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I know I posted this feature twice before but I’ve since modified and expanded it so the information is very current. I don’t like to make lots of posts:P I also have changed one of the cover picture so can you spot which one lol? Okay, now I’ve changed another cover picture because bongsd asked me to change Xiao Xiao’s clothes, LOL.

I am going to jump on the bandwagon and give you a preview of what up and coming c-dramas you can expect appearing on your screen soon. However my focus will primarily be on Chinese novels that have or will be adapted into dramas. They are sitting on quite some finished stock. In the meantime, some books are in the process of being filmed while some book copyrights have been sold. If you are interested in the stories, there are links to the book bar or external sources. If there is a trailer or any video, the link is in bracket. This post will be constantly updated with the latest information.


Ballad of the Desert (Sound of the Desert) by Tong Hua

I am sure most of you are looking forward to watch this and know the problem that is hindering it from being shown on China TV. If you don’t know, it is because of its inaccuracy in portraying an important part of China history. This is why the title and names of the characters have been changed. Keeping our fingers cross that we’ll get to watch this drama soon. Since the names have been changed, I think the drama will follow the novel closely including the ending but don’t quote me on it. It’ll air on 1st Oct on Hunan TV every Wed & Thur from 10pm to midnight.


Li Chuan’s Past (Remembering Li Chuan) by Xuán Yǐn

I am sure all the Godfrey’s fans are waiting impatiently for this drama to be broadcast. I personally think this drama will be better than the novel because we’ll have Godfrey looking his best in the drama. Moreover the production team is willing to fork out some money to go all the way to Switzerland for location filming. It looks really breathtakingly beautiful with the snow capped mountains. The drama better follows the novel ending or else I am going to throw rotten eggs at the screenwriter:P A little bird told me this drama is not being purchased by any channel in China because it was produced by a relatively unknown company with not so famous stars and the selling price is high because it was filmed partly overseas. May broadcast in November 2014.

Godfrey will act in a movie adapted from the novel called 我本纯良 (Wǒ Běn Chún Liáng) written by 破脑袋. He is one lucky guy as he gets to go to New Zealand for part of the filming. Bongsd said it is because he can speak English fluently so he always gets to film overseas:P


The Third Kind of Love (Extinct Love) by Zì Yóu Xing Zǒu

This book is quite popular and well-liked in China but xiaoyuer who has read the book doesn’t like it. I have read the synopsis and I don’t think I want to read the book. It may be a true reflection of love & life in China but I don’t like realistic novel. I read novel to escape from reality. The drama also doesn’t look appealing so I am going to give this a miss. Anyway, to each its own. I think the drama will not follow the book closely. The drama has started broadcasting on 26th June 2014 and you can find the link above. Song Seung Hun and Liu Yi Fei are filming the movie version in August.


Tiny Times (小时代) by Guo Jing Ming

I didn’t read the novel or watch the movies so I cannot make any comment. Suffice to say, Guo Jing Ming’s books are not my cup of tea so I’ve no interest in them. Probably because they are way too realistic & reflect the China lifestyle which I am not familiar or interested in. I think I read some reviews which find the movies are a let down because there is not enough time to develop the stories. Hopefully the drama will do a better job and do justice to this popular series. The drama has started its online broadcast on 10 July 2014.


Ge Zi Jian Nv Ren (The Lady in the Cubicle) by Shu Yi

Mian Bao Shang De Nv Ren (The Woman Above the Bread Tree) by Zhang Xiao Xian

I don’t know much about these two books except Tiffany Tang Yan are in both of them with different TVB male leads. The Woman Above the Bread Tree has a Hong Kong author. Heehee, my personal interest is in Bosco who is also Lidge’s favorite. No, no, we are not fighting over him. Instead we are sharing him, lol. I won’t make any comment on Ron except to say I am not a fan. Since both of the novels are about women, the male leads will have to take a back seat. Way to go, girl power, lol. I will watch one of them and no prize for guessing which one, heehee….The Lady in the Cubicle will broadcast on 1 Sept 2014.


This is another novel by HK author Zhang Xiao Xian which has been adapted into a movie starring Liu Yi Fei & Rain. It is called Difficult Love (露水红颜) and will release on Singles Day which is 11 November 2014.


Hua Xu Yin (The City of Devastating Love 1, 2 and 3) by Tang Qi Gong Zi

Arrghh, I can assure you this drama will be so different from the novel like day and night. I like the novel and cried buckets over it so I am quite disappointed with its adaptation, judging from the trailers released. Don’t get me wrong, I do like Kevin Cheng. In fact, I find him rather handsome. However, he is not the Mu Yan or Su Yu in the novel! In a nutshell, the costumes look awful, some of the artists are miscast and the drama is very unfaithful to the book with the change, omission and merging of some characters. Thus, I am writing a few summaries to tell the real story for those who will watch the drama so that they can see the difference. Anyway, I’ll still give this drama a try when it is released.


Happily Accept No Love (Loving, Never Forgetting) by Lan Bai Se (Blue White Color)

I read this novel quite a while ago so I cannot remember much. I can only remember this is just an average book. The only interesting part is the battle for the little boy Tong Tong’s custody. It is a case of rich vs poor and the strong vs the weak. Sadly the rich and strong won:( Thus, I really dislike the male lead even though he is rich and handsome. Judging from the trailer, the beginning of the drama will be similar to the novel but the drama will expand the role of the lawyer who is the male lead’s half brother. I don’t mind this change as you need to create more tension and climax for the drama or else it will become a snooze fest. I will definitely watch this drama to compare it with the novel even though Jerry usually puts me to sleep:P

The drama has started broadcasting on 23 June 2014 and you can find the link above. I am currently watching it and I feel it is better than the novel. Tong Liya has nice clothes and Jerry only has one expression. I won’t say this is a hit but it is strangely entertaining and addictive in a bad way:P If you like angst and want to torture yourself, do watch it with me, LOL.

Tong Liya is also starring in another novel adapted into a drama with Yuan Hong called Ordinary World written by Lu Yao. It is about people living in rural China in the 80s.


Song in the Clouds (Yunge from the Desert 1 , 2, 3  ) by Tong Hua

I have read the incomplete English translated novel and quite like this book. I also wet my pillow covers over the fate of my Ling gege and Meng Jue. In fact, I like it more than Ballad of the Desert. I was looking forward to its drama adaptation until I found out about that crazy Yu Zheng’s cast list. I don’t like anyone in the drama except Chen Xiao. I am not sure if it is a blessing in disguise. Instead of being Ling gege, he gonna be Liu Bing Yi who will not die in the drama and get to be an emperor. Thus, I can fast forward all the parts on the three protagonists and concentrate solely on Liu Bing Yi to save myself some precious time. As to whether this drama will follow the novel closely, I doubt it. As all of you should know by now, Yu Zheng is infamous for butchering the original novels:( Slotted to broadcast on 12th November 2014.


