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Boss and Me (杉杉来了): Episode 30 Review & Recap



This episode is basically about the prenuptial agreement and meeting the parents. Shan Shan gets her reassurance that Feng Teng does intend to marry her and grow old with her. He also wants to have children with her. Actually, for the book purists, you can treat this as the ending of the drama as it follows the book rather closely. The next 3 episodes deviate substantially from the novel.

I’ve translated the theme song of the drama into English. It is called Promise of the Wind (Fēng Zhī Nuò Yán). In Chinese, wind is pronounced as Feng but the Feng in Feng Teng’s name does not mean wind. It is just a surname. However, the Feng in his company’s name means wind. Hence, you can say, the promise of the wind is Feng Teng’s promise to Shan Shan. Oh, the song is so sweet and appropriate. At the beginning I didn’t really like the song but I’ve since eaten back my words and like it very much now. Bongsd even has it as her ring tone, lol.  I’ve also included the 3 other songs in the drama and will translate 2 of them into English later. I’ve also found a fan-made MV to share with you here if you still can’t get enough of the drama, LOL.


Just like in the novel, Feng Teng asks Shan Shan to see the lawyer to sign a prenuptial agreement. There are two agreements, the main one and the gifting. The main agreement is to separate the interest of Shan Shan and the Feng group. In the gift agreement, Shan Shan will get everything owned by Feng Teng personally. She feels overwhelmed and decides to sign only one of the gifting agreement. Hence, Feng Teng requests to talk to her alone.

Feng Teng: Are you unhappy that I ask you to sign these agreements?

Shan Shan: No, I am not unhappy.

Feng Teng: Then, why don’t you sign?

Shan Shan: I feel a little weird. You only mentioned about the main agreement yesterday but did not say anything about others.

Feng Teng: The main agreement was drawn together by grandpa when Feng Yue got married. The purpose is to protect the conglomerate so it will not be affected in any circumstances. The gift agreement is all my personal assets.

Shan Shan:  I have no objection with the main agreement.

Feng Teng: Since the main agreement will protect the interests of the conglomerate, I will need to protect your interests. These gifts are to let you at least obtain these things under the worst scenario.

Shan Shan: Are you afraid you will mistreat me in the future ?

Feng Teng: No, I can guarantee these documents basically are waste papers, but Shan Shan, the years are too long and I don’t know what will happen in the future. At the very least, you’ll have these things as security.

Shan Shan: Feng Teng, do you know why I chose the apartment?

Feng Teng: Why?

Shan Shan: Because among all your properties, only that apartment has our shared memories. It is the only thing I really want. I don’t want all these things to affect our love and our relationship. Moreover, I am marrying you, not your money. When I’ve you, I’ll have everything. If I don’t have you, all those things are meaningless.

Feng Teng: If you don’t sign all these,  you may end up with nothing in the future.

Shan Shan: Okay.

Feng Teng: But, you’ll still have me.

Shan Shan: Okay.


Another touching incident showing Feng Teng as being so caring and protective of Shan Shan and her future. Where to find such a guy:(? You should know by now, we’e a group of girls here who bash Zhang Han’s legs but loves his hands. Hoju wrote: He has long, slender fingers while his hands still look large and comforting. I love his hand gestures too. They are very manly and command attention. I think that’s why I love the kissing scenes because he has a tendency to cup Shan Shan’s head or face, and Shan Shan’s face looks so petite in his manly hands — so safe, secure and… romantic. Hence, everyone should take a careful look at his hands and kisses, LOL.


 Shan Shan: Mum. I am going to get married!


Shan Shan’s mum informs her father that she is going to get married and tells him that it is with her Big Boss Feng Teng, haha….Shan Shan’s father is skeptical so he gets Shan Shan’s cousin, Tong Tong to do online research on Feng Teng’s background. He calls to confirm with Shan Shan that they both truly love each other and wants to make Feng Teng a suit as a present. She tries to decline but her dad insists. She tells Feng Teng that her dad wants to meet him. He says he’ll arrange a time to go back to her hometown with her.


Shan Shan tries to get Feng Teng’s measurement for her dad to make the suit. Feng Teng asks Shan Shan to celebrate Lunar New Year’s Eve at the Feng family residence and Yan Qing, Feng Yue and he will visit Shan Shan’s parents on the first day of Lunar New Year. Just like in the novel, a parcel for ‘Mrs. Feng’ has arrived. Shan Shan is overjoyed that Feng Teng addressed her as ‘Mrs. Feng’ to the security guard.  When they open the parcel, there is a suit inside.

