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Boss and Me (杉杉来了): Episode 29 Review & Recap



Firstly, I want to repeat myself and write this one final time: THERE IS CURRENTLY NO ENGLISH SUBTITLES ONLINE AT ALL!!!  In view that this drama is so popular, there is high possibility that will sub it eventually so go and check their website often. If you can’t wait, reading our novel translation and/or my episode reviews will help you to understand the most important parts of the drama.

I’ve been slacked so I only managed to write an episode. It is mainly about Shan Shan’s doubts as to whether Feng Teng is marrying her because of the false pregnancy or he really loves her and wants to marry her. By the end of the episode, we’ve a formal proposal to clear all her insecurities.


A Jia gets a promotion because she indirectly match-made Feng Teng and Shan Shan in that because of her gifts, Feng Teng has to bail Shan Shan out and because of her pies, Shan Shan is suspected of being pregnant.

Shan Shan discusses her doubts with Liu Liu and Shuang Yi on her impending marriage because recently Feng Teng did not discuss it with her. They conform her by saying because he and Feng Yue are doing the arrangements so there is no need to discuss with her. She may have wedding jitters. While planning for his wedding, Feng Teng tells Feng Yue, he’ll not be having a baby immediately since Shan Shan is still young. He knows his responsibility but he doesn’t want to tie his marriage with giving the Feng family a heir. He tells them to take it easy with the planning as there is no  hurry. This increases Shan Shan’s doubts.

But she is reassured when she found out, Ah May is getting the guest list ready. When Shan Shan asks Feng Teng when is the wedding date, he tells her there is no hurry so she feels he is not keen on getting married. Shan Shan is trying out her wedding gowns and Li Shu suggests to have it tailored made.


Feng Yue brings Shan Shan to see a Chinese doctor to improve her health so that she can get pregnant, but Feng Teng is unhappy. Shan Shan is unsure whether Feng Teng is scared that she can’t have a baby and will be sad or he doesn’t want to marry and have a baby with her. Some may get annoyed with Shan Shan’s self-doubts but they are relatable  since Feng Teng is  a man of few words.

The group is discussing about the guest list. When Li Shu sees that Zheng Qi intends to invite his ex-girlfriend to their wedding, she is not pleased.  Zheng Qi explains that she is currently his friend’s girlfriend but they still end up quarreling over it. Feng Teng and Shan Shan look at them in amusement. Shan Shan jokingly tells Feng Teng, he is lucky that he is not Li Shu’s bridegroom. In the end, Feng Yue asks whether they’ll still invite the ex-girlfriend so Feng Teng and Shan Shan give her the cute ‘don’t know’ gesture. Li Shu’s wedding gown designer is going to Europe so can’t make the gown for her causing her to quarrel with Zheng Qi again.


In contrast, Shan Shan and Feng Teng never quarrel because they’ve never discussed about their wedding like a couple should do. She questions if he wants to get married or not.

Feng Teng: No need to drink.

Shan Shan: Why?

Shan Shan thinks: Oh no, he is going to say he wanna postpone or cancel the wedding?

Feng Teng: You are not sick so why are you taking medicine? If you want children, what you need is me. Not Chinese medicine.

Shan Shan: So, you don’t want to have a baby so soon?

Feng Teng: A newly married couple should spend time together to get used to married life.

Shan Shan thinks: What does he mean? What if we cannot get used to married life?

Shan Shan: Have you ever thought how our baby will look like?

Feng Teng: No but the baby will definitely look like me.

Shan Shan thinks: Big Boss, can you be more conceited? Did you know your self-confident is annoying?

Shan Shan: If look like you, not adorable at all.

Feng Teng: What did you just say?

Shan Shan: I said, if look like you…….more adorable if look like me.

Ahahaha, Big Boss really has a big ego, so full of himself but he can afford to be so. Shan Shan’s reply is spot on because I think it is better for the baby to look as cute as Shan Shan.


Shan Shan calls home and finds out that her mum still have not told her dad that she and Feng Teng are dating so how could she get married? She is troubled by this and asks Feng Teng if they should go back to her home town to meet her parents or bring them to Shanghai to meet him. Feng Teng replies that they’ll go to her home town but there is no hurry, so wait until the wedding date is set first. At last, Shan Shan’s mum tells her dad about her dating Feng Teng. He is unhappy about it as he is afraid she’ll get cheated so they decide to ask her to bring him back during Lunar New Year.