Thinking of Lu Xiang Bei (Heading North) by Jí Xiang Ye

Hawick has finished filming this drama which he is producing and playing the male lead. The storyline is fairly similar to Sealed With a Kiss. According to cloudandsea who has sort of read the novel, it is not a book she will recommend. I read that the reviews for the novel is at best average only. I guess the reason why Hawick is adapting it is to try to repeat the success of Sealed With a Kiss. I suspect this drama will have a worse ending which will hunt you for life, lol. I will keep an open mind and decide whether I want to watch it when I see the trailer or an episode.


Beautiful Country (Zhang Ge Xing 1, 2) by Li Xin

Yuan Hong and Ruby have finished filming this drama. The released pictures and trailer look quite good, a lot of eye candy to drool on. I didn’t read the novel which is super long. According to Ruby, there will be no time-travelling element in the drama since it is banned. The drama will stick as close to history as possible but I am not sure if it will be faithful to the book. I have not watched anything produced by Ruby before but I did read some complains on Qin Shi Huang Fei. However, I think I will give this drama a try just to support Yuan Hong.


Jin Xiu’s Fate (Cruel Romance T1, T2) by Yu Yi

Huang Xiao Ming and Joe Chen have just finished filming this republican era drama after the lunar new year in February 2014. The drama is scheduled for a late November airing. Most people are looking forward to its release except me. This is because I am not their fan and I am allergic to anything of this era. However, if the words of mouth is good, I’ll still watch it.


Fu Rong Jin (芙蓉锦) by Ling Xi

If you like republican era drama, there is another one with Peter Ho and Yuan Shan Shan as leads. After watching the trailer for a minute, I am already not interested as I am allergic to the leads as well as the era.

Oh my goodness, another drama of that era is currently being filmed. It is called Jian Zhen Qi Yuan (茧镇奇缘) based on the novel Ta Luo Nu Shen Tan Zhī Jian Zhen Qi An (塔罗女神探之茧镇奇案) written by An Dì_Yao Rao (暗地_妖娆). The cast includes Song Qian, Jiang Jin Fu and Yang Yang. No, no, no, I am not watching this drama.


Tian Tang Xiang Zuo, Shen Zhen Xiang You (Ten Years of Love) by Mu Rong Xue Cun

The novel is called 天堂向左,深圳向右 (Paradise Turns Left) but is being renamed as 相爱十年 (Ten Years of Love) for the drama. It has finished filming and is starring Deng Chao and Dong Jie. I read good reviews on this novel but this feels rather serious and melancholy. I’ve not found out the ending yet so I’ll adopt a wait and see attitude. This drama has finished its broadcast in China with pretty good rating but I didn’t have time to watch it yet.


That Year, Time Flew (Back in Time) by Jiu Ye Hui (Movie Trailer)

One of cloudandsea’s favorite novel has been adapted into a drama and is being shown on China tv now in August. She said it is very nice but she could be bias:P I don’t really like coming of age drama so I’ll give this a miss. There is a movie version with male lead, Eddie Peng and female lead, Ni Ni.


Come and Eat, Shan Shan (Boss & Me) by Gu Man

The leads are Zhao Li Ying and Zhang Han. Filming has commenced in December 2013 and will complete by the end of February. Here is the first impression of the filming process and update of the filming progress during lunar new year. Although Zhang Han is not the Feng Teng I imagine, I’ll still support my beloved Shan Shan. I can’t believe this drama gonna be released on the 8th of July, half a year after filming was started and merely a few months after filming was completed. Why? According to my source because it fits the Great China Dream, a government propaganda.

This drama exceeds my expectation and is very refreshing,  light-hearted and cute. It has my stamp of approval and is a must watch drama. Money back guarantee by me, heehee…..No, no, no, I am not bias even though there is a bit of self-interest involved as lidge & I translated the novel into English. The OTP is so sweet and adorable so I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve watched them, lol. What are you waiting for if you’ve not watched it yet:P?


Silent Separation (You Are My Sunshine) by Gu Man

Gu Man and Mo Bao Fei Bao co-wrote the script. Filming has commenced in Shanghai in June. I will definitely look forward to following and watching this drama with my beloved Wallace Chung as Yi Chen:P Apparently, the producer did take into consideration the fan-made MV as well as their opinions.  It’ll broadcast in 2015. You can read about my first impression of the filming and final impression of the filming. The script for the movie has been approved but it won’t star Wallace Chung so I don’t care, lol. There is also plan to turn Gu Man’s another online game novel Just One Smile is Very Alluring into a movie and Kris is rumored to be the lead as Xiao Nai. Why is Kris everywhere lol?


Hua Qian Gu (The Journey of Flower) by Fresh Guo Guo

Zhao Li Ying and Wallace Huo are beginning to film this in May. No wonder she abandoned Chen Xiao’s Glass Slipper for this drama as this novel is very popular in China. The downside is the scriptwriter has changed the story from xian xia to wuxia (martial arts). Since I don’t like teacher and student love story, I don’t really care how the adaptation will ruin the novel:P According to lidge, they”ll still film the xian xia elements and if not approve for broadcast in China, it’ll be released for the overseas market. The drama is kind of geared for the overseas market because they even released an English dubbed trailer. Will broadcast in 2015.


Lang Ya Bang (Nirvana in Fire T1, T2) by Hai Yan

Hu Ge and Liu Tao will play the leads. Filming has commenced in February 2014. I found out that it is a good novel but the focus is more on bromance than romance as the novel was initially written as a slash. I also found out that the ending will be sad. I may give this drama a chance because of Hu Ge, the author is the scriptwriter and it is produced by a reputable company, Shandong TV. Will broadcast in early 2015.


Míng Ruo Xiao Xi (明若曉溪) by Ming Xiao Xi

It seems Ming Xiao Xi loves to have her novel adaptions destroy by the Taiwanese. Summer of Bubbles was already bad enough. Now, we need to endure another of her novel being adapted into a drama. Filming has commenced in Taiwan with unknown cast, at least I don’t know them. The day I watch this drama will be the day the sun doesn’t rise:P

She has got another two books in the preparatory phase of filming and I think also by the Taiwanese. One is an ancient novel called The Flame’s Daughter. The other is a modern one called  Rose of the First Night (第一夜的蔷薇) with probably Peter Ho as the lead. She is withholding from publishing the ending of this book, pending the release of the drama. Those poor, long suffering readers are forced to wait it out. Luckily, I am not a fan so I am not watching any of them.


Glass Slipper (Love & Life & Lie) by Zheng Yuan

Chen Xiao and Zhou Dong Yu will lead the drama which is adapted from a draggy novel written by a Taiwanese author. Filming will commence in March. The novel has two endings so the drama better has a happy ending and not broadcast the sad ending and make me watch the alternate ending online like Best Times. I will boycott the last few episodes if it only has one sad ending. I will watch anything with Chen Xiao even when he is wearing skirt except Yumama’s production, lol. Coming to your tv in 2015.


Royal Princess of Orchid Hills (The Princess of Lan Ling) by Yang Qian Zi

Another Lan Ling novel adaptation starring Andy Chen Yi and Zhang Han Yun has finished filming. After Ariel Lin and Feng Shao Feng’s Prince Lan Ling, I am not going to watch another one.


