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Come & Eat, Shan Shan (杉杉来吃) – Interesting Tidbits on Life After Marriage (Part 5)



Surprise!!! I’ve saved the best for last:P This post should satisfy those who feel that the drama is incomplete and want more. This is really the last  tidbit in the novel.  The only thing I’ve not translated is the joint epilogues with Just One Smile is Very Alluring and they are all about online gaming and interactions.

Come & Eat, Shan Shan and Just One Smile is Very Alluring, both novels have been reprinted with new covers and released a week ago with more freebies compared to the first edition. Those freebies look really good so I am contemplating if I should get them but I can’t  read so I’ve to think twice about it. This cover picture is one of the free poster. Can you guess who are the 4 kids in the picture and the 2 men in the basketball court? Gu Man did complain that the 2 men were drawn too small for anyone to take notice of them.

Interesting Tidbits on Life After Marriage – Part 5 (translated by lidge and edited by peanuts)

The Worries Of Future Mother-In-Law Shan Shan

The person in charge of Beijing Zhi Yi Technologies called Mr. Xiao who is the business partner of a technology company under Feng Teng Conglomerate and his wife will be passing by S City, so they specially pay a visit to Feng Teng.

Ever since Shan Shan finds out that the chief game designer of  Dreams of JiangHu II will drop by her house, she has been waiting in excitement. She asks Feng Teng out of curiosity: “Have you seen Mr. Xiao, I’ve heard he’s very handsome?”

Feng Teng glares at her, “I’ve met him but I don’t remember much. His wife is very pretty though.”

He fails to make Shan Shan jealous for even a little bit. Instead, she cries out “oh oh”. Shan Shan’s eyes are shining even brighter: “Really? What a perfect couple!”

As she speaks, she looks outside anxiously, “Why aren’t they here yet?”

At 1pm, Mr. Xiao and Mrs. Xiao arrive right on time, Mr. Xiao is truly handsome and elegant with an unmatched demeanor. Mrs. Xiao is truly beyond beautiful with a dazzling radiance. Together the couple is like the sun and the moon complementing each other’s brilliance, shining brightly.


That is not the main point!

The main point is that Mr. Xiao and Mrs. Xiao each holds a little boy!

Oh oh oh, how can two such adorable boys exist in the world! Shan Shan’s eyes are fixated on the kids. Her eyes are unable to move to Mr. Xiao and Mrs. Xiao, no matter how remarkable they look.

The older boy takes the initiative to introduce himself to her in a childish voice: “Hello auntie, I’m Cong Cong.”

Shan Shan is flattered and squats down: “Hi, Cong Cong.”

Cong Cong nods his head. With a serious face, he points to the little baby in Mr. Xiao’s arms: “That’s my baby brother, Yue Yue!”

The baby brother Yue Yue who is in Mr. Xiao’s arms, doesn’t have much expression on his pretty little face. He looks lazily at Shan Shan, then turns away arrogantly, showing off his tender small bottom…..

Mrs. Xiao is embarrassed and says: “Yue Yue is a bit shy.”

That is not shy, that is obviously arrogance, but not a problem! The meaty round bottom is very cute!

“It’s all right, it’s all right.” Shan Shan waves her hands repeatedly.

After exchanging conventional greetings, the two men begin to talk business. Shan Shan entertains Mrs. Xiao in the garden by drinking tea and enjoying the scenery. Of course, the most important thing is to look after the two adorable little boys…..

The chef brings out snacks that children usually like. Wang Bo mysteriously finds a lot of toys from somewhere. Shan Shan holds the tender baby Yue Yue in her arm. She gazes at the fair big brother Cong Cong. Suddenly, she feels life is too perfect.

However, this perfect life can’t last long, as after more than two hours, Mr. Xiao and Mrs. Xiao say their good-byes. Shan Shan reluctantly walks with them all the way to the gate: “The next time, you must bring Cong Cong and Yue Yue to visit us again.”

When their car disappears from view, Shan Shan has no choice but to revert her gaze. She looks in a daze for a while then runs back into the house in excitement.

“Feng Teng, Feng Teng, if we have a daughter we can marry her off to Cong Cong or Yue Yue…… But who do you think is better?”

Shan Shan finds it hard to choose. Cong Cong is talented and cute. Yue Yue might be arrogant but is very handsome. It is too difficult to choose. Oh no, Shan Shan’s daughter is not even born yet but so troublesome already…..