Feng Teng: Xue Shan Shan, please explain yourself.

Shan Shan: Have I told you before, that my dad used to be a tailor?

Feng Teng: I don’t think so.

Shan Shan: Now you know. This suit is made by my dad for you. He wants you to wear the suit when you go to my hometown. If you think it is unsuitable, you can don’t wear it.


They are prepared to go to Shan Shan’s hometown. When Feng Yue sees Feng Teng’s suit, she asks him if he has changed his style to retro fashion., haha…He replies: ”Tai Shan custom-made’. Yan Qing explains Tai Shan means father-in-law:P Feng Yue quickly changes her tune and says, he looks handsome and wishes her mother-in-law will sew a skirt for her.

Feng Teng: Do I look good?

Shan Shan: Very handsome.

Feng Teng: Let’s go.

Anybody thinks Feng Teng looks handsome in that checked suit? Actually, it is not as bad as I envisage, just the cloth is out-dated:P I though the dad will make him a flamboyant colored suit to pierce our eyes, heehee……

They arrive in the hometown and are warmly received by everyone. Shan Shan’s dad wants to chat in private with Feng Teng. Feng Teng tries to convince her dad that he’ll take good care of Shan Shan. The dad will not object to their marriage provided, they don’t have a baby within 3 years of marriage. If their marriage does not work out, Shan Shan won’t be tied down by a child.


Shan Shan: Feng Teng, are you alright?

Feng Teng: Why? Are you afraid that your dad will pin me on his working table and use force on me to confess?

Shan Shan: Yes, I did envisage such a scenario.

Feng Teng:  I did feel a bit nervous when I was meeting my future father-in-law just now. Xue Shan Shan, are you questioning my negotiation ability?

Shan Shan: So, my dad has agreed to our marriage?

Feng Teng: Shan Shan, you’ve a good father.

Shan Shan: Did he give you a hard time?

Feng Teng: Yes.

Shan Shan: Huh?

Feng Teng: Your dad discussed for such a long time with me, starved me.

Shan Shan: At this time, all you can think of is eating……..Tell me what you discussed first…..

Haha, it is good to know that Feng Teng is human after all to feel a bit nervous in meeting the future in-laws. He still retain his sense of humor and hunger for food but where have all the food gone since so many complains that he is skinny:(?

During the hotpot, Shan Shan’s dad lectures her for not being able to cook well. Although Feng Teng has a cook, she should at least be able to do something like cooking for her husband. Shan Shan reassures them that she’ll be a good wife and will continue working. Her dad says that is good since they won’t be having children for 3 years so she may be bored at home. Shan Shan finds out about Feng Teng’s agreement with her dad. The gap between the 2 families are too wide so the dad did that for her own good. But why did Feng Teng agree?

Feng Teng: Are you here so late because you are not used to sleeping alone?

Shan Shan: Why did you agree with my father that we won’t have a child within three years of marriage?

Feng Teng:  Because that is your dad’s only condition to agree to our marriage. It is not something difficult to do.

Shan Shan:  Then, do you know why my dad has that condition?

Feng Teng: He is afraid our marriage will break down and has to divorce.

Shan Shan: So, do you agree with my dad’s condition because you also agreed with his view?

Feng Teng: I remembered I told you before that after marriage, we should live together as couple for a period of time first. Moreover you are still too young.  My intention and your dad’s intention is the same, so what is the difference?

Shan Shan: What do you mean about living as a couple? Does it mean if we can’t get along well, we’ll break up? If like that, why don’t you make up your mind first before marrying me?

Feng Teng: Xue Shan Shan, I’ve always planned well. Although I’ve a few past relationships, I didn’t get married. Once, I intend to get married, I will grow old with my wife. But you are different. I am your first love so once you’ve chosen me, you will have no other choice.

Shan Shan thinks: Yes, in the world of love, the one who can’t leave will lose big but if I can lean on this shoulder for support, it is okay if I’ve never win.

Feng Teng: Aiya, it looks like it’s impossible for someone to leave me arghhh..