Fate of the Heavens (The World of Love)  by Xue Ling Zhi

Another novel adapted from the author of Shattered Glass had finished filming in December 2013. Once again, Li Sheng is the female lead but with Gao Yun Xiang and Huang Ming as the male leads instead of Mickey He.


(Return of the Condor Heroes) and (The Duke of Mount Deer) are all Louis Cha’s (Jin Yong) novel remakes waiting to be released. Do we really need a remake every 10 years? If the quality of each remake is an improvement on the previous remake, I might not mind as much. Unfortunately each remake is getting worse and deviate more from the original story line. Therefore I am not going to watch them, not even for my sweetie pies Wallace Chung and Chen Xiao:P If I ever need to refresh my memory, I will dig out my VHS copy of the drama. Please no more remake, at least not until Louis Cha kick the bucket to prevent him and me from vomiting blood:(


Since Louis Cha has so many remakes, Gu Long who is another famous wuxia novelist will not lose out. (Detectives and Doctors) with Raymond Lam has finished filming. I am not sure if I want to watch him with mustache as Lu Xiao Feng. I can never remember Gu Long novel adaptations as vividly as Louis Cha’s ones probably because they are not as memorable and there are not as many adaptations. Another one on the radar is (Against the Blade of Honour). Actually this also has finished filming and a trailer has also been released but virtually nobody knows about it because it does not have any popular artists in it. Only Lidge who is a super fan of Louis Koo’s version is very keen and interested.


Another wuxia novel that has been adapted is (The Four) by Wen Ruian. The leads are Zhang Han, William Chan, Yang Yang, Mao Zi Jun, Janine Chang, Gui Gui, Michelle Bai and Jia Qing.  I have nothing much to say on this except I’ve only seen the TVB version and have no interest to watch the latest adaptation.


Grave Robbers’ Chronicles (The Lost Tomb) by Kennedy Xu Lei

There are plans to film eight seasons of the drama. Li Yi Feng has been selected as the male lead and filming has started after the press conference on 12 June 2014.The internet version has 24 episodes. The movie will be filmed in 2015 with an investment of about $500 million yuans.


The Three Heroes & Five Gallants by Shi Yu Kun

Bongsd’s favourite actor Chen Xiao will act in this drama adaptation with Yan Kuan and Zheng Shuang so I’ve to include this in my update and is not allowed to write anything bad:P


The Queen of SOP’s leads, Zhang Han & Joe Chen will be back for an encore in a comedy movie based on an online short story called: 当菠菜遇上空心菜 (Dāng Bō Cài Yù Shàng Kōng Xīn Cài) by Gu Wei. Filming for I’ll Never Lose You will commence in Chongqing on 13 August 2014 and will be released next summer. Joe Chen will also act in another movie adapted from novel called I am the Queen with Song Hye Kyo. Left Ear, a movie adapted from the novel by Ruo Xi has started filming in Xiamen. I don’t know anybody in the cast except Yang Yang and Alec Su is the director.

Another movie adaptation from the novel 夏有乔木,雅望天堂 (Xia You Qiao Mu, Ya Wang Tian Tang ) by Zi Yue has also started filming in Korea and will continue filming in Beijing soon. The lead actors are Han Gang, Joo Won and Kris and I think the girl is a newcomer called Lu Shan. It’ll be called Passion Heaven and tells the tragic love story between 3 guys and 1 girl. No wonder Lee Min Ho backed out of the project, lol. Later, Kris will also act in another movie adapted from a novel called Ice Fantasy written by Guo Jing Ming the same author as Tiny Times.


Karen from Tangren has bought the film right for Three Lives Three Worlds, Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms quite sometime ago. Rumors abound that there will be a movie as well as drama version and the leads will be Hu Ge with either Liu Shi Shi or Liu Yi Fei. For Ge Shi shipper like me, the choice is pretty obvious, lol. In all honesty, the novel is not that well-written but because it is my first xian xia novel, there is an English translation and the super cute little dough, it has a special place in my heart. The film right for the sequel The Pillow Book  has been sold to the woman who acted as Prince 10’s spoilt wife in Bu Bu Jin Xin. It is rumored Jiro will act as Dong Hua?


Karen’s arch-rival, Yu Zheng who is affectionately known as Yumama already has his paws on the film rights for Man Man Qing Luo and The Last Prince. Not content with ruining Louis Cha’s famous classics, he wants to destroy other popular and well-loved novels as well. His only salvation is that he will most probably cast Chen Xiao & Zhao Li Ying in them but can you trust him? Yumama also has his sight set on Feng Qiu Huang which fortunately has been sold to someone else.


Of course no drama adaptation article will be complete without mentioning Fei Wo Si Cun’s books. Our step-mum is one prolific writer who have sold most of her novel rights. I think there is a delay in the filming of Lonely Courtyard in Late Spring which will star Hawick, Tong Liya and Yuan Hong because the script did not get SARFT’s approval. I read the script for Eastern Palace is ready to be filmed and it will be a comedy instead of a tearjerker. Although I dislike sad ending, I feel it is an appropriate and memorable ending. By turning it into a comedy it is destroying the core of the story. Broken SilkStarry Sky, Because of Love and Color of Night which is the prequel to Too Late To Say I Love You will also be turned into dramas soon.

The 30 episode script for Ambiquious Relationship has been submitted to SARFT and will start filming by the end of the year. Yeh, we’ll get to watch Dr. Meng Gu on screen and it seems that the drama will follow the book closely. Another drama that will not follow the novel closely is Vivien Tang’s Twice Blooming Flower. Even Vivien also can’t recognise the 40 episode script for the drama adaptation. Why the production companies love to make changes to her novels beyond recognition? It is because her subject matters are too controversial so they need to tone them down for mass consumption? Miao Jun’s novel, The Translator 40 episode script is ready for filming anytime soon and it is rather different from the novel:(

Hundreds Millions Wife Buy One Get One Free is ready for filming and the drama version will be shorter and have less characters. I read somewhere on baidu that Huang Xiao Ming will play the lead. I don’t believe he will downgrade himself unless it is produced by his own company. Anyway, I won’t take it seriously until it has started filming. It is widely speculated that Yang Mi is interested in adapting and producing A Heart Warming Decade. She has already bought the copyright for Zhu Xian (诛仙) and will probably film it with her two beloved, Hawick and Tang Yan. The copyight for Ding Mo’s When He Comes, Close Your Eyes has been sold to Shandong TV, a reputable production company which also produced Hu Ge’s Nirvana in Fire.

Most of Big Grey Wolf with Wings novel copyrights have also been sold. The copyright for If You Love (如果爱) has been sold to Huayi. Celine announced on her weibo, the right for The Most Beautiful Thing is to Have Met You has just been sold. A drama based on First Love, Forever Love (曾有一个人,爱我如生命) a touching but sad well-known novel written by Shu Yi is also in the pipeline. Even the right to a simple novel like To Remember Our Pure and Beautiful has also been sold:( I can’t believe even novels like  Kao, I’ve been Submerged! maybe make into a drama one day!!!

