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You Are Still Here (原来你还在这里) – Chapter 29



To borrow the words of Eminem – maybe that’s what happens when a tornado meets a volcano.

Chapter 29

Yun Jin recalled telling Shen Ju An confidently “We’re nothing alike.” It turned out that Ju An was more insightful afterall. In that moment, he had merely looked at her and smiled. In retrospect, Yun Jin found it hilarious as well. She wasn’t as independent as she believed herself to be. She didn’t know if it was the various situations that called for it or because of her innate personality but she found herself extremely reliant on Cheng Zheng.

She wasn’t as adamant in protecting her pride and dignity as her younger self. Since she had no heart or courage to leave, then she’d rather not dwell on her disappointing change and remain by his side. By treating him a little better everyday, her conscience eased up. Day by day, Yun Jin was even more attentive to Cheng Zheng’s needs and more tolerant of his every mood. In return, Cheng Zheng was more in love with her than ever. If this was not bliss, then what was it?

After working in the company for nearly two years, Yun Jin’s good performance in Customer Service caught the team leader’s attention. Thus the scout, who was chiefly responsible for her recruitment, sent an employee from Human Resource to enquire if she was willing to transfer to Market Analysis where she would participate in planning marketing strategies for enterprises. Yun Jin did not need to think twice; although Market Analysis was not as easygoing as Customer Service, there was brighter job prospects. She really needed this opportunity.

Thereafter, her workload increased tremendously. There were meetings to prepare for, proposals to write, marketing research to conduct amond other tasks. Working overtime became the norm and she even had to entertain potential clients. Yun Jin had to maintain the delicate balance between looking after Cheng Zheng meticulously and meeting the demands of her job. She shuttled between home and her workplace endlessly such that her walking pace became faster than the average person.

Cheng Zheng’s career was as promising as had been expected – he was young, intelligent and had a good grasp on his field of work. He was also willing to put in the hours and effort so it came as no surprise to anyone that he rose up to the position of group leader quickly. Following the promotion, he became more swamped with work.

Working overtime was a given. Cheng Zheng also had to review every single blueprint that was drawn. As part of his training, he was offered many opportunities to go overseas for various projects. To everyone’s surprise, this fine young man who appeared so carefree was actually easily homesick. Unless absolutely crucial, he was unwilling to travel. Even if he had to, he would return home at the first opportunity and never dallied in the foreign land.

As for social activities, he would reject all invitations. Since he was unable to get off work punctually, he cut down on his recreational time instead. He was never shy in proclaiming that he was going home to his lover. Everyone was curious to know the identity of his mysterious lover; how powerful was she that Cheng Zheng, a fine member of the male gender, could be so devoted to her?

Yun Jin knew she ought to be grateful she had such an adoring partner but she couldn’t help but feel more pressured instead. Since Cheng Zheng was so attached to her, naturally he expected the same affection in return. So whenever she neglected him, be it for work or any reasonable cause, he would sulk. She tried her best to please Cheng Zheng by spending all her spare time with him.

His love was so overwhelming that it became a burden she had to bear.

One autumn night, Yun Jin and two other colleagues finally wrapped up dinner with a client. Although her alcohol tolerance level had vastly improved from before due to the constant meetings such as this, she couldn’t walk straight after the client had plied her with two cups.

“Yun Jin are you alright? Do you need a lift back?” her male colleague asked in concerned through his lowered window as he drove up to her.

“Thanks but it’s fine!” she smiled and waved at her colleague. Cheng Zheng’s jealousy made her instinctively avoid any situations in which he might get the wrong impression. Cheng Zheng was currently overseas on assignment and wasn’t able to pick her up tonight. Thus, she was able to stay on for the full dinner course. If he were to see her in her current state, his ire would surely be raised.

On thinking of him, she fished out her handphone from her purse and had the shock of her life – she had multiple missed calls and unread texts from him:

Where are you now? Do you miss me? I wish you were with me.

I’ve completed my assignment early and am flying back soon. See you at home!

Why are you not picking up?