Another sweet scenrio showing that Shan Shan can lean on Feng Teng for support, figuratively and literally:)

48 thoughts on “Boss and Me (杉杉来了): Episode 30 Review & Recap

  1. Thanks for the recap! I really enjoyed that episode.
    Btw, Zhang Han did wear the belt with the Dior suit. You can clearly see it in the scenes where Shan Shan and him met to sign the prenup papers. It’s in some of your screen caps. lol

    • Haha, thank you. I admit I am always busy subbing & never pay attention to his clothes, his hands or his legs:( I only pay attention to what he says:P Bongsd is the one who captures him, lol.

  2. You should call me several times a day so I can listen to this song more. Perhaps, I would be so busy singing with him then will forget to pick up the call. Haha

  3. I have been meaning to comment on the theme song which I like a lot as a love song its own. But I find that it doesn’t quite fit into the story. I think the song is too soulful. I would have preferred something lighter and which has a quicker beat to it, afterall it’s supposed to be a romance comedy, right?

    Peanuts is right, if you want to stay true to the book, mentally tell yourself that this is where it’s supposed to cross the finishing line. After this, the producers must have taken leave of their senses for creating such a hodgepodge to end the show.

    • Knowing that your Chinese is inadequate, I purposely translated the lyrics for you to read:P It is touching & suitable as a theme song. We dun want a silly song. You can find it in the radio drama.

      I tut u said u like the hodgepodge?

  4. I remember I had a great laugh reading the book on the part where FT had to wear a suit tailored by SS’s father. But seeing it on ZH’s body really got me rolling on the floor. For the first time in the entire series, I am liking ZH but for this scene only.

  5. Did I mention that I absolutely ❤️the red overcoat??

  6. Any of you ardent kissing fans out there noticed that each time FT and SS kiss, their heads are always tilted to the right?

    • LOL – Yes, at exactly 45 degree angle…Seriously?

      Your comment’s very cute 🙂

      I did think they looked very natural.

  7. ZH looks good in everything he is wearing even the scottish print suit. It is vintage. I like vintage style. 😉 I really laughed at the measurement part but why they cut it short. why do they have to edited all the parts that I like. before the kiss-drunk scene and now this one 😦

    Peanuts, my friend, who works in fashion. found that pair of glass, in black though. not that pretty in this color. better in purple.,139896.html

    I wear glasses. not Gucci one though, cheaper brand Cavalli in purple. hehehe. I think that s why I was able to see that the last kiss was shy compared to the other lol. the best one was the valentine’s one where he literally ate her mouth.

    My friend says that they sell more skinny pants to asian people, more to japanese because they don’t have muscle. lol. I asked her to do a list of the brand of shan shan clothes and she said last year fashion, not selling anymore, go buy new one. bah, friend have the tendency to cut short some of my little request. 😛

  8. Hey, according to my Viet sub, the last sentence which FT said is: “Aiya, it looks like it’s impossible for someone to leave me arghhh” ^^ I think that since they’ve decided to get married, FT is teasing SS that she has to stick with him forever ;)) (or maybe he’s implying that SS loves him so much that she can’t leave him, I don’t really know :P)

    *sobbing* I’ve finished watching the drama 😦 What should I do now 😦

      • The book doesn’t have that line. I can’t hear what ZH said so I make that up, lol. I’ve no problem with his legs, hands or kisses but I’ve big problem with his speeches:(

    • Thank you for your correction. I can’t hear his slurring so I made that up, lol. But my subbing is at least 90% correct, right? You can watch again to check for me since you are lost & don’t know what to do lol. Or read the book again or read my reviews, haha…….

      • Yeah, ZH’s voice is too soft, right? It’s hard to hear clearly what he is talking -_-

        • Soft, and it sounds as if he slurs his words a bit to me. There’s one part in episode 29 where I listened twice, then had to go back and just read the subtitles and listen before i fully caught it. It was when he told SS that if she wanted to have children, what she needed was *him* and not Chinese medicine. LOL. What an awesome line that I nearly missed because he doesn’t enunciate clearly.

          • Hey, which part is that in my sub? The part you don’t need medicine, you are not sick? I know I missed something but I can’t hear so I omitted it, heehee……But I replayed 5 times but still can’t catch it:((( Pls write in his weibo to improve his speech bcos poor peanuts can’t read:(

        • Yeah, right after SS thinks to herself that he wants to call off the wedding, he says “You’re not sick, you don’t need to take medicine. If you want children, what you need is me.” *taps bowl with his finger* “Not Chinese medicine.”