One of my favourite novel, Who Gets the World will start filming at the end of the year. The adaptation doesn’t look promising because the author won’t have anything to do with the script and the scriptwriter sounds like he doesn’t understand the novel properly:( According to Vivibear’s weibo Dazzling Lan Ling‘s book right has been sold. The right for To Ruin a Kingdom has also been sold. Chong Zi which seems like a copycat version of Hua Qian Gu will also be filmed into a drama one day as the copyright has been sold. The copyright for Tong Hua’s Once Promised has been sold. It is highly likely the right for Lost You Forever has also been sold. Fans of Heavy Sweetness, Ash-like Frost, don’t be surprised when you watch it on screen one day as the filming right has been sold.

Another novel which will have a drama adaptation is To Our Eventually Lost Youth which will commence filming soon. The movie was directed by Vicky Zhao and did quite well commercially as well as critically. I saw the movie trailer which looks and feels very different from the book. Thus, I am glad there will be a more faithful drama adaptation. However I am not fond of this book. It has started filming but I don’t know the leading artists so, I’ll probably give this a miss. Let Me Look at You, my favorite Xin Yi Wu’s book will probably also be filmed into a movie as well as a drama. I think I read somewhere all the copyrights for Xin Yi Wu’s books have been sold.

There are a few more novels which copyrights have also been sold but I didn’t mention them because those novels are not posted in the book bar yet. As you can see, more and more novels are being adapted into drama. No novel is beyond the reach of the drama world’s tentacles:( Thus in the near future, most of C-drama are novel adaptations. In a way it is good as some of the novels have coherent story line so we don’t need to suffer illogical story line. The downside is some average books will also get adapted so not all adaptations will have good plot.

I can understand why many authors are eager to sell their book rights as having your books adapted into a drama or film is the highest form of honor. They will get more recognition as well as monetary benefits for their hard work. If it is done well, the fans also can enjoy the novels in pictures. However, if the adaptation is not done well, it will also hurt the author’s reputation as well as breaking the hearts of the fans. Thus I personally feel that the authors should include the rights to approve the cast list as well as the screenplays to ensure its quality and retain the essence of the novels. I can accept some changes to the plot as a book is different from a drama but what is the point of adapting a novel when you are going to change more than 25% of the story and/or cast someone who doesn’t fit the novel description?


63 thoughts on “Adapting Novels to Dramas/Movies

  1. I really can’t wait for Remembering LIchuan, I’m one of Godfrey fans. I wanted to know the ending but it seems it would ruined the mood of watching it wasn’t it? Watch the trailer few times and I bet I’m gonna cry really hard. Have you finished the novel, peanut? What do you think? I wish they have the book translated to English!! I would like to read ^^

  2. Wow, I figured I would see a lot of the usual upcoming c-dramas on this list (i.e. Best Time, Hua Xu Yin, etc.) that we have all been waiting FOREVER for. But I didn’t know there would be so many more that I haven’t even heard about!! Thanks for this! I hope you will update us with the news if you ever find out about any official airing dates!

    Ok, I didn’t realize at all that Best Time’s original title had that acronym. Good thing they changed it because otherwise the fans would have to use its acronym when referring to the drama………AHAHAHA.

    I think it’s great that some good novels have been successfully adapted into dramas. But I also feel like the novel adaptations are beginning to dominate c-dramas. I wish there would be more of a balance of the two so that c-dramas are not depending on novels for ideas.

    • Yes, yes, it has been such a long long time since I last see Wallace & Hu Ge in a drama, I am starting to forget how they look like, lol. No worries, I will definitely update my article when those dramas start to air. I was expecting at least one of them to air during the golden week in China but no such luck:(

      Actually authors can write better than screenwriters. Thus I think screenwriters are jealous of them so they will always find ways to destroy the novels when they are adapting them into dramas. Haha, this is purely my own theory:P Anyway most of the drama adaptations are very diff fr the original novels, to the extent that they can even be considered a new work.

      • AHAHAHA. The bitter and jealous screenwriters, secretly destroying the adaptations!!

        I just wish that the screenwriters would have more of an incentive to think of good ideas on their own. And also the ability to write their own good scripts instead of relying on the novels. T_T”

  3. Babe, you do not care for anything with any realistic bend, and reading Chinese novel without any interest in what is going on in the society and nono to the manguo/revolution era?! O__O To each its own indeed.

    Tiny Times is, in no freaking way, has any reflection of the nitty gritty of anything real going on in any human society unless it’s inhabited by cardboard cutouts what a talentless wannabe fanfic fanboy imagined what brats of the nouveau riche would pose around. It was the shrilliest aping of Gossip Girl with as much brandnames thrown on each and every page and calling it a day. It did what Twilight did to the whole genre of vampire romance writing.

    Woman Over the Bread Tree is by one of the most famous published HK novelist Amy Cheung, it’s a very good read and she is a much better writer than 99% of the peeps writing popular fluff out there. Not saying she is seminal but I can’t imagine anyone reading as much as you do not knowing one of her best known work. The drama will be a travesty of the book transplanting it to CN sensibilities from the look of the long trailer a while back.

    • Haha,, please forgive me since I can’t read Chinese:P Therefore I only like to read ‘xiaobaiwen’ bcos they are written in easy Chinese with easy humour so they are easy for my brain:) Hey, once in a blue moon I do read something with more depth like Hua Qian Gu & Who Gets the World, which I recommended to queenanon. Just that, I don’t know why I am allergic to Minguo era:( Maybe I had it bad during that time in my previous life, lol.

      OIC, I’ve already said I don’t know anything abt Tiny Times. I just read some comments abt it being a realistic portrayal of the materialistic nature of the young ones in modern China etc. Guo Jing Ming’s other books also feel kind of serious and bleak so not my cup of tea.

      Someone asked me in SSB why I never post any book written by authors from HK & Taiwan. Well, the answer is I don’t know any of them except Jin Yong & Gu Long. I am not even sure if Jin Yong is from HK or China, lol. Bcos of the drama adaptations, now I start to know more authors from HK and Taiwan. The reason why I don’t know them is bcos I always hang out in baidu so I am only exposed to books written by china authors only:(

  4. Thank you for this informative post. So many adaptations coming! Jin Yong and Liang Yusheng are Chinese but settled in HK, so I guess they can be considered HK too? Gu Long was born in HK but settled in Taiwan, and he’s often been considered as representing Taiwan in the wuxia genre…

    • You are welcome. Just read your info on the origin of those authors, thanks.

      Which dramas are you eager to watch? Btw, if Hu Ge is confirmed as Ye Hua in 10 Miles of Peach Blossom, are you gonna watch it, heehee?

      Have your computer problem been fixed? How is your progress with WGTW? Are you able to withstand temptation & not take a peep at HQG’s audiobook, lol?

      • Thank you for your kind comments! 😀

        I’m sorry it took me so long to reply – I’ve been having some major computer problems which took me offline for a while and so I haven’t had a chance to do any reading or listening. 😦 So I’m still only up to the beginning of WGTW and even though I wanted to peep at HQG audiobook, I couldn’t do that either. 😦 I’m slowly getting things fixed so hopefully it’ll be all good soon! 🙂

        I love dramas but I don’t have much time to watch, so I often wait till the whole thing comes out and pick the good ones to watch. I’m not picky and will watch both ancient & modern as long as they’re good. I actually followed Lanling Wang instead of waiting for the whole thing to come out and I only liked it up to episode 20. *sigh* It was so good in the beginning and went crap at the end.

