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Silent Separation (何以笙箫默) – Gu Man (Chapter 10.3)


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Peanuts: I left all of you with a cliff-hanger more than a month ago so I hope nobody has fallen off the cliff:P Did you miss Yi Chen or Mo Sheng, haha? I’ll try to update weekly so that at least I’ll finish the translation before the drama is broadcast but no promise because I am busy and is also feeling  rather slack:P The last part of chapter 10 is basically about the 2 important men in Mo Sheng’s life. We get an insight into Yi Chen’s thoughts as well as the beginning of Ying Hui’s back story.

Chapter 10.3: No Escape (translated by lidge and edited by peanuts)

She could not believe she could be so calm. She knew sooner or later she would have to face the consequences of her previous marriage, but not at this time in front of so many of Yi Chen’s friends. Even if Yi Chen could endure it, she did not want him to be a gossip target because of her past. Yi Chen has always been full of pride.

“Wrong person? How can that be? Hehe…..Mrs. Ying, are you joking?” President Lin laughed out loudly and was a little embarrassed, yet he did not want to leave.

With the situation stalling, the door of the hotel was pushed open.

“Welcome!” The hotel’s attendants in uniform said respectfully and attracted everyone’s attention.

Escorted by a big group of people, a handsome man in the prime of his life carrying an expensive handmade suit walked in. His footsteps moving unhurriedly and his manner imposing. The bright lights in the lobby shone on him, highlighting his honor and importance.

Su Min noticed there were  a few C University’s leaders in the group. Hence, she could not help but looked at the man walking in the center, wondering who he could be to have the faculty leaders acting in complete deference.

At this moment, President Lin was so happy that he called out and waved his hand excitedly, “President Ying, your wife is here.”

The words “President Ying” suddenly reminded Su Min of someone — Ying Hui, President of SOSO, who donated a new building to the university.

The moment President Lin’s voice was heard, Ying Hui had already stopped walking and turned towards their direction. The group of people surrounding him also stopped in their footsteps. He hesitated for a few seconds, raised his eyebrows and walked straight towards them.

Appearing like he did not see Mo Sheng standing there looking stunned, Ying Hui walked past her and politely greeted President Lin: “So it’s President Lin, I was planning to visit you tomorrow. I didn’t expect to see you here.”

President Lin felt flattered and said: “You are too kind, it is actually my good fortune to see President Ying.  Haha, President Ying, this is Mrs. Ying, right? Just a moment ago, Mrs. Ying firmly said I made a mistake.” He was pointing at Mo Sheng.

Ying Hui casually glanced at Mo Sheng, then laughed: “There is a little resemblance, but my wife is on vacation in Switzerland. President Lin, your eyesight is failing.”

“Ah? Ah?” President Lin glanced suspiciously at Mo Sheng and stuttered, “Yes, yes, now I see they don’t look that alike.”

While saying that, he bowed repeatedly to Mo Sheng. “I’m sorry, I’ve made a mistake. Miss, I’m sorry.”

Mo Sheng shook her head slightly.

“What a chance encounter, better than an invitation. President Lin, if you don’t mind, please join us for a simple meal.”

“Of course, of course.”

While talking, the two of them walked away together.

Mo Sheng looked up and saw Yi Chen looking expressionlessly in Ying Hui’s direction, his eyes deep and unreadable making it hard to understand his mood. Sensing her uneasiness, Yi Chen looked away and lowered his head to speak to her. His intonation was unexpectedly a lot more gentle than when he scolded her just now at the roadside.

But of course, he still appeared a little solemn.

“Think about what to write for your self-reflection report when we get home.”

“……” Mo Sheng stared expressionlessly at him, her brain not working.

Yi Chen accepted a cigarette from Lao Yuan, “I’ve just told you how to cross the road, have you forgotten already?”


Ying Hui and his group were guided by the hotel attendant into the elevator reserved for VIPs. The split second before the elevator doors closed, Ying Hui seemed inadvertently looking at Yi Chen who at the same time was also looking at him with his penetrating gaze.

This short and sudden interlude caused everyone not knowing how they should react. But seeing Yi Chen looked at ease and began to chat and joke again, they did not suspect anything was amiss. After all, Ying Hui was very famous, so Zhao Mo Sheng was a great distance from his level. It seemed inconceivable, if they were truly husband and wife.

Very soon, the manager notified them that an empty table was available. Because of their mistake, they have wasted the time of the guests. Hence, to express their regret, a 20% discount for everything except beverages will be given.