I’m home. I didn’t bring my keys. Where are you?

PICK UP MY CALLS! Where on earth are you? I’m at the door.

Yun Jin if you don’t appear in the next few seconds you’re dead meat.

Don’t frighten me, I’m getting worried.

The light evening breeze blew past her on this otherwise pleasant night but Yun Jin was in no mood to enjoy it. At the shock of Cheng Zheng’s ill-timed arrival home, all the alcohol influence evaporated. She didn’t dare read the remaining unread texts. She quickly hailed a cab and pleaded with the driver to use the fastest speed possible to send her back. As she panted on rushing out the elevator, she saw Cheng Zheng leaning on the metal grill. His coat was in his hand and his bags were in a heap at the side.

Yun Jin traversed the distance in a few big strides “I’m so so sorry; I didn’t think you were coming back so soon. Have you been waiting long?”

He straightened his posture and ignored her. Upon getting a wift of alcohol, his expression became even more icy. When she finally opened the main door, he deliberately stepped round her and headed in without a backward glance. Yun Jin stood at the entrance stunned but quickly recovered. She composed herself before picking up his luggage and following him in.

Cheng Zheng didn’t switch on the lights. He sat down forcefully on the couch and said not a word. Having grown accustomed to his tyrannical behaviour whenever he threw a fit, Yun Jin was at a loss at his current atypical behaviour. She turned on the lights meekly and brought his luggage to the room before sitting down across him.

“Have you eaten? Are you hungry? Shall I whip up some food for you?”

“I rather starve to death.” he gritted out.

Yun Jin forced on a smile before leaning forward and placing her hand over his “I’m sorry. My colleagues and I met with an old client today. We’ve had many interactions before so it wouldn’t be too nice to reject his invitation to dinner. Besides, I didn’t know you were coming back ahead of schedule …”

“Yeah. When you know I’ll be back, you’ll be home waiting for me. If not, you would be having a roaring good time outside. Is this how you patronize me? Su Yun Jin, sometimes I realise I don’t know you at all.” Cheng Zheng retracted his hand from her clasp.

Yun Jin inhaled sharply as she slowly brought her hand back to her side “Cheng Zheng please be reasonable. I was really only doing this because my work demands it. It was way too noisy tonight so I didn’t hear the phone ringing in my bag. I didn’t think you would forget your keys either. I’ve already apologised, what more do you want?”

“Don’t make out your stupid job to be so important! It’s just drinking with dirty old men isn’t it? I’ve waited at the door for you for three hours. THREE HOURS. To think I rushed home the moment I finished my duties there. Since disembarking from the plane, I’ve not even had a drop of water.”

“I know you’re angry but you have your career and I have mine. I’ve never stopped you from entertaining clients so shouldn’t you spare a thought for me as well?”

“I don’t know how to see things from your perspective. I’m not mature enough and I’m no Shen Ju An. I’m not as warm and understanding as he is. I don’t even know who is in your heart and honestly I don’t care anymore.”

Yun Jin couldn’t hold it in any longer. She wanted so badly to slap him but her rational side reminded her that anger would not lead anywhere. Thus she decided not to argue with him any further. She would give him space to cool down, after all why add fuel to fire? She tried hard to temp down her emotions as she rose and said “I’ll go get you some water.”

Cheng Zheng watched her go coldly. When she extended the cup of water to him he struck it “Su Yun Jin, are you aware that I hate it whenever you’re like this? You keep everything inside and don’t voice your thoughts. Are you even capable of anger? Of feelings? You always have this wronged look, like you have to accommodate me. I want a human lover, one that has emotions and not an all-serving robot who sleeps with me.”

Yun Jin’s outstretched hand was thrown to a side viciously and half of the water spilled out. She steadied herself before throwing the remaining water in Cheng Zheng’s face. She dashed the empty glass on the floor where it smashed to smithereens loudly.

Yun Jin’s voice was unsteady “I think we’re both satisfied at how things turned out.”