        LOL I must admit Hu Ge and Liu Shishi are some of my favorite actors/actresses, so if they’re the ones making 10 Miles Peach Blossom, I’ll watch it just for the hell of it (LOL)

        • No worries, I will wait for you to have your computer fixed b4 listening to HQG:) I am listening to a funny xianxia cultivation audio book now, lol.

          Haha, I also watched Lan Ling Wang unti I think episode 6 when it was released. Then I waited for Lidge to get the Viet subs and have lost interest now.

          Heehee, I know you’ll definitely watch it if Ge Shi are the leads for 10MPB eventhough you gave it a fail in your review, lol.

    • Yes, most who lived in Hong Kong that are considered older and whom settled during the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, early80’s were all from somewhere else in China. Hong Kong even from the early 80’s was a melting pot of all Chinese ethnic. You can see that from TVB dramas about the struggles of those that came from Mainland to Hong Kong.
      I am an ABC, but grew up watching TVB movies and also lived in a community that mostly spoke Cantonese, but everyone speaks a different dialect at home. So, the author would still be considered Hong Kong-nese, and where they were originally from. I say this because, Jin Yong’s novel were first written for a Hong Kong newspaper. I suppose it depends on where one was the longest and which city they identify with the most. Oh and don’t forget, Cantonese is its own language as we read the written words in Cantonese language too.
      Just remember that the spoken Cantonese and the Colloquial written Cantonese is very different and when you read ancient poems in Cantonese, it actually rhymes. Cantonese sounds very melodic and can sound scholarly if one is well read and have had a higher education such as Jin Yong, Yi Shu and many other Hong Kong Authors.

      Your statement @queenanon is similar to when someone in the USA asking someone, “Where are you from?” ; me – California–“No where are you really from?” -me-I was born here in the USA and I lived in the USA all my life? —

      Lol..regardless I do feel for those that are Hong Konger’s and other Cantonese speakers, too bad they made Mandarin the official language of China and not Cantonese, as I think the Cantonese would have been better represented… oh well, let’s hope we can maintain both languages from China.

      • FYI this post has not been updated for a long time.

        Oh a TVB fan just like me lol. Yes, I also prefer everything to be in Cantonese. Unfortunately, I’ve to learn Mandarin in order to enjoy the books & dramas.

        Do you read Chinese romance novels often as I’ve seen your comments in SSB? If yes, would you like to be a contributor in SSB which is translating the synopsis & posting books you’ve read. If yes, I’ll send you an invitation.

  5. Hey Peanut, I just wanted to ask whether it is right that the drama titled Fiancee starring Dennis Oh and Ma Si Chun is actually adapted from a Chinese novel? Thank you^^

    • Wah, you manage to dig this out when I tut I’ve covered the ground fully:P I can see you have been paying attention to what I wrote, lol. Yes, it is based on a novel as per wiki.

      Are you Dennis’s fan? The novel’s fan? The novel seems to have quite good reviews. Can you understand Mandarin? I can give you the audiobook link if you can & wanna listen.

      • lol hahaha thank you I’ll take that as a compliment 😛 I accidentally found the trailer for it and it caught my interest. I like Dennis but not a really fan. Thank you so much for your intention but too bad I only understand a really tiny bit of Mandarin and this is why I really hate myself from not learning it since ages ago hehe

  6. Awesome post!!!

    Waiting for Remembering LiChuan (the trailer was sooooo good!!), Da Mo Yao, and Yun Zhong Ge (well, Yun Zhong Ge is so-so because of the casting and I’m still upset over Yumama’s switcheroos, I wanted my Chen Xiao x Zhao Li Ying dammit! Ling gege!!).

    And Secrets Hidden in Time maybe if they change the ending because seriously, Tong Hua, what was she thinking when she ended the novel with that SHITty ending?? (no pun intended)

    Definitely skipping the latest RoCH except for the Chen Xiao and Zhao Li Ying clips. No matter what excuses Yumama makes about his insistence on the awful casting of Michelle Chen, they’ll never fly with me.

    I might give Hua Xu Yin a chance because the stills of Yuan Hong and Jiang Xin look pretty epic for the Shen An x Song Ning arc, and I have a weakness for Rong Yuan x Ying Ge/Shi San Yue’s story (my favorite). However, with the exception of Yuan Hong and Jiang Xin, the cast is severely miscast in my opinion. Kevin Cheng and his blue lock of hair? WHY drama gods, why?? He is so not Mu Yan and Bao Jian Feng is really not the ideal Rong Yuan in my mind.

    Please please please let the live adaptation of Three Lives Three Worlds Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms go through!! Ge Shi Ge Shi Ge Shi!!!! I was initially very peeved with Karen when she switched Hu Ge out with Eddie Peng as Huo QuBing, so if she can finally give us GeShi drama as the main couple, I’ll forgive her earlier switcheroo.

    Mostly, I’m loving that you chose to post photos of Chen Xiao in his warlord uniform from Happy Mother-in-law, Pretty Daughter-in-law because it was my favorite Chen Xiao role can almost give Wallace Chung a run for his money as the hottest warlord in uniform.

    • Huh, are you my long lost twin, lol? Anyway like-minded fans think alike:P Less than 3 mths to go b4 the year ends but where are all the dramas I am looking fwd to:(? Don’t worry, I am confident Wallace will end up with Janine in Best Times and it will be the only Wallace’s drama I gonna keep, haha….

      HXY is such a sad sad story, the book & the drama. The ways the screenwriter had made changes, it doesn’t feel the same anymore:( Nobody fits the novel characters except maybe Yuan Hong & Jiang Xin. But no matter what the fangirls or everyone say, I still don’t like Shen An & Song Ning’s story. Arrrgh, have to get ready my tissues to cry my eyes out for the characters as well as the unfaithful adaptation:(

      I felt the same with you abt DMY but I’ve to write something to defend Karen. Not that I like her, just that I can understand where she is coming from. Actually indirectly it is all Yumama’s fault. If he didn’t steal Wallace Hua for Swordsman, HG will be HQB. Not that I blame WH in that who can say no to a Jin Yong’s drama no matter how crappy it turned out to be. It is not easy to find an A list actor in such a short time & Eddie is a good choice. I do like Eddie but unfortunately he can only be HQB bcos there is no way he can be MJ. So poor HG has to make the sacrifice for his company and poor GeShi fans are so close yet so far:( Anyway they’ve come a long way from acquaintance to sibling to ill-fated lover so naturally the next step is OTP in 3L3W10MPB:)

  7. Yay, looking forward to Cruel Romance, Hua Yu Xin and Da Mo Yao the most! Oh, Come Eat Shan Shan too. I think I will about die to watch Heavy Sweetness as a drama or movie <3. Oh, and I also would love Hu Ge and Shi Shi for Ten Thousand Miles of Peach Blossom, and the cutest little dough pls!!!

