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Boss and Me (杉杉来了): Episode 28 Review & Recap



This episode deserves a post by itself because it is a very sweet and special episode. It is packed with so much cuteness and fluffiness until you may end up having a toothache, haha…..This is a must watch episode so make sure you don’t miss or skip it. Thank you to all the readers who’ve contributed pictures and opinions. I still have 5 more episodes to review but I am warning you that I may be slow because the euphoria has died down with the ending of the drama. Also, I need plenty of time to produce a quality post. But I’ll definitely finish it and edit the first 6 episodes as well. To celebrate the ending of the drama, you can re-watch all the kisses here, LOL


Then group has an outing to celebrate Shan Shan passing her CPA exam. It is not explicitly stated in the novel whether Shan Shan passed her CPA exam but it is implied she passed since she is confident about it and they have a pre-result celebration.  Zheng Qi proposes to Li Shu by burning all the gifts from his ex-girlfriends and admirers and giving a heartfelt speech. Li Shu says ‘YES’. Everyone celebrates happily and sends their well-wishes.


The conversation between Yan Qing and Feng Yue is very similar to the novel except they are talking on the bed in the novel.  For your information, they are a real life married couple so no wonder they look so loving and compatible. This is what both of them said about each other: “You are the best as well as the most appropriate.”


Just like in the novel, Shan Shan wakes up from her erotic dream to find herself in bed with Feng Teng. The difference is that Feng Teng only has a pajamas pants in the novel but he is fully clothed here. Because this was filmed in winter but this is an indoor scene and this drama is made suitable for those under 18 years of age, so can’t show you any flesh, LOL.

Feng Teng: Xue Shan Shan, what are you doing?

Shan Shan: I, I, I am not doing anything.

Feng Teng: Relax.

Shan Shan: Didn’t you say, you will not loose control …… when drunk.

Feng Teng: You still remembered but who started it last night?

A flashback of what happened.


Shan Shan: Why is it your home ah?

Feng Teng: Looking like this, where you want to go?

Shan Shan: Then, you need to promise that you will not loose control when drunk.

Feng Teng: Okay.

Flashback finished.

Shan Shan: I was drunk. Aiya, it doesn’t matter. You’ve to keep your promise.

Feng Teng: Of course, I’ll keep my promise….But, we are sober now.

Shan Shan: Big Boss, what do you want to do? Arrrgh…….

Arrgh, Big Boss is so naughty and wicked, scaring the little rabbit until she runs away in shock, LOL. Bongsd kindly supplied pictures to proof that Feng Teng is a wolf:P

unnamed (15)

 The wolf staring hungrily at his prey, the little white rabbit.


 The wolf looking satisfied after eating the fluffy and tasty rabbit.

unnamed (18)

The poor little rabbit running away with some carrots.


Shan Shan is being promoted to take over Xiao Wei’s position in the office. Thus, she celebrates with her cousin and Shuang Yi. Later, she calls her mother to inform her that she has passed her CPA exam. She also tells her that she is dating her Big Boss. Her mother is shocked and asks her if she met a swindler since she has mistaken her mum before when she was young. Hence, she gets Feng Teng to speak to her mum to convince her he is genuine.

Shan Shan:  My mum, please tell her you are not a swindler………Hello mum, he is going to speak to you now.

Feng Teng: Go and add some water for me first.

Shan Shan thinks: It is already late at night, why are you drinking so much water? Obviously, you are trying to get rid of me and does not want to let me listen in.

Feng Teng: Hello, aunty.

Mrs. Xue shares the 2 pieces of good news with Mr. Xue but only tells him that a rich guy is courting her. Her dad isn’t impressed with Feng Teng’s background and labels him as ‘Rich Second Generation.’

Shan Shan: How? What did my mum say?  How did you tell her? Did she believe you?

Feng Teng: I don’t know.

Shan Shan: You talked to her so how come you don’t know?

Feng Teng: That is not important.

Shan Shan: Then, what is important? My mum thinks you are a swindler ah.

Feng Teng: Xue Shan Shan, what is the time now?

Shan Shan: Huh? Oh, 10.22pm.

Feng Teng: Night time?

Shan Shan: Useless word.

Feng Teng: Do you understand now?

Shan Shan: Understand what?

Feng Teng: You’re in my house at ten o’clock plus at night. Your mother should have realized that if I am a swindler, what is worth to swindle, I have already cheated everything.

Shan Shan: Arghhhhh, I want to go home. I am still pure.