The water coursed down Cheng Zheng’s face but he made no move to wipe it dry. He pointed a solitary finger at the door “Leave. I don’t want to see you.”

Without a moment’s hesitation, Yun Jin got to her feet but Cheng Zheng was faster. He jumped up and used his brute strength to pin her tightly onto the couch. Yun Jin was in great pain and she glared hatefully at him. In the midst of their struggling, both fell off the couch onto the floor. Cheng Zheng’s body was now under hers so before he could react, she struggled up to get away from him. Alas, he was agile and with lightning speed, he grabbed at her ponytail to stop her from escaping.

Yun Jin was in so much pain that tears were forming. She couldn’t hold it in as she whirled around and slapped him. Her sharp nails drew fresh blood on Cheng Zheng’s neck. Just like a leopard that smelt a whiff of blood, Cheng Zheng lost his senses and shoved her on the floor with renewed rigour before forcefully ripping off her clothes and his own.

Yun Jin knew what he wanted but under such circumstances, they would be no different from animals so she valiantly tried to fight him off even though she was no match for him. She was the injured, dying prey to his vicious predator. In no time, Cheng Zheng established his victory. Yun Jin felt defeated and she surrendered, allowing him to do as he wanted with her.

How could two lovers be so close physically yet so distant emotionally? The moment Cheng Zheng got what he wanted, he felt an acute sense of loss. He pressed his forehead gently against hers and mumbled “Is it I who have hurt you or you who have hurt me? What must I do to have you, all of you?”

Yun Jin felt dead inside “Let it go Cheng Zheng. Let’s go our separate ways. We’ll both be happier.”

Cheng Zheng shook his head slowly but resolutely “No. I will never let go. Even if our love drags us down to hell, I still want to be with you.”

30 thoughts on “You Are Still Here (原来你还在这里) – Chapter 29

  1. this chapter caused me much frustration, my blood boiled.

    Yun Jin’s accommodating to Cheng Zheng’s way did cause him to be more ignorant. In no way do I agree with his action, that’s not on!

  2. You know, whether it dramas, novels or movies I am used to other persons being the obstacles to my OTP; very rarely is the biggest obstacle for an OTP, the OTP themselves. Normally, I would say, “These two just need to talk it out.” Never before have I wanted the OTP to break-up so badly. This, is NOT healthy!! I usually when they have the couple separate for a few years and “find themselves” but this might just be this couple’s only saving grace. They need to separate, whether it be two years, five years or forever. The romantic in me would hope that they would meet again and rekindle their love after they’ve found themselves and resolved their own personal issues, but for now, no, just NO!

    • I’m not sure I even want them to rekindle their love. They definitely need time apart to self-reflect and grow up. Their relationship is very unhealthy.

      • Completely agree with you two! Though I must add that I LOVE that everything boils down to our two leads without annoying interference from other characters which is the usual staple in dramas/novels. It makes the story feel less contrived cause c’mon how many exaggerated villains exist in reality?

    • I believe we are on the same page with the same point of view…. I’m just glad i left this ship before it went under…i could hear the alarm bells ringing when she was juggling work and “taking care of him” when he is not a child… He’s really immature, and i dont like characters that use love as an excuse for horrible, beastly and uncouth behaviour…i think they both need breathing space. In the first place, i dont even know why she agreed to live with him and be the “all- serving robot that sleeps with him”. He is just so…….
      I think they both need a break…and we too. One true pairing?? All lies!!!

  3. Is this real? A man like CZ? I kinda hate.introverts like YJ. I felt, she’s selfish and ungrateful…to be worship like that. Say it gurl…say what u want….nobody’s a mind reader!!!

    U always downplay as a victim. Who wants to become an over zealous monster? I ♡ stupid & silly CZ! U dont deserve his… whatever!

    • YJ’s self-respect was chipped away until she lost herself, I guess. But love should build up, not tear down.

      Actually, rather than YJ, I thought it was CZ who was selfish/ungrateful. He’s full of contradictions here and really looked down on YJ. YJ’s already outlined the differences between them plenty of times, right? Even if she hadn’t, it’s unfair of CZ to expect her to be like like him/love like he does.