Unexpectedly, Feng Teng refuses right away: “No way.”

Shan Shan is annoyed: “Why not?”

Feng Teng snorts: “My daughter will not be married off to someone because her husband has to live with us.”

On the plane, Mrs. Xiao, who has always been in excellent health, suddenly sneezes and wonders: “Is someone talking about me?”

Mr. Xiao who is holding the newspapers, casually replies: “Did you catch a cold? Last night, on the balcony……”

He does not get to finish talking as Mrs. Xiao blushes and stuffs a biscuit into his mouth……

At the Feng household……

Shan Shan opens her mouth, then closes it. The mind of a capitalist is truly different from the average person.  “…..Fine, our son-in-law living with us is a good idea, but which boy will do that? “

Why don’t we have two daughters?” Feng Teng asks.

“There may be a little problem with the technique……” Shan Shan says without thinking, then suddenly, she snaps out of it. Wait a minute, what did Big Boss say?

Shan Shan jumps up in excitement, “Finally, you want to have a baby!!!”

Feng Teng’s face darkens: “You’re the one having the baby!”

Of course, she will have the baby!

Shan Shan excitedly prepares for her pregnancy…..

First, needs to get rid of a certain something in the house! At least, it won’t be used for one year!  Do not throw, do not know. Now that she is throwing them away, she is startled to find out there are so many = =

Then, it is time to calculate the ovulation period……

Furthermore, should she also pay attention to what she eats?

Finally, Shan Shan gathers a thick stack of information and also photostats a copy for Feng Teng. As a result, President Feng tosses everything away without even one glance.

Shan Shan protests: “You need to also read it, as there is information about what a prospective father should pay attention to.”

“No need this troublesome, we just need to try hard a few more times.”


After trying over and over, Shan Shan is drained of energy. She says weakly: “Why do I feel that nowadays you……”

Feng Teng says calmly: “Don’t you want to give birth to twins? This means we have to make double the effort…….”

Shan Shan wants to cry.

Shan Shan quickly becomes pregnant, this time is for certain. Big Boss’s capability and hard work cannot be taken lightly!…..


After the first three months, the first ultrasound shows it really is twins! Everyone in the Feng family is elated! Shan Shan truly worships her Big Boss! Two more months later, an important business partner from U.S., suddenly flies in to pay Feng Teng a visit, so Feng Yue accompanies Shan Shan to go for an ultrasound and discovers the twins are a boy and a girl!

Feng Yue is thrilled and immediately takes out her mobile phone to give to Shan Shan: “Hurry, tell my big brother.”

In the meeting room, Feng Teng puts away the mobile phone. His partner looks at him and asks smilingly: “It appears there is good news?”

Feng Teng smiles: “Yes, I recently obtained double ‘diversified’ profits from an investment.”

The partner immediately congratulates and praises him. Feng Teng is modest by saying: “It’s nothing, it’s nothing, I invested a lot of energy, it’s not as if I didn’t have to do anything.”

Thinking back of President Feng’s great efforts previously, he really did invest a lot of energy……

On this end, Feng Teng and the business partner continue to talk about the mysterious investment. Due to ‘commercial confidentiality’ reason, specifically what type of investment cannot be revealed, cannot be revealed……

Over at the hospital, after feeling happy, the pregnant Shan Shan is worried again…..

If the twins are a boy and a girl, then there is only one girl available. Cong Cong and Yue Yue, who to marry her off to? Oh no, that is incorrect, who is more appropriate to stay with them?


49 thoughts on “Come & Eat, Shan Shan (杉杉来吃) – Interesting Tidbits on Life After Marriage (Part 5)

  1. thanks peanuts!!!! really this is the last tidbits?? it’s really make me frustrated… i really want to know how tent feng take care of the baby lol but once again thanks peanuts!!!

    • Honestly, this is the last bit by GM:) But there could be fanfic floating around or you can write your own fanfic:P Once in a blue moon, GM may write an epilogue especially during festive season or when she is reprinting the book. Also, you may get to read abt FT & SS in Silly & Elite, the spin-off novel which she’ll continue later.