Feng Teng: You’ll not be pure soon…..Your willingness to tell your mum means you finally trust me?

Shan Shan: When did I not trust you?

Feng Teng: Okay, then move over here to live.

Shan Shan: Huh?

Feng Teng: Today.

Shan Shan: It is already midnight now.

Feng Teng: Move your body over first.


Shan Shan; Feng Teng…….Then, you help me to move tomorrow. Remember to terminate the lease.

Feng Teng: So thrifty but your landlord is me.

Shan Shan: What?????

Shan Shan: Big Boss has probably waited for this day when I’ve cleared all my doubts and worries to bravely declare to everyone ‘We are together.’

thumbnail 10547415_661840860535904_3121855227472876579_n

The drama has edited some of the dialogues in the novel which are even more fun. Why are they afraid to mention the word ‘capitalist’? Okay, I am sure you know what gonna happen next:P Many readers in this blog are unhappy because they can’t see more actions. This is especially so for men eaters, oops, I mean meat eaters such as Xinn and lidge:P This is not Feng Teng’s fault but Zhang Han. According to Hoju, you can’t see any meat because Zhang Han is so skinny. He has no meat on him so he always has to wear his sweaters to stay warm. On behalf of his fans such as Jiu, I’ve enclosed 2 of his naked pictures to refute such claims, haha…. As you can see, he does have meat and not as bony as you think. Probably he is too shy to reveal them and to prevent Xinn from wanting to tear a piece off him, LOL.


Following the novel closely, Feng Yue brings Shan Shan to the hospital to donate blood because she belongs to the rare blood type mutual support group. Big Boss is angry that Shan Shan didn’t notify him of her intention to donate blood and orders her to go home tonight to eat pork liver, LOL. After Shan Shan did her blood test, the nurse tells her she is pregnant. She is rather happy about it because she thought she can’t have a baby after the operation. Hence, she informs Feng Teng about it and he rushes to her side.

Feng Teng: Shan Shan, let’s get married.


Feng Teng scolds Feng Yue on the phone for taking Shan Shan to donate blood without telling him. Luckily the nurse is diligent or else Shan Shan will be in danger. Feng Teng decides to let Feng Yue organizes the wedding for them. He tells Shan Shan not to tell anyone that she is pregnant because he does not want people to gossip that they are getting married because of the baby. Shan Shan feels warm because Feng Teng helps her to think of everything.

During dinner, everyone is surprised that they are getting married in less than 3 months time. Feng Yue complains of the lack of time to organize the wedding so Feng Teng asks Zheng Qi and Li Shu to delay their wedding for half a year. Everyone is suspicious whether Shan Shan is pregnant  so Feng Teng says the company will be busy later so he wants the wedding to be held soon. Shan Shan feels everything is so surreal. The colleagues are gossiping about a female artist who is pregnant with a rich man’s baby either for marriage or money. Shan Shan feels uneasy as Feng Teng may think she is using pregnancy as a mean to marry him.

Like in the novel, Feng Teng takes Shan Shan for a medical check-up and the doctor informs them that she is not pregnant. The doctor says it could be because of the egg yolk pies she ate on that day when she did her blood test to cause this misunderstanding. However, Shan Shan says she has been feeling tired lately. The doctor replies, “Sometimes a little moderation and restraint are needed.” Feng Teng and Shan Shan look embarrassingly at each other, LOL.

Feng Teng: In future, when you are pregnant, we will not come to this hospital.

Shan Shan: Definitely will not come here again! How can they mistaken me as pregnant when I just ate the wrong food? Luckily, I didn’t tell anyone I am pregnant.  Otherwise, I will not only be humiliated in front of the doctor, I will also need to explain to each and every person why there is no pregnancy. Those who have a vivid imagination may even think I had a miscarriage because of my previous operation.

Feng Teng: Why you only think of yourself?  If you are not pregnant, I will have to work hard.

Shan Shan: Why do you have to work hard?

Feng Teng:  If everyone knows about your pregnancy, I’ve to work hard to turn it into reality. Isn’t trying to make you pregnant hard work?

Shan Shan thinks: According to Big Boss’s personality, if the rumor has been widely circulated but in the end found out she is not pregnant, he will really be capable of getting her pregnant in a hurry……Okay, I should feel very fortunate that I am not pregnant.



Shan Shan thinks: Yesterday, I found out that I was pregnant but today, I found out I am not pregnant. I seem to have some feelings for this unreal little life in a short period of time. But why Feng Teng does not seem to feel a little loss? He is so relaxed not to have children?