          I had to press pause at that line to make sure I read clearly what he said. Oh no, I could never go and criticize him on his weibo.

          • Thanks, I’ll edit my sub. Hey, that is constructive criticism, not bashing his legs, lol. Too bad I can’t write Chinese or he’ll hear from me, heehee……

        • lol, however, the Viet fans community are crazy over that soft tone of his =)) They say that his voice is so sweet, just like pouring honey into your ears lol

          As for me, yeah, I like his voice, but I can deny that it’s too damn soft to hear –____–

          Well, I don’t really care about hearing his lines that much since I don’t understand Chinese, however, it’s quite annoying when I can’t even hear the phrase “I love you” which he said in ep 16. It’s just like he breathing those words out @.@ And hearing his voice when the background music on is really a real test @/@

          • Huh? I think that is bcos the Viets speak quite loudly:P Guy should have a manly voice, not soft one. His voice is okay but needs better pronunciation.

            Hahaha, you can’t hear that? I heard that, lol. Hey, just bcos u dun understand Chinese, u dun care but u need to care for your fren me, hahaha….

          • Really? I don’t realize that lol The people around me all have soft voices (including me lol) which are, as I already said, quite annoying and hard to hear 😀

            I just like sweet and soft voice ❤ ZH's singing voice is nice, right? Such a sweet and warm voice ❤

          • Hey, I m helping with the subbing at viki, let you know 1st lol. But long way to go. Lidge said the time I finish will be the time they broadcast You’re my Sunshine:P

          • Really? So there’re a subbing team for this drama at viki now? wow, the film must be really hot ^^ Good luck 😀 I’ll go supporting you 😀

          • Ok, go & segment for me, only for the parts I’ve translated in my reviews:) Subbing is not hard but segmenting perfectly is very hard:(

          • Yes, I’ve been busy subbing so it is pretty quick in viki but where are you:P? Yes, ZH has nice voice bcos I think he took part in a singing competition then only become an actor. Later, I upload you goof on Boss & Me & they also mentioned abt ZH’s poor pronunciation so I am not bias:P

        • hey maybe you should talk to the viet sub team too because I heard they might do the english sub. not sure though

        • well I guess if viki is doing it, then they won’t do it

        • yeah will do 😛 I m glad that you stay at home.

          • What do u mean? You can also help with the subbing. Lidge told me when I finish subbing, it’ll time to watch You Are My Sunshine, lol. Btw you only know Viet & not Chinese? You finished watching your Battle of Changsha? Are you a WH’s fan?

      • I mean we would have missed you if you ll go and help sub. Subbing is time consuming. I did it before. it was fun but now between job and uni it is really hard.

        lately I was marathoning Battle of Changsha, well the HD version because I watched so many time the blurred-cable version. I know enough viet to read and listen. I can of understand some world in mandarin as it is little similar to viet and as I am studying han (vietnamese old script) so I am able to decipher some character. not that much though. add all and I could understand the basic when watching drama. But as a lazy person I am mostly waiting for review and sub in english.
        I am not a fan of WH but I like him in Battle of Changsha. I think it is the uniform 😉

  9. I got quoted! LOL. I have nothing against ZH’s legs, although now that it’s been mentioned, I have noticed they are rather thin. But as long as they are clothed, they don’t bother me. Xinn, on the other hand…

    I remember all the outfits except for the “hated half coat.” I have to see it in action again to see why it’s so hated. Which episode? It doesn’t look so bad in the still. See what I mean about the ugly geometric print sweaters? FT does wear them better than the models, but I still don’t like them. And that leopard print one which reminds me more of a cow than a leopard…

  10. Oh, I was kind of more bothered by the shirt he wore inside (his sweater? can’t remember). The shirt only showed collars when FT wrote it; white background with burgundy colored prints. It looked so much like disposable napkins that people use during the Christmas holidays. The burgundy pattern looked like the simplified 2D version of pointsettia plant. I don’t know why that bothered me for a while. 😛

  11. i wonder which website to watch this drama wth eng subs if it is available…

    anyone wth the novels for this drama?

  12. can they be anymore sweeter???? i can get diabetes if this continue… huaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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