  8. Peanuts how come you’re allergic to min guo dramas? i think i’ve only watched one with Vicki Zhao, Ruby Lin. I think it was a Qiong Yao adaptation? Am quite looking forward to watching Cruel Romance (maybe it’s Ms Koala’s influence!), looks like a quality production. The last time I watched HXM was in Condor Heroes but I didn’t finish it and CQE in Frog Prince which I quite enjoyed. Hopefully it won’t be a let down like Lan Ling Wang was.

    I’m not sure I’m looking forward to Heavy Sweetness unless they can get the casting right and have nice sets and costumes (not too gimicky). If not, I don’t think I will watch it.

    Crossing my fingers and hope that Da Mo Yao will be a good adaptation! I have seen LSS stills in the forums and I’m not really liking the hairstyle they gave her. It’s too heavy for her delicate features and kind of ages her. Whereas her “daughter” Angela baby looks so pretty and fresh in Yun Zhong Ge’s stills. Hoping that everything will look better in motion.

    Although not a drama adaption, I’m quite looking forward to Bu Bu Jing Qin to see how they will translate RuoXi and Fourth Prince’s romance to modern times.

    • Haha, as I said b4, it is just a matter of taste. The plot for that era is always about triad or war which I don’t like since I am a peace loving & law-abiding citizen, lol.

      I don’t have high hope on Heavy Sweetness but it is still early days to tell.

      But YZG has 2 not so hot men:( They can be tolerable if they’ve good chemistry with Angelababy but I am doubtful. I’ll only watch the Chen Xiao’s parts, lol.

  9. I don’t like “Third kind of love” either. I’m allergic to stories about affairs 😦 It seems the main lead chases after the female lead although he was in a relationship. And he doesn’t end it with his fiancee. I hate such stories.
    You are like me. I don’t read too realistic novels either. Some people said they can learn something about life by reading such books. I’m rather sceptical. Plus, I think those books are tiresome 😀

    Hmm, there isn’t any drama that’s caught my attention so far :/ I’m not very keen with literature adaptions.

    • What can I learn from novels when I read them for fun only? I always forget what I read, lol. If I want to learn something abt life, I watch documentary or read autobiography:P What books are you reading now?

      You are not keen on anything except T7’s books, lol. If all adaptations are like BBJX then I’ll be more keen.

      • =))))) Maybe you’re right. I simply love Tang7 😉 Though in general I tend to like the fantasy novels more than modern novels. There are just a few modern novels that get me hooked.

        Apart from Tang7 there are other authors whose novels I really appreciate: Ding Mo, 九鹭非香 (another fantasy author I love), Gu Man… There are more but I don’t know how their names are written in Chinese.

        I’ve heard Tong Hua is also very good but her books seem to end tragically or at least the end is not a perfect happy end 😦 And they are complicated. For example the female lead in BBJX falls in love with 2 of the princes. Their relationship is so muddled… Maybe I’ll try out “Best time” one day…

        I’m reading a new novel by 九鹭非香 about an acient female bandit and an handsome alien =)))))))) It’s quite interesting and very ridiculous 😉
        And in order to train my listening comprehension I’m listening to the audiobook of “Pride and prejudice” by Jane Austen. I read the book long time ago (not in English though) so it’s easier to understand. I plan to read more English books to improve my English and not only Chinese novels =))))

        • You can write the names of the authors you like in Viet bcos I’ve a Viet-Chinese translator, lol. I also like T7 & GM. Will give Ding Mo’s books a go since I read so many ppl love her.

          Koalaplayground has most of Tong Hua’s books English translation. I think you may not like her bcos there are always 2 or more equally good guys to divide your affection which you hate. Don’t read Best Time, it is awful. Just watch the drama but only Wallace Chung’s parts, lol.

          Alien? I’ll give this a pass, lol.

          Pride & Prejudice is a classic. Go & listen to all of Jane Austen, Charles Dickens, the Bronte sisters etc books:)

        • Omg, can I give you a hi5? Because I love 九鹭非香 ! I’ve only read 本王在此 and loved loved loved it so much I actually wanted to translate it just so that more people could read it and gush it over with me – but that seems impossible considering my translation speed haha. I wanted to post the book in SSB too, but then I got involved with other novels lol. What are your favourites of 九鹭非香? All her novels are so long, so I haven’t read any others yet. Are they all happy endings?

  10. I am such a lazy/busy bum because I have been reading this blog every few days for the past year but never commented. :p Thanks for all your hard work, Peanuts. I just had to comment because I jumped at the mention of my dearest love, The Grave Robbers’ Chronicles, haha. 😀

    • Thank you for your support my silent reader:) No worries, since lidge told me all abt you:P Btw, did you know your Victor Huang is in Nirvana in Fire with Hu Ge:P? Lidge wants every guy in that drama, lol. I am tempted to read Grave Robbers’ Chronicles but I am afraid I’ll be buried by it as it is so long:P

      • Lidge knows all about me??? Wow! 🙂 Oh! She must have been the one who commented on my old blog 3 years ago! Haha then I will have to fight Lidge for Victor Huang. :p Hmm I don’t think any of the girls have taken dibs on Luo Jin yet, right? In that case, I’ll snatch him up. :p There are too many Yuan Hong fangirls so I’ll just have to relinquish my first love, LOL.

        Haha The Grave Robbers’ Chronicles are great, even though I never finished them myself. :p I stopped somewhere in book 5 because I was afraid I’d get a heart attack from being spooked. :p I listened to a really scary audiobook (there are several, I think) while I read the text for the first 4 books in the middle of the night, and was scared to go to bed. Then I bought the 4 English translations and was much less spooked reading them a second time around without the audiobook, but I still had some hair-raising moments.

        I also check out Shusheng Bar every few days too. I just don’t have the time to devour all those books at the speed you girls do so impressively. I am still so stubbornly attached to Cang Yue’s novels, but it’s harder to fangirl over them without enough fan-made content beyond the plain text.

        I tend to ramble a lot (but still can’t Melanie in enthusiasm or length) so that’s why I don’t comment or else I’d be having a million conversations everywhere and not paying attention in school. :p And just like Melanie, I like to write my own novels (in English) in an ancient China setting. But I’m either at school or at work year-round and tend to get really lazy during short breaks so I am much, much, much slower than even Gu Man. :p

        Thanks for introducing me to Shan Shan, as well as Silent Separation (I got too impatient and read them as soon as you announced that you were translating them, haha). But I still read your translations all the time too!

        • Oops, I make so many typos. I meant I still can’t beat Melanie. :p And I didn’t mean I was impatient with your speedy translations, but rather overeager to read the novels. 🙂

        • Oh, you’ve a competitor bcos the owner of this blog hui3r aka Jessy is a Luo Jin’s fan & also a Yuan Hong fan. But nobody can beat mookie for her loverboy, lol. Don’t worry abt me as I fight with Melanie & xiaoyuer for Wallace Chung, lol.

          Ha, you are just like Mel, cheated & read ahead of my translation, lol. Thank you for supporting my English translation when you already knew the full story. I don’t blame you bcos if I know Chinese, I’ll also read ahead, lol.

          I know you are a busy bee so you are allowed to stay silent like atsu, haha….FYI, Mel has a new playground in decembi’s blog bcos she is crazy abt Dian Xian’s novels namely Heavy Sweetness.