Shan Shan: Don’t you like children?

Feng Teng: Why do you ask like this?

Shan Shan: You seem like you do not care whether there is a baby or not.

Feng Teng: I am happy if there is a child. I am also happy if there is no child. I don’t want us to get married because there is a child. Moreover, you’re still so young. I don’t  have the heart to let you become a mother so early.

Shan Shan: How am I young? Most of my university friends have already become mothers. I am already twenty-three years old this year.

Feng Teng: 23? You are still young. You can still play for a few more years.

Shan Shan: Actually, you are the one who wants to play.

Feng Teng:  Yes, I want to play but…….what do I play?”

Shan Shan: Feng Teng, you really think that I can get pregnant?

Feng Teng: Didn’t I ask you to trust me? Is the food not up to your liking lately? But I should reflect on that because otherwise how would you have the appetite to eat the egg yolk pies?

Shan Shan: You let me off la. That is because Feng Yue specifically told me in order to look good in my wedding gown, I need to cut down on my food intake. Hence, I want to go on a diet.

Feng Teng: I’ve a question for you. Last time, who is the one who asked you to bring the gifts back to your home town?

Shan Shan: A Jia.

Feng  Teng: Who is the one who let you ate the egg yolk pies?

Shan Shan: Also, A Jia. You are not going to do anything, right? A Jia is a good person and is also very serious with her work.

Feng Teng: Nothing, she should be………..

Arrgh, cuteness overload here:P Feng Teng really loves to play with Shan Shan and teases her as well as us in the process, LOL Why I like this novel and drama so much is that you can just relax and enjoy yourself. There is no abusive step-mum, step-siblings or mother-in-law, nobody dying of illness, no 3rd party, no fight for the leads or the wealth, no evil supporting casts such as ex-girlfriend or buddies, no real misunderstandings, etc. Basically, the drama has nothing except sweet and funny moments to melt my heart:)

35 thoughts on “Boss and Me (杉杉来了): Episode 28 Review & Recap

  1. Ahem, I still stand by my statement that he is too “lean.” There is muscle there, but not much bulk, especially in that pic on the right.

    I ❤ this episode. The embarrassed look SS gives FT after the doctor tells them that self-control needs to be exercised sometime… LOL!

    I'm so sad the drama is over. 😦 Although after watching the last two episodes, I feel like it's so easy to become a millionaire in China.

    • it is easy to become a millionaire but easy to lose everything too

      this episode is really cute. my two favorites scene is when shan shan was drunk (i think there was supposed to have another kiss here as per some pics i found) and the other scene is their first night as a couple. they sure kiss a lot. i notice that ZH improve his way of kissing. he seems less shy. he hadpractice now   😛

      • What pics have you found & hiding from me lol? How come you & bongsd know which kisses were not shown but I don’t bcos they look the same to me:(? Haha, he is a big boy now, so don’t compare him to his innocent Meteor days:P I saw some clips of that drama. He is supposed to be rich but his clothes in that drama are so poor, lol. He has come a long way to be truly rich and experienced,LOL.

        • No pics hiding. lol just for my part I have an analytical mind combined with a wide and extensive imagination … hmm I checked all the details on each pics…

          I didn’t watch any of ZH previous work nor any of meteor garden adaptation. I don’t really like the story and as FT said “it is an insult to my brain” lol
          well they sure spend a lot of money on this production because everything smell “rich”. I think they got a sponsor from Ferragamo for their clothes. maybe the specs we are looking for, peanuts, are from Ferragamo brand 😉

          • Which pic is that? Show me, haha…..

            Last night I saw a sketch comparing the 4 versions of BOF. OMG, the mainland one is the poorest, literally & figuratively. ZH has come a long way from those dark days. I gonna watch SOP lol.

            Bcos of your query, I did the bonus bit in epi 29 just for u:P

        • Thank you for the bonus. I am so touched by this gift! I look like a fashion victim now :P.

          well this is the cut version made by me:
          after entering in the apartment, SS and Boss continued to kiss with passion. Boss didn’t want to leave SS alone in her drunk state so he brought her at his apartment. SS tried to detached her hold from boss and in a small voice said that it wasn’t her apartment. then she reached back Boss into a kiss and then pulled him towards the couch and laid on his top as she continued to kiss him. then she detached from him and said she wanted to sleep now. so she laid down the othe side of the couch and sleep. Boss kissed her again.
          pictures I don’t know how to include them in the message but I guess you can see now which pics they are lol

          • Another bonus for you in epi 30:) Fashion victim? But those clothes are for men, lol.