      Btw, don’t expect Big Boss to look after the children. You know who has to do the hard work:P

  2. thanks lidge and peanuts. This gave me closure to what the drama ending could have been, definitely all giddy ^^

  3. ohhh!! so cute! 🙂 such a shame there is no more 😦 but, thank you, they are so nice couple 🙂

  4. SS is so cute the babies are not born yet but she already thinks about the marriage of her children. As always even after marriage, SS will still and always be SS 😀

  5. ah thanks peanuts and lidge 🙂 the cover so cuteeee , haha i was wonder if i’m the only one ,who want Gu Man continue the story with Cong – Cong, Yue – Yue and the twins 😀

  6. Suddenly there is a tidbit of SS. You know I can’t even believe in my eyes lol

    lol, this is still the funniest tidbit of SS =))
    Really, Big Boss’s talent can not be taken lightly. If he wants to have twins, he’ll have them lol.
    Among the three couples, SS and FT are the only ones who have daughter. The little girl must be cherished ❤ I love little girl too. If she's like SS, she must be too cute for words, kyahhhhh

    • Only SS can make you come out of hiding, lol. I saved this for the nice new pic from GM. I knew she gonna reprint the books with the kids picture:P

      Big Boss is not so powerful after all bcos he can’t get 2 daughters lol. I suspect the girl will be like FT bcos usually girl will take after the dad. Hence, she’ll match Cong Cong better. Just look at the picture, she is sticking to Cong Cong like glue, lol.

      • Huh? So the bigger boy is Cong Cong? And the little girl is SS’s unborn daughter? I think the picture is very cute but don’t really understand it @.@

        I think Big Boss is indeed powerful ‘cuz he can “product” a boy-&-girl twin 😛 Plus the Feng family need a heir to take care of the Feng’s group and his eldest son will take that responsibility =))

        • Aiyo Phong, there are only 4 kids in the pic. The biggest is Cong Cong and the other arrogant looking one is Yue Yue. The 2 little babies are FT’s kids. I included 2 new pictures drawn by Eno for the new novel in my novel translation so you’ve to search for them if you want to see them lol.

          Hey, you are outdated:P You don’t need to a son to inherit. A woman also can do as good a job:)

  7. Thanks Peanuts! I just read some C-novels, can i send over to you for post on the bar? Thought of sharing them with fellow readers. Thanks.

  8. Thanks Peanuts, much appreciated!

  9. Hi Peanuts, I suppose I am one of your lurkers.

    Thanks for translating C-Novels therefore making them more assessable to people like me. ( aka Chinese learners) However, this last cute coda from the writer motivated me to make some observations.

    The writer is saying both Shan Shan and Feng Teng reverting back to the “traditional Confucian” role were the parents decide Marriage Partners/life choices for their children. For me that was never part of the book, more the opposite.

    The class/socio economic difference was dealt with. And Feng Tengs thoughts on the issue were more liberal than hers and her parents. I thought the writer Gu Man was very clever making him without immediate elder family therefore cutting out the whole inter-generational issue.

    The Workplace issues were focusing mainly on gossip and the wish of the employees to marry well or up.e.g. dating ban is not something you can issue. But dating between different hierarchical levels needs to be codified ( to avoid sexual harassment -l, unfair dismissal laws )

    • Haha, it takes a lot of courage to come out of hiding, lol. Thank you for your comment and support.

      Huh, I think you are reading too much into the book. I think GM’s intention is to create humor on how anxious & excited FT & SS are for their children. I doubt they’ll force their daughter to marry Xiao Nai & Wei Wei’s children if she is not willing. Actually it is good to have your family involvement as at least they’ll like your future hubby & his family and also you’ll know him & his family well. But ultimately it is the daughter’s choice.

  10. I remember reading this cute epilogue exactly the way it’s translated here. Until this very day I just cannot imagine the amount of work and effort put in to translate all these books. Amazing job!!! Well done!!! What else can I say??