          I found out that The Grave Robbers’ Chronicles even has Cantonese audio books so I’ll listen to them one of these daytime:P I think it is scarier with audio book than reading the book bcos of the sound effects. I read somewhere that the English translated books aren’t as good as the Chinese ones.

          At least you and Mel has the creativity & imagination to write your own fanfic whereas lidge & I can only do translations, haha….

          Oh, I can’t read so I listen to books very slowly, on average one a week or fortnight. The fastest readers are lidge & decembi, a novel a day. Such scary ppl, lol.

  11. Nooo looks like I won’t get to snatch Luo Jin after all. Well, I still have my favorite favorite favorite Chen Kun…unless someone took him too. And Eddie Peng. :p Yeah, I’ll leave you girls to fight over Wallace Chung. I am happily also not attached to Wallace Huo, Hu Ge, Godfrey Gao, or other popular dreamboats, haha.

    Haha I found decembi’s blog last month! And I just went over and read Melanie’s familiar long and insightful comments, lol. Wow, we have quite a few lawyers! You and Lidge prefer to count? Me too! Well actually I can pretend that accounting/auditing is a ton of fun, but I can’t fool myself, haha.

    Oh yes, there’s a Cantonese audiobook for The Grave Robbers’ Chronicles. And the Mandarin audiobook narrated by Qing Xue is TERRIFYING, lol. I loved her voices though…she did all the male voices perfectly. Yeah, the English translations often have careless typos and sometimes like consistency. But I bought them because I liked the illustrations, and although I don’t buy Chinese books, I am fanatical about buying translations. Records of the Grand Historian and Three Kingdoms are my favorite, lol.

    It definitely takes a lot of dedication for you to translate based off audiobooks! I find that audiobooks for romance novels are narrated quite slowly, so I usually briskly read them. I get too tired if the Chinese novel is much longer than a typical English novel, though (which is ALWAYS the case, lol). My Chinese reading ability used to be really bad (I relied entirely on my parents teaching me, and I was a bad student lol). But then I started watching a ton of c-dramas (always staring at the Chinese subtitles) and translating Jin Yong and Gu Long novels for a while, and my skills improved tremendously with the help of Internet translators, lol. Now I can read an average novel without too much trouble. I think your Chinese can only get better, so don’t worry! I thought I was a hopeless case, but pretty much learned to read at least 5 times more characters than the amount I knew 3 years ago!

    It’s definitely past my bedtime…good night! 🙂

    • I meant LACK consistency. Haha I am so incoherent late at night. :p

    • Yes, you can have Chen Kun & Eddie Peng here, lol.

      We accountants are losing out to the lawyers who seem to have a lot of time to run their blogs (I am talking abt koalaplayground), lol.

      I can understand how you feel bcos I can’t read Chinese yet I bought Gu Man’s novels for the freebies (bookmarks, posters etc) and Tang Qi’s illustration books.

      Slowly, I also can read more characters now but I doubt I can read a novel without google translate, maybe next life, haha….

      Good night, it is my bedtime now:P

      Don’t worry, I can understand your mis-spellings and typings.

    • Hahaha, can I just say that even though Melanie heard Dian Xian’s novels mostly through audio books, I think she knows the novel way way way better than me. She’s amazing! Haha.

      Eh, peanuts, I think Lidge is way faster than me, she seems to have read every single book in SSB. I will read much slower once I’m home, too much social commitments then :(.

  12. Thanks for the pic ! *big hug*

    I’m waiting for :
    -Li Chuan’s past
    -The woman above the bread tree (I like the 2 leads)
    -Thinking of Lu Xiang Bei (even if I don’t think the female lead is pretty)
    -Cruel Romance (?) (I don’t know because I don’t like Chen Qian En, but Huang Xiao Ming is smoking hot with sexy voice lol)
    -Come on eat
    -Glass Slipper (I will support my boy because it’s his first modern drama, if the story is boring I will look at his face)
    -The Last Prince (if the leads are YingXiao)

    But the last time I watched a full episode drama seems like one decade ago. You’ve changed all my habits.

    lol If the BGW’s books are adapted into dramas, they should edit all the explicit H. Who’s gonna be your Xiao Bai ? But it’s great to see the 6 brothers.

    As you know I’m allergic to Xin Yi Wu. I was really into Lost Young… I even watched the movie… that I don’t recommend. And now thinking again.. the two guys are selfish. The girl said she loves her gege but love her school mate very quickly and easily.

    • Anything for you & CX, lol. Yup, I also wanna watch Li Chuan. Maybe will watch bread tree for bosco. Don’t think I wanna watch Xiang Bei since it sounds like SWAK. Since everyone is watching Cruel Romance, peer pressure to watch it also, lol. Must support my 33 & FT, haha.. CX doesn’t really look good in modern drama compared to ancient one. I am scare of Taiwan drama. But for your sake, I’ll endure Glass Slipper, lol. Last Prince is half Manchu era, half republican era so I need to think abt it. Also, the book is rather angsty, serious and the female character not to my liking.

      I am glad, I’ve been such a positive influence in your life, helping you to save time & money, lol.

      I think ‘Ying Gai’ will get filmed first bcos Huayi has bought the rights & it is based on the entertainment world. Off my head, I can’t think of anyone as Xiao Bai except that Korean guy in the fan-made MV with Ariel, lol. Who looks good in specs? Pls don’t tell me Hawick to make me vomit blood, lol.

      Yes, So Young movie is so different from the novel. Later, the girl says she loves the schoolmate but ends up marrying the gege. The guys abandoned her bcos one can’t face & accept reality & the 2nd one has low self-esteem and is ambitious.

  13. Thank you for expanding the list, Peanuts!!

    I’m also not very fond of the 民国 era, something about it just doesn’t dwell very well with me. Maybe it’s all the angst and warring that comes with the uncertainty of livelihood during that period (from the revolutionary overthrow of the Qing Dynasty to the emergence of the Chinese Republic government to the Warlords Era and finally the occupation of the Japanese)? Sounds depressing, doesn’t it?

    I also find minguo dramas tend to be darker and somewhat dreary in contrast to the richer more vibrant colors of ancient xianxia/wuxia dramas and even modern dramas that I personally prefer. Not to mention, it’s easy to grow bored when a story focuses mainly on the political aspirations and ambitions of the male leads which somehow is almost always available in copious amounts in minguo dramas. Just not my cup of tea? 😀

    I took exception only with Happy Mother-In-Law, Pretty Daughter-In-Law and Too Late to Say I love you. The first because the romance was first and foremost throughout much of the drama until the end and the latter because I couldn’t get enough of Wallace Chung as Murong Feng even though I was conflicted about how I felt about his character. Plus, the abundant hotness of Chen Xiao and Wallace in uniform? /gulps, fans self/

    Yikes! LOL, all I meant to say originally was that I’ll give Jin Xiu’s Fate a chance even though it’s a minguo drama because Huang Xiao Ming looks dapper in those clothes and haircut and also because I have a soft spot for Joe Chen as an actress (I still blame the “Prince Turns to Frog” affliction for that since her dramas are either a hit or a flop with me).