Calculating that he could save hundreds of yuans, Lao Yuan immediately felt rather happy.

During the get together, the atmosphere was lively. Everyone was eager to talk about the many interesting stories that had happened in the Law Faculty. Mo Sheng was preoccupied but sometimes when she heard something funny, she also could not help laughing. Someone even recalled and joked about Mo Sheng’s answer when she was called on in the criminal law class.

Mo Sheng was embarrassed. She quietly asked Yi Chen how he knew since he was obviously not in his class year.

Yi Chen smiled: “Don’t you know you’re famous?”

Actually, Professor Zhou told the story about Mo Sheng to students in later class years. He said there was a little girl who followed her boyfriend to class. She was called upon to answer a question, the result was…… Professor Zhou told the story in a vivid manner, always making his students laugh out loud.

Later, there was even a junior who did not know Yi Chen well, but asked: “Are you the boyfriend of the girl Professor Zhou spoke about? Why I’ve never seen your girlfriend?”

At that time, Mo Sheng was no longer there.

After being forced by Lao Yuan to drink several glasses of wine, Yi Chen got up to go to the bathroom.

When he found the bathroom based on the direction from a waiter staff, he opened the door.

Someone was already in there.

The man was washing his hands. He turned his head when Yi Chen walked in then straightened his body.

Yi Chen unconsciously stopped walking and met the man’s eyes in the mirror –– Ying Hui.

For a moment, there was only silence in the small bathroom.

“He Yi Chen.” After a while, Ying Hui spoke first, “I’ve heard a lot about you.”

“It’s nothing.” Yi Chen calmly looked back at Ying Hui, “Mr. Ying is the one who is famous.”

“Why don’t you ask how I know your name?” Ying Hui turned off the water then turned to face Yi Chen, his gentle eyes not matching with his serious image. He said slowly: “My ex-wife used to search for that name in the search engine I developed.”

They returned home very late.

During dinner, Lao Yuan and Su Min forced Mo Sheng to drink a lot of wine. When they walked out of the hotel, she felt dizzy and had to lean on Yi Chen for support. She promptly fell asleep as soon as she was helped into the car.

Yi Chen carried her into the bedroom and put her on the bed. Mo Sheng quickly crawled under the quilt, curling up and sleeping soundly. Probably from being drunk, Mo Sheng’s cheeks were bright red and her long eyelashes obediently closed downward.

Yi Chen gazed at her for a long time, before he finally lowered his head and kissed her forehead.

“Did he also kiss you this way?”

Yi Chen’s low voice revealed his emotion which he had struggled to hide.

He did not want Mo Sheng to see the pain in his eyes when she wake up.

Yi Chen lowered his head again and put his face next to Mo Sheng’s, their breathing intertwined.

Was he also this close to you?

Did he also receive your smile and passion?

Did he also……

Yi Chen commanded himself to stop thinking further.

He thought they were in the same situation, he was alone in this world, whereas she was in another world. She would come back one day or he could not wait anymore and go look for her……

Actually, from the beginning of this year, he already planned to go abroad by the end of the year, even knowing the world is like a vast sea of people.

But shortly after, she had returned.

And looked at him like a stranger.

Then told him she has been married.

If someone was with her so she was not alone, should he not be glad?

But Yi Chen realized sadly he could not think like that.

He cared very much.

Cared about her losing her spiritual self.

Mo Sheng still breathed evenly.

Yi Chen gently tucked her in, stood up, walked out and closed the door.

It was very cold late at night in November. Even in a bustling city like A City, the street has very few people left.

Ying Hui sat next to the windows of a tea house that open 24 hours. He looked out to see a man walking towards the tea house. Even the darkness of the night could not conceal any of his handsome appearance and outstanding demeanor. Ying Hui knew the man Mo Sheng could not forget must be extraordinary, but Yi Chen exceeded his expectation.

Such a man must also have been outstanding when he was a student, so how did Mo Sheng manage to catch him?

If he was to compete with Yi Chen at C University in the same era, who would win? Ying Hui who was also a popular figure in C University during his time, evaluated this in his heart.

If so, he may encounter Mo Sheng first. Maybe everything will be different?

But even if he met her first at university, a proud and arrogant person like him at that time would probably not fancy Mo Sheng.

Serendipity is a mysterious thing.

While Ying Hui was lost in thoughts, He Yi Chen has already sat down across from him.

“I thought you’d be late.”