    • Yes, I put in many hrs of hard labor to make the translation as perfect as possible & I think I can say the same for all the other translators on this blog except lidge:P Tell me if you manage to find any error in my translations but I need to put a disclaimer for chapters 1 to 18 bcos I was slack & didn’t check lidge’s work properly:P

      • I know you didn’t translate ch 1 – 18, I can tell the difference. Oops, I’m gonna get skinned for this….just kidding, Lidge.😜

        • What is that supposed to mean? I’ll treat that as a compliment lol. You’ve to take into consideration poor lidge translated fr the Viet version & the wrong version lol so she is not as accurate as me:P

  11. OMG I loved this series I couldn’t stop laughing and read the whole thing in 1 night. Thank you 🙂
    A question is it possible to download your translation so I can read them and re read them off line and when im travelling?
    I would really love that if possible

  12. OH I LOVE THIS!! Does this story have spin-off or can you suggest other stories by the same author? 🙂

  13. Hi Peanuts, Thanks for your effort. When can we have the Interesting Tidbits on Life After Marriage Part 6, 7 & 8??? I am very eager to know the ending story…..

    • All the tidbits after marriage have been fully translated. Some parts have 2 tidbits, so all 8 tidbits have been translated. Shan Shan is pregnant with twins is THE END.

  14. Hi Peanuts,

    just wanna say thank you for being my withdrawal syndrome savior. I just finished watch this drama. mandarin drama is not my cup of tea, however, my friend recommended this drama and daangg… I love it.
    I really hope there’ll be 2nd season or short drama for the after marriage life? *wishful thinking*

    btw, do you have any other books recommendation ? with similar character like FT… you know the alpha type with less angst story? hahahaha… forgive me for being too crazy over this

    • Never say never. Maybe not in the near future but in the future who knows? China drama likes to milk the cow till dry lol.

      You can try reading my Wipe Clean After Eating translation, as many felt the lead is rather similar to FT. As for drama, give Just You, a tdrama with Aaron Yan & Puff Gao a try as a bit like Boss & Me.

      • thanks a lot for the recommendation. surely will read it… i don’t think i can start to watch other drama yet, it will take some times for me to move on to another drama hhehehe..especially when its drama really loved by me. same effects like i watch itazura na kiss / it started with a kiss/ playful kiss.. same story but every version has its own attraction.

  15. Love this novel…thanx’re the best..*hug..wanna more about FT & SS, any news about silly & elite that you mention before?thank you

    • You’ve to wait a few years for Silly & Elite but there may be a surprise for you during the Lunar New Year fr me so come back later 🙂

      • i always come back everyday peanut to reread shan shan 🙂 I like ZLY acting she’s very talented..I just read news about her next drama intern, is it right this drama adaption from internet novel too? If yes would you please posting that story here cause I don’t understand chinesse language at all or give a link for that novel translation..thank you so much are the best..*hug

  16. reread this just to read xiaonai and weiwei moment 😀

  17. Like seriously FT what with this ““Yes, I recently obtained double ‘diversified’ profits from an investment.”” lol this novel is dangerous I just burst laughing in the middle of lecture. Ah the wonder of technology enabling me to take SS everywhere. Thanks you a million to you Peanuts and Lidge for the hard work.

  18. Dear Peanuts & Lidge,
    Thank you so much for translating these, i really enjoy reading them 🙂

    Over at the hospital, after feeling happy, the pregnant Shan Shan is worried again…..
    If the twins are a boy and a girl, then there is only one girl available. Cong Cong and Yue Yue, who to marry her off to? Oh no, that is incorrect, who is more appropriate to stay with them?

    Well, i’m willing to bet some money that Feng Teng would come up with this kind of solution:
    “Xue Shan Shan, we’ll just try harder until we get another baby girl.”

  19. Haha I just read the translation for Wei Wei Yi Xiao, and lol. I’d LOVE to know what Wei Wei and Xiao Nai think of Shan Shan with her bumbling ways. lol.

  20. I just finished the whole drama yesterday on youtube. Then read someone leave this link. So i read all already from novel review to live drama reviews. Thanks for translate. Hahaha.. i dont knew why. Today i want to rewatch back.. all the youtube link terminate and deleted. T_T

  21. Thanks to Gu Man and Peanuts & Lidge. Really Really love it. I don’t think we can easily find such a lovely dovey novel.

  22. Thank you for the chapter~

  23. Hello there
    First of all i would like to thanks @chinesedramaind that i met in Instagram! Shes the one who introduced me here . Chinese is not language. I started watched this series by coincidence where i wrongly recorded the other movie nnnn dangggg seriously in love wif xue shan shan n feng teng. Huhuuu. Thx peanuts for translate it.

  24. 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

  25. Just read this and got drown in cotton candy field 😍 thank you for sticking to the very end!!!

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