            What you wrote sound like the novel. I think they feel it is too raunchy so edited that out, bah:P Ok, I’ll attached it in the post later & ask u to check it out lol.

    • Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder:P I like lean meat, you like beefcake, lol.

      I don’t really like the last 3 episodes which are not in the book. I know they wanna portray SS in a more mature light in that she can stand stand together with FT but it is so not SS. Well, one needs to grow up, a sad reality of life:(

      • No beefcake but definitely needs to be fit! That’s not fit. Just skinny. While I don’t think he looks bad, I’d prefer that he keep his tops on. :p (Actually, I think clothes look really nice on FT with his nice lean build. See how reasonable I am.)

        I’m torn on the last 3 episodes. SS is no longer SS if she can have business sense like that and, as FT put it, the “ruthlessness” to bring in a potential love rival to advertise for her. It’s lost the essence of who SS is and why FT loved her. However, a relationship with such uneven footing very rarely survives and can only be so blissfully happy in drama or novel land, so the maturing of SS is also more realistic. (Although, I think how quickly she earned that money was rather… well, it’s drama land.) Even FT is happy that she is not looking up at him on a pedestal anymore and is viewing him on the same level. LOL. Only FT would be so happy that SS is looking for his faults and weaknesses.

        I like how they kind of kept the little bit in the epilogue about SS’s screen name… loved FT’s reaction when he noticed what her online name was.

        • At least they reverted SS back to original and return the true SS to us in the very last episode. She said she doesn’t want to become a career woman at all. I like how she stayed behind the scenes and left all the limelight to LL.

        • Yaya, so I posted plenty of his pictures with his tops on for you in epi 29 post:P

          Actually it is possible to earn money quickly when your bf is FT, lol. In all in, the ending is decent & logical except they should film their life after marriage like in the novel to thank us for the overwhelming support:)

  2. That first pic of ZH, definitely photoshop, made him looking like a real MAN. But look at him as FT, all scrawny, like a scarecrow. Lol…

    Yes, I feel like I was on some vege diet watching the show. But to be fair, the book is not as carnivorous as some others I’ve seen. Once again, descriptions in the book however mellow, allow one’s imagination to run wild esp we’ve got an FT on board.

    I haven’t had time to watch the last two episodes. Hope to do so tonight. Oh dear, I m going to be very sad and will kick up a big fuss if they’re gonna make SS unSS, if you get what I mean.

    • We all know what great appetite you’ve for fatty meat lol. Lidge asked me to tell you she likes her man tall & lean:P

      SS needs to grow up, can’t stay a vege picker forever. She is still cute & funny so it is good enough. But I do wish they’ll film the life after marriage special:)

  3. Peanuts, you better leave innocent me out of this. I know you’re a closet Zhang Han fan and just want to make up any excuse you can to post some of the numerous topless pics of ZH you’ve saved on your hard drive, lol.

  4. Hey, Peanuts, can I copy your gifs to go posting it on the Viet forum? :3

    • And can I ask where do you watch the last part of this? My Viet sub video stops when FT said: “Yes, I want to play but…….what do I play?” @.@

      • Ok, you found out I cheated, lol. It is the beginning of epi 29 but I dun like to sub conversation half way in 2 diff episodes so I moved it fwd, lol.

        • Haha, another cheat which I’ve just also found after finishing ep 29 and seeing no kiss at all =)) I’m quite surprised for a moment then go online and see your reply =)) You made me looking forward to nothing, you know =))

          • Oh, your Viet sub beat me but they are working in group & I am a lone ranger except my Art Director:( Btw, how my sub compared to the Viet sub? Some parts I can’t hear properly so just improvise, heehee…..I don’t cheat anymore with epi 30:P

    • Ha, wanna steal mt stuff:p? Ok, only you can bcos you are my blog’s SS no. 1 fan. Xinn cannot take anything but she hates FT’s anyway:p

  5. this drama drive me crazy, makes me smile for no reason.

  6. Lean meat, beefcake, veggies–I am an omnivore! I will eat anything on the table, as long as it is tasty.

  7. Hi can anyone tell me when was the kiss scene take place for the first pic u post(various kiss scene) top right where both FT& SS lying on the sofa. Shld be FT’s apartment . Thanks a lot. Just curios y never seen that scene in the drama.

  8. Yea jojolicious,, i can’t find that the scene too… 😦 so upset

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