    • Yeh, I am not the odd one out. Republican era drama is so much bleaker and depressed. You like that 2 dramas bcos of the 2 handsome guys, lol I think we share fairly similar taste in guys but not drama bcos I don’t like The Prince Who Turns into a Frog. You should be able to see a lot of CX this year.

  14. Wow, thanks for this great post summarizing all the upcoming book-drama adaptations! I’m so torn about this cuz on one hand I’m happy to see books hit the big screen but when I see how the production companies butcher the books (Ciwen’s versions Hua Xu Yin & Hua Qiangu, and Yumama’s adaptations, I’m looking at you), it annoys me to no end.

    Tong Hua’s Once Promised and Lost You Forever are a good xianxia trilogy, so I hope whichever company is adapting it doesn’t f*ck it up the way HXY and HQG are being screwed over. I dunno whether I should puke blood or just look the other way and pretend the HXY & HQG adaptations don’t exist (maybe that would be a wiser choice since it’d certainly be better for my health), but it’s just so damn disappointing since I was really looking forward to HXY (it’s got great actors) and HQG (it would’ve been AWESOME if it was anything like the Chinese Paladin 3 series).

    CP3 changed heaps of stuff but at least they kept to the spirit of the original, which is all I’m asking for the adaptations! Look, I understand there must be changes when adapting to different media but the shit they’re pulling with HXY and especially HQG is just unforgivable. I mean, do they even realize WHY HQG became so popular? It’s because it’s an EPIC XIANXIA with the FORBIDDEN MASTER/STUDENT RELATIONSHIP and all the EPIC ANGST that follows! They took away BOTH the xianxia and the master/student age difference and changed the story to some weird mish-mash of wulin conflict and dynastic upheaval, so WHY IS IT EVEN CALLED HQG???

    • Here’s hoping Hu Ge’s upcoming Langya Bang drama will be good. I hear the novel is like a Chinese version of The Count of Monte Cristo so if they stick to it then it should be worth a watch…

    • Although with Chong Zi’s adaptation I wouldn’t mind too much if they changed the story to make it better. The original novel’s main male and female leads were BLEH and the story was so melodramatic and draggy the epilogues at the end were more fun to read than the main story (LOL). Also, the second couple was way more interesting than the main couple (mainly because Luo Yinfan was such a bastard it’s hard to feel any sympathy for him) and had a better love story and their characters were way more interesting.

  15. Reblogged this on debbytanzil and commented:
    can’t wait to watch all of this dramas

  16. seriously.. i laughed while reading your comment! thank you. i’m waiting for my beloved wallace chung too 🙂

  17. Peanuts, this is my first comment (sorry if my english is weird, i’m not good at it) =)
    Have you watch this? ===>
    It’s about the main cast of 3L3W ten miles peach blossoms.

    Just hope they’ll still act as Ye Hua and Bai Qian in 3L3W pillow book if it got filmed. (It’s my favourite book after all)
    I kinda love their chemistry.

    If it got filmed, i just wish that Liu Yi Fei will get the role as Fenjiu and about Dijun… er…
    Godfrey Gao as Dijun? His Magnus Bane makeup effect suit him well, so i just wanna see him with Dijun makeup effect; if it suit, then go with it. yayy!!
    or Li Yifeng? His cold face in Gu Jian Qi Tan/ Swords of Legends will suit Dijun unemotional face, perhaps? ( – _ – );

    Aaaa… I just remember about a character that need special attention! Yan Chiwu!!
    In the novel Yan Chiwu was a man with a beautiful face.
    In the end of the novel, even Bai GunGun mention Yan Chiwu as Rúhuā sì yù de jiějiě (如花似玉的姐姐), so…
    Yan Chiwu should be acted by a woman! Ha ha….

    Peanuts, how about yours?

    • Don’t worry your English is fine. We look fwd to read your comments not your language skill:p

      Huh, are they confirmed? If yes, mookie, decembi, hui3r, lidge and all the WH and TY’s fans will be ecstatic. Sob sob, why Hu Ge does not want to be Ye Hua for his own copy’s film so he can save some money lol? Then Yuan Hong can be Dong Hua and LSS can be Feng jiu haha…Ma tianyu can be Yan Chiwu.

      Unfortunately, the copyright for pillow book has been bought by a different coy which is owned by that lady who acted as prince 10 wife in bu bu Jin Xin. Rumour is rife that jiro will be dong Hua which is a total miscast if it turns out to be true. I don’t know abt Godfrey bcos I have never seen him in ancient drama b4. But tang 7’s books always have huge plot change when adapted so I am not looking fwd to any of them. Twice blooming flower script has received approval to be filmed but the plot is so different.

  18. i watched tiny times movie (haven’t watch drama) and i think GJM is not as creative as i thought he should be.. bcoz.. he plagiarized too many screenshot from other movies.. maybe he should just stay as writer and let other director direct his movie if he really wants to make adaptation.

    about kris, he is everywhere i believe since he filed lawsuit toward his shitting management company (SM).. im happy if he got alot of ‘love-call’ but i hope he wont take any ancient qing dynasty half-bald prince character drama for now..i am not ready to see him half bald yet.. hehhee..

  19. Feng Nong had confirmed last year that Feng Yu Jiu Tian will be made into a drama, however, since it’s a BL Novel, changes maybe made to the script to comply with SARFT guidelines.

  20. Thank you peanuts.

    I am still waiting for Li Chuan’s Past to air… Do you have any idea when?
    Got hooked with c-novels..after watching boss and me… I read all your english translations on you site and would very much like to thank you for all your hard work..

  21. Shang Cuo Hua Jiao, Jia Dui Lang (上錯花轎嫁對郎) is a novel that was also adapted into drama in 2002.
    It has a very cute story. 😀

  22. Hi! I just tell u about MING RUO XIAO XI cast. They are SpeXial-Zi Hong (Sam), Pets Tseng & SpeXial-Evan. U can used chinese wiki to search about them

  23. Hello, Peanut! I was just wondering, with the whole plagiarism thing with 3L3W10MoPB, do you think (or know if) they will still be trying to film it?

  24. Hi. I’m glad to have stumbled across your blog b’coz of my sunshine. I just want to know the name of the lead / drama used in your header. I know Wallace (My Sunshine) and Zhang (boss & Me) but the other one is a mystery. 🙂

  25. Agree huhu currently I’m engrossed in Xin Yi Wu’s novels…. I saw the trailers but I didn’t like it as a usual book dilemma of expectations vs realities 😥 It really is hard when monetization comes place bec the story’s essence gets lost when capitalist interests are thrown in the way… Usually modifying a novel’s plot is a hit or miss. Either money comes or it breaks the fans’ heart.. In fairness I do like the insight of changing Yue to Cheng Zheng’s sister and bringing her along in their visit. It does makes sense why Yue would end up with her husband. But that’s only thing I liked the rest for me is cringe.. Anyway huhu please please can anyone translate Xin YiWu’s books please? Huhuhu esp the Let Me Look at You bec I’ve read it a thousand times that it’s your favorite and I want to read it too huhu… Thank you keep up the good work!!!

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