“I’m always punctual.” Yi Chen said in an ordinary tone as he flipped through the drink menu and gave it back to the waiter, “Mao Jian (a kind of green tea) please, thank you.”

The waiter walked away.

Ying Hui looked straight at Yi Chen and said something astonishing: “What can I do to make you give up?”

Getting to the point so suddenly was a provocative move, but this did not unnerve Yi Chen like Ying Hui wanted. Yi Chen retained his composure: “Mr. Ying, I think this question is pointless.”

“Lawyer He speaks so eloquently and gives people a headache.” Ying Hui smiled and leaned back. He clasped his hands, “It doesn’t seem like Mo Sheng told you anything about me.” His tone was certain because he realized this when he saw what happened in the lobby.

“Indeed, she didn’t say much.” At first, he did not let her say. Later, Mo Sheng probably did not dare to say. He also seemed to subconsciously defer dealing with this matter indefinitely.

In fact this was so out of character. However, after meeting Mo Sheng, inevitably there will be exception.

Ying Hui smiled and seemed lost in thoughts. After some time, he asked: “Is lawyer He interested to hear my version?”

Yi Chen lifted up his eyes.

“Of course, since I’ve come here.”

In the midst of the sweet smelling tea, Ying Hui became silent. Maybe he really didn’t know where to start his story……..

Seven years ago, Ying Hui had a turning point in his life.  It was his most promising and also most desperate year.

Ying Hui who studied aboard in S University in California actually came from an average rural family. Due to his poor family background, Ying Hui has never thought of studying abroad while he was studying in C University even though his grades were outstandingly good. At that time, the Mathematics genius who many professors felt will have a promising future merely wanted to find a good pay and stable job. Then, he can bring his parents to the city to stay with him, get married, have children and live an ordinary life.

But this dream was quickly shattered.

On the day before graduation, his girlfriend of three years was sad but determined to break up with him.

Ying Hui was shocked and found it hard to comprehend, especially after learning that she was already involved with the son of the department head for some time. He was disappointed and angry.

“Ying Hui, I’m sorry!” Confronted with his questioning, his girlfriend appeared sorrowful, “I was too naive before, I thought the world was simple. But when I was graduating and searching for a job, I realize that no matter how good my grades are, if I don’t  have a powerful backing, no one will give me a chance. You knew about my application to stay on at the university. But did you know, I’ve suffered many grievances? You can’t help me. He’s not as good as you in all aspects, but at least he can help me to proudly lift my head high before everyone in the department……”

“Ying Hui, I don’t want my pride to gradually be chipped away by the hardships in life. Maybe you’ll be successful in the future, but how long do I have to wait? When that happens, my youth is already gone, so what’s the point? I want a respectful life, but you can’t give that to me. You can’t protect my dignity. Ying Hui, I still love you, but I’m sorry, I have too much pride.”

Ying Hui was left speechless.

That night, he could not sleep. The next day, with bloodshot eyes, he phoned his parents. He decided to apply for a scholarship to study in the U.S.

His study abroad was arranged quickly. On the day he left, his girlfriend was not among the students who saw him off. Unlike other students who left reluctantly, Ying Hui was calm. No one guessed the ambition hiding in his serene eyes.

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    As for YH’s character, I don’t really care at this point of the story. If his character was introduced earlier, maybe I would have more passion for his character.

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    • Haha, it is probably the author’s intention to introduce YH late. By that time I was too invested in YC to care abt YH no matter how good & nice he is. The drama may introduce him early but I am shallow:P With Kevin as YH, I’ll never abandon my YC/WC, lol.

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    • 12 chapter, 5 extra stories and 1 Gu Man’s letter. I think 5 extra stories is the most important part in order to see all the true meanings from Silent Separation. Sorry for my bad English 😦 Hope you see

      • Thanks lavender for answering and your English is fine. Yes, I’ll translate every single bits so don’t worry:) I’ll try to finish the novel translation b4 you get to see Yi Chen alive on the screen:)

    • Gu Man has written the novel very well. Even with such a simple plot, it has been a bestseller in China for a decade. She took 7 years to write the novel so of course I’ve to take a long time to translate it as I need to understand and find the best words to describe them in English. I’ve to do the original novel justice so be patient:P I can promise you that you don’t need to wait for 7 yrs lol.

      I believe I am better at translating funny novel bcos of my wicked sense of humor lol. I’ll leave the serious novels to the other translators especially lidge who is an angst queen lol.

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