Zheng Qi discusses with Feng Teng about his difficulties in pleasing Li Shu’s demands. He envies Feng Teng for having it easy with Shan Shan who never argues with him and having Feng Yue to do the organization for him. Feng Teng advises him to apologize to Li Shu. When Liu Liu sees Feng Teng, she tells him about Shan Shan’s self-doubts which she has bottled up in her heart since they planned to get married because of the false pregnancy. Hence, Shan Shan is unsure if  he is marrying her because of the false pregnancy or he truly loves her and wants to marry her. To reconcile with Li Shu, Zheng Qi gives her a surprise and tells her that he only cares about her and not the wedding details.  Since she is a perfectionist, he got the designer to agree to make her wedding gown.


Shan Shan: Feng Teng, I’ve something to ask you.

Feng Teng: Okay.

Shan Shan: If  not of the false pregnancy, would you still marry me?

Feng Teng:  If not because of your pregnancy, I won’t think of getting married so early.

Shan Shan: Since you knew there has been a misunderstanding, why do you still want to marry me? You could have cancelled the wedding….I…..if you still don’t want to marry.

Feng Teng: Do you feel that I don’t look forward to our wedding and our future at all?

Feng Teng: Shan Shan, it is not that I don’t care about our wedding. Just that the Feng family has too many traditions so I am afraid you might not be able to handle them. Hence, I let Feng Yue handle everything. In my heart, I feel to a certain extent, our wedding is only to complete the Feng family’s traditions. It’s not because I’m cold, but those things aren’t as important to me as you. This ring is passed down from my ancestors. It is only passed on to the Feng family’s daughter-in-law.  This ring represents the past. We represent the present. When I put the ring on your finger, it’ll represent our future.  Xue Shan Shan, are you willing to marry me? Are you willing to marry Feng Teng?

Shan Shan: I am willing.


Ohhhhhh, such a touching and heartfelt marriage proposal in such a romantic setting with the family heirloom and sealed with a kiss:)

34 thoughts on “Boss and Me (杉杉来了): Episode 29 Review & Recap

  1. funny that I was talking yesterday about ferragamo sponsoring the drama. you got me wrong today. now thinking about it maybe shan shan specs are from prada. hmm. peanuts if you have a list, please disclose it. i really like the purple frame. it is so vintage lol

    the proposal is si romantic. shan shan in pyjama. the most comfortable clothes to get a ring. 🙂

    • Haha, I don’t have any insider info, just what I got from weibo & baidu. You can take the pic & go to your optometrist for they may know what brand that is & sell you a pair:P I’ll ask my informant bongsd to see if she knows. Which episode did she wear it?

      Huh, is that a pajamas? Whatever it is indeed romantic. I like this scene more than the final scene bcos the speech is more touching. I don’t care much abt fireworks, lol.

      • well “do I really need it?!!!!!?” if it is prada i don’t think i m rich enough unless I got promotion.
        but now I know the secret to have a promotion by my boss&I:
        first have a panda blood to get hired
        second mess up with the girl that your boss love and get them together
        third mess up with the now-being-girlfriend of your boss and get them engaged

        The last scene of the proposal, I think they filmed it at the very beginning because his kiss is kinda shy lol. it seems so not natural at all like his first kiss.

        oh the glasses appears in episode 18 I think

        • Do you wear specs? Bah, I got a Gucci. I should have bought a Prada lol. I asked around for you but nobody knows the specs brand:(

          How do you know the kiss is shy? I feel every kiss is just the same:( Why I didn’t notice anything? All of you must have watched the drama with magnifying glass except me:P

  2. Ok, I’ll be the last person to admit it but his choice of clothes does look very ‘chic’. I hv been drooling on his clothes since day one. But I still hate his skinny legs. He can look so good in an overcoat or something but the moment I catch a glimpse of his legs….kaput….

    My favourite piece is the tiffany bracelet (by the way, do u still call it a bracelet if it’s on a man’s wrist?). I hv been eyeing it since episode 1.

    • How could you see his legs? All I can see is his pants & they look fine, lol.

      Do you call that a chain for man? Phong said is is from his ex-gf Zheng Shuang, such a sentimental guy:P

      • Hahaha….I mean when I see his ‘pants’ not ‘legs’. U got me there!!! I can just imagine his match stick legs inside the pants then.

        I immediately flipped when I read abt the Tiffany wristlet, this was what I had intended to say (fuming and all) :-

        “are you telling me that his ex-gf gave him that piece of jewellery and he’s still wearing it on his wrist!!! I object violently on SS’s behalf!!!! That is so unfair to SS. His sentimentality is not worth two cents”.

