that she is FT’s fiancee are nice touches. I’ll miss their sweet interactions. Thanks again for the speedy recaps and beautiful screen shots!

    • The ending is good but so not the original SS. I guess people needs to change and grow up.

      Glad you enjoy reading them. Bongsd worked very hard to capture those shots:)

  8. They are so bad. We waited one day for only few minutes. >.< no wedding, no baby. Sob sob

    Ya, don't laugh at XX. Poor baby, I'm sure he cried at home.

    • Yes, i got cheated. Blacklist Hunan & Jiangsu TV !!!

      Why XX needs to cry? He should be happy that ZLY is more famous than him now lol. Tell him to leave mama:P

  9. Jiangsu TV is silly. They decided to withheld 5 mins of ep 33 in the last minute without notifing anyone. All actors and actresses of SS posted Weibo (Chinese Twitter) to celebrate ending of SS at Saturday night lol
    I feel a little bit sad after watched the ending last night. Some kind like breakheart. Need to watch SS again.
    Peanuts if you still like Zhang Han. I recommend a drama called The Queen of SOP. Zhang Han is warm and cute in this drama. And main actress is Chen Qiaoen(Joe Chen).
    Thanks for your translation to let more people know and like SS 🙂

    • Yes, such a silly station. They edited away quite a fair bits fr each episode. It can drag the drama for a day or 2 longer if they didn’t edit away so much.

      Yes, I feel lost, can’t sleep last night lol. I read there may be a special. I prefer special like the novel on life after marriage. Pls dun do sequel.

      Haha, thank u for your recommendation. Bongsd told me already abt SOP. I am not sure if I like ZH or I like him bcos he is FT lol.

      It is my pleasure since lidge & I translated the novel, I want to do episode review on the drama as well in view that it is rather good.

      Btw, did you watch this? Very funny review on the drama, LOL

      • Everyone is asking special now. Specials in novel are so sweet!

        I guess you may like ZH bcos he is FT at this moment. Hopefully you will like him bcos him one day. I am his fan since watched a reality show called 花儿与少年 (Flowers and Boys) two months ago. In this show, 7 stars need to travel in Europe with limited money by themselves. ZH was criticized in first two ep but finally many people became his fan bcos this show, like me lol

        Yes, I watched the funny review. l watched the producer’s other reviews as well. He is humorous and objective.
        Did you watched this news? It is about clothes and cars in SS. I have to say that this dramatic team is so rich lol

        • We want to see wedding & babies, go & lobby the producer for us, haha…..Special is enough, no sequel bcos I am sure they’ll stuff it up.

          Is Flowers & Boys recent & how many episodes? I don’t like his Meteor Showers look:P Is any of the other 6 stars famous? I saw a bit of an ancient drama he acted with Yan Kuan, I think. Eeeee, don’t like his look in that drama. Plus tat drama is boring & I ended up zzzzzzz:) Btw, pls leave a msg on ZH’s weibo to ask him to improve on his speech. We can’t read Chinese and sometimes we can’t hear what he is mumbling:(

          You mean the interview with the producer in text where he talks abt them spending a lot of money on renting ZH’s apt which has such great view & the cars, plus buying those branded clothes. I read they don’t want sponsorship bcos they want to make him look truly rich. But they did accept Rio cocktail sponsorship so it is like they drink that everyday haha….

  10. Hey peanuts, I did a review on Shan Shan Lai Le since I finished marathon-ing it today! I linked your blog for those who would want to read the English translations of the novel and now, your brief recaps here ( Is that okay with you?

  11. yah i also want see Shan shan in wedding gown 😦 and that clothes is the same like they wear in last new year scene?

    • SS did wear a wedding gown in the drama but no FT beside him lol.

      You mean in the last scene SS wore the same clothes as the beginning when she watched the fireworks with FT? Haha, I never notice her clothes except the really cute ones:)

      • yah i also not check again but feel like its the same clothes and they just take 2 different scenes in the same time?because must take new year scene?hehe i’m not sure maybe i was wrong lol

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