      • In my humble opinion, Cheng Zheng went too far this time though I don’t think it’s because he looks down on her. His need to “possess” all of her is really unhealthy and as you’ve said Yun Jin has already brought this up before so Cheng Zheng really shouldn’t make such demands on her.

  4. I am speechless!

  5. Wow.. He pulled her hair .. How intense..

  6. What a slippery slope they slide unto… How tempestuous n fiery is their relationship!!!
    CZ loves obsessively n control freak while YJ’s self worth is being compromised!
    Rape is still rape – so not cool CZ!
    Thank you very much for translating 🙂
    We appreciate your effort 🙂

  7. They need some separation, cool off, to rekindle their affection towards each other. Really. They need some time apart.

    • Luckily Cheng Zheng is not a politician whose career depends on his popularity cause his approval ratings sure nosedived in this chapter 😦

      Totally agree with you! 🙂

  8. this guy got some mental problem… this is such a turn off.. i feel like wanna drop this novel

  9. Im mulling over his actions…… two cents worth is that CZ still feels insecure after all these years cos of his difficult pursuit of YJ and the subsequent rejections of his love. Even tho they are together these couple of years yet his deep seated insecurity where she is concerned still bothered him deep down that he felt the need to possess her, that she his at his beck and call, … jolt her out of her shell most times…..he is still a little boy at heart cos the things he loves dearly he is not able to let go hence his tight rein on her.

    Im not too sure YJ has ever assured him of her love, dun forget his anger when he found out that she borrowed money from JA and not him when he is her closest and dearest……even tho I understand her reluctance to borrow from CZ yet I do not condone her actions to ask JA for a loan knowing very well that it will be discovered sooner rather than later. Does she have a death wish or something? Cant understand her thot process for this………..

    The scene where he was eagerly rushing back after his trip was meant with a 3 hours wait without knowing what has happened to her (he must have entertained all kinds of wild thoughts by then) only to be met by her smelling of alcohol………and to top off an emotionally charged night with him forcing himself on her must be a harbinger of things to come. Yet, he still felt the need to voice his deepest fear….what must he do to get all of her (that he wont feel that she is holding back part of herself from him as I felt the same way as CZ, that YJ always held part of herself back not able to give all of herself to him)…..but all his actions consciously or unconsciously put a death knell to their fragile relationship.

    I pity both of them but I pity CZ more as he seemed to have loved deeper however childishly and selfishly by giving his all yet YJ seldom verbalised all that she felt……

    Thanks for translating this novel, I do echo someone who said …..that this novel seems to be written in English! Keep up the good work….more C novels to come under your hands to make it magical for us! Cheers

  10. I don’t like CZ character in this chapter.. I feel like wanna stop reading this novel, but it’s halfway already

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  12. First I have to congratulate SYJ on her patience and endurance. I think it’s better to them to go their separate ways. They both need some kind of space to develop and mature. They should be able to express their minds without tip-toeing around or accommodating each other.

    CZ needs a lot of help. I don’t think it’s possible to possess someone the way he wants to possess SYJ. If he wants to do that, he should just get a robot or whatever. She wasn’t born or made to love him and only him alone. She has her OWN dreams, desires and aspirations. I wonder if they ever spoke about such things.

    This kind of relationship is downright exhausting physically, emotionally and mentally.

  13. Oh my god this chapter is so intense

  14. oh my! my thoughts are scattered after this chapter.
    CZ is overly possessive while YJ is i dont know how to describe her…

  15. I had read this before. Yet it still the same depressing feeling 😭 so tragic

  16. Wow. Just wow. This whole relationship between Su Yun Jin and Cheng Zheng is toxic. I really really hate Cheng Zheng in this chapter. He is not a kid or teen anymore, yet he still doesn’t have any mature way of thinking. He really jeopardize this relationship. Poor Yun Jin. It’s not a surprise that she wanted a break from that toxic relationship.

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