        Then I realized you guys meant in real life, ZH’s ex-gf gave it to him. Wow…I very almost jumped the gun, I get so protective over SS’s interest and well being…LOL…

        Ok, blame it on my ignorance to Chinese/Taiwan actors and actress…I am completely in the dark as to who’s who in that circle.

        • Just like SS, you over-think too much & is also ignorant:P You read too many books & watch not enough drama until you don’t know what is real & illusion:P

  3. haha that Shan Shan in wedding dress special for me yah ? hihi , oh by the way peanuts is it common in China use hand warmer like Shan Shan and the other use? in here we never use like that .

    • Ya, I even have a surprise for u in the final review lol.

      Hey, I don’t live in China but I think that hand warmer is specially for Shan Shan only:P

      • haha peanuts i ask you because you are my sources of information from rio to hand warmer to winter coat:D , Peanuts what surprise you give me in final review curious? hoho could be Shan Shan pic in wedding dress together with handsome FT arggggh

        • I am not telling u, wait & see:P I know I can’t trust your eye-sight so I didn’t believe u, lol. So which of FT’s clothes or accessories, you gonna get your hubby for his birthday haha?

          • huahaha seem i really must buy glasses lol, too bad here expensive ( make an excuse lol) haha, his birthday may…and good he satiesfied with just puma 🙂 . Actually i like that FT use that 1 set when he play basket ball the blue one i think its prada 🙂 hah but all FT clothes too expensive no money no money 😀

      • oh peanuts just see again and i was wrong the clothes is different with the scene last new year 😀

      • I didn’t keep a mental note of all the different hand warmers/gloves that SS wore, but if you meant the tubular, cylindrical shaped one, I think actresses like Liu Tao and Ruby Lin Xinru wore similar kind of warmer BTS when they were in Qing Shi Huang Fei to keep warm. For the really curious folks, they can go through the pics for that series. AsianFanatics or spcnet forums may have those pics. I don’t remember well.

        ZH has a nice face and voice (I prefer his work in SOP nv wang than SS), but like many others here, I agree about the leg comments. Sometimes I also find that his lower torso is a bit too thin for his long blazers. The coat length is nice, but a bit too loose in some areas. He also seems to wear trench coats indoor a lot. Is that not unusual?

        Designer-wise, I wish they had used designers that are “more Asian” like Vera Wang, Jason Wu, Jimmy Choo (shoes), etc. D&G, Prada, .. are “standard names”. No Givenchy for Feng Yue or Lishu ?

        p.s. Even just conceptually, it’s hard to do any shopping based on these nice pics. Most men I know are a bit under 180 cm, and w a wider body frame. Won’t look as good in these clothes.

  4. I knew why you said that this post is dedicated to me already, lol I dont hate his accessories anymore (my opinion change fast, right? lol) It’s because he has such beautiful hands. Hey, I’m obsessed with guys who has beautifully slender fingers like him. And his hand gestures are also very nice, that’s why I decide to overlook his flashy accessories now =))

    Actually, he’s not that thin (I think). It’s just because he has such thin legs, that’s why he looks thin :))
    Never thought that his red-and-blue sporty coat is of a famous brand. I mean, it looks so… cheap =)) (not to mention… weird) =))

    I’m waiting the Viet sub of ep 29, you are making me more excited -___- I wanna watch it ahhhhhhhhh…

    • Hey Phong Nhi, be careful with your choice of words. How did you manage to see his ‘legs’? Unless you have Superman vision?? Haha..I already got it from Peanuts over this!!

      • Awwww… you naughty girls *blushing* But what other choice of words do I have here? =))
        And mentioning about his legs, I have to say that his walking-style is kinda… weird too lol

        • His walking style is weird becoz his “legs” are so skinny. If I was the director, I will not allow the cameramen to shoot ZH below the waist. Peanuts gonna skinned us for going on and on abt ZH’s ‘legs’ on her blog.

    • My, my, Phong, you change really fast like a rocket, lol. I still have prove of all your comments bashing ZH & now you are admiring his hands but hates his legs, lol. Yah, don’t know where you & Xinn saw his legs when he has his pants on ALL THE TIME:p

      Xinn: Why I don’t notice FT has weird walking style? You are just too critical but I won’t skin you. I’ll let ZH’s fans kill u, lol. Bash all your like bcos if next year you dare to bash my WC, I gonna evict u fr my blog, lol. I am warning u now, unless I criticize or it is constructive criticism, you only can praise him, lol.

      • Haha, his walking style is sure weird and while his hands are so beautiful, his legs deserves some bashing ‘cuz it’s truly skinny 😛 I have to force myself focus on FT’s face whenever they film FT walking lol

    • And I thought I was the only person here noticing ZH’s hands. He has long, slender fingers while his hands still look large and comforting. Me ❤ his hand gestures too. They are very manly and command attention. I think that's why I love the kissing scenes because he has a tendency to cup SS's head or face, and SS's face looks so petite in his manly hands — so safe, secure and… romantic. ❤

      • lol, you are not the only one ^^ Yeah, his hands are way too beautifully manly 😀 Or should I say manly in beautiful way lol
        That’s why they love focusing in his hand gestures, I love the way her face is so small in his hands too ❤

  5. Hi peanuts, first of all let me thank you for introducing this wonderful novel and then drama to us thru your blog. I just finished watching it raw on YouTube, it has been a long long time since I watched a good mando drama. The quality of production has improved by leaps and bounds in the past few years.

    Now onto the drama, anyone notice how cold the actors’ look in some scenes? FT in particular looks almost red in some scenes…is it really that cold during filming?

    I’ve been following some of your book translations as well, can anyone tell me if there is a software that can add pinying above the chinese characters from ebooks and not just google translate into broken English, ie. do whole pages at a time? Also, What software do you use to translate whole pages of chinese into English? I can read some basic chinese and your work here has encouraged me to try harder with chinese, so I can enjoy the plethora of chinese novels that I’ve been missing out on all these years. 😥

    Keep up the good works!


    • Thank you for your kind words. Lidge likes to boast that she can smell a winner, a mile away but she forgot I was the one who instigated this project at the beginning of last yr:P

      Yes, I am tell you it is really cold when they were filming bcos my dad was there at that time & he fell sick bcos of the coldness.

      Google translate has pinyin but not above the chinese characters. I use google translate into broken English then edit from there. Or you can use Bing. It is best you google your queries online as I only know how to use google translate:)

      • Just to share my experience, I don’t use google translate anymore. Lately, they have further reduced the audio translation to just under fifty characters at one time. This has slowed down my reading so much. I m now using Bing entirely, it allows audio translation of upto around 400+ characters. This sped up my reading by a mile. Only drawback is, Bing doesn’t provide pinyin.

        • That is bcos you are using your lousy ipad which I also have one & so does SS:P Google translate still works perfectly for me with my Android laptop:P I prefer google, never like Bing.

  6. it kind of funny how u guys are bashing FT leg, Well thanks to Peanut for the accessories name detail i was eyeing on his pearl bracelet since ep 1. This is just my thought or should i say illusion of wanting FT and Shan Shan ( ZH & ZLY) as a real couple in real life. I have enjoy every single min of them being together in the drama.

    • Hey, I am innocent bcos I can’t even see his legs, lol. I think your dream may be shattered bcos Phong said the bracelet is a gift from ZH’s ex-gf ZS. He is still wearing it in his new drama A Different Kind of Pretty Men which means he could still be carrying a touch for her. Anyway, according to bongsd, LY is dating Chen Xiao. Anyway, let’s hope there will be more drama from them as a couple than wishing then to date in real life:) More details on Big Boss’s clothes in epi 30 post.

      • I know LY is CX. well my day dream being crush by you thanks 🙂 I hope that LY will have more modern drama.

      • Really? I usually refrain from reading and commenting on personal lives, but I happened to click on a YT vd (maybe when I listened to Mural’s OST) where I thought ZH said he has a new girl (He said “xin huan”. xin as in new. huan as in xi-huan which means like. I’m not sure I can cut and paste characters from Google translate to here and have them show up properly). I thought he said he had posted that info on his weibo briefly. The said girl was his on-screen OTP in Sui Tang Yan Yi. Heroes of Sui & Tang Dynasty. And when that vid was over, YT offers a few links. I thought 1 said ZH and ZLY have been living together & that’s why ZS announced ZS+ZH had broken off. I didn’t note the dates of these vids. I didn’t pry further. I didn’t want to get into sordid things.
        I didn’t try to memorize these things. Don’t criticize if I got it wrong. 😉

  7. I love the fashion post. I know I’ve commented on how skinny he is, but I also think ZH wears clothes so well on his slender frame. He pulls off clothes that I would say was ugly on most other people. I mean, he even made me overlook most of his ugly, geometric print sweaters.

    I like FT’s look with the Chrome Heart glasses.

  8. Can someone tell me..
    Which episode that shan shan and feng teng kiss at grass weeds and bridge…shan shan wear coat colour blue

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